Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Gilded Gala

Dinner at the Park Avenue Armory Gilded Gala.
Last Thursday night, October 15th, the Park Avenue Armory held its annual fundraiser, Guilded Gala, and honored Angela E. Thompson, Charles A.Y. Thompson, and Amanda J.T. Riegel of the Thompson Family Foundation for their vital contributions (of approximately $129 million) in the development of the Armory's new cultural model. The late Wade Thompson spearheaded the campaign to secure the lease from the state, and the Thompson Family Foundation has seeded many campaigns to restore and renovate both the drill hall and several period rooms. The evening also honored Marina Abramović for her work as a visual art form.
The harp awaits as guests enter the room to take their seats at table
Peggy Bonapace Gelfond and Richard Gelfond
Gretchen and Chris Brawer
Marina Abramović and Klaus Biesenbach
Angela Thompson, Harrison Bains, and Leslie Bains
Heidi McWilliams, Sondra Radvanovsky, Angela Thompson, and Tom McWilliams
Roberta Model and Allen Model
Amanda Riegel, Charles Thompson, Angela Thompson, and Elihu Rose
Virginia Dunning Tobeason and Geoffrey Thompson
Olivia and Adam Flatto
Neil and Kathleen Chrisman
Wendy Belzberg and Christopher Noey
Mark Epstein and Sherry Mandell
Greg Emetaz and Lissa Frenkel
Salvatore Stratis and Evelyne Stratis
Jacqueline Davis
Kim Lovejoy and Jeff Greene
Angelica Naniz
Alan Siegel
Alison Lister and Robert Lister
Ellery Gordon and Marjorie Reed Gordon
Jane Bryant Quinn and Carll Tucker
Jack Brough and Marija Brdarski
Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas
Cynthia Clift and David Wassong
Michael and Joan Steinberg
Sergio Millerman and Malu Millerman
Michael Field and Jeff Arnstein
Dr. Shirley Madhere Weil, Michael Weil, Linda Johnson, William Kahane, and Elizabeth Kahane
Richard Solar and Stephanie Solar
Peter Norton and Gwen Norton
Helen Howe and Carolyn Brody
Deborah Berke, Peter McCann, and Joan Hardy-Clark
Allison Williams and Ricky Van Veen
Hercules Rockefeller and Rachel Jacobellis
Michele Mitchell and Sacha Levy
Millen Magese and Michael Weinstein
Alessandro Mele and Bonnie Pfeifer Evans
Kathryn Spellman and Alex Poots
Bob and Suzanne Cochran
Ian and Mary Snow
Mary Wallach
Gerri and Charles Koppelman
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Sanford and Lisa Ehrenkranz
Patti Harris, Brad Wechsler, and Patty Newburger
Marina Couloucoundis and Reva Wurtzburger
Veronica and Michael Stubbs
Alicia and Norman Volk
Bill and Karen Ackman
Steven and Diane Volk
Irik Sevin and Anne-Marie Marcus
Steve and Stephanie Hessler
Michael Pizzi and Ann Sommerlath Pizzi
Dee Hickey
Natasha Silver and Christina Mack
Elihu Rose, Isabel Rose, and Jeff Fagen
Arie Kopelman and Mark Lebow
Ida Liu and Fe Saracino Fendi
Chris Liddell and Renee Harbers Liddell
Susan Rose and Isabel Rose
Debora Barros and Thomas Lansing
Stefan Reyniak and Pauline Reyniak
Claire Gudefin and Amandine Freidheim
Stephanie Hessler, Abigail Baratta, and Helene Comfort
Rebecca Robertson and Melanie Forman
Amy Fine Collins and Brad Collins
Eduardo Mestre, Christina MacDonald, Gillian Mestre, and Jonathan Deland
Anya Assante and Ali Namvar
Neville Wakefield and Minnie Driver
Richard Mayberry and Victoria Wyman
Claire Gudefin and Sabina Schlumberger
Stephanie Hunt, Jean Pierre Benatar, and Deborah van Eck
Miriam Quart and Carolyn Maloney
Nathalie Danilovich and Jean-Charles Danilovich
Eliza Ameer and Amanda Ameer
Khadija Rejto
Sandy Simon and Lenore Simonoff
Henry Buhl, Dee Mayberry, Stone Roberts, and Suzanne Cochran
Naomi and Seth Cohen
Elaine Wynn and Aaron Young
John Glass, Mary Sharp Cronson, and Tom Gold
Adrian Danchig-Waring
Mimi Sternlicht and Addison O'Dea
Strauss Zelnick, Allison Williams, and Andrew Jarecki
Amy Martin and Robert Martin
Angela Mariani and Jeff Arnstein
Sondra Radvanovsky and Duncan Lear
Archie Gottesman and Lori Finkel
Mary Kelly and Patrick McMullan
John Rice and Mary Davidson
Anne-Marie Marcus and Janna Bullock
Olivia Flatto, Muna Rihani Al-Nasser, and James de Givenchy
Gary Flom and Svitlana Flom
Jessika Auerbach
Heidi and Tom McWilliams
Laura and Will Zeckendorf
Holly Corbett, Michele Mitchell, and Cindi Ceva
Photographs by Patrick McMullan