Thursday, October 2, 2014

Opening Numbers ...

Summoning the guests at the annual Rose Garden Dinner Dance at The New York Botanical Garden.
Thursday, September 18 marked the date for the Annual Rose Garden Dinner Dance at The New York Botanical Garden. The Rose Garden Dinner Dance celebrates the second annual flowering of the Garden’s magnificent rose collection. The evening began with cocktails in the world-renowned Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden, followed by dinner and dancing in the Garden Terrace Room.

The Chairmen of this year’s Rose Garden Dinner Dance were Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burn III, Memrie M. Lewis, Mr. and Mrs. George B. Moore, and Mr. and Mrs. John M. Sullivan, Jr. The Honorary Chairmen were Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy H. Biggs, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Hubbard and Mr. and Mrs. Wilson Nolen.
Entering The New York Botanical Garden's rose collection
This spectacular evening paid special tribute to Susan and Coleman P. Burke for their extraordinary dedication, leadership, and generosity as important members of the Garden community.

Susan has spent 22 years as a member of the Board and her service on the Horticulture, Library Visiting, and Budget Committees, and the Garden Patrons Council has helped advance the work of this institution. In addition to providing essential operating support through their generosity toward the Annual Fund, the Burkes have long been dedicated to the Special Events Program. Susan’s leadership of the Antique Garden Furniture Fair for over two decades has been instrumental to the success of this annual event.
Susan and Coley have made a wonderful new leadership commitment to the Garden in support of the Edible Academy, the planned state-of-the-art, year-round complex that will make it possible to double the number of children, families, and teachers who can participate in NYBG’s edible gardening, cooking, and nutrition programs. They will champion the new Edible Academy by underwriting the development of its Terraced Lawn Amphitheater, the future site for large-scale cooking demonstrations, concerts, and public programs. The Garden’s preeminence among the world’s botanical gardens has been greatly strengthened through their philanthropy and dedication.

Today an astonishing array of roses is displayed in the Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden with nearly 700 varieties thriving in the only surviving New York City garden designed by eminent landscape architect Beatrix Jones Farrand. Long lauded as one of the most beautiful rose gardens in America, the Rockefeller Rose Garden has been transformed in recent years into one of the most sustainable public gardens in the world.
New and rare roses are always being tested and added to the increasingly comprehensive collection. Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden Curator Stephen Scanniello’s mission is to grow a diversity of varieties of roses from around the world that are not only stunningly beautiful but disease resistant as well. In recognition of this effort, the Rockefeller Rose Garden has been presented the Rose Garden Hall of Fame Award by the Great Rosarians of the WorldTM. The Rose Garden also was named the “Most Outstanding Public Rose Garden Display in America” by All-America Rose Selections.

