Thursday, February 13, 2014

Staying Warm

Cocktails at The Breakers in Palm Beach for Caron and Hanley Treatment Centers “Glow” Gala.
On Monday, February 3rd, Kamie Lightburn, Heather Georges, and Stephanie Foster hosted a elegant luncheon at Le Cirque to announce the Spring YAGP Gala that they will chair. 
Guests of honor included NYCB's former principal dancer, Charles Askegard and ABT's principal dancer, James Whiteside.
Guests that bared the cold weather in support of YAGP included: Suzie Aijala, Dr. Lisa Airan, Kate Allen, Charles Askegard, Paige Betz, Dr. Tevor Born, Phil Chen, Herman Cornejo, Jenny Frank, Melissa Gibbons, Paige Hardy, Judith Hoffman, Sharon Hoge, Sharon Hurowitz, Tracey Huff, Nathalie Kaplan, Lisa Klein, Nyssa Kourakos, Pam Ludwick, Jonathan Marder, Lisa Morse (Chair, YAGP), Elyse Newhouse, Ramona Norton, Kate Peck, Kathy Prounis, Larissa Saveliev (Founder of YAGP), Dana Sciff, Jean Shafiroff, Margot Tarkian, Evelyn TAmanda Tapiero, Kari Tiedemann, Evelyn Tompkins,  Alexis Waller, and James Whiteside.
Herman Cornejo, Heather Georges, Kami Lightburn, Stephanie Foster, and James Whhiteside
Guests enjoyed a three-course lunch that included: the Twice Baked Goat Cheese Souffle, Salad 'Le Cirque', and Dark Chocolate Mousse.
YAGP's 2014 New York City Finals will take place April 3-8. The gala will be held Thursday, April 10 at Lincoln Center's David H. Koch Theater. For more information, visit
YOUTH AMERICA GRAND PRIX (YAGP) is the world's largest student ballet scholarship competition, awarding over $250,000 annually to leading dance schools worldwide ensuring the future of dance. Since its finding in 1999 by two former Bolshoi Ballet dancers, Larissa and Gennadi Saveliev, YAGP has awarded over $2 million in scholarships to the leading dance schools worldwide. The competition is conducted annually throughout the U.S. and abroad (Brazil, Mexico, Japan, and Italy). YAGP is the "internet of the dance world," a global network of opportunity connecting dancers, teachers, schools and companies all over the globe. Over 25,000 dancers worldwide have participated in YAGP's international workshops, competitions, and audition classes. Over 300 YAGP alumni are now dancing with 50 companies around the world, including American Ballet Theatre, New York City Ballet, Paris Opera Ballet and San Francisco Ballet, among others.
Dana Sciff, Margot Takian, Evelyn Tompkins, and Kathy Prounis
Heather Georges, Dr Lisa Airan, and Dr Trevor Born
James Whiteside, Herman Cornejo, and Charles Askegard
Sharon Hoge
Judith Hoffman, Linda Morris, Kari Tiedemann, and Herman Cornejo
The New York City Mission Society's Board of Directors and Champions for Children Gala Chairs, Lloyd W. Brown, II, John U. Moorehead, and Stanley H. Rumbough hosted a kick-off party for their annual Champions for Children Gala, which will be held at The Plaza Hotel on March 12th. This year's honorees include Valentino Carlotti of Goldman Sachs; Founders of the Sisulu-Walker Charter School of Harlem, the first charter school in New York State; and Jean Shafiroff.

