Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Game Changers

Game Changers: LED co-inventor Shuji Nakamura; actor and comedian Aasif Mandvi; United Arab Emirates first female fighter pilot Mariam al-Mansouri; founder of Design for Change Kiran Bir Sethi; author of Mao's Last Dancer Li Cunxin; ten-time world championship boxer and humanitarian Manny Pacquiao; Indian financial leader and CEO Chanda Kochhar; and telecommunications entrepreneur Lei Jun
In a festive and lively celebration held at the United Nations on October 13th, Asia Society honored Philippine boxing great and humanitarian Manny Pacquiao and seven other dignitaries as its second annual class of Asia Game Changers for making a transformative and positive difference for the future of Asia and the world. Honorees also included Chinese telecommunications magnate Lei Jun, Indian/American comedian and actor Aasif Mandvi, Indian CEO Chanda Kochhar, dancer Li Cunxin, and Emirati fighter pilot Mariam al-Mansouri.
John McEnroe and Manny Pacquiao
Against the backdrop of New York's East River and Queensboro Bridge, Pacquiao and his fellow awardees mingled with Asia Society trustees and other guests from around the world. Attending were tennis star John McEnroe, soprano and arts spokesperson Renée Fleming, Lulu and Anthony Wang, Charles Rockefeller, Betsy Cohen, Indra Nooyi, Ann Ziff, Stephen Bird, Tom Nides, Daniel Ziff, Julio and Onelia Rojas, Joseph Bae, Victor and Tara Menezes, Farooq and Farida Kathwari, Nick and Sheila Platt, Dinakar Singh and Loren Eng, Kimberly Strauss, Hal and Ruth Newman, Nick Rohatyn, Henrietta and Richard Fore, Ronnie Chan, Josette Sheeran,  Kevin Rudd, Beth and Ron Dozoretz, Mark Kingdon and Anla Cheng, Steven Dizard and Michelle Caruso-Cabrera.
Mitch Julis and Renée Fleming
Stephen Bird
Omar Ishrak
Charles Rockefeller, Mariam Al-Mansouri, and Beth Dozoretz
Henrietta Fore, Lei Jun, and Ronnie Chan
Indra Nooyi, Renée Fleming, Chanda Kochhar, Patricia Shiah, and Yue-Sai Kan
Shuji Nakamura, Nicolas Rohatyn, and Anand Mahindra
Tom Nides and Ron Dozoretz
Neerja Sethi and Ann Ziff
Joseph Bae and Betsy Cohen
Daniel Ziff, Bharat Desai, and Richard L. Fore
Anne and Albert Chao with Lulu Wang
Kevin Rudd with Beth and Ron Dozoretz
Mark Kingdon and Ronnie Chan
Luann and Jack Grubman
Anuradha Mahindra and Bunty Chand
Ruth and Hal Newman
Manny Pacquiao and Asia Society President Josette Sheeran
On a beautiful fall day, over 375 friends and supporters gathered at Wethersfield Farm in Stanford for Dutchess Land Conservancy's (DLC) 24th Annual Fall Patrons' Luncheon.

