Tuesday, May 12, 2015

In the presence of ...

The 100 Valley Forge Academy Cadets with (first row: l. to r.) Their Royal Highnesses The Hereditary Prince and Princess Bernhard of Baden, and Foundation President Barbara de Portago
On Thursday, April 30th, The Versailles Foundation, Inc. gave its annual Benefit Dinner in the presence of Their Royal Highnesses The Hereditary Prince & Princess Bernhard of Baden. Every year its President, Barbara de Portago, invites one of her Royal pals to hop the pond and grace the evening with a short anecdotal chat on matters both history and personal.

Prince Bernhard of Baden is the great, great grandson of The Austrian Hungarian Emperor Francis Josef and the Empress Elizabeth. The family ruled as Margraves and Grand Dukes from 1112-1918. The Grand Duchy of Baden became famous for its pioneering liberal and democratic views, influenced by the politics after the French Revolution of 1789. It was President Abraham Lincoln who was an admirer of the early Baden Constitution, and forged a close friendship with the family as his letters of congratulation to Fredrich of Baden on his wedding in 1863 attests to and later on his hand written letter of condolence.
Receiving Line: Cadet, Foundation Committee Member Heide Hüttl Canellopoulos, International Committee Member Gundel Dorrance, Their Royal Highnesses The Hereditary Prince and Princess Bernhard of Baden, and Foundation Director Gillian Spreckels Fuller
The Badens are related to most Royal families in Europe. The Duke of Edinburgh is the brother of the Hereditary Prince's late mother, the Margravine. The Prince of Wales is his cousin, as are Queen Sophia of Spain, and King Constantin of Greece. Today, the Prince administers the House of Baden which along with vast lands comprises one of the largest wineries in Germany. They live in their family seat Salem Castle in the southern part of Baden-Württemberg.

The evening is held in the Regency & Cotillion rooms of The Pierre. One Hundred Valley Forge Military Academy Cadets are invited to squire the ladies attending on their own, provide the rousing band that plays as Patrons enter for dinner and the fanfare of trumpets that announce the Cortège entrance of such Foundation VIPs as: Director, Mrs. Gillian Spreckels-Fuller, International Committee Member, Mrs. John Dorrance III, and Committee Member Mrs. Heide Hüttl Canellopoulos. There is now every year signing up for all the fun and Royal regalia an important group of young Patrons, in their twenties and thirties.
His Royal Highness Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, Their Royal Highnesses the Archduke, and Archduchess Geza of Habsburg
Patrons stopping to be photographed with the Red Plumed Cadets were: His Highness Sheik Khalifa Al-Khalifa, Countess Marianne Cassini, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Fishel, Mrs. Joan Granlund, Mrs. John H. Gutfreund, Their Royal Highnesses The Archduke & Archduchess Geza von Habsburg, Mrs. John Klopp, Mrs. Frank Perdue, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Rockefeller, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Tober, and Mr. Peter J. Worth.

The Versailles/ Giverny Foundation continues its primary mission of restoring the world's finest Museum of Outdoor Statuary. The originals once restored are housed for their protection, inside the Château while their poured replicas are put back on their pedestal in the Park of the Château de Versailles.
Foundation President Barbara de Portago toasting Patrons with Taittinger champagne
At Giverny it funds Fellowships for, American and International Artists who live and work on the premises for three inspiring months. It supports a thriving Garden Volunteer Program culled from all over the world.