The event proceeds help to maintain and build the Rose Garden collection, and support the curators’ continued care and development of one of the world’s premier rose venues. The event attracted 250 members of the Garden’s extended family, and raised $600,000 to support the collection.
Arnold Neis, Hilda Neis, and Philip Warner
Diana Revson, Diane Jennings, and Deborah Royce
Arthur Lemkau and Carol Ann Lemkau
Friederike Biggs, Heidi Baldwin, Landon Hilliard, and Mary Davidson
Barbara Cirkva Schumacher and John Schumacher
Gorge Moore, Jeanie Burn, and Harry Burn
George Sweeney, Nancy Phelan, and Tom Woodbury
Henry Johnson, Charles Royce, Deborah Royce, and Susan Johnson
Mary Ball, Coleman Burke, and Anne Harrison
Eleanor Sullivan, Susan Burke, and Patti Fast
Mary Davidson and Marvin Davidson
Coleman Burke and Susan Burke
Memrie Lewis, Kathie Moore, Eleanor Sullivan, Susan Burke, and Eleanor Sullivan
Maureen Chilton
Victor Costa, Jerry Ann Costa, Steven Scanniello, Barbara Cirkva Schumacher, and John Schumacher
Eleanor Sullivan, John Sullivan, Susan Burke, Coleman Burke, and Gregory Long
The Edible Academy Family Garden Picnic at The New York Botanical Garden took place on Sunday, September 28, 2014. The event Chairmen and special celebrity host Mario Batali welcomed guests at one of New York's best family parties of the season. Family and friends came together to enjoy a great selection of children's activities, demonstrations, live entertainment, and an outdoor picnic which was personally designed by Mario Batali. This year more than 700 guests enjoyed a live cooking demonstration by Mario Batali and Special Guest, Carla Hall, Mario's co-host from ABC's The Chew. After the demonstration, Picnic guests attended a reception with special guests Mario and Carla in the Conservatory Courtyard, adjacent to the landmark Enid A. Haupt Conservatory and were treated to seasonal hors d'oeuvres designed by Mario and Carla. The event was underwritten by RAOUL and additional support was provided by Manhattan Magazine.
Carla Hall and Mario Batali
The Chairmen of this year's Edible Academy Family Garden Picnic were Genevieve and Peter C. H. Brown, Jennifer and John Duffy, Emma and Todd Goergen, Sharon and Bill Jacob, Nathalie and Edward Kaplan, Annie and James Lansing, Jennifer and Malcolm Nolen, Kimberly and Jean Putzer, Beth and Beau Taylor, and Julia and Ted Weld. The Grandparents Chairmen were Anne and Tom Hubbard, Edie and Hamilton Kean, Susan Lynch, and Eliot and Wilson Nolen. The Honorary Chairman was Jill Joyce. The Founding Chairmen are Julie and Nick Sakellariadis.
This event supports the Garden's Edible Academy, hub of the children's vegetable gardening program. The Edible Academy, and its planned state-of-the-art facility, will significantly expand the edible gardening program opportunities, so that twice as many children, parents, and teachers (from 40,000 to 80,000) can learn how to grow fruits and vegetables, as well as make the important connections among plants, gardening, nutrition, and the benefits of a healthful lifestyle.
Michael Barnett and Sarah Bolson
Carla Hall, Susi Cahn, Gregory Long, and Mario Batali
James and Annie Lansing
Toby Adams, Mario Batali, and Annie Novak
Emma Goergen, Todd Goergen, Andrea Greeven Douzet ,and Nina Edwards Anke
Dianne Renwick
Emma Goergen, Andrea Greeven Douzet, and Nathalie Kaplan
Edward and Nathalie Kaplan
Kimberly Putzer
Bob Forrester, Annie Lansing, and Carla Hall
Gregory Long and Bob Forrester
Stephanie and Rob Carosella
Jimmy Fallon Sr.
The New York City Ballet held its 2014 Fall Gala last Tuesday a week at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center. Sarah Jessica Parker and Cindy Chao served as co-Chairs of the evening along with Marianne Lake and Jennifer and Trey Laird. Parker and Chao “co-designed” a piece of jewelry (with a value of $750,000) to be auctioned off this month, to benefit the NYCB.
Sarah Jessica Parker
Openings of the ballet or the opera are major fashion events in New York. They were always social events, and therefore fashion events, but now there is more than a touch of Show Biz to it all and the women attending (who can afford to) dress up for the occasion. The result is a wonderful fashion show where this carpet is purple (as in born to the purple?). Also fashion empress Carolina Herrera designed the costumes for Peter Martin’s Morgen. Designer Thom Browne did it for Troy Schumacher, Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen provided costumes for Liam Scarlett and his dancers, and Mary Katrantzou was the collaborator for Justin Peck’s world premiere. Christopher Wheeldon’s ballet This Bitter Earth featured costues designed for it in 2012 by Valentino.
Jennifer and Trey Laird
The evening began with a champagne reception at 5:30 pm followed by a 7 o’clock performance. This is all moved up an hour from usual to accommodate the crowd attending the benefit with dinner (ideally) served between nine and nine-thirty. Many benefits which feature performances often don’t serve dinner until ten and after. The working partners attending begin to growl and grumble when it reaches that hour (since they’ve been working all day and have to get up for the next morning at the office, etc.). This is bad for future business.
Ivanka Trump
Arden Wohl
Wendi Deng Murdoch
Jason Schell and Tre Miller Rodriguez
Jonathan Tisch and Lizzie Tisch
B Michael, Ashley Bouder, and friend
Lydia Hearst
Candice Bushnell
Chiu-Ti Jansen
Mikhail Baryshnikov and Lisa Rinehart
Dorothee Wirth
Gillian Miniter
Amy Fine Collins
Lauren Kief
Janna Bullock
Jean Shafiroff and Patricia Shiah
Martha Stewart
Michelle and Lawrence Herbert
Masha Kirilenko
Marjorie Gubelmann and Chris Salgardo
Barbara and Donald Tober
Dana Auslander and Bibhu Mohapatra
Howard and Ellen Katz
Carolina Herrera
Susan Gutfreund and Suzanne Murphy
Carolina Portaga, Di Mondo, and Fe Fendi
Alexandra Lind Rose and Dana Auslander
Aradhna Taneja and Michelle Herbert
Amy Astley
Andy Cohen
Carmen Dell'Orefice
Indre Rockefeller and James Reed Hague
Wendy Whelan and Darren Walker
Cindy Chao and Richard Chang
Peter Martins
Kathy Brown
Howard Milstein and Charlotte Moss
Elysia Dawn Ramasar and Amar Ramasar
Audrey Gruss and Carol Mack
Angela Dodson, Ursula Damani, and Amy Miller
Joseph Cruz and Meredith Lunceford
Dr. Susan Krysiewicz and Tori Kempner
Carolyn Murphy
Thom Browne and Jonathan Tisch
Cecil Flores, Chema Flores, Harrison Ball, and Louisa Wakefield
Darci Kistler, Gillian Attfield, Peter Wolff, and Marie Nugent Head
Cindy Chao, Jenny Laird, Trey Laird, and Sarah Jessica Parker
Ann Moore
The American Theatre Wing's annual Gala, held last Monday, September 15th, was the most successful in the organization's history, raising over $750,000 (besting the previous record, which was set in 2013, by more than $50,000). All proceeds from the evening will benefit the education and outreach programs of the American Theatre Wing, which include SpringboardNYC, the Theatre Intern Network, the National Theatre Company Grants and the Jonathan Larson Grants®, and will also support free access for students, aspiring professionals, and the general public to programming on, including the long running "Working in the Theatre" media program.
The opening number ...
The sold-out, black-tie event was held at The Plaza Hotel and honored Broadway legend Dame Angela Lansbury for her lifelong dedication and invaluable contributions to the theatrical community. The evening's program featured a selection of numbers, performed by a glittering array of stars, including Glenn Close, Harvey Fierstein, James Monroe Iglehart, Christine Ebersole, and Len Cariou. William Ivey Long, Harold Prince, James Earl Jones, and Sir Howard Stringer presented Ms. Lansbury with her honor. Anki Leeds, CeCe Black, Marva Smalls, and Sir Howard Stringer served as Gala co-chairs.

