Thursday, October 15, 2015

Centennial celebrations and seasonal kickoffs

Astor Hall at the New York Public Library for Alfred A. Knop's celebration of its authors and 100 years of publishing. 
Two weeks ago, on Thursday October 1st, At Astor Hall of the New York Public Library, Alfred A. Knopf publishers hosted a celebration of its authors and 100 years of publishing. 

More than 250 of Knopf’s present and former authors, including Judy Blume, Sam Shepard, Renata Adler, Jay McInerney, Fran Lebowitz, Richard Price and Marisa Acocella Marchetto, Nicholas Kristof, Michael Ondaatje, Madhur Jaffrey, Bill Buford and Diane Rehm, joined the mix of literary illuminati to celebrate the renowned publishing house’s centennial.
Knopf Editor in Chief, Sonny Mehta, made remarks alongside Knopf authors Robert Caro, Sharon Olds, James Ellroy and Toni Morrison as well as Mitchell Kaplan, a co-founder of the Miami Book Fair International.

Patti Smith surprised the crowd with a stirring rendition of her acclaimed hit, “Wing.” Much to the delight of guests, Knopf brought to life its iconic Borzoi logo, with 6 of the statuesque dogs stationed outside the event, greeting guests upon arrival, providing priceless photo moments and numerous selfies. Later on in the evening, James Ellroy led the crowd in a boisterous “howl of the Borzoi” during his energized remarks. Mitchell Kaplan of Books & Books in Miami recalled a fond memory of receiving a personal note from Sonny Mehta with the manuscript for The English Patient, noting “I think it is very good.”
Sonny Mehta, Toni Morrison, James Ellroy, Robert Caro, Sharon Olds, and Mitchell Kaplan
Knopf was founded in 1915 by Alfred and Blanche Knopf and is one of America's foremost book publishers—known for the quality of its authors, for the high level of its book design and production, and for the success of its books in the marketplace. Throughout its history, Knopf has been dedicated to publishing distinguished works of fiction and nonfiction. When you see the Knopf logo or name, you can be assured there is something within that perhaps you should know or would like.

Twenty-four Knopf authors have been honored with the Nobel Prize; thirty-two have won the National Book Award; fifty-eight have received the Pulitzer; thirty-seven have won the National Book Critics Circle Award; and countless others have won awards of a more specific nature.
Young Knopfers
Among the notable attendees: Sonny Mehta: Editor-in-Chief of Alfred A Knopf and Chairman of Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group; Markus Dohle: CEO of Penguin Random House; Robert Gottlieb: Former Editor-in-Chief of Alfred A. Knopf and the New Yorker: Toni Morrison: Winner of Nobel Prize in Literature and author of Beloved and Song of SolomonOrhan Pamuk: Winner of Nobel Prize in Literature and author of Snow and My Name is Red; Elie Wiesel: Winner of Nobel Peace Prize and author of Night; Robert Caro: Winner of two Pulitzer Prizes and the National Book Award -- Aauthor of The Power Broker and The Years of Lyndon Johnson; Sharon Olds: Winner of Pulitzer Prize in Poetry for Stag’s Leap; Richard Russo: Winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Empire Falls; Lawrence Wright: Winner of Pulitzer Prize for The Looming Tower;Robert Massie: Winner of Pulitzer Prize for Peter the Great; Peter Carey: Winner of two Booker Prizes for Oscar and Lucinda and True History of the Kelly Gang;  Michael Ondaatje: Winner of the Booker Prize for The English PatientJames Ellroy: Author of The Black Dahlia, The Big Nowhere, L.A Confidential;Patti Smith: Singer, Songwriter and Performer. Author of Just KidsSam Shepard: Actor, director, playwright and author of Crusin’Paradise; Judy Blume: Author of Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret, and In the Unlikely Event; Fran Lebowitz: Author of Metropolitan Life, Social Studies, and Exterior Signs of Wealth;  Lisa Birnbach: Author of The Official Preppy Handbook; Jay McInerney: Author of The Good Life and Bright Lights Big City; Eric Lax:President of PEN International. Author of Faith, Interrupte ;J. D. McClatchy: Editor of The Yale Review and President of The American Academy of Arts and Letters; Louis Begley: Recipient of Hemingway Foundation/PEN Award.  Author of Wartime Leis and the Schmidt trilogy; Marisa Acocella Marchetto: Author of Just Who the Hell is She, Anyway? and Cancer Vixen: A True Story; Mona Simpson: Recipient of PEN/Faulkner Award. Anywhere but Here and The Lost Father; Julie Orringer: Recipient of Paris Review’s Discover Prize, Yale Review’s Editor Prize.  Author of How to Breathe Underwater and The Invisible Bridge; Hari Kunzru: The Impressionist, Transmission, Gods Without Men; George Packer: Winner of the National Book Award for Nonfiction for The Unwinding; Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn: Co-authors of Half the Sky; Sir John Richardson: Acclaimed biographer of Picasso; Susan Minot: Author of Monkeys, Lust and Other Stories and Thirty Girls. Her writings are basis of the films Stealing Beauty (1996) and Evening (2007). Also: Susanna Moore: Author of In The Cut, One Last Look, The Big Girls; Renata Adler: Author of Speedboat.      
Garth Risk Hallberg: Author of acclaimed debut novel City on Fire.
Richard Mason and James Ellroy
Patti Smith and Susanna Moore
Fran Lebowitz and Gita Mehta
Barbara Goldsmith and Ina Caro
Jay McInerney and James Ellroy
Susan Magrino Dunning and James Dunning
Emmy Lampert
Susan Minot
Dave Robbins and Justin Quill
Daniel Halpern
Sam Shepard and Patti Smith
Diane Rehm and Charlie Rose
Erica Spellman-Silverman
Sharon Olds and Rebecca Godfrey
Bob Morris, Marisa Acocella Marchetto, and Leigh Haber
Robert Caro and James Ellroy
Richard Price and Lorraine Adams
Judy Blume and Carole Baron
Win Gautreaux and Joe Regal
Cathleen Medwick
Zoe Pagnamenta and Louise Dennys
Sonny Mehta and Gita Mehta
Xander Miller
Robert Caro and Katherine Hourigan
Caroline Greer and Liz Koch
Ira Silverberg and Brian DeFiore
Drew Grant
Renata Adler
Laura Baratto and Mitchell Kaplan
Sonny Mehta, Suzanne Gluck, Nina Salter, and Susan Minot
Diana Tesdell and Gary Fisketjon
Molly Peterson and John Rice
Shelley Wanger
Glen Duncan and Susanna Moore
Rebekah Schiff
Rick Simonson and Martin Sherwin
Amelia Durand and Molly Peterson
Norman Rush and Elsa Rush
Jessica Greene and Bill Buford
Betsy Sallee, Andrew Ridker, and Ruth Reisner
Angie Benezia and Emily Giglierano
Mark Childress and Kate Marshall
Paul Bogaards and Lawrence Wright
Stephen Silverman and Victoria Wilson
Victoria Wilson and Brenda Feigen
Julina Tatlock, John Freeman Gill, and Diane Wachtell
Elliot Ackerman and Edward Kastenmeier
John Weston, Molly Dorozenski, and Nathan Hill
Kim Thornton Ingenito
Nell Freudenberger and Leigh Carpenter
Sheila McCormick
Mona Simpson and Liesl Schillinger
Garth Risk Hallberg
Andy Hunter and Joe Hagan
Stephanie Kloss and Chris Gillespie
Mark Childress, Ann Close, and Brad Leithauser
Shelley Durand and Jenny Offill
Isobel Dixon, Markus Dohle, and Maya Mavjee
Michael Ondaatje, Louise Dennys, and Sharon Olds
On October 7, 2015, the Young Patrons Circle of American Friends of the Louvre hosted its annual Fête de Rentrée fall kick-off event. The event was held at Albertine Books as well as the exquisite second floor marble landing of the Cutural Services of the French Embassy.

