Thursday, November 13, 2014

Michael's 25th

The scene at Michael's 25th anniversary celebration.
Last Wednesday night (November 5th) Michael's celebrated their 25th Anniversary at 24 West 55th Street here in New York. More than 600 attended and for many it was like a weekly/monthly/annual homecoming, faces familiar, faces known, old friends, new connections, media trawlers, authors, artists, actors and such. They made quick work of 80 trays of hors d'oeuvres and God knows how many bottles of booze. Here's Patrick McMullan's photographic report (some, not all of it) on the comings and goings of the Michael's clientele in celebration.
Danny DiVella, Steve Millington, Kyung Up Lim, Robyn Levy-Wolf, Mario Moise, and Michael McCarty
Blythe Danner, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, and Laurie Tisch
Nancy Spears and Sissy Biggers
Sean Kelly, Cecile Panzieri, and Lauren Kelly
Paul Karian and Simone Karian
Kim McCarty, Susan Magrino Dunning, and Allyn Magrino Holmberg
Susan Silver and Joel Wachs
Rikki Klieman and Steve Millington
Ellen Niven and Cornelia Guest
Liz Byrne and Gerry Byrne
Joel Schnell and Lynn White
Joan Kron and Jonathan Marder
Paige Peterson
L.A. Perkel, Jonathan Perkel, and Dagny Corcoran
Scott Merkin and Susan Blond
Shari Rollins and Rick Friedberg
Les Moonves and Matt Blank
Hilary Gumbel and Bryant Gumbel
John Hart and Nicolle Meyer
Debbie Bancroft and Daniel Benedict
Kath Hinton and Les Hinton
Edward Klein and Penny Worth
Joanna Coles and Peter Godwin
John Jacobson and Betsy Perry
Randy Jones
Annik Wolf and Michael Wolf
Michelle Coppedge and Jamie MacGuire
Jay McInerney and Anne Hearst McInerney
Cece Cord
Jean Doumanian
David Hryck and Joan Jedell
Alexander Julian and Megan Julian
Vicky Ward
Mort Hamburg
Neal Fox and Martha Kramer
James Crump and Ronnie Sassoon
Robin Wolf and Jamie Levy
Florence Fabricant, Richard Fabricant, Jerry Della Femina, and Judy Licht
Roberta Allen, Lisa Birnbach, and Denise LeFrak Calicchio
Judtih Pisar
Al Roker
Wendy Stark, Geroge Farias, and Amy Fine Collins
John Hart and Nicolle Meyer
Larry Spangler
Geraldine Fabrikant
Robin Wolf, Philippe Solomon, and Paula Solomon
Tim Zagat and Nina Zagat
Ben Slepian, Thom Filicia, Margo Slepian, and Greg Calejo
John Koblin and Katie Rosman
Michael McCarty, Connie Anne Phillips, and Armando Ruiz
Michelle Fizer-Peterson, Charles Grodin, and Julio Peterson
Patrick Murphy and Mary Murphy
Marco Maccioni
Jonathan Wald
Ed Rollins and Shari Rollins
Per Holmberg and Allyn Magrino Holmberg
Jamie Niven, Mike Goldberg, Linda Fairstein, and David Patrick Columbia
Sharon Bush and Oscar Plotkin
Dick Soloway and Donna Soloway
Michael McCarty, Sara Beth Shrager, and Rodney Hilton Brown
George Farias and Wendy Stark
Claire Mercury and Margo McNabb Nederlander
Missy Falchi, Carlos Falchi, and Mickey Ateyeh
Felicia Taylor and Reed Covone
Paul Chapman and Camila Savia
Jay Kriegel, Tim Zagat, Nina Zagat, and Gordon Davis
Katie Lee Pollack and Stephanie Sporn
Michelle Fizer-Peterson and Julio Peterson
Diane Clehane, Anne Fulenwider, and Phoebe Eaton
Paul Amann and Joe Fitzsimmons
Debra Castel and Stan Parish
Euan Rellie, Michael McCarty, and R. Couri Hay
Richard Oldenberg
Lauren Webb and Barry Frey
Carol Austell and Jim Mitchell
Wendy Moonan, Duncan Darrow, and Rhett Austell
Leslie Stevens, Nina Burleigh, Bobby Freidman, and Bob Shaye
TT Nguyen and Gregoire Vogelsang
Roger Smith and Bob Shaye
Monie Begley and Sessa von Richthofen
Alex Newbold and Kristen Kirkland
Kirsten Fleming, Mark Whitaker, Monie Begley, and Roger Moore
Patrick McMullan, Michael McCarty, Richard Johnson
Oliver Coleman and Emily Coleman
Michael McCarty, Clancy McCarty, Chaz McCarty, and Kim McCarty
Rhett Austell, Michael McCarty, Carol Austell, and Steve Millington
Griffin Frazen, Jed Weisman, Hannah Glazebrook, and Anna Gray
Kristina Alexandra Kovalyuk and Gregoire Vogelsang
Richard Johnson and Sessa von Richthofen
Vlady Giorgiva and Joe Rayo
Sally Morgan-Lehman and Jay Lehman
Jerry Inzerillo, Kevin Ryan, and Tom Rogers
Liz Lange
Nikki Haskell
Gael Greene
Alan Patricof
Henry Schleiff
Jane Notar, Richie Notar, and Jennifer Gould Keil
Dan Abrams, Lynn Sherr, and Peggy Siegal
Amy Kliger, Jack Kliger, and Michael McCarty
James Dunning, Jr. and Michael McCarty
Griffin Dunne, Joanna Coles, and Peter Godwin
Stuart Sundlun and Jennifer Heidi
Richard Johnson, David Kuhn, Leslie Stevens, and Kevin Thompson
Boaty Boatwright and Lynn Nesbit
Michael McCarty
Photographs by Patrick McMullan.