Monday, October 6, 2014

Luncheons, Lectures, and Masked Balls

Dinner at the "Masked Ball" at Hearst Castle during the sixth annual Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation Benefit Weekend.
From September 26 through September 28, California’s Hearst Castle was filled with the glamorous spirit of its heyday for the sixth annual Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation Benefit Weekend. William Randolph Hearst’s granddaughter, Anne Hearst McInerney, and her husband, novelist and wine journalist Jay McInerney, hosted social and entertainment notables at the famed San Simeon estate for a weekend of feasting, dancing and celebration.

The weekend raised funds for the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation (HCPF), a nonprofit dedicated to preserving and restoring the historic Hearst Castle’s twenty five thousand artifacts.

Friday evening’s black-tie affair started with a “Masked Ball” and Nicolas Feuillatte champagne reception on the terrace of the Casa Grande where dramatic stilt walkers, jugglers, actors dressed in elaborate Venetian-styled costumes, and a string quartet entertained the masked guests.

Following the reception, two trumpeters heralded in gala-goers to the awe-inspiring Hearst Castle Refectory for an elaborate banquet, celebrating the golden age of Hearst Castle. A lutenist played throughout dinner.

Those seated included Tony and Paula Peck, newly-appointed Hearst Castle Museum Director Mary Levkoff, Hearst Castle Museum Director, Retired Annuitant Hoyt Fields and Betsy Fields, and Hearst cousins Stefan and Irina Hearst.
Guests traveled from all over to make it for this grand weekend. From San Francisco came Chairman Joseph O. Tobin II and wife Edith Tobin, and Gregory and Kathy Hampton. From Pacific Palisades, CA came Robert and Justine Bloomingdale, and Andrew and Joli Altshule, from Santa Monica Sasha and Alison Palevsky, from Los Angeles Wendy Stark, from Beverly Hills Jefery Levy, from Lompoc came famed winemaker who donated wine from Brewer – Clifton Melville vineyards Greg Brewer and Kerri Murray, from Portola Valley Michael and Katrina Berube, and from Woodside Chonita Cleary. Ron and Danielle Bradley traveled from Virginia to join the festivities. From New York City came George Farias, James Coleman and Cynthia Ott, Alison Mazzola, Sylvia Mazzola, Jamie Figg and lensman Patrick McMullan. From Atlanta, GA came Remar Sutton.

Following dinner, guests enjoyed dessert and danced under the stars on the Neptune Terrace as The Royal Garden Swing Orchestra played.
For the second consecutive year, a Junior committee encouraged the next generation of Hearst Castle supporters, headed by Anne’s daughter Amanda Hearst, Gillian Hearst Simonds, and Joe Lonsdale. Junior guests included Anne’s son Randy Harris, Kick Kennedy, Robert Kennedy III, Annie Berkery, Theresa Berkery, Zoe Bullock, Natalie Bloomingdale, James Bloomingdale, Dru Fickling, Oliver Peoples’ Jamie Katz, Jon Lonsdale, Cary Hampton, and John Hampton.

All guests of the Hearst Castle Preservation Foundation Benefit Weekend were treated to a gift bag overflowing with goodies, including Nicole Miller accessories and Crème de la Mer.
Anne Hearst McInerney and Jay McInerney
Annie Berkery, Amanda Hearst, and Jamie Katz
Anne Hearst McInerney and Stefan Hearst
Eric Sheehan, Kick Kennedy, and Ben Berube
Chonita Cleary, Michelle Cleary, Alison Mazzola, Sylvia Mazzola, and Michelle d'Arcambal
Jonathan Lonsdale, Tatiana Merel, John O'Connor, Remar Sutton, Tayler Cox, and Joe Lonsdale
Mary Levkoff
Justine Bloomingdale, Robert Bloomingdale, Julie Tobias, Lester Tobias, Suzanne Trepp, and Peter Trepp
Wendy Stark and George Farias
Zoe Bullock, James Coleman, and Cynthia Ott
Meredith Randol, Randy Harris, James Casale, and Ciana Barrom
Natalie and James Bloomingdale
Paula Peck and Tony Peck
Randy Harris and Amanda Hearst
Ron and Danielle Bradley
Sylvia Mazzola and Jamie Figg
The Horticultural Society of New York (The Hort) held their 2nd Annual Green Family Circle Luncheon & Lecture on Tuesday, September 30, 2014 at Doubles. This year’s Luncheon & Lecture featured guest speaker, Dr. Lawrence Rosen, founder of the Whole Child Center, one of the country’s first green and integrative pediatric practices.

