Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Coaching and Kickoffs

19th century coaches drawn by matched and highly-trained teams of horses returned to Newport in the triennial renewal of a Weekend of Coaching, hosted by The Preservation Society of Newport County. The public enjoyed free viewing of the colorful and historic coaches as they drove through the streets of Newport and the grounds of the Newport Mansions, celebrating and preserving a century-old sporting tradition.
Casita Maria Fiesta! 2015 co-chair, Jacqueline Weld Drake hosted a cocktail party on September 8, 2015 to celebrate honorees John Bernbach and Veronique and Bob Pittman on their upcoming Casita Maria Gold Medal of Honor.

Guests that attended included: Steven Aronson, Tony Bechara and Clarice Oliveira, Violaine and John Bernbach, Geoffrey Bradfield, Estrellita Brodsky, Rick Beinecke, CeCe Black, Martha Bograd, Sharon Bush, Lady Liliana Cavendish, Catherine Cahill, Suzi Cordish, Arlene Dahl and Marc Rosen, Fred and Michele Oka Donor, Diane Finnerty, Maria Garcia, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Carole and Fred Guest, Mai Hallingby, Bill and Maria Eugenia Haseltine, Michele Gerber Klein, Roy Kean, Cleve Langton and Tricia Langton, Marcia Bograd Levine, Sharon Handler Loeb, William Ivey Long, Chris Meigher, Ann Nitze, Veronique Pittman, Ann Rapp, Ben Rodriguez-Cubenas, Christine and Stephen Schwarzman, Jean Shafiroff and Andres and Irina Serrano.  

Looking ahead, Casita Maria Center for Arts and Education’s annual “Fiesta 2015,” honoring John Bernbach, Baz Luhrmann, and Veronique and Bob Pittman, will be held on Tuesday, October 13 at the Plaza Hotel, 768 Fifth Avenue, New York City. As is their tradition, the gala co-chairs are Jacqueline Weld Drake, Aileen Mehle, and H. R. H. Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia.
Jacqueline Weld Drake John Bernbach, and Christine Schwarzman
Michele Gerber Klein and John Bernbach
Steve Schwarzman and Mai Hallingby Harrison
Clarice Tavares, Tony Bechara, and Estrellita Brodsky
Marc Rosen, Arlene Dahl, and Jacqueline Weld Drake
Maria Christina Anzola and Maria Eugenia Maury
Reno Serrvano, Andreas Serrvano, and Rodriguez Cubenas
Carole Guest and Margo Langenberg
Sarah Calderon and Mark Lieberman
Martha Bograd, Andrew Fleury, and Estrellita Brodsky
Veronique Pittman and Christine Schwarzman
Violaine and John Bernbach
John Bernbach, Jacqueline Weld Drake, and Steve Schwarzman
Ann Dexter Jones and Geoffrey Bradfield
Jean Shafiroff, Margo Langenberg, and Lucia Hwong Gordon
Martha Bograd Levin, Martha Bograd, Jacqueline Weld Drake, and Estrellita Brodsky
MAD LOOT’s Honorary Chairs Iris Apfel, Corice Arman, Susan Gutfreund, Patricia Pastor, Deborah Roberts, Malini Shah, Liz Smith, Isabel Toledo, as well as LOOT’s Chair Michele Cohen and Curator Bryna Pomp hosted a pre-gala early evening cocktail party in honor of upcoming MAD LOOT awardee Barbara Tober on Wednesday, September 9, 2015 at the Gutfreund residence.

The guest of honor, Barbara Tober who is an avid jewelry collector, wore a stunning vintage Versace gold and coral necklace.
Bryna Pomp, Barbara Tober, and Michele Cohen
Other guests that wore show-stopping jewelry included: Iris Apfel, Nicole DiCocco, Susan Gutfreund, Eileen Judell, Dr. Susan Krysiewicz, Maria McBride, Bryna Pomp, and Gail Shields-Miller.

