Monday, November 3, 2014

Old Friends, New Friends ...

Melanie Holland, Catherine Carey, Dee Dee Taylor Eustace, Clelia Peters, Michael Boodro, Barbara Friedmann, Frederick Warburg Peters, Jim Bunn, Karen Klopp, and Martha Glass at The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering's 26th Annual Preview Party for The International Fine Art and Antiques Show.
Last Tuesday night Mark Gilbertson hosted his annual cocktail party at a private club here in New York. Mark has a big list that he's developed over the years here in New York. Among the hundreds attending, many know each other through that connection. So it's an oldtime New York cocktail party where everyone is happy to be there just to see and chat with old friends, new friends, and enjoy the drinks and pigs in a blanket, mini-crabcakes, fried shrimp, etc.

It's a big crowd for a cocktail party, the kind that keeps you there, wondering whom you haven't seen or talked to; the kind where the guests stay and stay. I think it was 6:30 to 8:30 but I wasn't there at that last hour so maybe they were still there after nine. A keeper.
Alexia Hamm Ryan and Natalie Kaplan
Amy Fine Collins
Ashley McDermott
Andrew Heaney, Andrew Georges, and Leslie Heaney
Antony Todd and friend
Ara Hovnanian and Elizabeth de Kergolay
Blair Husain and Betsy Pitts
Bruce Addison and Evelyn Tompkins
Carol Mack and Debbie Bancroft
Christian and Claire Gudefin
Chris Meigher, Mary Hilliard, and Bill McKnight
Daisy Kanavos, Dennis Paul, and Blair Husain
Dana and Larry Creel
Debbie Daumann and Nina Griscom
Jamie and Peter Gregory
Deborah Norville and Karl Wellner
Donald and Lisa Jackson
Eric and Caroline Villency
Frances Schultz and Nina Griscom
Grace Meigher and Brad Comisar
Julian Gratry and Jamie Tisch
Juliette Longuet
Kristin Clark
Kara Ross, Rachel Hovnanian, and Wendy Carduner
Kate Allen and Jennifer Oken
Kirk Henckels with Lorna and Larry Graev
Kristen and Charlie Krusen
Tara, Michael, Peter, and Allison Rockefeller
Locke and Lilly Maddock
Lorna Graev and Kari Tiedemann
Mag Braff, Leslie Stevens, and Chappy Morris
Mark Gilbertson and Barbara Tober
Mark Gilbertson, Bronson Van Wyck, and Zani Gugelmann
Mary Van Pelt
Othon and Kathy Prounis
Simone Mailman
Michael Comminotto and Dennis Basso
Monique Richards
Prince Dimitri and Yaz Hernandez
Nina Richter and Terry Fritzgerald
Pauline Pitt, Jerry Seay, and Fernanda Kellogg
Whitney Fairchild and Scott Currie
Stephanie Foster and Pam Owen
Peter and Katie Pennoyer
Richard and Kami Lightburn with Michael and Tori Kempner
Richard Cohen and Vicky Ward
Richard Johnson and Vicky Ward
Last Wednesday a week the World Monuments Fund (WMF) hosted their 27th annual Hadrian Gala at the Pierre, and honored artist Ellsworth Kelly and interior designer and philanthropist Mica Ertegun.

The Hadrian Award has been presented annually by the WMF since 1988. It honors international leaders whose patronage has greatly enriched the appreciation and conservation of art and architecture around the world. The award was inspired by the Roman Emperor Hadrian (A.D. 76–138), a great patron of the arts, who demonstrated a concern for the survival of outstanding artistic treasures.
Ellsworth Kelly and Agnes Gund
In a world that seems to be moving faster and faster, where the past is quickly lost from memory, it is easy to lose sight of heritage which speaks to us of the civilization whence we came. The World Monuments Fund, since 1965 has been "racing against time in more than 90 countries, applying proven techniques to preserving important architectural and cultural heritage sites. They achieve this through partnerships in local communities, with funders, and with governments.

The evening featured tributes to the honorees by Agnes Gund (for Ellsworth Kelly) and Father Alexander Karloutsos (for Mica Ertegun).
Bonnie Burnham, Mica Ertegun, Ellsworth Kelly, and Mary McFadden
Ellsworth Kelly has made significant contributions to cultural heritage by donating works to the Foundation for Art and Preservation in Embassies and by supporting World Monuments Fund's projects and training programs, including at Mughal gardens in Agra, India; the Church of St. Trophime in Arles, France; and Mount Lebanon Shaker Village in New Lebanon, New York.

Mica Ertegun has a worldwide reputation in her interior design business. What is less known except to those close to her is that she has led heritage preservation efforts in her Romanian homeland and throughout Eastern Europe. She is the tireless champion of the work of sculptor Constantin Brâncuși, whose Endless Column ensemble in Târgu Jiu, Romania, was restored by World Monuments Fund.

