Tuesday, May 27, 2014


El Museo del Barrio's annual Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street.
On Wednesday, May 21st at Cipriani 42nd Street, El Museo del Barrio held its annual Gala. Over 500 dinner guests were greeted with the signature Cipriani Bellini, followed by dinner and welcoming remarks from Tony Bechara and Jorge Daniel Veneciano. Designer Alejandro Ingelmo was honored with the Artistic Achievement Award, Present by Teen Vogue's Editor in Chief, Amy Astley. Andy Unanue presented Maria Eugenia Maury and Dr. William A. Haseltine with the award, named in memory of his father, Joseph A. Unanue Trustee Leadership Award. The Gala Chair was CuCu Diamantes and the Gala Co-Chairs were Andrés Levin, Anita Durst, Lex Fenwick, and Cathy and Alex López Negrete.
Jorge Daniel Veneciano
Cucu Diamantes
Ikue Fenwick, Lex Fenwick, and Cucu Diamantes
Artist CuCu Diamantes asked friends Ray Smith to do an artist invention and Jessica Sophia Mitrani to do the artistic details, which complimented Jerónimo Gaxiola Balsa's events décor. Gala Chair Cucu Diamantes put a spin on the night by bringing original art and sounds to the evening. Ray Smith's series of wooden candelabras titled "Candelaria" was produced in his studio in Gowanus, Brooklyn. This was the finished first project for his studio since superstorm Sandy after the studio was destroyed in October 2012. This series of 50 unique sculptures was available at auction at the event.

This year's Gala also featured a memorable performance by CuCu Diamantes. Co-Chair Andrés produced the Gala's entertainment, which included a special reunion performance by Yerba Buena, the Grammy nominated Latin fusion band which Andrés and CuCu founded. The opening performance was by The Pedrito Martínez Group.
El Museo Gala Chairs
"This was an evening of great pride for Latins and an evening of great interest to non-Latins; we couldn't possibly imagine a better moment for our band to make a special reunion appearance, the first in five years — it was special. The gala was like no other with dancing till the wee hours," said the Gala Chair. CuCu Diamantes performed with her band and with Levin's reuniting their band " yerba buena" — and debuted her new song "Pecados de Picasso" (sins of Picasso) in collaboration with artist Ray Smith. The event's décor and entertainment were both inspired by Pablo Picasso; the night was led by a group of music and visual artists donating their time to celebrate a museum that supports the El Museo community.

Notable guests who attended included Susan Sarandon, Gabriela Isler Miss Universe, Jeisa Chiminazzo, Kiara Kabukurub, Grace Mahary, Ambassador Sandra Fuentes-Berain, Francois Payard, Jessica Joffe, Amy Astley, Carlos Campos, Ray Smith and Mark Seliger.
Dr. William Haseltine, Maria Eugenia Maury, and Andy Unanue
Patrons who attended included: Carolina Alvarez-Mathies, Tony Bechara (Chair of El Museo's Board), Estrellita Brodsky, Emerson Barth, Courtney Bennett, Ambassador Sandra Fuentes- Berain, Ali Cordero Casal, Doris Casap, Jill Demling, Anita Durst, Yaz and Valentin Hernández, Gaily and John Beinecke, Perla Capriles, Michael García, Francisco X. Gonzalez and Jeannette M. Baez, Frank Burgel and America Gonzalez, Florence Haseltine, Mara Haseltine, Mr. and Mrs. John S. Heimann, Mark Holgate, Warren James, Michael Kaiser, Susan Kaufman, Jerome Levy, Alexandra Lebenthal and Jeremy Diamond, Galerie Lelong, Cathy and Alex Lopez Negrete, Leslie Dumont and Fred Levin, Marcia and Richard Mishaan, Mary and Larry McCaffrey, Enrique Norten, Patricia and Ramiro Ortiz, Raphael Montanez Ortiz, Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos and Paul Kanavos, Leticia and Rick Presutti, Keith Pollick, Roxanne Robinson, Tracey and Phillip Riese, Daniel Rachmanis, Patti and Juan Ruiz-Healy, Yolanda Santos, Ray Smith, Norma and David Smith, Pedro Torres, August Uribe, Carmen Ana Unanue, Andy and Marie Unanue, and Marie and Andy Unanue, Sabrina Wirth and Irene Zingg.
Alejandro Ingelmo and Jessica Joffe
Gabriel Rivera Barraza, Lara Alcantara, and Carlos Campos
Susan Sarandon and Yaz Hernandez
Maria Elena Christiansen and Dean Christiansen
Maria Eugenia Maury, Gabriela Isler, Cucu Diamantes, Jeisa Chiminazzi, and Grace Mahary
Jennifer Mora and Joseph Conforti
Valentin and Yaz Hernandez
Dr. William Haseltine, Maria Eugenia Maury, Alejandro Ingelmo, Cucu Diamantes, and Andres Levin
Gabriel Rivera-Barraza, Alex Rodulfo, and PJ Pascual
Rick Presutti and Leticia Presutti
Gabriela Isler
Kiara Kabukuru
Jeiza Chiminazzo
Vanessa Lawrence and Alexa Rodolfo
Cathy Lopez Negrete, Alex Lopez Negrete, and Carmen Unanue
Cucu Diamantes, Yaz Hernandez and Catherine Petree Biron
Dayssi Olarte de Kanavos and Amy Astley
Jean-Pierre Latrille and Yolanda Willmore Latrille
Alexandra Lebenthal and Yaz Hernandez
Carolina Alvarez-Mathies, Carlos Campos, Gabriel Rivera Barraza, and Vanessa Lawrence
Jessica Joffe and Alejandro Ingelmo
Warren James, Jackie Horowitz, and Michael Brennan
Marie Unanue and Andy Unanue
Sarah Gore and Enrique Norten
On Monday, May 19th, the Jewish Museum held its 21st annual Most Amazing New York Art & Design Tour. The event attracted over 200 attendees who enjoyed brunch at the Museum, at Fifth Avenue and 92nd Street, followed by self-guided tours of magnificent private art collections in some of New York's most spectacular East Side residences. Stacey Bronfman, Meg Goodman, and Debi Wisch were the Most Amazing New York Art & Design Tour co-chairs. The event raised over $300,000 for the Jewish Museum.
Event Co-Chairs Debi Wisch, Meg Goodman, and Stacey Bronfman
Stacey Bronfman, Julie Macklowe, and Debi Wisch
Carol Kaye and Carol Weisman
Erika Shlomm, Holly Friedsam, and Beverly Bartfeld
Barbara Linhart, Debi Wisch, and Lisa Klein
Nina Shapiro and Lois Robbins
Shari Aronson, Andrea Kramer, Tammy Levine, and Meg Goodman
Sharon Coplan Hurowitz
Rachel Hovnanian, Aline Shapiro, and Lise Evans
Fran Levy, Christine Campbell, and Sandra Nunnerley
Margie Loeb, Lauren Schor Geller, Simone Levinson, and Lise Evans
Margie Loeb, Jamie Mitchell, Harriet Croman, and Lois Robbins
Stacey Bronfman and Lise Evans
On Monday, May 5 The Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) hosted the 33rd annual Arthur Ross Awards for Excellence in the Classical Tradition. Over 400 guests celebrated the lifetime achievements of:

David M. Schwarz Architects
, Washington DC (Architecture); Dennis Collier, Bangor, Pennsylvania (Artisanship); Salve Regina University, Newport, Rhode Island (Stewardship); Edward J. Fraughton, South Jordan, Utah (Sculpture); Stephen Fox, Houston, Texas (History/Journalism); Jacob Collins, New York Board of Directors (Honor).

This year's awards were presented by ICAA Board Chairman Mark Ferguson and Awards Jury Chair Adele Chatfield-Taylor.
Janet Robinson, Sister Therese Antone, Donald Christ, and Sister Jane Gerety, Ross Award Winners from Salve Regina University
Of particular note at this year's ceremony, Mr. Ferguson introduced the newly appointed ICAA President Peter Lyden, who joins the Institute from the American Museum of Natural History, where he served as Chief Philanthropic Officer.

Honorary Chairs for the evening were Mrs. Janet Ross and Ambassador William vanden Heuvel, both of whom have magnificently furthered the legacy of the late Arthur Ross.

Serving as dinner Co-Chairs were Suzanne Santry, Suzanne Tucker, and Bunny Williams.
Honorary Dinner Chair Janet Ross, ICAA President Peter Lyden, and ICAA Chair Mark Ferguson
Peter Lyden and Sarah Medford
Alyson Dick Zamith and Don Ruggles
Grant Marani and Michael Semenza
Radhika Navaratnarajah-Collier and Ross Award Winner Dennis Collier, Jr.
Natalie Jacobs, Suzanne Santry, and Vallette Windham
Cristiane Turl, Roy Zeluck, and Suzanne Tucker
Bagley Reid and Eleanor Alger
Lynne Scalo and Phillip Dodd
Christine Gore, Janet Ross, and Phillip Gore
Mark Ferguson and Bunny Williams
Robert A. M. Stern
Dan and Carol Strone
Susan Henshaw Jones, Theodore May, and Lucinda Ballard
Briana Miller and Joe Kais
Adele Chatfield-Taylor
Marc Appleton and Allan Greenberg
Marc Appleton and Suzanne Santry
Amanda Haynes-Dale and Timothy Marks
Bunny Williams, Lloyd Zuckerberg, and John Rosselli
Ross Award Winner Stephen Fox and Betty Newton
Barbara Sallick and Michael Aiduss
Ross Award Winner David Schwarz
Ross Award Winner Edward Fraughton
Sister Jane Gerety
Michael Semenza, Sister Therese Antone, and Robert A. M. Stern
Andrew Law and Ali Coulter
Anne Walker
Alan Gerry and Ross Award Winner Dennis Collier
Joanna Kerns
Daryl Davis
Anne Kriken Mann and Naoma Tate
Russell Windham and Board of Directors Honoree Jacob Collins
The Central Park Conservancy hosted its Playground Partners Annual Family Party in Central Park’s Heckscher Playground at 62nd Street. This is the only event of the year held inside a Central Park playground, offering a special opportunity for New York City families. The party raised over $400,000.

