Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer Fun

Lizzie Crocker, Lily Stroud, William Cooper, Sophie Oakley, William Richmond-Watson, and friend at Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic's annual Summer Benefit.
On Monday, June 30, 2014, the Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic gathered at The Central Park Boathouse for their annual Summer Benefit. Over 250 guests attended and $115,000 was raised for the Philharmonic. The evening began with a chamber music recital at 8:00 p.m. and continued with cocktails, hors d'oeuvres, and dancing.

New York Philharmonic Chairman Gary W. Parr and Stephanie A. Sirota, Board member and Chairman of the Young New Yorkers for the Philharmonic, welcomed guests and introduced Philharmonic musicians Assistant Concertmaster Michelle Kim, Associate Principal Cello Eileen Moon, and guest pianist Benjamin Hochman who gave a delightful chamber performance.

Benefit Committee Chairmen for the event were Christopher F. Allwin, Jason and Mary Dillow, Christopher George, Sarah Jane and Trevor Gibbons, Sandra L. Kozlowski, Justin R. Kush, Anthony Martignetti, Blair and Edouard Métrailler, Stefan Nowicki, Alexandra Porter, Mae R. Rogers, Stephanie A. Sirota, and Jill and Christopher Wight.
Stefan Nowicki and Jordan Nystrom
Will Willis and Annalisa Henderson
Anthony Martignetti
Matan Eden, Fatima Sanandaji, and Robert Goodfellow
Alexandra Porter
Angelina Lippert, Justin Kush, and Mackenzie Millar
Benner Ulrich and Samantha Whiting
Elizabeth Bock and Jennifer Spendlove
Ethan Bensdorf, Stephanie Sirota, and Yoobin Son
Jenny and William Ullmer
Liam Millhiser and Nick Isham
Isabella Stelle, Henry Bodmer, Jenny Halegua, Alexander Dayton, and Annie Atkinson
Liz Kortum and Evan Keyser
Mike and Kemp Steib
Elijah Duckworth-Schacter, Amy Connor, Whitney Krahn, Christina Maloney, Lauren Wolf, and Keith Connor
Leona Clague, Yoni Arbel, Naoko Reames, Spencer Reames, Annalisa Henderson, and Will Willis
Melanie Lazenby and Katherine Kim
Mimi Adelsbach, Stephanie Sirota, and Sara Higgins
Marissa Jedell, Mark Hirsh, Emily Berger, and Cindy Huang
Peter and Laura Tedesco with Robert Goodfellow
Russell Grant and Lindsay Eisenkraft
Last Sunday, The English Speaking Union celebrated The Queen's 88th Birthday with a Garden Party in Greenwich. For the past twenty years the annual garden party has been held at the Pray Estate. On a picture perfect day it was a serendipitous move to The Belle Haven Club on the water.
Colonel Mark Maddick, British Military Adviser to the United Nations in New York, was the guest of honour and proposed the toast to Queen Elizabeth II.
Colonel Mark Madick, British Military Adviser to the UN, speaking about The Queen
Four high school teachers who were awarded ESU scholarships to study in England this summer were introduced. Three teachers will study at Oxford University and one will study at The Globe Theatre, London.
Ashish Ramachandran, who placed first in the Greenwich Shakespeare Competition and was third in the National Competition, performed a monologue from King John; Nicholas Serrambana, who was second in the Greenwich Competition, performed Malvolio from Twelfth Night; and Sarah Gold, who received Honourable Mention, performed a monologue from Two Gentlemen  of Verona.
Teachers who won ESU scholarships to study at Oxford University - Ethan Warner, Kelly DeLuca, Kaitlin Chabina, and Michael Belanger
Shakespeare Competition winners - Ashish Ramachandran, Sarah Gold, Nicholas Serrambana, and Chairman Anne Elser
Peter Tesei, First Selectman for the Town of Greenwich, gave closing comments, and thanked the Guest of Honour and members for their support of the ESU education mission.
