Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Festive and fashionable evenings

The Boys' Club of New York's 67th Annual Fall Dance at the Plaza.
The Boys' Club of New York (BCNY), which is the nation's oldest boys' club, hosted its 67th Annual Fall Dance in partnership with Balenciaga at the Plaza last Wednesday, October 28th. All guests dressed in black and white for a festive and fashionable evening for a great cause. Co-chairs for the evening were Lindsey Coleman, Stephanie Coleman, Ana Laffont, and Eleanor Ylvisaker. The evening's sensational decor was provided by Bronson van Wyck.
Balenciaga's CEO Luca Voarino
Gabrielle Bacon, Sara Ayres, and Nathalie Kaplan
Gigi Mortimer and Kelly Pasciucco
Denis Velkovich, Carrie Caldwell, Lindsey Foreman, and Jonathan Miller
Tina O'Callaghan and Lily Band
Julia Coleman, Bailey Coleman, Nancy Sambuco, and Maria Hackley
Doug Band, Lily Band, Tina O'Callaghan, and Conor O'Callaghan
Eleanor Ylvisaker, Matthew Gutierrez, and Courtney Ford
Erika and Doug Teresko
Antonio Aponte, Hope Mason Rodriguez, Matthew Gutierrez, and Alex Gutierrez
Susie Palm, Graham O'Brian, and Marina O'Brian
Tiffany and Claus Moller
Caroline Dean, Mark Gilbertson, Burwell Schorr, Alison Pappan, and Chip Schorr
Burwell Schorr, Vanessa Cornell, Annabelle Fowlkes, and Kathy Thomas
Kim Coleman, Mason Coleman, Mai Hallingby Harrison, Christopher Walling, Margild Ercklentz, and Alexander Ercklentz
Jamee Gregory, Peter Gregory, and Kiane von Mueffling
Stephanie Kearney and Sean Spellman
Jana Burnett, Lucien Burnett, and Lindsey Coleman
Cynthia Leung, Christine Larson, and Chi Kim
Nancy Sambuco, Amy Hoadley, and Debbie Bancroft
Erin Cunningham, Kim Coleman, and Julia Coleman
Stuart Fraass and Frances Rivera
Helen Frank, Megan Santosusso, Rachel Castro, and Francesca Sherman
Raymond and Veronica Kelly
Vanessa Traina, Alexandra Fritz, Sean Spellman, and Shabnam Henry
Helen Frank, Megan Santosusso, and Idris Mignott
Valentino Carlotti, Suzanne Holms, and Stephen Tosh
Lise Evans and Amelia Junquera
Ryan McCarthy, Lisa McCarthy, Leah Reid, Peggie Bitler, and Paul Bitler
John and Karen Klopp
TK Quann and Cipriana Quann
Nicole Kulovany and Lily Band
Cindy Ketchum and Claudia Overstrom
Dave and Melanie Holland
Charles Howard and Orit Carmiel
Amanda Starbuck and Alexandra Shaheen
Rachel Hernandez, Lauren Longhi, and Erin Wiggins
Sarah Ayres, Amy Griffin, and Clair Husain
Maria and Sherlock Hackley
Jennifer Oken and Julia Coleman
Nicole Hanley Mellon and Mary Snow
Thorne and Tatiana Perkin
Hilary Geary Ross and Audrey Gruss
Adil El Assir, Tina O'Callaghan, and Dan Mirman
Kamie Lightburn and Muffy Miller
Cynthia Leung and Nina Garcia
Betsy Pitts and Dara O'Hara
Jessica Hart
Jenny Galluzzo and David Corelto
Kathy Irwin and Amy Hoadley
Lauren Longhi, Vidal Annan, and Nana Annan
Vanesa Montenegro and Ronda WItherspoon
Emily Steel and Francesca del Balzo
Mark Jennings and Judith Giuliani
SaSallie Giordano, Brian McCarthy, and Ellen Niven
Lauren Santo Domingo, Amy Griffin, Dave Cark, and Princess Beatrice of York
Cornelia Erklentz, Alberto Mugrabi, and Mollie Ruprecht
The Breast Cancer Alliance held its 20th Annual Benefit Luncheon and Fashion Show on October 22nd. Held at the Hyatt Regency Greenwich, the event featured a professional fashion show curated by Richards of Greenwich and a a tear-inducing finale celebrating survivorship with thirty-two elegant and inspiring breast cancer survivors that inspired a standing ovation and resounding applause. The event raised more than $1.4 million.