Key support for this year's gala was led by Viacom, as well as Adrienne Arsht, Sony Corporation of America, Melissa Sage Fadim, and Enid Nemy and the Dorothy Strelsin Foundation.
Harold Prince, William Ivey Long, Howard Stringer, Angela Lansbury, and James Earl Jones
William Ivey Long and Angela Lansbury
Anthony and Lee Shaw, Angela Lansbury, and Louise and Edgar Lansbury
Joe Benincasa with Lynn and Bob Wankel
Robin Canter and Sally Susman
Daryl Roth and Nick Scandalios
Stewart Lane and Bonnie Comley
Susan Fales Hill, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, and Corice Arman
Pia Lindström, Jim and Julie Dale, and Nick Daly
Judy and Larry Kudlow, Heather Higgins, and Peggy Siegal
Hal Prince and Ted Chapin
Anki Leeds, George Tsandikos, and Karen McDonald
Adrienne Arsht and William Ivey Long
Anki Leeds with Lee and CeCe Black
Hal Prince, Heather A. Hitchens, Ted Hartley, Angela Lansbury, Marva Smalls, Charles Busch, and William Ivey Long
Glenn Close and Christine Ebersole
Angela Lansbury and Len Cariou
Harvey Fierstein, Christine Ebersole, James Earl Jones, and Cecilia Hart
Angela Lansbury, Howard Stringer, and Dan Rather
James Earl Jones, Cecilia Hart, Heather A. Hitchens, and Felix Cisneros
Harvey Fierstein, Harold Prince, Howard Stringer, and William Ivey Long
Vishal Patel, Tom Rhoads, and G. Sterling Zinsmeyer
Angela Lansbury and Seth Sklar-Heyn
Tonya Lewis Lee and Marva Smalls
Dr. Tony Coles, Pauletta Washington, and Kenny Leon
Chappy and Melissa Morris
Connie Bregman, Sondra Gilman, and Sue Bloomberg
James Earl Jones, Glenn Close, and Cecilia Hart
Barbara Regna, Ted Hartley, and Libba Stribling
Charles Revson and CeCe Black
Monica Wambold, Alberto Mariaca, and Barbara Regna
LaTanya Richardson Jackson, Marva Hicks, and Lawrence Otis Graham
Robyn and Dr. Tony Coles, Marva Smalls, LaTanya Richardson Jackson, and Pauletta Washington
Nathan Johnson, Julia Levy, Heather A. Hitchens, and Laura Osnes
Angela Lansbury with the Gala Honorary Chairs, Benefit Chairs, and Performers
Photographs by AnnieWatt & Shevett Studios (ATW);