Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Revelers

Kevin Spacey on the red carpet at the Museum of Moving Image's annual gala.
Tuesday night last week at Cipriani 42nd Street, The Paris Review hosted its annual “Spring Revel” honoring poet Frederick Seidel. The Paris Review was founded sixty-one years ago in 1953 by Harold Humes, Peter Matthiessen and George Plimpton. Mr. Matthiessen, who died over the previous weekend at age 86, was said to be the originator of the idea of creating the Review  when he was living in Paris and working for the CIA. It is said that the idea was dreamed up as a kind of  “cover” for his work.
In its first five years, the Paris Review published works by Jack Kerouac, Philip Larkin, V. S. Naipaul, Philip Roth, Adrienne Rich, Italo Calvino, Samuel Beckett, Nadine Gordimer, and Jean Genet, among many other distinguished writers.

It was Peter Matthiessen who brought George Plimpton into the organization, with Plimpton eventually becoming its editor and its force for many years.
Uma Thurman
John Jeremiah Sullivan
Zadie Smith
The Plimpton Prize for Fiction (with $10,000 award) was presented by Lydia Davis to Emma Cline for her story “Marion,” which appeared in the 205 edition (March issue) of The Paris Review. The Terry Southern Prize for Humor (a $5000 award) was presented by Roz Chast to Ben Lerner for “False Spring,” which also appeared in edition 205. Graciously and modestly, both awardees exhibited brevity in their acceptances. John Jeremiah Sullivan presented the Hadada Award (so named by George Plimpton after the Hadada Ibis, a sub-Saharan bird known for its large range) to Mr. Seidel. Three authors: Martin Amis, Zadie Smith and Uma Thurman each read one of his poems: “Downtown,” “The Night Sky.”
Gary Shteyngart and Lesley Blume
Cordelia Dietrich Zanger and Carmen Dell'Orefice
Lorin Stein, Frederick Seidel, and Robyn Creswell
Isabel Fonseca, Martin Amis, Bill Franzen, and Roz Chast
Bill Buford, Rachel Cobb, Terry McDonnell, and Jessica Buford
Tim Lovejoy and Judy Auchincloss
Larissa MacFarquhar and Katie Roiphe
Lewis Lapham and Radhika Jones
Gary Shteyngart and Brandon del Pozo
Jonathan Galassi and Frederick Seidel
Gay Talese
Vera Szombathelyi
Michael Friedman and Donald Antrim
Nancy and Fred Cline
Lesley Blume
Hope Winthrop and Amanda Urban
Francine du Plessix Gray and Robert Pounder
James Truman and Duncan Hannah
Marya Spence and Stephanie LaCava
Boa Legendre and Judith Foster
Mercedes Martinez, Chris Weitz, Suzy Coue Wilson, Edward Wilson, Nastya Lacombe, and Euan Rellie
David Carnoy, Sarah Dudley Plimpton, Ken Auletta, Lisa Carnoy, and Amanda Urban
Jennifer Maguire Isham, John Burnham Schwartz, and Clara Bingham
Oskar Eustis and Sandy Gotham Meehan
Last Wednesday night at 538 Park Avenue the Museum of Moving Image hosted its annual gala and honored Kevin Spacey. Spacey gave a lively 20 minute talk, and told his story about how Jack Lemmon personally affected his career as an actor. Among those in attendance were Michael Bloomberg, Samuel L Jackson, Kate Bosworth, and Penn Badgeley.
Kevin Spacey
Enter Kate Bosworth
Tony Bennett and Joanna Bennett
Stacey Bass, Mark Manoff, and Patty Manoff
Kristin Chenoweth and Dana Brunetti
Jill Handelsman and Francesca Beale
Michael Barker and Steve Mosko
Lani Azenberg and Manny Azenberg
Gabby Palitz and Michael Palitz
Peggy Siegal, Shelley Wanger, and Mahnaz Bartos
Dina De Luca Chartouni and Olivia Flatto
Peter Gregorty, Jamee Gregory, Priscilla Zoullas, and Alexis Zoullas
Mariana Zois, Alexis Zoullas, and Priscilla Zoullas
Chazz Palminteri and Gianna Ranaudo
Francesca Beale and Chris Beale
Susan Kissane, James Kissane, Jim Bowman, and Susan Bowman
Anne Keating and Rose Polidoro
Diana Taylor and Michael Bloomberg
Debbie Bancroft, Deb van Eck, and Leslie Klotz
Michael Polish and Kate Bosworth
Michael Barker, Eleanora Kennedy, Michael Kennedy, Kate Barker-Froyland, and Thomas Froyland
Sylvester and Gillian Miniter
Linda LeRoy Janklow and Shelly Slovin
Chazz Palminteri, Penn Badgley, Samuel L. Jackson, and Kevin Spacey
John Richardson and Kim Cattrall
Mahnaz Bartos and Adam Bartos
Gary Springer, Michael Barker, Kate Barker-Froyland, and Thomas Froyland
The Mount Sinai Department of Emergency Medicine hosted its Second Annual Circle of Life Gala at SD26 Restaurant and WineBar. Proceeds from the Gala will be used to support innovative programs in Disaster Preparedness and in Pediatric and Geriatric Emergency Departments.

