Thursday, December 18, 2014

Winter Wonderland Ball

New York Botanical Garden's Winter Wonderland Ball Chairmen.
Last Friday night, the New York Botanical Garden celebrated the 16th Annual Winter Wonderland Ball in the spectacular Enid A. Haupt Conservatory, the Garden’s Victorian-style glass palace. On view in the Conservatory was the 23rd Annual Holiday Train Show, a display of magnificent model trains winding through a sprawling landscape in miniature featuring iconic New York landmarks made of natural materials.

This year’s Winter Wonderland Ball Chairmen are Byrdie Bell, Alina Cho, Cristina Cuomo, Brooke Gerschel, Emma J.P. Goergen, Dalia Oberlander, Alexandra Lind Rose, and Gillian Hearst Simonds. The Junior Chairmen are Sarah Chilton, Martin Dawson, Nell Diamond, Julia Catherine Erdman, Elizabeth Kurpis, Julia Loomis, Elizabeth Steel, and Zack Thain. The Honorary Chairmen are Mark Badgley, Sloan Barnett, Whitney Fairchild, Pauline Joerger, Nathalie Kaplan, Alexandra Lebenthal, Christian Leone, James Mischka, Connie Anne Phillips, and Molly Sims.
The evening began with cocktails underneath the glistening dome in the Palms of the World Gallery, followed by dinner and dancing. Proceeds from this event support NYBG’s world-renowned Children’s Education programs, inspiring youth of all ages, particularly underserved children in the Bronx, with a lifelong connection to nature through innovative workshops and hands-on activities.

The new Edible Academy, a planned state-of-the-art, year- round facility, will allow twice as many children, parents, and teachers (from 40,000 to 80,000) to learn how to grow fruits and vegetables, as well as make the important connections among plants, gardening, nutrition, and the benefits of a healthful lifestyle.
Elizabeth Kurpis, Mark Badgley, Whitney Fairchild, Emma Goergen, James Mischka, and Julia Loomis
This year’s ball is sponsored by Northern Trust with additional support from Badgley Mischka and Glamour.

Every year since 1999, the Winter Wonderland Ball, a fixture on the New York social calendar, has enchanted Patrons of the Garden with its unparalleled, magical setting, exclusive guest list, and incredible leadership committee.
Greg Calejo and Sasha Lazard
Kathy Reilly, Kevin Scherer, Kristy Morrone, and Katie Fischer Cherry
Allen Merrill and Georgina Bloomberg
Ronald and Davidde Strackbein
Michael Ellsworth, Ariella Duker, Michelle Lin Greenip, and Jeff Greenip
Todd Goergen and Emma Goergen
James Riding, Whitney Fogg, and Steven Bogden
Charlotte Greenough and Alex Kania
Laurel Marcus and Marilyn Kirschner
Alina Cho, Chris Cuomo, Gigi Stone Woods, Todd Goergen, and Alexandra Lind Rose
Michael Crotty and Eileen DiLeo
Scott Buccheit and Naeem Delbridge
Kate Marshall and Ave Ver Bockel
Victoria Nogueroles, Johanna Kronfle, and Michelle de Matheu
Patrick Brett, Noel Garcia, Shahab Rashid, and Hope Webbe
Emma Feinstein and John Joseph Mandy
Shruti Ganguly and Katie Fischer Cherry
Eric Villency and Caroline Fare
Dari Marder
Sagiri Gidwani and Carmen Lambarri
Daniel Merritt, Carroll Gelderman, Kerry Joyce, and Jack Gross
Molly Hermes, Krista Stella, and Lauren Mackie
Emma Hall and Barnaby Hall
Phil Pennell and Paris Nelson
Robert Henry, Sarah Curtis Henry, Jennifer Bickerton, and Brison Bickerton
Jenny Friedman, Elizabeth Fuller, and Lauren Astry
Clarke Ryan and Katie Walker
Zack Thain and Karly Fitzgerald
Kim Hicks, Tom Bell, and Dr. Susan Krysiewicz
Alex Chapin and Jackie Breckenridge
Caroline Owens, Christopher Wolf, Jackie Astier, and Matthew Leeb
Chris Seter, John Joseph Mandy, Edward Mark, and Phil Pennell
Byrdie Bell and Michael Shimbo
Courtney Grace Peterson, Laura de Gunzburg, Hannah Selleck, and Amanda Cantwell Kahn
Alexa Hubbard and Paul Imperatore
Louise Tabbiner, Christopher Wolf, and Laura de Gunzburg
Kristin Klonoski, Anna-Nora Bernstein, Zach Iser, Caroline Owens, and Jacqueline Kent Cooke
Debbie Silverman and Richard Dempsey
Kristin Tice Studeman and Chrissy Rutherford
Bash Kazi, Crystal Martin, Ayesha Kazi, and Akbar Jaffer
Andy Garden, Andrea Mineo, and Todd Bartels
Emily Eitches and Michel Cassard
Laura Hill, John Hoffman, and Karen Hoffman
Allese Thomson, Mackie Healy, and Noreen Ahmad
Nell Diamond and Dalia Oberlander
Alina Cho, Whitney Fairchild, Alexandra Lind Rose, and Nathalie Kaplan
Martin Dawson and Julie Henderson
Michael Toccin, Alex Toccin, Eric Geller, and Abby Gold
Jean-Francois Astier and Ashley Platt
Alexa Shitanishi
Dustin Lujan and Victor de Souza
Louise Tabbiner, Wyatt Harris, and Jesse Schuster
Jacqueline Kent Cooke, Amanda Cantwell Kahn, Anne de la Monthe Karoubi, Ashley Wilcox Platt, and Brittany Weeden
Todd Florio and Diya Vij
Jennifer Rominiecki and Gabriela Bockhaus
Adelina Wong Ettelson
Trisha Gregory
David Lamprou and Amanda Mendes
Alexandra Lebenthal and Jay Diamond
Liz and Jeff Peek
Matt Paco and Annika Connor
Alan Quasha and Ilona Quasha
Cynthia Van Osdol and John Sandwick
Alex Hamer and Hannah Selleck
McCall Gridley
Kipton Cronkite and Amanda Cantwell Kahn
Artyem Torrey, Tiffany Frasier, and Andrew Torrey
Chele Chiavacci and Richard Farley
Mike Lyons, Liz Navarro, Liz Thurber, and Richard Chilton
Carrie Baker, Emir Bahadir, and Jessica Bamberger
Meredith Murphy and Dane Evans
Emily Herbstman and Chris Piccirilli
Alex Chapin and Jackie Breckenridge
Brooke Rohrbach, Christie Chu, Ethan Hallowell, Chrissy Jones, and Greta Anderson
Courtney Friel and Patrick Friel
Sydney Wasserman, Eric Henry, and Stephanie Jones
Charles Wallace and Tanja Dreiding Wallace
Cristina Greeven Cuomo and Chris Cuomo
Jamie Korey, Christian Simonds, and Reed Simonds
Ryan O'Boyle, Alexandra Wagle, Hattie Gruber, Eliza McKendree, and Dr. Rudolf King
Gunnar Wilmot
Alexandra Steel Scott, Matthew Smith, and Elizabeth Steel
Joseph van Leuben and Jennifer van Leuben
Charlotte Chilton, Richard Chilton, and Sarah Chilton
Ariana Rockefeller and Emma Hall
Claes af Burén and Allison Ecung
Ryan O'Boyle, Jessica McShane, and Eliza McKendree
Photographs by