DLC could not have chosen a more perfect setting to celebrate 30 years of land conservation, the transfer of stewardship of the Wethersfield easement to DLC, and to honor the memory of DLC Board members Molly Schaefer and Dick Kimball.
The garden at Wethersfield, Chauncey Stillman's home in Dutchess County
Patrons enjoyed a delicious lunch catered by Gourmet to Go and wines from Little Gates & Co. Wine Merchants, they were surrounded by over 8,000 acres of protected land. Honorary Co-Chairs were Fernanda Kellogg and Kirk Henckels and Anne and Farnham Collins. Fernanda and Farnham gave touching tributes to Molly and Dick and brought their contributions to land conservation and the community to life for all who attended.
The view from Wethersfield
DLC President Becky Thornton spoke about the late Chauncey Stillman, owner of Wethersfield, who was a catalyst for land conservation in the area. DLC Board Chairman Rebecca Seaman stressed the importance of DLC's mission and recognized those attending the luncheon with conservation easements on their land.
Under the luncheon tent
Centerpieces arranged by Cat Kennan
Nancy and Fritz Henze
Julian and Abigail Steinberg and children
Sylvia Kimball Perry, Hopeton Kimball, Anne and Farnham Collins, and George Kimball
Eric Roberts and Christopher Kennan
Donna Verrilli, Jacqueline and Oakleigh Thorne, and Nancy Stahl
Eames Yates and Karen Klopp
Dorothy Whitmarsh, Dan Slott, and Bill Benedict
Florence Peyrelongue and her children
Katherine, Elizabeth, and Sarah Mann
Miriam Eaves, Bob Thomas, and Lelee Brandt
Pamela Yates and M.C. O'Connor
Deborah Montgomery and Simone Mailman
Donald and Barbara Tober
Ali and Monica Wambold
Cat Kennan and Jack Lynch
Fernanda Kellogg's hat
Deban and Tom Flexner, Blaine Trump, and Steve Simon
Rebecca Seaman, Cece Cord, and Dede Rosenfeld
Eric Rosenfeld, Olivia van Melle, and Chris Kennan
Chris Mann and his entourage
Fernanda Kellogg, Rebecca Seaman, and Becky Thornton
Lea and Jim Cornell
Molly Schaefer's antique 1927 sleigh, in the silent auction
Jim Archer giving a post-luncheon carriage ride
Storefront Academy Harlem, a tuition-free private school, held its Annual Harlem Luncheon at Ginny's Supper Club, downstairs at Red Rooster Harlem, on Tuesday, October 20th. The event was chaired by Storefront Academy Harlem Trustee and NY Times Bestselling Author Holly Peterson, and featured special guest Thelma Golden, director and chief curator at Studio Museum in Harlem.
Ginny's Supper Club at Red Rooster Harlem
Ms. Peterson and Ms. Golden dialogued about the importance of education, the partnership between Storefront Academy and the Studio Museum, and the influence of African-American artists on Harlem and society.

Guests were joined at the luncheon by Storefront Academy Harlem student ambassadors from the 5th, 6th and 7th grades, and treated to a performance by the 1st grade class singing "It's a Wonderful World." The afternoon was capped off by Storefront Academy Harlem alumnus Jasmine "Jazz" Reed, who spoke about her experiences at the school, challenges she's overcome, and her plans for the future. Jazz is currently a sophomore at New York University in the Stern School of Business.
Storefront Academy 1st graders perform "It's a Wonderful World"
Storefront Academy Harlem Trustees Elsie V. Aidinoff, Amanda K. Low, Ellen-Jane Moss and Maria Vecchiotti, as well as longstanding supporters Barbara Barbera, Fiona Donovan, Stacy Pinelli, Philippa Portnoy, Patty Sacks, and Cathy Trentalancia were members of the benefit advisory committee for the luncheon.

For fifty years, Storefront Academy Harlem has rewritten the rules of urban education for students of all learning abilities. Storefront Academy's proven academic model focuses on cultivating intellect and character in equal measure. Storefront Academy creates powerful learners and well-rounded students who persevere in the face of challenges and succeed despite the odds.
Holly Peterson, Philippa Portnoy, Elsie V. Aidinoff, Cathy Trentalancia, Amanda K. Low, and Maria Vecchiotti
Juju Chang, Elisa Istueta, Holly Peterson, Miya Omori Yamada, Thelma Golden, and Fiona Donovan
Paola Eisler with Storefront Academy Harlem student
Marla Sprie and Peige Katz
Amanda K. Low, Melanie Shorin, Patty Sacks, and Thelma Golden
Maria Vecchiotti and Jonathan C. Stearns
Miya Omori Yamada, Elsie V. Aidinoff, and Thelma Golden
Jenny Laird, Stacy Pinelli, Deborah Staley, and Elizabeth Auran
Storefront Academy Harlem student ambassadors with Nadia Whiting
Beth May, Elsie V. Aidinoff, and friend
Juju Chang, Kathy O'Hearn, and Holly Peterson
Laurie Hodgson and Storefront Academy Harlem student ambassador
Patty Sacks and Cathy Trentalancia
Elisa Istueta, Ray A. Cameron, and Jazz Reed
Thelma Golden, Marcus Samuelsson, Holly Peterson, and Joanne Rosen
Ray A. Cameron and Alexis Thomason
Gretchen Pusch and Jonathan C. Stearns
Photographs by Mary Hilliard (DLC);