The Chairs were Kevin M. Baumlin, MD and Patrick Mahanger, Antonella and Umberto Calastri, Patrizia di Carrobio, Betsy Gotbaum, Silvana Riggio, MD and Andy Jagoda, MD, Lauren and Adam Kolker, MD, Halima and Tony May, Marisa May, Devorah Nazarian, MD and Ebby Moussazadeh, Lynne D. Richardson, MD, Elizabeth van Merkensteijn, Anna and Adam Vella, MD, Beth and Scott Yagoda and Jill Zaheer. 
Honorees: Richard C. Hunt, MD, Susan C. Waltman, Esq., Kevin W. Chason, DO and Andy Jagoda, MD
Over 250 attendees gathered to hear professionals in the emergency and disaster preparedness field discuss tactics and strategies used to assist in man-made and natural disasters including 9/11, Hurricane Sandy, The Boston Marathon bombing, and the Newtown School shooting. The Gala honored Kevin Chason, DO, Director of Emergency Management for the Mount Sinai Health System, Susan C. Waltman, Esq., Executive Vice President for Legal, Regulatory, and Professional Affairs, and General Counsel for the Greater New York Hospital Association, and Richard C. Hunt, MD, FACEP, Director for Medical Preparedness Policy on the National Security Staff, The White House.
Executive Chef: Matteo Bergamini and Guest Chef: Massimo Camia
Tony May, Marisa May of SD26 Restaurant and WineBar created a special menu featuring guest chef Massimo Camia of Restaurant at Damilano Winery, La Morra, Italy, along with SD26 Restaurant and WineBar Executive Chef Matteo Baergamini. The menu included unique items designed especially for the Gala and highlighted the Peidmont region. Wines were sponsored by Damilano and Batasiolo wineries. Colavita donated gift bags filled with Italian delicacys.   

The Mount Sinai Department of Emergency Medicine was established in 1994. Its mission is to provide 24/7, compassionate, state of the art emergency care to patients of all ages, at all times. Over the past 20 years, it has emerged as one of the leading training programs in the world with a reputation for innovation in clinical care, education and research.
Antonella Calastri and Sergio Garretti
Halima May and Gaetano Pesce
Devorah Nazarian, MD and Ebby Moussazadeh
Lynne Richardson, MD and guests
Kevin W. Chason, DO and Family
The Colavita Family
Tony May and Marisa May
Richard Ravitch
Eileen Solomon, David Reich, MD, and Carl Ramsay, MD
Adam Vella, MD, Anna Vella, Andy Jagoda, MD
Marisa May and Guests
Dan Lakoff, MD, Leza Rawlins, Kaushal Shah, MD, Milana Zaurova, MD
Andy Jagoda, MD, Silvana Riggio, MD, and guests
Philip Landrigan, MD, Ellen and Ira Holzman, MD
Ayman El-Mohandes, Andy Jagoda, MD, Umberto and Antonella Calastri, and Hala El-Mohandes
Rebecca Barber, Luke Hermann, MD, Lara Zibners Lohr, MD and Stuart Kessler, MD
On Saturday, April 5th, Volunteers for Wildlife held its Spring Benefit The Wild Party at Seawanhaka Corinthian Yacht Club, Centre Island, NY. On this beautiful spring evening guests were greeted at the front entrance by magnificent Great Horned and Barred Owls. These owls are among some of the fascinating residents of the Wildlife Garden at Volunteers for Wildlife’s Rehabilitation Hospital & Education Center located at Bailey Arboretum, Lattingtown, NY.
Jim Jones with Duncan, an Eastern Screech Owl
Baby, Red-Tail Hawk
Solomon, a Barred Owl
Founded in 1982 by Sallie Ruppert, a World War II nurse and legendary wildlife rehabilitator, the organization now responds to over 7,000 calls annually from the public regarding injured or distressed wildlife.  It handles over 800 injured or orphaned wild birds and animals yearly, and offers excellent wildlife education programs to both children and adults. Wildlife Garden residents are animals who are unable to survive in the wild and are in the perpetual care of Volunteers for Wildlife.  