Hats were de rigueur – champagne, scones with strawberry jam and cream, and tea sandwiches were served for two hundred ESU members and friends.
Alease Tallman and Diane Jennings
Scott Smith and Debbie Reynolds
Bess Ames and Joan Beer
Joy Rendahl and Connie Clephane
ESU members in millinery
Alease Tallman, Phillip Watson, and Natalie Pray
Michael Kovner, Natalie Pray, and Jean Doyen de Montaillou
Regina Gabelli, Colonel and Mrs. Mark Maddick, and Mario Gabelli
Rodney Johnson, Natalie Pray, and John Watling
Kathy Reiman, Debbie Hamilton, and Ruth Newman
Wesley Oler and Judith Pape
Jill and Peter Tesei with children
Barbara Robinson and Barbara Reibel
Rodney and Jennifer Johnson with Lady Weatherstone
Michael Kovner and Michael Scully
Terese St. Claire, Marianne Wyman, and Kathleen Whitby
Kathryn and William McKersie
Jeffrey and Diane Jennings
Lawrence and Pamela Morse
Colonel Mark Maddick with Kathryn and William McKersie
Ralph McDermid and Hollister Sturges
Cissi Ix and Anne DuBois
A week ago Saturday (June 28th), Phoenix House held is annual summer party in East Hampton at the home of Robin and Fred Seegal.  This year’s party called “Triumph for Teens” featured entertainment from Grammy-nominated recording artist, composer and music producer John Forte and the hip-hop group The Fugees. The event raised funds to support programs serving thousands of young people and their families.
Cocktails on the lawn of Robin and Fred Seegal's East Hampton home
Howard Meitiner, Howard Lutnick, and Allison Lutnick
TJ Tu, Mary Kate, and Andrew Kolodny
Tom Gallagher and Howard Meightner
Fred Seegal, Jill Nevins, and Mitch Rosenthal
Debby Sroka and Neal Sroka
Angela Anthony and Kate Malatesta
Alina Cho, Linda Wells, Charlie Thompson, and Caryn Zucker
Jessica Mackin and Joe Cipro
Caryn Zucker, Jackie Moffett, and Katlean de Monchy
Peter Solomon, Pete Peterson, and Liz Smith
Michael Daniels and Sarah Levithan
Taeson Vellios and Tom Vellios
Howard Meitiner, Jill Nevins, Bill Jackey, and Rose Marie Bravo
Micheline Margulies and Stephen Margulies
Francesca Beale and Chris Beale
Pete Peterson, Joel Schumacher, and Mitch Rosenthal
Allison Lutnick and Allyson Horowitz
Andrea DuBois, Lisa Simonsen, and Jessica Cohen
Jennifer Trulson, Allyson Horowitz, Allison Lutnick, Jamie Mitchell, and Jennifer Miller
Fred Seegal, Michael Peterson, and Pete Peterson
Jackie Moffett and Lois Robbins
Joel Schumacher, Kati Marton, and Joel Klein
Alison Quartarolo and Wally Zeins
Susan Solomon and Harry Slatkin
Kara Hobbs and Kathleen Kelly
Anne Keating and Caryn Zucker
Sarah Simms Rosenthal, Rose Marie Bravo, and Bill Jackey
Margie Loeb, Tania Zuckerbrot, and Anthony Westreich
Carol Victor and Peter Solomon
John Forté
Dinner under the tent
Chicago, IL: On June 10th, ninety-five supporters of the Jane Addams Senior Caucus (JASC) gathered at RL in Chicago for the sixth annual "Early Bird & Bookworms," an exclusive book signing and author breakfast, hosted by Bunky Cushing. Designer and branding guru Steven Stolman served as the featured speaker of the breakfast. The event raised $15,000 to support the mission of the Jane Addams Senior Caucus (JASC).