The Hort’s Green Family Circle membership gives New Yorkers access to family-friendly events focused on healthy eating, gardening, nature, and other activities that promote an appreciation of all things green. The Luncheon & Lecture is one of the Green Family Circle’s signature events, along with the Farm Tour & Family Picnic and our annual family party, the Green Bean Bash.
Jane Moggio, Alatia Bradley, and Ashley Christopher
Aylin Brenna and Melanie Chisholm
The event Co-Chairmen were Alatia Bradley Bach, Ashley Christopher, Melanie Chisholm, D. Brooke Harlow, Kamie Lightburn, Michele Lindsay, Lisa Martin, Amanda Moran, Alison Strong, Margot Takian, Ellen Turchyn, and Mary Van Pelt.

Other guests included Karen Amen, Liz Anderson, Virginia Apple, Lee Baratier, Laurie Beard, Kate Bellin, Paige Betz, Aylin Brenna, Valerie Bruce, Daiga Chadra, Meg Chamberlin, Shirin Christoffersen, CeCe Coffin, Amanda Conte, Arlene Cruz, Naomi Daniels, Martin Dessoffy, Giovanna Dukcevich, Nicole Eades, Linda Garnett, Sharon Giese, Bernadine Gilfond, Kamila Islam, Dana Albarella James, Cindy Ketchum, Jennifer Bruder Lavin, Michelle Bach Lewis, Tara Liddle, Sarah McGee, Eby McKay, JoAn Monaco, Peyton Muldoon, Rema Parachini, Vivian Queen, Fabiana Ramirez, Ruth Rosania, Wibby Sevener, Laine Siklos, and Marnie Worth.
Allison Strong, Anna Lynn Oppenheimer, and Lee Baratier
Jennifer Lavin and Andali Pant
Daiga Chadha, Cece Coffin, and Parisa Jaffer
Joni Grossman and Eby McKay
Dr. Lawrence Rosen
Camilla Islam and Michele Post
Anna Lynn Oppenheimer, Allison Strong, Dr. Lawrence Rosen, and Lisa Lambert
Eby McKay and Tara Liddle
Kamie Lightburn, Nicole Eades, and Paige Bett
Karen Amen and Kristen Genovese
Kamie Lightburn, Bernadine Dilfond, and Rima Parachini
Molly O'Mara Sheehan, and Ellen Turchyn
Margot Takian and Molly O'Mara Sheehan
Dr. Sharon Giese and Carmen Gutierrez
Cece Coffin and Emily Garbaccio
Mary van Pelt, Jane Moggio, and Peyton Muldoon
Nancy Huh and Jennifer Lavin
Naomi Daniels and Dallas Rexer
Sharon Monahan and Lisa Martin
Valerie Bruce, Tara Liddle, Nina Kohler, Krysten Plynn, and Lee Baratier
Last Tuesday evening, Dee Dee Eustace, Brian McCarthy, Sandra Nunnerley and Matthew Patrick Smyth, co-chairs of the International Fine Print Dealers Association Print Fair Designer Committee, hosted a kick-off reception at Ralph Pucci International, the mecca for modern and contemporary design cognoscenti. Now in its 23rd year, the five-day fair with 90 international dealers, opens on November 5 with a benefit preview for the IFPDA Foundation at the Park Avenue Armory.

Francesco Clemente, Air Detail, 2007, Ukiyo-e style woodcut, Edition of 51, Published by Pace Editions, Inc
The largest fair dedicated to a single medium, the Print Fair attracts international heavy-hitters: curators, collectors, artists, and scholars. It's a must-attend for anyone interested in discovering the phenomenal achievements of printmaking, from old masters to cutting-edge and emerging artists.