The event took place at The Forbes Galleries on Wednesday evening, February 5th. Despite the snow which closed schools and businesses around the city, many dedicated supporters braved the cold to attend including: Sharon Bush, Geoffrey Bradfield, Martin Shafiroff, Maureen Klinsky, William Allen, Leah Rumbough, Siena Rumbough, Brooke Laing, Michele Gerber Klein, Margo Langenberg, Rose Hartman, Leesa Rowland, Larry Wohl, Nicole Noonan, Maggie Norris, Ike Ude, Joy Marks, Cassandra Seidenfeld, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Montgomery Frazier, and Anait Bian.
Cole Rumbough and Brooke Laing
Founded in 1812, the New York City Mission Society is the oldest and one of the most vital human service agencies in New York, providing support for children and adults who live in the city's most underserved communities.  The Rumbough family has made it a tradition of supporting The Mission Society for more than four generations --ever since Dina Merrill's mother-in-law, Elizabeth Colgate Rumbough, wisely told her, "Every bride needs a charity," and she chose Mission. For more information or tickets, visit, or call (212) 674-3500.
Alix Astir and Charles Edward Catherine
Stanley Rumbough, Leah Rumbough, and Cole Rumbough
Gunner Overstrom and Jay Moorehead
Kathleen Giordano, Cassandra Seidenfeld, Michele Gerber Klein, Lucia Hwong Gordon, and Dawne Marie Grannum
Curtis Young, Rosemary Ponzo, and Phaon Spurlock
Joseph Fichera and Jennifer Neidig
Sharon Bush and Christine Schott
Maria Orengo, Jay Moorehead, Valentino Carlotti, Stanley Rumbough, Jean Shafiroff, Maureen Klinsky, William Allen, and Lloyd Brown
Montgomery Frazier, Anait Bian, James Hester, and Ben Mindich
Roric Tobin, Geoffrey Bradfield, Margo Langenberg, and Edgar Batist
Arnie Rosenshein and Paola Rosenshein
Maggie Norris and Montgomery Frazier
Richard Farley and Chele Chiavacci
Leah Rumbough, Siena Rumbough, and Lauren Lawrence
Roy Kean and Nicole Noonan
Leah Rabinowitz and Martin Shafiroff
Vance Gleton, Karl Allen Griggs, and Flo Kennedy
Down in Palm Beach Gala attendees at the recent Caron and Hanley Treatment Centers “Glow” Gala at The Breakers had more than a million reasons to shine.

There was the attendance of nearly 500 supporters of the annual event which raises awareness and scholarship funds for substance abuse treatment at Caron Renaissance and Hanley Center. There was the rocking band that kept the floor jumping as the relaxed “Palm Beach Chic” dress code translated into creative moves on the jam-packed dance floor.

There was the “addiction is a disease; we are not ashamed” message from Gala co-chairmen Liza Pulitzer and Nellie Benoit which hit home with so many in the Gala audience. There was the mouthwatering menu featuring a braised short rib on top of creamy gorgonzola polenta with a side of parmesan truffle fries which gave guests the strength to jump back onto the dance floor. And there was the magical deep sea décor for the event – with graceful floating jellyfish, evocative of Chris Leidy’s beautiful glowing photography selected for the invitation and evening’s program.
Bob Calhoun and Liza Pulitzer Calhoun
Julie and Howard Rudolph
Sarah Alsofrom, Giovanni Feroce, and Dee Fraser
Paul Leone and Drew Rothermel
Mike and Mary Jane Hanley
But it was the announcement by Caron’s Florida market president, Andrew Rothermel, which drew million-watt smiles and million decibel applause from the crowd. Rothermel announced a $1 million pledge from Rhode Island-based lifestyle brand, Alex and Ani and their Charity by Design division for Caron and Hanley’s Lifesaver Scholarship Fund.

Alex and Ani CEO Giovanni Feroce, along with Charity by Design team members Dee Fraser and Theresa Block traveled from their corporate headquarters in Rhode Island to Palm Beach paradise to celebrate the milestone gift.

Designer Carolyn Rafaelian, Founder and Creative Director, created the Butterfly charm for Caron and Hanley Treatment Centers as a symbol of transition and the rebirth that comes with recovery.
Dinner ...
Together, Caron and Hanley Treatment Centers comprise one of the largest and most comprehensive nonprofit addiction treatment providers in the country, focused on a 12-Step recovery program with a powerful clinical component. In South Florida, Caron and Hanley Treatment Centers operate lifesaving addiction treatment centers at Hanley Center, Caron Ocean Drive and Caron Renaissance in Palm Beach County; and Gate Lodge in Vero Beach.