Approximately 60 guests enjoyed macarons and petit fours as well as wine and champagne while admiring a special selection of Paris and art-themed coffee table books. The collection included Jacques Attali's A Brief History of the Future, which inspired the Louvre Museum's fall exhibition of the same title. Guests included YPC Advisory Council member Daniel Colón as well as many YPC members and Louvre enthusiasts including Countess Olympia Arco and Laura de Belgique, Denalda Cupa, Lin Gao, Miranda Guo, David Griffin, Harry Mackenzie Inglis of Glencorse, Whitney Larkin, Thomas E. Moore III, Arielle Patrick and Sean McCarthy, Lacary Sharpe, Savannah Smith and Laura Waelbroeck.
The marble landing of the Cutural Services of the French Embassy
The Fête de Rentrée marked the beginning of the Young Patrons Circle's 2015-2016 season which includes lectures, exclusive events, and collection and studio visits surrounding the Louvre's programming in France and in the United States. In addition, the YPC hosts an annual fundraising gala in New York each spring, the Soirée au Louvre, whose proceeds support AFL's work on behalf of the Louvre.
Albertine Books in the Cultural Services of the French Embassy
American Friends of the Louvre (AFL) has entered its second decade as an important support organization in the United States for the Louvre Museum. Through the generosity of individuals, foundations and corporations, AFL has supported a variety of worthy projects at the Louvre, including educational tools for English-speaking visitors, gallery restorations, conservation of works of art, exhibitions and related publications, acquisitions and contemporary art programs. Through its partnership with the Louvre, AFL raises awareness of the museum's collections and scholarly expertise and helps makes its vast resources more accessible in the U.S. and around the world.
Adam Staszkiewicz and Daniel Colon
Savannah Smith
Arielle Patrick and Sean McCarthy
Dana Prussian, Valentia Villetti, and Nida Vidutis
Harry Mackenzie Inglis of Glencorse and David Kelleher Flight
Lin Gao and Sue Devine
Michael Espiritu and Tiffany Fraser
Stacey Malo and Shad Mohammed
Michelle Tashjian, Giulia Modenese, Nora Chou, and Thomas Pierce
Nana Meriwether, Antoneil Lyne, Adam Franklin, and Thomas E Moore III
Nicole Collins, Lacary Sharpe, and Barbara Ann Bernard
Olympia Arco and Laura Belgique
Tamae Ishii and Whitney Larkin
Michelle Smith of MILLY hosted an evening of "Fall Fashion and Fun" at her Madison boutique to benefit Publicolor. This organization uses design-based programs to empower high-risk students to succeed in college, career, and life.
Co-chairing the event were Dana Bronfman, Caitlin Donovan, and Ellie Levitt.

A percentage of the proceeds were donated and matched to benefit Publicolor.
Andy Oshrin, Ruth Lande Shuman, and Michelle Smith
Ari Horaitis and Jayme Kosher
Elisabeth Murphy
Beth Saunders and Sheinelle Jones
Ari Horaitis, Michelle Smith, and Jayme Kosher
Shane Smith and Martha Chery
Michelle Smith and Claudia Lebenthal
Dana Bronfman and Publicolor supporters
Michael Shuman, Michelle Smith, and Andy Oshrin
Delphine de Causans
Karen Klopp
Michelle Smith and Louise Phillips Forbes
DJ Louie XIV
Photographs by Patrick McMullan and BFA.