Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ingredients for good

Committee members at Jay Heritage Center's annual Zebra Soiree.
The Horticultural Society of New York (The Hort) presented the 22nd Annual Fall Luncheon at the Metropolitan Club. This year, the long-running New York City tradition honored Frances Schultz, Board Member of The Hort, design and entertaining expert, and author of the recently published The Bee Cottage Story: How I Made a Muddle of Things and Decorated My Way Back to Happiness, and Sherri Donghia, Design Consultant for textile company Sunbrella® and author of Donghia: The Artistry of Luxury and Style.

Notable guests included Charlotte Beers, Bronson van Wyck, Jenny du Pont, Jim Druckman, Nina Griscom, Allison Rockefeller, Audrey Gruss, Jamee Gregory, CeCe Cord, Richard Keith Langham, Andrea H. Fahnestock, Anne Harrison, Liz Peek, and Yaz Hernandez.
The mission of the Horticultural Society of New York (The Hort) is to sustain the vital connection between people and plants. Our social service and public programs educate and inspire, growing a broad community that values horticulture for the many benefits it brings to our environment, our neighborhoods, and our lives. To learn more, visit, or call us as 212.757.9015.
Nina Griscom, Frances Schultz and Keith Langham
Sara Hobel and Sherri Donghia
Kamie Lightburn and Mark Gilbertson
Hilda Krus, Dorothy Namdar, and Sarah Schlupe
Nathan Wold and Tom Samet
Martha Glass and Diane Crary
Bonnie Ford and Florence Mirti
Frances Schultz
Mark Gilbertson, Martha Glass, and Keith Langham
Nancy Huh and Melanie Chisholm
Laura Hansen and Pam Ito
Eric de Saint Seine and Barbara de Portago
Nick Guntley, Liz McNierney, and Travis Tinney
Tabby Cochran, Sheila Stephenson, and Lilly O'Boyle
Alatia Bradley Bach, Sara Hobel, and Warrie Price
Keith Langham and Lia Reed
Sheila Stephenson, CeCe Black, and Anne Shearman
Alison Strong, Alatia Bradley Bach, Kamie Lightburn, and Aileen Bruner
Mark Gilbertson and Warrie Price
George Pisegna and Sherri Stephenson
Kamie Lightburn and Bronson van Wyck
Roger Eulau and Nelsa Gidnay
Karen Tompkins and friend
Florence Mirti, Bonnie Ford, and Kathy Crane
Warrie Price and Sharon Casdin
Sharon Jacob and Claire McKeon
Cece Cord, Tom Dittmer, and Frances Schultz
Hilary Block and Anne Shearman
Sharen Benenson and Huguette Hersch
Cece Cord, Keith Langham, and Memrie Lewis
Martha Glass and Jamee Gregory
Sandy Horovitz, Nelsa Gidnay, and Rodney Fisher
Bernadine Gilfond, Heather Delaney, Christine Salomon, and Fabiana Rimirez
Joseph Singer and Andrea Fahnestock
Claire McKeon and Elizabeth Belfer
Dee Schwab and Bronson van Wyck
Bettie Pardee and Memrie Lewis
Yaz Hernandez and Maria Kalnay
Dr. Marianne Engle, Noreen Buckfire, Suzie Wunsch, and Sally Merry
Cece Cord and Susan Gutfreund
Sherri Donghia and George Pisegna
Sara Hobel, Sherri Donghiaa, and Warrie Price
Anne Harrison, Barbara Georgescu, and Diane de Amerongen
Liliana Cavendish and Veronica Bulgari
Sara Hobel, Jim Druckman, and Sherri Donghia
Marina Pellecchi, Audrey Gruss, Susan Gutfreund, and Noreen Buckfire
Francie Murphy and Alexis Tobin
Kathy Prounis and Mary van Pelt
Sheree Yellin, Anne Shearman, and Page Rossetter
Alison Minton, Kathleen Giordano, and Dr. Penny Grant
Valerie Gimbel and Evelyn Tompkins
Nina Griscom, Frances Schultz, and Duball Fucua
Charles Holmes and Cece Cord
Susan Gutfreund and Liz Peek
Caroline Boggess, Evelyn Tompkins, and Liza Guest
Joseph Singer and Mish Tworkowski
Jared Goss and Jenny du Pont
Margot Takian, Elizabeth Belfer, and Paige Betz
Bernadine Gilfond, Heather Delaney, Christine Salomon, and Fabiana Rimirez
CeCe Black, Bonnie Ford, and Maureen Leness
Carrie Price and Sharen Benenson
Jared Goss and Mila Harris
Anna Safir and Eleanora Kennedy
Lisa Harpel, Neda Navab, Alison Strong, Meg Chamberlain, and Wendy Leon
Wendy Nolan and Susan Danilow
Tara Reddi and Maria Wirth
Anne Shearman and Katie Sherman
Barbara de Portago, Eric de Saint Sein, and Audrey Gruss
Marina Pellecchi and Jamee Gregory
Lia Reed and Mish Tworkowski
Warren Miller, Heidi McWilliams, Kamie Lightburn, and Elizabeth Stribling
Nina Whiting and Liz Anderson
Gloria Appel and Nina Griscom
Gloria Appel, Sherri Donghia, and Latherina Plath
Jill Roosevelt and Margot Takian
Jean Doyen de Montaillou and Kamie Lightburn
Kathy Prounis, Bronson van Wyck, and Eleanora Kennedy
Page Rossetter, Allison Rockefeller, and Anne Shearman
Liliana Cavendish and Yaz Hernandez
Audrey Gruss, Dr. Annette Rickel, and Marina Pellecchi
Tom Samet and Frances Schultz
Warren Miller and Clelia Zacharias
CeCe Black and Rick Marek
Elizabeth Callahan, Mary Evans Callahan, and Michel Witmer
Diane Crary and Dr. Penny Grant
Jamee Gregory and Karen Klopp
Ron Wendt and Susan Fowler
Melissa Morris, Alexia Leuschen, and Kamie Lightburn
Evelyn Tompkins, Andrea Fahnestock, and Joseph Singer
Mish Tworkowski and Sally Ball
Sheila Stephenson, Barbara Georgescu, Martha Glass, and Diane de Amerongen
Jayne Sosland, Paige Betz, and Elizabeth Belfer
On Thursday, November 12, The Peninsula New York hosted its inaugural "Peninsula in Pink" charity event. Held at the luxury hotel, this year's gala raised over $27,000 through auction and donation to benefit SHARE, a nationwide community that offers support, information and the benefit of experience to women diagnosed with breast and ovarian cancers. The event was underwritten by The Peninsula Hotel, with all proceeds going to the organization.