“Benefit events such as The Wild Party are critical to the funding of our organization,” said Volunteers for Wildlife President Jean Thatcher. “By law, we cannot charge for services. We rely for funding solely on memberships, grants, donations, revenue from education programs, and the generosity of people such as those who attend and support our Wild Party Benefit.”
Board of Directors Nina DeNigris, Leslie Block, Laurie Mass, Bob Goetz, Jean Thatcher, Clare LoCicero, Jim Jones, and Barbara Beuerlein
Guests included Village Mayors Clarence Michalis (Lattingtown) and his wife Cora; Centre Island Mayor Larry Schmidlapp, who was also the evening’s auctioneer; Lloyd Harbor Mayor Jean Thatcher, also President of Volunteers for Wildlife;  Bernadette Castro, former NYS  Commissoner of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation; NYS Senator Carl Marcellino. Additional guests included, among others, Cornelia Guest, Tracy Dellomo and Clifford Packingham, Baroness Gabriele von Langendorff, Matthew Rich, and a number of North Shore Land Alliance Directors including Tom McGrath, SPLIA Board members Diahn McGrath, and Joanna Badami, Raynham Hall President John Collins, and nationally recognized conservation photographer Michael Fairchild.

Sponsors of the event included Mr. & Mrs. Hoyle Jones, Tom & Diahn McGrath, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph LoCicero, Christopher Jacobi/Citibank, Elizabeth Beach, Cathy Chernoff, Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Picard, Dr. & Mrs. James Romanelli, Mark Schwartz, Mr. & Mrs. James Thatcher.
Laurie Mass, Leslie Block, Barbara Beurlein, and Nina DeNigris
Karen Mehta and Chris Jacobi
Lisa Kennedy, Joe LoCicero, and Rica Bacchi
Mark O. Schwartz
Kay Raynor, Mary Gaffney, Pat Breslauer, Janet Farrell, and Barbara Chadakoff
Cathy Chernoff and Elana Hoffman
Henry Von Elm, John Collins, and Gail Von Elm
Patricia Marcellino and Senator Carl Marcellino
Diahn McGrath, Tom McGrath, and Jean Thatcher
Wendy Van de Walle, Susan Worledge, and Jim Van de Walle
Tracy Dellomo and Cornelia Guest
Christopher D’Amanda, Mary Lenore Blair, Litsy Witkowski, and Fiona Witkowski
Rica Bacchi, Lisa Kennedy, and Clare LoCicero
James and Elina Thatcher
Joan Shepard and Patricia Sands
Lucy Cutting and Lucy P. Cutting
Gary and Kristin Kalbaugh, Danielle and Dave Lam
Don Krug, Marilyn Rose, Dawn and Ted Weill
Pat Breslauer, Jean Thatcher, and Fiona Witkowski
Barbara and John Kelly
Dr. Daniel and Anna Picard
Clarence and Cora Michalis
Bernard and Alexandria Austin, Bernadette Castro, Dr. Peter Guida
Abdulrahman Thuruya, Baroness Gabriele von Langendorff, Matthew Rich, Carl Iannace, and Paul Cardile
Dr. Alan Kisner, Dawn Kisner, and Kerry and John Chase
Larry Scmidlapp and Jean Thatcher
John Collins and Joanna Badami
Volunteers for Wildlife Staff: Rachel Neville, Jessica Drew, Alicia Grubessi, and Lauren Schulz
Joseph and Clare LoCicero
Liz Beach and Jay Parker
Katie Thatcher, Jean Thatcher, and Jan Witkowski
Photographs by PatrickMcMullan.com; Jill Johnson (Volunteers for Wildlife)