Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Lunching

Lisa  Errico, Grace Meigher, Helena Martinez, Martha Glass, Dr. Paul Meyers, Shoshanna Gruss, Veronica Swanson Beard, Rebekah McCabe, and Shabnam Henry at The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center 's Winter Lunch at DANIEL.
On Tuesday, January 28, 2014, CHANEL and The Society of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center hosted the Winter Lunch at DANIEL. The chairmen of the event were Veronica Swanson Beard, Lisa Errico, Shabnam Henry, Helena Martinez, Rebekah McCabe and Grace Meigher. The lunch raised over $220,000.

160 guests enjoyed cocktails and a seated lunch, which included remarks from The Society of MSKCC’s President, Martha Glass, and Associates Committee Chairman, Shoshanna Gruss. Dr. Paul Meyers, Vice Chair of Academic Affairs, Department of Pediatrics at MSKCC, introduced The Society’s new initiative: Harnessing The Immune System To Target Sarcomas. The initiative will support the first clinical trial of the treatment of osteosarcoma with a monoclonal antibody, a trial which promises to change the future of children and young adults afflicted with this disease.

Guests Included: Barbara Cirkva, Shoshanna Gruss, Martha Glass, Veronica Swanson Beard, Lisa Errico, Helena Martinez, Rebekah McCabe, Grace Meigher, Nina Garcia, Patricia Lansing, Charlotte Ronson, Eleanor Ylvisaker, Kimberly Kravis, Coco Kopelman, Ferebee Taube, Fe Fendi, Jamee Gregory, Gillian Miniter, Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler, Allison Aston, Jennifer Creel, Sharon Hurowitz, Ji Eun Wax, Ida Liu, Kalliope Karella, Brett Heyman, Meredith Melling, Christine Schwarzman, Jill Kargman, and many more….
Dr.  Paul Meyers and Martha Glass
Coco Kopelman and Jill Kargman
Lisa Errico, Grace Meigher, Helena Martinez, Veronica Swanson Beard, Rebekah McCabe, and Shabnam Henry
Jen Brill
Valerie Boster
Shabnam Henry
Christine Schwarzman and Barbara Cirkva
Sarah Hoover, Rebekah McCabe, Charlotte Ronson, and Jen Brill
Patricia Lansing, Shoshanna Gruss, and Charlotte Ronson
Dr. Paul Meyers
Veronica Miele Beard and Veronica Swanson Beard
Helena Martinez, Martha Glass, and Grace Meigher
Libby Fitzgerald and Lisa McCarthy
Meredith Melling Burke and Jeanann Williams
Patricia Lansing
Jieun Wax
Nina Garcia
Sarah Hoover, Rebekah McCabe, and Eleanor Ylvisaker
Jamee Gregory
Patricia Shiah and Fe Fendi
Ferebee Bishop Taube, Carolina de Neufville, and Emilia Fanjul
Brett Heyman and Melissa Meister
Ida Liu and Angela Dotson
Allison Aston and Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler
Alexia Hamm Ryan and Lisa Errico
Celerie Kemble, Boykin Curry, and The Atlantic hosted their Annual State of The Union dinner at Monkey Bar.
Guests milling about
And settling in
Celerie Kemble and Julie Macklowe
Debbie Bancroft
Frank Roda, Caitlin Domke, and Alicia Gearty
Elizabeth Baker Keffer, Bronson Van Wyck, and Liz Paley
James Fallows
Scott Havens and Rebecca Jarvis
Steven Brill
Phoebe Eaton, Robert Zimmerman, and Nicole Miller
Michael Powell, Steve Clemens, and Hendrik Hertzberg
Eric Spiegel, Michael Powell, and Frank Roda
Kara Bloomgarden-Smoke, Justin Silverman, and Drew Hunter
Stephen Graham, Tara Peters, and Bronson Van Wyck
Natalie Raabe, Emily Lenzner, Scott Havens, and Elizabeth Baker Keffer
Ian Roe and John Petry
Robert George
Meredith Kopit Levien
Robert Zimmerman and Jim Hoge
Mitra Kalita and Dr. Dambisa Moyo
Alexis Maybank and Euan Rellie
Dan Barasch and Boykin Curry
Steve Clemens and Scott Havens
Frank Roda, Jennifer Zaslo, and Mark Katz
Don Baer and Nick Baer
John Petry, Beth Curry, Glenn Hubbard, and Ravenel Curry
The Norton Museum of Art in West Palm Beach celebrated the opening of "David Webb: Society's Jeweler" with a Premiere event on Jan. 15, 2014, featuring a cocktail reception for more than 250 patrons and friends of the Museum. The exhibition opened on January 16th and runs through April 2014.

The guests enjoyed an advance viewing of the exhibition – the first major retrospective of designer David Webb's jewelry from 1960 to 1975 – as well as a chance to see a "mini atelier" in operation as Webb jewelers masterfully created iconic designs at workbenches.

During a post-reception dinner at the Museum, event Co-chairs Dorothy Kohl and Lori Gendelman were recognized for their outstanding leadership. Frederic A. and Jean Sharf, a Norton Trustee, were recognized for their generous support of the exhibition. Also recognized for their role in making the exhibition a success was Richters of Palm Beach and others who lent to the show as well as Guest Curator Donald Albrecht.
Christine and Bob Stiller
Lori Gendelman and Dorothy Kohl
Clark and Joan Johnson
Jim and Irene Karp with Barbara and Peter Georgescu
Elaine and Kenneth Langone
Mickey and Larry Beyer
Nassrine and Norman Traverse with Gita Costa
Eliot and Roly Nolen
Nancy and Stefan Richter
Susan Malloy and Beth DeWoody
Norma Tiefel
Bob and Ellen Jaffe
Christine Curtis Norton and Sydell Miller
Hope Alswang and Diane Belfer
Jean and Fred Sharf
Merrill and Charles Gottesman
Annette Friedland with Leonard and Jane Korman

Photographs by David Pruting/ (MSKCC); LILA PHOTO (Norton Museum).