Other notable guests included: Tom Bell, CeCe and Lee Black, Noreen Buckfire, Sharon Bush, Kathy Chazen, Young Yang Chung, Michele Cohen, Bonnie Comley,  Suzi Cordish, Harrison Morgan, Jackie Weld Drake, Fe Saracino Fendi, Michele Gerber Klein, Sima Ghadamian, Amy Gold, Lucia Hwong Gordon, John Gutfreund, Maria Eugenia Maury and William Haseltine, Laura Kruger, Pat and Andy Langer, Luisa LaViola, Lauren Lawrence, Marcia Levine, Richard H. M. and Gail Lowe Maidman, Gillian and Sylvester Miniter, Mike Peissis , Kay Unger Kitman, Linda Plattus. Jane Pontarelli, Faanya Rose, Roberta Sandeman, Nicole Sexton, Jean Shafiroff, Jill Spalding, and Ann Van Ness.
Carlos Greer, Barbara Tober, and Braden Bradley
The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) will honor cultural patron, collector, and journalist Barbara Tober for her 35 years of commitment to the Museum, and Vacheron Constantin, the world’s oldest watch manufacturer, on Monday, September 28, 2015 at the LOOT 2015: MAD ABOUT JEWELRY gala benefit.  The evening begins with a preview of the LOOT one-of-a-kind artist-made jewelry from 4:30 until 8, with dinner following at the Robert Restaurant, all at the MAD Museum, 2 Columbus Circle, New York City.
Dr Susan Krysiewicz, Fe Saracino Fendi, and Tom Bell
Dr Susan Krysiewicz and Afrodet Zuri
Jackie Weld Drake and Catherine Petree
John and Susan Gutfreund
Faanya Rose and Noreen Buckfire
CeCe Black, Sharon Bush, Jean Shafiroff, and Tom Bell
Jonathan Marder, Barbara Tober, and Jane Pontarelli, Harrison Morgan, and Nicole DiCocco
Glenn Adamson and Dr. Young Yang Chung
Iris Apfel and Jane Pontarelli
Jackie Weld Drake and Suzi Cordish
Lauren Lawrence and Michele Gerber Klein
Jane Koryn, Gail Shields-Miller, and Rebekka Grossman
Jean Shafiroff, Michele Cohen, and Susan Gutfreund, Lucia Hwong Gordon
Patricia Langer, Bryna Pomp, and Andy Langer
On Saturday evening, September 5, the LongHouse Reserve Junior Council hosted a special Surf Craft Auction and Reception to celebrate the SURF CRAFT – Design and the Culture of Board Riding exhibition that will run through October 10 on the beautiful 16-acre East Hampton grounds. The garden affair, which included cocktails, a luau menu and live music, raised more than $29,000 that will benefit LongHouse Reserve—a not-for-profit arboretum, art museum, sculpture garden, and educational organization founded by textile designer Jack Lenor Larsen—public programs.

For the Surf Craft Auction, artists Scott Bluedorn, Peter Dayton, Carl Ekstrom (with Jack Lenor Larsen textile), Greg Fadell, Caio Fonseca, Isca Greenfield-Sanders, Fitzhugh Karol, Richard Phillips, and Darius Yektai were commissioned to create special surfboards that were displayed locally and auctioned online at All of the surfboards were hand shaped by Joe Falcone, with the exception of the Carl Ekstrom surfboard.
Greg Fadell
Scott Bluedorn
Guests who turned out for the festive luau included LongHouse Founder Jack Lenor Larsen, LongHouse President Dianne Benson, surfboard artists Scott Bluedorn, Peter Dayton, Greg Fadell, Fitzhugh Karol, Richard Phillips, and Darius Yektai, Michael Halsband, Quentin Curry, Sylvia Hemingway, Ron Burkhardt, Mark Levine, Hala and James Salomon, Kat Herriman, Wendy Van Deusen, Selena Rothwell, Jim Zajac, Dina Pugh, Max Levine, and Kari Morris.

The SURF CRAFT – Design and the Culture of Board Riding exhibition, organized by the Mingei Museum of San Diego, California and curated by surf historian Richard Kenvin, currently occupies the pavilion at LongHouse and features 45 surfboards built from the late 1940s to present day in their historical context of craft and design.
Fitzhugh Karol
“We are so excited that LongHouse Reserve is the first to feature this remarkable exhibition after it leaves San Diego,” said Wendy Van Deusen, the LongHouse Reserve curator. “It’s eye-opening—some of the boards are like paintings or sculptures, yet they are functional too. The exhibition allows you to see the beauty in an object that you haven’t thought about before. It appeals to everyone whether or not they have an interest in surfing.”

SURF CRAFT - Design and the Culture of Board Riding
will be on view through the end of the season, which ends on Saturday, October 10.