• This year Claude Monet's greenhouse has been restored with its period and now mechanized wooden slatted shades, glass roof, and sides.
• The Foundation has added projects of French origin such as William Christie's "Les Arts Florissants" which revived France's XVIIth and XVIIIth century Court Music. It is performed the world over including our Brooklyn Academy of Music.
• At Monticello, Thomas Jefferson's furniture by Georges Jacob, is in the process of research and restoration.
• Under the Colonial Dames of Missouri, in the "Other Colonial America" named "New France" it is restoring the XVIIth century homes and a garden with rose bushes dating from the XVIth century.
• On Shelter Island, NY, the 300-hundred-year-old newly deeded to the public "Sylvester Manor" will get its French Zuber living room wallpaper replaced by the Foundation
Cadet with Diane Britz Lotti
Gorden Huddleston and Kaleta Blaffer Johnson
Kenneth and Maria Fishel
Karen Klopp
Joan Granlund
Stuart and Holly Holden
Chris Chopek and Sara Huie
Maximilien Maisonrouge and Adrienne Rolle
Cat Jagger Pollon and Dr. Bruce Horten
Antony and Mary Underwood
Scott Holman III and Camila Blaffer Royall
Thomas Gulotta and Countess Marianne Cassini
Mitzi Perdue
The Valley Forge Military Academy Color Guard
Marina Couloucoundis and Hicham Aboutaam
Allison and Peter Rockefeller
Maribel Lieberman
Their Royal Highnesses the Hereditary Prince and Princess Bernhard of Baden, and His Highness Sheik Khalifa Al-Khalifa
Barbara Regna
Dr. Susan Krysiewicz
Laurent Marie Affre and Tinu Naija
Susan Gutfreund
Matthew Doyle and Mitchell Cantor
Lindsay Eisenkraft, Foundation Junior Director Russell Grant
Stephanie Taft Foster and Amy Hoadley
Carlos Montealegre, Alana Parry, and Count Eric de Saint-Seine
Baron Moritz von der Heydte, Heide Canellopoulos, and Her Royal Highness the Princess of Baden
Barbara Tober and Carole Holmes
Cadet with Cassandra Seidenfeld
Surya Singh and Avery Toland
Oriana Perez, Giovanny Olarte, Matthew and Linette Semino, Michael Marotta, and Victoria Hood
Robert Lyddan, Haley Strader, Chetin Durak, Julie Heath, Foundation Junior Director Frank Spano III, and Jessica Campbell
The 2015 Junior Patrons
The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NYSPCC), the world's first child protection agency celebrating its 140th year of service, held its Annual Junior Committee Spring Benefit on Wednesday, May 6th at Tao Downtown Lounge. Some 200 guests enjoyed signature cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, along with a silent auction of highly covetable items and experiences.

The event's Steering Committee included: Alexandra Papanicolaou, Chani Churchill, Elizabeth Tooter, Matt Semino, Hudson Bova, Christopher Breck, Lauren Cahill, Stephen Czeck, Meaghan Kimball, Athena Klein, Jonathan Klein, Marc A. Lewinstein, Maureen Nash, Xanthe Ranger, Audrey Seybert.
The NYSPCC's set of young philanthropists assume social responsibility each year to raise essential funds for the efforts of the agency: helping children heal from abuse and neglect, and helping families grow stronger. The Junior Committee of The NYSPCC has been supporting the efforts of the agency since 2005.

The evening's proceeds benefit The NYSPCC's Trauma Recovery Program.
Jenny Turner, Courtney Dolan, and Augusta Nadler
Tatiana Perkin, Thorne Perkin, Alexandra Papanicolaou Shaheen, and Mary Pulido
Barbara Regna, Bettina Bennett, Dr Penny Grant, and Jessica Summer Thompson
Alexander Bank, Adam Weinstein, and Andrew Atlas
Lydia Thew, Chris Melling, and Melisa Melling
Luca Salvato, Martha Dabagian, and Ash Reardon
Ryan Portacelli and Elizabeth Tudor
Xanthe Ranger and Jennifer Lee and Ranger
Kate Hemphill, Tamae Ishii, and Whitney Larkin
Charlotte Pomp, Ellen McGrath, and Tonja Dreiding Wallace
Matt and Linette Semino
Leslie and Lyron Bennett
Samantha Whiting and Benner Ulrich
Michael Morada, Justin Javaherian, Jessica Summer Thompson, Chris Mazingo, and Matt Semino
Kara Gerson, Lindsay Kelly, Georgina Schaeffer, and Kim Field
Jim Ricotta and Hillary Latos
Maureen Nash and Wouter Doets
Eileen Angelo, Mischa Weinberg, Alli Weiss, Monique Ellenbogen, and Christine Yi
Virginia Lawson, Juan Carlos Gutierrez, and Carolyn Gutierrez
The Girl Scouts of Greater New York (GSGNY), New York City's premier girl leadership organization, honored three of the city's most accomplished businesswomen at its annual gala on April 29 at Cipriani 42nd Street. The honorees included Amy Brooks, Executive Vice President, Team Marketing & Business Operations, National Basketball Association; Adele Gulfo, Chief Strategy Officer, Mylan; and Davia Temin, President and CEO, Temin and Company.

