Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Park Avenue Armory's 2014 Gala Masquerade

The scene in the Wade Thompson Drill Hall of the Park Avenue Armory for Park Avenue Armory's 2014 Gala Masquerade.
Last Thursday night the Park Avenue Armory held its annual gala.  They honored director Peter Sellars who among his many productions, recently staged Bach’s St Matthew Passion at the Armory.  This gala draws several hundred guests and they always attend with anticipation of what it will look like, because Master Event Designer David Monn turned the Wade Thompson Drill Hall into something theatrically spectacular.

Guests gathered for cocktails in the gallery and the meeting rooms and library awaiting the doors to the Drill Hall to open.
Guests gathering at their places for the dinner at the Park Avenue Armory Gala.
Peter Sellars and Elihu Rose
Once open, it was like entering a drama, a movie, even an opera. The vast cavernous room was transformed into another world. David Monn’s world. It’s a dinner of course, and the table settings are part of the drama. They set the stage and then the room becomes the stage.

The “entertainment” was an environmental performance experience entitled Masquerade – we were given masks when we picked up our seating cards. The atmosphere was inspired by the historic tales of Dante and Venetian masquerades. The choreography was created by Desmond Richardson of Complexions Contemporary Ballet. The lighting design by Al Crawford created the sense of being on a stage in this drama at this dinner.
John Guare, Adele Chatfield Taylor, and Peter Sellars in conversation
John Guare, Adele Chatfield Taylor, and Peter Sellars camera ready
David Monn
Sheba Jafari and Stuart Sopp
Jim Seger and Lissa Frenkel
Jane DeFlorio and John McDermott
Elizabeth Kahane and Dr. Shirley Madhere
Olivia Flatto, Alex Poots, Heidi McWilliams, and Adrienne Arsht
Elizabeth Kahane, Rebecca Robertson, and Dr. Shirley Madhere
Libby Ellis and Adrian Ellis
Randy Kemper and Tony Ingrao
Lonti Ebers
Wendy Belzberg and Jenny Kassanoff
Marjorie Reed Gordon and Ellery Gordon
Elihu Rose, Susan Rose, Isabelle Rose, and Jeffrey Fagen
Joanne Ellis and Scott Waddell
Monique Van Vooren and Geoffrey Bradfield
Michael Feinstein, Cathie Black, Tom Harvey, Adrienne Arsht, and Terrence Flannery
Juliana May and Amy Silverman
Serge Tismen, Ida Liu, Michael Rockefeller, and Tara Rockefeller
Raj Prakash and Stacey Alvarez
Liz Stern
Juliana May, Jonathan May, Amy Silverman, and Jeffrey Silverman
Leslie Bains and Harrison Bains
Alan Levenstein and Gail Levenstein
Sara Lese
Karen Ackman and Bill Ackman
Tamara Bernstein and Brad Bernstein
Bonnie Comley, Stewart Lane, and Leah Lane
Steven Brill and Cynthia Brill
Jamee Gregory and Peter Gregory
Michael Shnayerson and Gayfryd Steinberg
David Wassong, Cynthia Clift, Alyssa Fanelli, and Jeffrey Hirsch
Rico King
Christian Gudefin
Nancy Offit, Morris Offit, and Nancy Marks
Madison J Papp and Justin Kush
Alexandra Lebenthal
Lisa Ehrenkranz and Sandy Ehrenkranz
Sheila Stephenson
Kathy Steinberg and Veronica Kelly
Michael Barclay and Inga Kozel
James Bassett and Bree Jeppson
Dennis Paul and Coralie Charriol Paul
Sofia Milonas