The event, sponsored by Goldman Sachs Gives and Brooks Brothers, had over 1,000 parents and children attend. Guests enjoyed music of The Little Gym, performed by Robin Wes and Randy McCoy, LEGOLAND® Discovery Center Westchester’s  Master Model Builder, cupcake decorating by Sprinkles Cupcakes, a soccer relay by Super Soccer Stars and Kick & Play, Bulldog Ball Club fast pitch, chess games and demonstrations by Chess at Three, Rainbow Loom design by Craft Studio, slam dunk with Dribbl Basketball, tennis games by Hampton Racquet, performances by Sammie and Tudie, and much more.
Samantha Topping Gellert, Shirin Christoffersen, Kimberly Chandler, Michelle Marra, Jennifer Evans, and Kimberly Klimczak
This year’s Honorary Chairmen were Kimberly and Tyson Chandler, the Party Chairmen were Shirin Christoffersen, Jennifer Evans, Samantha Topping Gellert, Kimberly Klimczak and Michelle Marra, and Grandparents Committee Chairmen were Patsy and Jeff Tarr. They were joined by Playground Partners Co-Chairmen: Paige Hardy, Sarah Kurita and Sharon Teles, Central Park Conservancy President and CEO Douglas Blonsky, and Women’s Committee President Anne Harrison.
The Benefit Committee and guests included: Martha Stewart, Kristy and Jonathan Korngold, Michelle Smith and Andrew Oshrin, Yesim and Dusty Philip, Margaret Munzer Loeb and Daniel Loeb, Yliana Yepez, Adelina Wong Ettelson, Lisa and Jeff Blau, Gillian Miniter, Nanar and Tony Yoseloff, Sharon and Bill Jacob, Alexis Stoudemire, Amber Sabathia, Mary Kathryn Navab, Kamie Lightburn, Amy Tarr, Yvette Campbell, Nancy Missett, Amanda Waldron, Jenna and Paul Segal, Karen LeFrak, Judith-Ann Corrente and Wim Kooyker, and Stacey Bendet and Eric Eisner.

Proceeds from the Family Party support Playground Partners and its mission to keep Central Park’s 21 playgrounds safe, clean and well-maintained.
Martha Stewart
Alexis Stoudemire and Amber Sabathia
Douglas Blonsky and Anne Harrison
Caroline and Karen LeFrak
Crystal McCrary, Anne Harrison, Kimberly Chandler, and Gillian Miniter
Ellen Turchyn
Gillian Miniter and Anne Harrison
Nyssa Kourakos and Kimberly Klimczak
Paige Hardy
Sharon Teles, Paige Hardy, and Sarah Kurita
Serena and Gillian Miniter
On Thursday, May 15 at 7:30 p.m., Nicola and Beatrice Bulgari and the Carnegie Hall Notables—a membership and ticket program for music enthusiasts in their 20s and 30s—hosted the Tenth Annual Notable Occasion with the chamber ensemble Latitude 41 performing piano trios by Beethoven, Shostakovich, and Dvorák in Zankel Hall.

After the exclusive concert, the Notables gathered at Redeye Grill for a private reception. The Tenth Annual Notable Occasion was generously underwritten by Nicola and Beatrice Bulgari. The evening benefited music education in the New York metropolitan area by supporting the many music education programs created by Carnegie Hall's Weill Music Institute.
Veronica, Ilaria, Natalia, and Nicola Bulgari
Katie Enna and Andrew Balkam
Latitude 41
Post concert at Redeye Grill
Alex Cook and Jarman Rogers
Charlotte Daniel and Mike Coletti
Curtis Young and Phaon Spurlock
Itta Tsunoda, Amy Tarr, Justin Turkat, and friends
Katie Andrew, Salvatore Mautone, Haylee Zirman, and Katie Curtis
Vanessa Kargenian and Gail Patches
Rosalind Barbour and Danny Williams
Patrick Darab, Elizabeth Baker, Jarman Rogers, Alex Cook, Kathleen Carmody, and Alexandra Baginski
Pierluigi Ricchiuti with Kim and Tim Hastie
Sahar Hakakian, Kim Setoodeh, Parswa Ansari, Alex Goldberg, and Azin Aliabadi
Samuel Ashner, Ludovica Ferme, Ryan Harper, and J. Brooks
Scotty Lester, Kito Huggins, Rob Shmalo, and friends
Qianwei Zhang, Bonnie Bi, Jing Sun, and Bin Bin
Ernest Bryant Hinnant III and Tucker Caploe
Blakeslee Johnson and Ellie Doyle
Brian Tucei, Shalini Sharma, Nandita Mohile, and Andrew Waffenschmidt
Gail Patches and Ashok Parameswaran
Photographs by Patrick McMullan (El Museo); BFANYC (Playground Partners & Notables); Mia McDonald (ICAA)