"These three extraordinary women are role models who embody the values we strive to instill in our girls," said Barbara Murphy-Warrington, CEO of the Girl Scouts of Greater New York. "Girl Scouting empowers girls by providing them with the real-world experiences they need to grow into young women who possess courage, confidence, and character. Our honorees set an example that women can rise to the top and become the nation's future leaders."
Sharon Jacob
This year's gala chairs were Lynda Davey, CEO, Avalon Group, Jennifer M. Lee, Regional Managing Director, Wells Fargo Private Bank, and Kerry A. Tatlock, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing Partnerships, National Basketball Association.
Proceeds from the gala will be used to fund programs that now serve more than 29,000 girls in New York City – 70% of whom come from low- to moderate-income homes – and to accommodate a waiting list of girls eager to join a Girl Scout troop.
GSGNY's programs focus on four key areas to prepare today's girls to become tomorrow's leaders: STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics); Business and Entrepreneurship; Environmental Leadership; and Personal Identity Leadership.
Davia Temin and Ann Kaplan with Girl Scouts
Adele Gulfo with Girl Scouts
The Girl Scouts of Greater New York is New York City's largest girls-only leadership program, reaching more than 29,000 girls ages 5 to 17 in every zip code of the five boroughs with the help of over 8,000 dedicated volunteers. Seventy percent of the girls served come from low- to moderate-income homes. Girl Scouts enjoy programs that include college prep, career exploration, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), business and entrepreneurship, environmental leadership, take-action projects, and global citizenship. Today's Girl Scouts learn to lead with courage, confidence, and character to make their communities and the world a better place. Visit www.girlscoutsnyc.org to learn more.
Barbara and Donald Zucker with Girl Scouts
Barbara Colwell, Janice Reals Ellig, Davia Temin, Sarah Jaclyn York, and Marilyn Puder-York
Sue Yadav with Girl Scouts
Barbara Murphy-Warrington with Girl Scouts
Ann Mohamadi, Adele Gulfo, and Michelle Clayman
Frances Hesselbein with Girl Scouts
Rose Littlejohn, Amy Brooks, and Barbara Murphy-Warrington
Lynda Davey, Jennifer Lee, and Kerry Tatlock
Edina Jennison and Susan Nitze
Robert Ouimette and Barbara Cooperman
David Lederman, Felicia Hamerman, and Laurie Lederman
Peggy Belden, Malcolm Robinson, and Meredith Belden
Dhivya Suryadevara and Jennifer M. Lee
Patrice Tanaka with Rose Littlejohn, Jennifer Lee, and Lynda Davey
The National Dance Institute held its annual gala, raising over $1.4 million for NDI programming and arts education, in conjunction with a $1.5 million grant from the prestigious Howard Gilman Foundation, which was a special announcement made during the program.

The event took place at The Best Buy Theater in Times Square and honored Teen Vogue Editor-in-Chief Amy Astley and NDI Trustee and Philanthropist, Valerie Diker.

Role-models Michael Strahan, Misty Copeland and Peyton List danced and posed for photos with the Children of NDI, while Paula Zahn, Nev Schulman, Tony Yazbeck, New York City Ballet dancers and others showed support for Jacques d'Amboise's compelling arts organization.
Peyton List, Amy Astley, Jacques d'Amboise, Valerie Diker, and NDI Dancers Emmet Smith and Max Brill
Nev Schulman and Jacques d'Amboise
Peyton List, Amy Astley, and Misty Copeland
Paula Zahn and Michael Strahan
Peyton List and NDI Dancer Olivia Chiossone
Michael Strahan and NDI Dancers
NDI Dancers
Michael Strahan with NDI Dancers Sam Brill and Naomie Lamour
NDI Dancers featuring Mei Geller
NDI Dancers featuring Jonathan Rosario and Christina Zhao
Misty Copeland and NDI Dancers
Photographs by Barry Williams/AnnieWatt.com (NYSPCC)