Amanda Thompson-Riegel, Dicky Riegel, and Angela (Mrs. Wade) Thompson
Sophocles and Priscilla Zoullas
Sanford Smith and Jill Bokor
Adam Schlossinger, Natasha Schlossinger, Nanna Stern, and Dan Stern
Amy Galanos and Nanna Stern
Pablo Legorreta and Almudena Legorreta
Julie Macklowe and Billy Macklowe
Stan Warshawsky, Sandra Warshawsky, and Mort Zuckerman
Margot Steinberg and Stan Harrison
Mary Ellen Oldenburg, Inger Elliott, Janet Ross, and Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas
Diana Revson, Tripp Revson, Kylie Halperin, Alex Revson, and Alexis Powers
Terry Crosby and Mihaela Crosby
Zoe Bullock, R Couri Hay, and Janna Bullock
Jamie Tisch and Julian Gratry
Dr. Shirley Madhere
Laura Ramsey and Rachel Jacobellis
Lesley and Rob Vecsler
Johnnie Planco, Phylicia Rashad, Monique van Vooren, and Geoffrey Bradfield
Heidi McWilliams and Chuck Royce
Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas
David and Heather Halberstadt
George Farias, Bettina Zilkha, Ann Wolf, and Mathew Wolf
John Fiscora and Katherine Todd
Joel Press and Andrea Press
Joanne Ellis and Scott Waddell
Andy Winer, Liz Ward, Natalie Wiegenfeld, and Yoav Wiegenfeld
Jill Lloyd, Isabelle Harnoncourt, and Noreen Buckfire
Farhad Farman Farmaian
Lorri Ahl and Michael Edsall
Diane Lippert, Justin Kush, Margaret Pennoyer, Angelina Lippert, and Hugh MacKay
Barbara Tober, Donald Tober, Denise Saul, Andrew Saul, Mindy Papp, and Matthew Smyth
Chris Larson, Mary Kush, Ed Sumpter, Marcella Ciceri, and Gus Davis
Cathie Black, Tom Harvey, and Adrienne Arsht
Richard Meyer and Karon Meyer
Christian Gudefin and Marie Noel Pierce
Alyssa Fanelli, Cynthia Clift, Lesley Vecsler, and Priscilla Zoullas
Sheila Stephenson and George Stephenson
Stephanie French and Sherri Geldin
Sheba Jafari and Stuart Sopp
Elizabeth Callender
James Nguyen and Alexander Gottlieb
Gwen Norton and Sam Claiborne
Thelma Golden and Kate D. Levin
Colin Callender and Julie Taymor
Mira Nair and Joe Reece
Christina and Ilda
Susan Rose and Cameron Carpenter
Dyllan McGee Diana Revson, and Joyce Cowin
Paul Travis and Eric Rudin
Tom Pulling and Eileen Pulling
Sandy Farkas and Andrew Farkas
Alexis Powers, Alex Revson, Charles Revson, Diana Revson, Kylie Halperin, and Tripp Revson
Peter Nitze and Susan Nitze
Fran Weissler, Fred Shuman, and Stephanie Shuman
Samantha Rudin Earls, George Farias, and Ophelia Rudin
Raj Prakash and Stacey Alvarez
Frank Ahimaz, James Reginato, and Steve Barr
Pedro Gonzales and Maria Caso
Heather Halberstadt and David Halberstadt
Richard Gaddes and Daisy Soros
Jeff Arnstein and Pat Papachristidis
Charlotte Mittenthal and Tilly Moross
Frank Morgan, Thomas Teeple, and John David Willingham
Bill Rudin and Scott Nelson
Isabelle Harnoncourt and Richard Feigen
Alex Navab and Mary Katheryn
Jackie Astier
Michael Wise and Della Rounick
Norton Belknap, Marjorie Hart, and Gurnee Hart
Edmee Firth and Andrew Farkas
Barbara Gundlach, Andrew Gundlach, and Shirin von Wolfen
Luke Frazier
Cecelia Alemani and Timothy Quinlan
Annie Taube and Eleanor Ylvisaker
Liz Bickley, Dara Schreiber, Julie Geden, and Kirsten Reoch
Robert Bradford, Barbara Taylor Bradford, and friend
Photographs by Patrick McMullan