Seen in the crowd were Margaret Russell, Ralph Pucci, Donald Sultan, William Brockschmidt and Courtney Coleman, Dick Solomon, Mary Ryan, Michele Senecal, Glenn Gissler, Randall Beale, Juan Montoya and Urban Karlsson, Evie and David Lasry, Susan Teller, Todd Klein, Jim Kempner, Dennis Lee, Robert Newman, Brett Beldock, Lloyd Princeton, Dennis Rolland, Antonino Buzzetta, Beth Webb, Joanne de Palma, Julia Young, Ilene Wetson, Laura Buchner, Barbara Hawkins, Harry Heissmann, Amy Lau, Jen Watty, Janice Langrall, Carolyn Sollis, Wendy Moonan, Tony Freund, Taylor Ruby, Stephen Wallis, Jacqueline Terrebonne, Alexis Waller, Kirsten McCoy, Marshall Watson, Daniella Ohad, Bernard Lumpkin, Michael Pucci, Lisa Frazer, Meg Wendy, Ed Hogikyan, Carey Maloney, Todd Klein, Kate Reid, John Eason, David Crain, Ann McDougall Einstein, Milton Adams, Ron Shipmon, Alicia Becker, Gail Ahy, Rhonda Cole, and Andy Colaco.
Brian McCarthy, Sandra Nunnerley, and Ralph Pucci
Dick Solomon, Robert Newman, and Michele Senecal
Brian McCarthy, Sandra Nunnerley, Dee Dee Eustace, and Matthew Patrick Smyth
Margaret Russell and Ralph Pucci
Caroline Sollis and Janice Langrall
Amy Lau and Jacqueline Terrebone
Urban Karlssen, Harry Heissmann, Amy Lau, and Juan Montoya
Tony Freund, Jennifer Skoda, Matthew Patrick Smyth, Randall Beale, and Harry Heissmann
Matthew Patrick Smyth and Brett Beldock
Juan Montoya and Urban Karlsson
Brett Beldock, Ilene Wetson, and Barbara Hawkins
Antonino Buzzetta and James O'Leary
Todd Klein and Marilyn White
Mary Ryan, Donald Sultan, Milton Adams, and Ann McDougall Einstein
Kirsten McCoy, Lloyd Princeton, and Laura Buchner
Besty Senior and Ann Marshall
Jennifer Watty and Alexis Waller
Susan Teller, Robert Newman, and Diane Villani
Courtney Coleman and Bill Brockschmidt
Tony Freund, Wendy Moonan, and Marshall Watson
On Thursday, September 25th, Sharon Bush hosted a cocktail reception to celebrate the launch of FEED Supper, an initiative founded by her daughter Lauren Bush Lauren that aims to provide one million meals for children and families in need in the U.S. and around the world by World Hunger Day on October 16th.

Held at the home of Henry Buhl, guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d'oeuvres from Ava Riccardi of Ava Events while admiring the magnificent artwork Mr. Buhl had collected over the years. A table was displayed with bags and products from FEED that were available for purchase, with all proceeds donated to the FEED Supper initiative.  All West Elm stores will carry FEED china, aprons and placemats for people to purchase for their FEED suppers at home. Individuals will also be able to purchase these products on the West Elm website.
Sharon Bush and Lauren Bush Lauren
Margo Langenberg and Geoffrey Bradfield
Attendees included: Sharon Bush, Lauren Bush Lauren, Henry Buhl, Margo Langenberg, Jean Shafiroff, Daniela Zahradnikova, Sana Saba, Oscar Plotkin, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, Nicole Noonan, Geoffrey Bradfield, Sheshe Atchison, Steven Knobel, Katherine Mossman, Christine Schott, Janna Bullock, George Ledes, Milly de Cabrol, Hunt Slonem, Muna Rihani, Steve and Carol Acunto, Audrey Gruss, Susan Nagel, Darlyn Heckman, and Paola Rosenshein.
Susan Nagel, Henry Buhl, and Christa Percopo
As the evening came to a close Sharon and Lauren thanked their guests for supporting FEED. Lauren stated "FEED Suppers is a time to come together and truly share a meal, and tonight alone we have given over 50,000 meals" meaning that FEED is nearly half way to reaching their admirable goal. 

In total FEED Supper has raised over 395,000 meals to date. Visit the website here to donate:
Jean Shafiroff and Elena Volgin
Oscar Plotkin, Diane Bacchus, and Ashton Srisailam
Lisa Bentinck, Christopher Mason, and Milly de Cabrol
Katherine Mossman and Ryan Dougherty
Frederick Anderson and friend
Roric Tobin, Emel Kiral, and Justin Comcannon
Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin and Nicole Noonan
Carole Acunto and Stefano Acunto
Jeffrey Slonim and Hunt Slonem
Lauren Bush Lauren, Elizabeth Thieriot, and Lauren Lawrence
Photographs by; Annie Watt (IFPDA)