Event chairs Jennifer Bawden and Jonathan Crook, General Manager, The Peninsula New York were joined by host committee members including: Andrea Catsimatidis, Rita Cosby, Leila Ezzarqui, Uma Pemmaraju, Nick Davis Raynes, Meaghan Kennedy Townsend and Ambassador Jim Woolsey.

Additional guests included, Fox 5's Ernie Anastos, John & Margo Castimatidis, Brenda Exline, Ambassador Laura Flores, UN Spokesperson and journalist Afaf Konja, Bonnie Pfeifer, television personality Montel Williams, Barbara Winston and Mort Zuckerman.
Ambassador James Woolsey and Nancye Woolsey
Brenda Exline and Mort Zuckerman
Afaf Konja
Ernie Anastos
Rita Cosby
Dana Lord and Meaghan Kennedy Townsend
David Aaron Carpenter, Lauren Sarah Carpenter, and Sean Avram Carpenter
Nick Raynes, Andrea Catsimatidis, and David Mason
Jonathan Crook, Beliz Crook, Brenda Exline, and Mort Zuckerman
Jonathan Crook and Jen Bawden
Montel Williams, Rita Cosby, and Tomaczek Bednarek
Barbara Winston and Lt. General David Deptula
Andrea and Margo Catsimatidis
Montel Williams, Ernie Anastos, Uma Pemmaraju, Jennifer Bawden, and Tomaczek Bednarek
Brenda Exline and Mort Zuckerman
Sean Avram Carpenter, David Aaron Carpenter, and Lauren Sarah Carpenter
700 guests gathered at the Marriott Marquis for the ALS Association Greater New York Chapter's 21st Annual Lou Gehrig Sports Awards Benefit on Wednesday, November 4, 2015. The benefit raised $1.4 million with proceeds going to the fight against ALS, commonly known as Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Honorees included New York Yankees Alex Rodriguez, Paul O'Neill and Jorge Posada.
Board Members with Honorees Bill Nuti, Chairman and CEO NCR and Paul O'Neill
The Jacob K. Javits Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Bill Nuti, President, CEO and Chairman of NCR Corporation.