Co-chaired by Jill Coyle, Meg Russell and Jennie Stehli, the benefit – themed Honor. Recognize. Embrace. – celebrated BCA's steadfast commitment to improving survival rates and quality of life for those affected by breast cancer. In celebration of the organization's 20th Luncheon BCA set an ambitious goal to increase its grant making by $400,000.
Anne Thompson, NBC News' Chief Environmental Affairs correspondent was the keynote speaker, covering for fellow breast cancer survivor, NBC Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent Andrea Mitchell, who sent her well wishes via video.

Over the past 19 years, Breast Cancer Alliance has awarded $20 million in grants, funding innovative research, regional education, dignified support, screening for the underserved, and one-year postgraduate breast surgery fellowships at some of the nation's leading research institutions.

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Debbie O'Shea, Patsy Rafter, Annie Amato, Jane Canning, Trish Shannon, Joan Whipple, Kim Dean, and Patty Coughlin
Jennie Stehli, Jill Coyle, Anne Thompson, Yonni Wattenmaker, and Meg Russell
Xandy Duffy and Kelly Buchalter
Yonni Wattenmaker and Sharon Phillips
Loretta Dahnke, Kim Augustine, Vickie Waters, and Lauren Powers
Elizabeth Lake, Nicki Rose, and Catie Salyer
Susan Bevan and Susan Alisberg
Dr. Steve Lo, Sharon Phillips, and James Waterman
Valerie Marchese and Carol Santora
Scott Mitchell
Dr. Laurie Kirstein and Dr. Rebecca Fishman
Lucy and Nat Day
Adina Zaeske and Lori Feldman
Caroline Brecker, Tesa Van Munching, and Mia Hargadon
Mary and Kim Jeffery with Eleni Henkel
Joyce Fowler, Dale Pinto, and Lynne Wheat
Calico Burton, Paula Burton, Tiffany Burton, and Stacey Burton
Jane Batkin, and Debbie Black
Jieun Wax and Alease Fisher
Leslea Walker, Jeanne Hansford, Wendy Siegel, and Erin Waterman
Stacey Pashcow, Suzanne Davidman, Niko Harriton, and Lori Laub
Stephanie Sucic, Geordan Mandell, Patty Steele, and Terry Lacey
Late last month, an elbow-to-elbow crush of stellar architects, designers and real estate potentates crowded the Rainbow Room for the annual Sir John Soane's Museum Visionaries Gala Dinner. "We not only sold out," noted architect Thomas Kligerman, president of Sir John Soane's Museum Foundation, "we had to turn people away."

Those who got in enjoyed cocktails against the backdrop of Manhattan skyscrapers and savored filet mignon prepared from a Rainbow Room recipe of 1934, the year the storied space made its debut. Presentations of the Soane Foundation Honors were made to recognize architects and designers whose work demonstrates the excellence and influence for which Sir John Soane was known.
Thomas Kligerman
Architect and dean of the Yale School of Architecture Robert A.M. Stern awarded the evening's first medallion to Charles Jencks, the U.K-based, American-born architecture theorist and critic and landscape architect. Touched that an American association of architecture aficionados expends so much time and effort to support and raise funds for Soane's famous house museum at 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields in London, Jencks exclaimed, "Britain, follow suit!"