Since the death of her husband, the great music tycoon Ahmet Ertegun, she had made large and significant contributions to education and to cultural organizations.
Ashton Hawkins, Patty Tang, John Hawkins, and Peter Kimmel
Fernanda Kellogg and Kirk Henckels
Anne Mai and Lebiba Ali
Connie Hildesley, Alex Gregory, and Linda Wachner
Ashton Hawkins, Joan Hardy Clark, and Peter Duchin
Laura Sico and Natalie Kaplan
Tuna Koprulu, A. M. Homes, and Alison Gingeras
Manuela Hoelterhoff, Elbrun Kimmelman, and Ildiko Butler
Gary Pudney, Amy Lemons-Sutton, Kenny Lane, and Alden Ramsey
Lilla Ohrstrom and Chris Ohrstrom
Jean-Michel Placent and Felicia Taylor
Tyler Gaffney and Todd Yannuzzi
Alice Walton and Linda Ferber
Judy Taubman
David Nitto
Robert Couturier, Irith Landeau, Mercedes Bass, and Jim Zirin
Barbara Goldsmith and Lester Weingarten
Roberta Sandeman and Peter Pennoyer
Ann Madonia and Suzanne Clary
Christopher Walling and Casey Kohlberg
Paul Beirne and Suzanna Cole Kohlberg
James Reginata, Alison Gingeras, A. M. Homes, Jack Bankowsky, Charlotte Birnbaum, and Nicholas Cullinan
On Thursday, October 16, 2014, The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering (MSK) hosted the 26th Annual Preview Party for The International Fine Art and Antiques Show. Held at the Park Avenue Armory in New York, the show features many of the world’s most prominent art and antique dealers from the U.S. and Europe. The Society has had the pleasure of being the beneficiary of the Preview Party since Anna and Brian Haughton established the fair in 1989. This celebratory evening was co-chaired by Catherine Carey, Melanie Holland, and Karen Klopp, and the evening was generously sponsored by ELLE DECOR, MaxMara, Hartmann and Warburg Realty.
Cynthia Frank, Muffie Potter Aston, Lauren DuPont, Claudia Overstrom, Alexia Hamm Ryan, and Karen Zucker
Joining the high profile crowd in support of The Society was the evening’s prestigious Design Committee Chair, Michael Boodro, Editor-in-Chief of ELLE DECOR, and International Chairman Dee Dee Taylor Eustace, architect and interior designer of Taylor Hannah in Toronto. More than 1,000 high profile guests attended The Society’s Preview Party and mingled amongst the International Show’s sixty-five exhibitors for a private preview of extraordinary art and antiques ranging from furniture and rare books to jewelry and glass. The party raised nearly $600,000, with proceeds going toward The Society’s important patient care, research and education programs at MSK.
Trish Carroll, Hilary Dick, Courtney Moss, Sallie Giordano, and Jennifer Creel
Guests included: Tory Burch, Michael Boodro, Linda Fargo, Caryn Zucker, Jacqueline Schnabel, Cynthia Frank, Fiona Druckenmiller, Veronica Beard, Lauren DuPont, Eleanor Ylvisaker, Jonathan and Lizzie Tisch, Tom Scheerer, Christopher Spitzmiller, Arie and Coco Kopelman, Nina Griscom, Alex Papachristidis, Mario Buatta, Madeline Weinrib, Ernest de la Torre, Jamie Niven, Clelia Peters, Frederick Warburg Peters, Jim Bunn, Catherine Carey, Melanie Holland, Karen Klopp, Martha and John Glass, Dee Dee Taylor Eustace, Susan Zises Green, Eleanora Kennedy, Jennifer Creel, Kirk Henckels and Fernanda Kellogg, Grace and Chris Meigher, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Geoffrey Bradfield, Muffie Potter Aston, Elizabeth Peabody, Barbara and Donald Tober, Bunny Williams, and many more.
Madeline Weinrib and Jacqueline Schnabel
Linda Fargo
Grace Meigher and Jamee Gregory
Muffie Potter Aston, Martha Glass, and Judy Cox
Mario Buatta and Michael Boodro
Donald and Barbara Tober
Eleanor Ylvisaker and Beth Blake Day
Nina Griscom
Christopher Spitzmiller and Sam Allen
Arie and Coco Kopelman
Eleanora and Michael Kennedy
Ernest de la Torre, Michael Boodro, and Barbara Friedmann
Helena and Roman Martinez
Jonathan and Lizzie Tisch
Emilia Krimendahl
Veronica Beard
Martha Sharp and Julie Miller
70. Teresa Colley, Cathy Nassau, Karen Klopp, Ginna le Vine, and Susy Schieffelin
Bunny Williams, John Rosselli
Susan Zises Green
Photographs by Patrick McMullan