LongHouse Reserve is currently open Wednesdays through Saturdays from 2:00 to 5:00PM. Admission is $10 and $8 for seniors. Admission is free for LongHouse members, children under 12 and high school and college students with ID. LongHouse Reserve is located at 133 Hands Creek Road, East Hampton, New York 11937. Art in the Gardens is funded in part by Suffolk County. 
Dianne Benson, Nick Martin, Dina Pugh, and Kari Morris
Jack Lenor Larsen and Mark Levine
Isabel Rodriguez and Jerome Hiquet
Oliver Katcher, Darius Yektai, and Michael Halsband
Alexandra Nicklas, Ron Burkhardt, and Sylvia Hemingway
Barbara Zobian, Paloma Castillo, Ellie Hanson, Sophia Castillo, and Arlene Gordon
Kat Herriman and Richard Phillips
Ronya Holland, Angela Chmielewski, Jeff Chmielewski, and Wade Holland
Peter Dayton and Barbara Dayton
Vivian Keegan and Karina Nederveen
Erin Kenney, Megan Scott, Courtney Braun, and Amy Cooper
Late last month, The Preservation Society of Newport County, Rhode Island entertained 550 guests at black-tie dinner dance at The Breakers. The event was a highlight of ''A Weekend of Coaching,'' a triennial event that brings historic coaches and horses from around the country for a four-day ''meet'' that included daily coaching parades throughout the city.
Coaching Club members (seated, left to right) Louis G. Piancone, Harvey Waller, William Ginns, Frederick E. Eayrs, and Kenneth M.P. Lindh. (Standing, left to right) James M. Miller, John F. Hunt, Guy Torsilieri, Walter F. Eayrs, Justin Wiley, Sir Paul Nicholson, William R. Staples, Dr. Timothy J. Butterfield, John P. White, John Brown, Fred Hollaender, Charles T. Matheson.
The Preservation Society of Newport County, Rhode Island is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and interpreting the area's historic architecture, landscapes and decorative arts. Its 11 historic propertiers span more than 250 years of American architectural and social development. Event proceeds go to the Preservation Society's overall mission.
Donald Ross, Chairman of the Preservation Society, Trudy Coxe, Executive Director of the Preservation Society, and S. Tucker Johnson, President of the Coaching Club
Co-chairs Mary Van Pelt, Leslie Hull, Pamela Owens, Pamela Ford, and Beverly Little
Eaddo and Peter Kiernan
Coaching Weekend Vice-Chair Kenneth Lindh and Honorary Chair Lynda Lindh
. Tracey and Sam Freeman and Marlou and John Gregory
Teri and Louis Piancone with Trudy Coxe and James Gaffney
Finley Ohrstrom, Helen Matheson, and Delilah Ohrstrom
Henry Lynn, Jr. and Irene Aitken
Burnet and Elysia Pearce, Teryn and Karl Weintz, and Jody and Erik Saarmaa
Nancy and Alex Auersperg with Eaddo Kiernan
India and Bobby Bolcome and Amanda and Walter Eayrs
Charles Matheson Jr. Eve Matheson, Isabelle Davidson, and Kathryn and Andrea Matheson
Ron Slingerland and Mikki Micarelli
Janine Atamian and her father Robert
Jennifer and Walker Royall, Kaleta Blaffer, and Gordon Huddleston
Anapaula Watson, Carol Williams, and Linda and Charles Garnett
Gillian Boyer, Katie Duckworth-Schachter, and Alice Peterson
Kate and Molly Hamilton, Monique Coleman, Abigail Owen-Pontez, and Isabelle Lirakis
Deborah and Steven Pires and Lillian and Bob Chapman
Patrick and Meredith Wood Prince with Susie and Murdoch Matheson
Richard and Enid O'Donnell
Jae and John French with Beverly and Guy Torsilieri
Alice Ross, David Ford, and Trudy Coxe
This past Thursday, Ike Kligerman Barkley and Carlton Hobbs hosted a cocktail party celebrating the upcoming 2015 San Francisco Fall Antiques Show. Taking place at the Carlton Hobbs townhouse in New York, the evening was attended by New York's leading design enthusiasts showing their support for the San Francisco Fall Antiques show, which benefits the Enterprise for High School Students.
Suzanne Tucker, Carlos Picon, and Stefanie Rinza
Christina Ohly-Evans, Tom Klingerman, and Meg Touborg
John Ike, Samantha Herzog, and Tom Klingerman
John Ike, Stacey Bewkes, Tom Klingerman, and Newell Turner
Tom Klingerman and Michael Boodro
Joseph Singer and Mish Tworkowski
Suzanne Tucker and Vera Vandenbosch
John Ike, Carlton Hobbs, and Tom Klingerman
Paul Stuart and Sarah Rankin
Photographs by Cutty McGill (SF Fall Antiques Show); Susan Scovil & John E. Corbett (A Weekend of Coaching).