In another highlight of the evening, guests were inspired by a “call from the heart “ by Bobby Leidy -- Chris Leidy’s brother and son of Gala co-chairman Liza Pulitzer, to donate more than $110,000 to treatment scholarships on the spot during the evening’s remarks.
... and Dancing
In addition to Gala chairs and Caron and Hanley Center leadership, as well as representatives from Alex and Ani,  guests attending the Gala included: Barbara and Clark Appleby, Mark and Pam Begelman, Amanda Boalt, Bob Calhoun, Alex Coleman, Gala honorary chairman Mary Davidson and her husband Marvin, Sean Ferreira, Mary and Mark Freitas, Rick Grow, Amber Hopkins, Mary Jane and Mike Hanley, Susan Kirkpatrick, Lilly Leas, Kathy and Paul Leone, Molly and Frank Maguire, Yardley Manfuso, Danielle Moore,  Renny Reynolds, Julie and Howard Rudolph, Jane and Larry Scheinfeld, Jack Staub; Cherie Toufanian, and Joanie and Paul Van der Grift.

For more information on Caron and Hanley Treatment Centers, or future local events, please call (561) 841-1048, visit
Dr. Rachel Docekal and Nellie Benoit
Mary and Marvin Davidson
Dick and Sally Robinson with Mark and Mary Freitas
Joanie and Paul Van der Grift
Ivey Day and Bobby Leidy
Sean Ferrara, Lilly Leas, Chris Leidy, and Kendal and Mary Britain Cheatham
Frank and Molly McGuire
Denise and Dan Hanley
Robin Azqueta, Jorie Kent, Rick Holton, and Reute Butler
John McGreevy and Lavinia Baker
Janet and Larry Scheinfeld
Pam and Mark Begelman
Clark Appleby, Yardley Manfuso, and Barbara Appleby
CJ and Turner Benoit
Whitmore Benoit and Quinn Johnson
Jim and Becky Myers
Cathleen and Dale Hedrick
On January 28th, down in West Palm Beach, the inaugural "Circus at the Center" event was a three-ring success attracting more than 200 Center for Creative Education supporters, both old friends and new, to the newly opened Center adorned in "circus-chic." Many guests got into the spirit by donning their own wigs, red noses and feathered headdresses – giving the evening's entertainers a run for their money.

"We are so pleased with the turnout for this inaugural event," shared Bruce Helander, ringmaster and event co-chairman along with Donna Long and Wendy Fritz. "The Center for Creative Education served nearly 13,000 children last year, and they could not have done it without the support of the community. It is fundraisers such as this that allow us to call attention to the importance of our programming and to raise the funds and awareness to give even more kids our arts integrated instruction."

The Center for Creative Education works with children from low income neighborhoods, using art as a gateway to help them understand science, math, literacy and other areas of learning. CCE merges art with academics to bring learning to life, by engaging children in hands on, project-based education.
Wendy Fritz, Bruce Helander, and Donna Long
Guests entered through CCE's art gallery filled with beauties in feather head-dresses and clowns embellished with over-sized bows, funny hats and crazy hair. Once on the "midway" they were welcomed by an enchanting stilt walker and offered circus-themed drinks and appetizers. Mio the Magician entertained the crowd with his sleight of hand. When the CCE circus doors swung open, the crowd then moved into the center ring, in an unfinished phase of the new building. The area had been transformed by Bruce Sutka into a fully decorated big top – complete with zany entertainment with aerial-acrobats performing on rings and silks hung from the ceiling, clowns in full costume and a band playing rock and roll favorites.

Robert Hamon, CEO, then introduced a noteworthy treat, the Broadway-bound cast of NERDS, a musical satire about the competition between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. Guests clapped and cheered with excitement as the cast humorously sang about the competitive nature of the computer industry gurus -- knowing they were among the first to see the sure-to-be Tony Award nominee! The performance was generously underwritten by co-producer and CCE board member, Vicki Halmos, who brought the cast in from New York.
Cast of "NERDS" performs
Guests watching the performance
Sponsors for Circus at the Center include: Donna Long and Paula Butler, Palm Beach Illustrated, Wilmington Trust, RAR Architects, Tito's Handmade Vodka, Mark Borghi Fine Arts and Onli Beverages. In addition, Bruce Helander created an original piece of artwork for the event called "Circus". Prints of the original collage are still available and can be purchased for $500 with all proceeds benefiting the Center for Creative Education. The giclees will be signed, dated and embellished by the artist. Contact CCE for more information.

The Center for Creative Education is a not-for-profit 501(C) (3) organization, relying on grants and donations from private individuals and community organizations to support its work with children.