Early Birds & Bookworms author breakfast held at RL with Steven Stolman as guest speaker
Jane Addams Senior Caucus (JASC) was founded in 1976 and has worked to improve the quality of life for senior citizens by improving their safety, providing affordable housing, and working to develop effective health care plans. JASC is committed to building relationships, developing leaders, educating people and creating the power necessary for older adults to play a central role in determining their quality of life. The primary goal is to develop senior leadership and organized power for social justice.  For more information, visit
Bunky Cushing and Steven Stolman
Rochelle Trotter and Bunky Cushing
Cheryl Coleman and Sherrill Bodine
Jannie Pearlman and Myra Reilly
Toni Canada, Dede Lubeznik, and Michelle Parrillo
JASC President Louella Barnett
Jonathan Wells and Heather Johnson
Liz Stiffel and Gerri Shute
Linda Heister with Ralph Lauren sunglasses
Robin Segesta and Hazel Barr
Sheila Swann and Billy Jablonski
Heather Wright and Diane Reilly
Lisette Dailey, Sherry Lea Holson, and Dr. Stacie McClane
Mamie Walton and Susan Regenstein
JP Anderson and Stanley Paul
Catching up: The President of Iceland, H.E. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, and the First Lady, Dorrit Moussaieff, were honored guests at the annual Gala Dinner of The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) held at The Pierre. More than 330 guests attended the event, which also honored ASF Trustee Monika A. Heimbold and Finland's Sibelius Academy. Kristján and Rabby Ragnarsson were Chairs of the dinner. Vice Chairs included Carl Gustaf Ehrnrooth; Inger G. and William B. Ginsberg; and Joanna Heimbold.

Guests and supporters for the evening included Liv Ullmann and Donald Saunders; United Nations Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson and Mrs. Kerstin Eliasson; Richard and Mary Ellen Oldenburg; Inger McCabe Elliott; Craig Dykers; Lena Kaplan; Stephen and Christine Schwarzman; Susan Gutfreund; Hon. William McCormick Blair, Jr.; Ambassador John L. Loeb, Jr; Hon. Lyndon L. Olson, Jr; and Mica Mosbacher.
ASF President Edward P. Gallagher, Honoree Monika A. Heimbold, with Gala Chairs Rabby and Kristján Ragnarsson, ASF Board Chair Bente Svensen Frantz, First Lady of Iceland Dorrit Moussaieff, and H.E. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, President of Iceland
Established in 1911, The American-Scandinavian Foundation (ASF) promotes international understanding through educational and cultural exchange between the United States and the five Nordic countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. A not-for-profit organization that relies on the generosity of private donors in the U.S. and Scandinavia, the ASF carries on an extensive program of fellowships, grants, internships/training, publishing, membership offerings and cultural activities. The ASF is headquartered in New York City at Scandinavia House: The Nordic Center in America, which offers a wide range of exhibitions, screenings, concerts, readings, lectures, and children's programming. For more information, visit or
ASF President Edward P. Gallagher greets Liv Ullmann
Gala Vice-Chair Joanna Heimbold (left) greets Gala Chairs Dr. Kristján and Rabby Ragnarsson
Kaija Saariaho and Gala Vice-Chair Carl Gustaf Ehrnrooth
Mark Frantz, Bente Svensen Frantz, Liv Ullmann, and Donald Saunders
Mary Ellen and Richard Oldenburg
Niels Vildbrad, Dr. Khurram Jamil, and Dr. Ulrik Juul Christensen
Inger McCabe Elliott (left) with Marit and Lars Kulleseid
Juliette Hentic, Barbara Regna, Agnes Ahlander Turner, and Katherine Thornburgh
Lena Kaplan with her daughter, Kristina Wallison
Katie and James Stewart
Anssi Karttunen and Maire Gullichsen-Ehrnrooth
H.E. Jarmo Viinanen and Mrs. Irmeli Viinanen
Peter and Barbara Regna
Photographs by; Cutty McGill (English Speaking Union); Christine Butler (ASF).