Brooke Hodge, deputy director of the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, gave the next prize to Thomas Heatherwick, a 45-year-old British architect whose scheme for an imaginative floating park is now under review by the city as part of Hudson River Park, and who is designing a monumental sculpture at the center of Hudson Yards. The final award was announced when architect Annabelle Selldorf was beckoned to the podium by Shelby White, founding trustee of Leon Levy Foundation. Said White: "Annabelle was born in German, came to the United States to study and never left—lucky us!" Selldorf, known for her remodeling of the Neue Galerie in New York, as well as the new gallery building for David Zwirner 20th Street, said, "Thanks for celebrating Architecture with a capital A," and poignantly implored everyone to "Remember Palmyra!"
Honoree Thomas Heatherwick and Robert Stern
Maggie Carey and Gary Bergstrom
Honorees Thomas Heatherwick and Annabelle Selldorf
Co-chairs for the September 30th dinner were Margaret Russell of Architectural Digest, Michael and Elizabeth Sweeney of Steinway & Sons and Robert A. M. Stern. Among other attendees were Molly and David Borthwick, Richard H. Driehaus, Jay Cross, John Ike, Joel Barkley, Richard Bernstein, Stephanie and John Flower, Katrin Henkel, Chas Miller, Anne Kriken Mann, Suzanne and David Santry, Kathleen E. Springhorn, Nicholas and Courtney Stern, Chippy Irvine, Rebecca H. Birdwell, Catherine Connolly, Steven Holl, Mariann and Michael G. Imber, Sean Johnson, Donald Albrecht, Wendy Lyon Moonan, Suzanne Tucker, Sam Roche, Joanna Bird, Gary Brewer, William Brockschmidt, Courtney Coleman, Jonathan Burden, Walter and Mary Chatham, Paul Chesney, Tammy Connor, John Danzer, Frank de Biasi, Fred Bernstein, Philae Dominick, Anne Edgar, Helen Dorey, John Edelman, Mark Ferguson, Natalie Jacobs, Eric Friedman, Steven Gambrel, Andon George, Birch Coffey, Keith Granet, Shawn Henderson, Jonathan Hogg, Daniel Perron, Nico Kienzl, Todd Klein, Sarah Magness, Hermes Mallea, Andrew Olgetree, Janice Parker, Rodman Paul, Peter Pennoyer, Foster Reeve, Charles Renfro, Linda Ruderman, Jack Ryder, Richard Sammons, Frank Sanchis, Brian Sawyer, Suzanne Stephens, Adrian Taylor, Meg Touborg, Douglas Wright and Brian Zepsa.
John Danzer, Augusta Barone, and Kristin and Tom Kligerman
Katrin Henkel, Charlotte Bassadone, and Helen Dorey
Jenny Bevan and Jack Ryder
Michael Imber, Kathy Springhorn, and Richard Driehaus
Bill Brockschmidt, Courtney Coleman, Joel Barkley, and Gary Brewer
Rebecca Birdwell and Shawn Henderson
Don Henshall and Eileen McComb
Elizabeth and Michael Sweeney, Susan Kahaner, and Jennifer Ogden
Thomas Hipp and Linda Ruderman
Suzanne Stephens, Graham Wyatt, and Anne Kriken Mann
Dr. Arthur Agatston, Daniel Perron, Sari Agatston, and Jonathan Hogg
Wendy Moonan, Durston Saylor, Alex Gorlin, and Anne Edgar
Tammy Connor, Sarah Magness, and Roxanne Hanna
Shelby White, Dimitra Tsachrelia, Honoree Annabelle Selldorf, and Steven Holl
Todd Klein, Rajaie Khoury, and Shawn Henderson
Julia and Robert Van Nutt, and Birch Coffey
Molly Borthwick and Theresa Behrendt
Meg Touborg and Keith Granet
Tanya and Paul Chesney, Helen Dorey, and Judith Prause
Alix Calligeros, Joel Barkley, and Monique Gibson
Robert Stern and Honoree Charles Jencks
Jim Friedlander, David Cobb Craig, and Chas Miller
Photographs by Patrick McMullan (Boy's Club); Elaine & Chichi Ubina (BCA).