For more information about the CCE, or how to get involved, call 561.805.9927 or visit
Loy Anderson, Hilary Jordan, Kenn Karakul, and Bettina Anderson
Kenn Karakul and Bruce Sutka
Janet Levy, Lauri Welteroth, and Rose Carpenter
Wyatt Koch and Kristen Alyce
Cheryl Gowdy and circus performer
Carole Phillips and Bob Eigelberger
Anthony Miller and Pamela O'Connor
Edwina Sandys and Richard Kaplan
Richard Kaplan, Edwina Sandys, and Bruce Helander
More clowning around
Paul and Irina Fisher, Claudia Helander, and Cheryl Gowdy
India Paull, Robert Matheson, and Jackie Breckenridge
Kristina McPherson, Bettina Anderson, and Hillary Jordon
Matthew and Helene Lorentzen
Talbott Maxey and Robby Kahle
Carol Anne and John Steigelmeier
George Palladino and Vicki Kellogg
Stilt walker
Ross Meltzer and Victor Figueredo
Mary and Dan Stanton
Abigail Trenk with Butch and Melinda Trucks
Norm Gitzen and Kat Fox
Jim Diack and Laura Evans
Bob Eigelberger and Bruce Sutka
The equestrian community and South Florida locals came together on Friday, January 31, 2014 for the fourth annual Equestrian Aid Foundation Who Reins Supreme?, supported by MeadowView Farm. The Old West themed event centered around a reining competition with hunter, jumper and dressage riders. Other highlights of the evening included a cocktail hour, delicious dinner, awards ceremony, and live and silent auctions, all to raise money for equestrians and equine-related professionals suffering from injury and chronic illness. 

World-class riders Susie Dutta, Nick Dello Joio, Louise Serio and Nicole Shahinian Simpson showed off their newfound reining skills as they took the ring for the main event of the evening, a uniquely formatted reining competition. Accomplished reiner and trainer Mark Rafacz and one of the all time leaders in the sport of reining, Tim McQuay, captained each team and joined their fellow riders in the competition. After fierce competition, Nick Dello Joio, Nicole Shahinian Simpson and Tim McQuay were the winning team. 
Winners Nick Dello Joio, Tim McQuay, and Nicole Shahinian Simpson
Louise Serio
Nick Dello Joio
Susie Dutta
The 2014 EAF Luminary Award was presented to three Equestrian Aid Foundation founders, past presidents Robert Dover and Mason Phelps, Jr. and the current president, R. Scot Evans.

Guests donned their best Western wear for the event, which kicked off with a cocktail hour featuring mixed drinks from Tito's Homemade Vodka. A delicious dinner was provided by Aaron's Catering for guests to enjoy while bidding on packages such as a week's stay at a Tuscan villa and a cooking lesson with Top Chef Masters winner and world-renowned chef Marcus Samuelsson. The top item was an ultimate New York experience donated by the Goutal family, which went for $5,200 and included dinner for four at Le Colonial and Saturday Night Live tickets.
Mason Phelps, Jr, Robert Dover, and R. Scot Evans with Luminary Awards
For 17 years, the Equestrian Aid Foundation has delivered financial assistance to equestrians, horsemen and equine-related professionals who are suffering from catastrophic illnesses or injuries throughout their time of need. Funding for medical, rehabilitation and essential expenses - such as food and housing - enables recipients to cope through crisis and get back on their feet. The EAF is dedicated to helping people from all riding disciplines, equine professions, backgrounds and ages. The EAF is a 501 (c) 3 organization. Learn more at
EAF Board Member Jacquie McCutchan, Hunter Judge Linda Andrisani, EAF Board Member Janise Gray, EAF Board Member Patricia Tucker-Brennan, and EAF Board Member Robert Ross
Louise and Leonard Riggio and Stephanie Riggio Bulger of MeadowView Farm
EAF President R. Scot Evans, Phillip Richter, EAF Board Member Sarah Willeman Richter, EAF Board Member and 2013 Luminary Award Winner R. Bruce Duchossois
George Tauber, USEF President Chrystine Tauber, Christopher Vance, and Karin Offield

Photographs by Annie Watt (YAGP & Mission Society); LILA PHOTO (Caron); Jack Mancini (EAF)