Jeremy Schaap served as the Master of Ceremonies with Mike Kenny serving as auctioneer. Additional guests included David Cone, Roy White, John Starks, Ed Kranepool, Rod Gilbert, Ottis Anderson, Sean Landeta, Rick Cerone, Bobby Valentine, Ken Daneyko and New York Giants Brad Wing and Orleans Darkwa.
Honorees Jorge Posada Jeffrey Loria, and Michelle and Bill Nuti
Honorees Jorge Posada, Alex Rodriguez, and Paul O'Neill
Josh Javitz with honoree Bill Nuti, Chairman and CEO NCR
Leonard Tow with Honoree Jorge Posada
Honoree Alex Rodriguez
Honoree Paul O'Neill
Honoree Jorge Posada
Jeremy Schaap Master of Ceremonies
Honoree Bill Nuti, Chairman and CEO NCR and Josh Javits
Catching up: On Saturday, October 17th, 250 guests gathered to celebrate another banner year for the Jay Estate in Rye. The stellar night was co-chaired by Elisabeth Casey, Keelin Pye, Karyl Thigpen and Meghann Kelly and hosted at American Yacht Club. Everyone got a sneak peek at 3D models and concept plans for the continued restoration of the home of native New Yorker John Jay. In keeping with a party theme of "US History from Jay to Zebra," revelers donned black, white and striped attire.
Co-Chairs Karyl Thigpen, Keelin Pye, Elisabeth Casey and Meghann Kelly
In just the last 9 months, the Jay Heritage Center (JHC), stewards of the 23 acre landmark Jay Estate, have been awarded two major NY State grants totaling nearly $900,000 — one grant will anchor a plan by Nelson Byrd Woltz Landscape Architects to revitalize 1.5 acres of historic gardens; another grant sets the stage to rehabilitate a rare vaulted 1917 indoor tennis house for public use. NY State Assemblyman Steve Otis was on hand to congratulate the non-profit for their exemplar initiatives in preservation.

Together with a generous grant from Con Edison for environmental education, proceeds from the evening will help expand JHC's calendar of programs in American History, Architecture and Landscape Conservation to interpret the site.
JHC President Suzanne Clary and her husband Rich Clary stand next to plans for the Jay garden restoration
Peter and Carol Sellon, Martha Otis, David Parsons, and NY State Assemblyman Steve Otis
Annie and Geoff Teillon with Rich and Suzanne Clary
Omid and Mahsa Nasab
Sam Croll and his wife Ann
Ellen Kelsey, Laurel Stevens, Jim Kelsey, and Karen Kelsey Thomas
Marco Palli, Michael Reynolds, Lauren Moskowitz, and Matt Choate
Vishal and Kelly Bakshi
Scott and Caroline Wallach
Jennifer Neren and Aviva Sisitsky
Casey Forbes, Fleur Henket, and Courtney Boman
Jaime and Nikolas Hellen
Joe Cassin and his daughter Keelin Pye
Chris Pye, Emily Proskine, Francis Jenkins, and Elisabeth Casey
Tyler and Rose Dickson
Karyl and Davin Thigpen
Peter and Chris Duncan with Todd and Claire Conklin
Puja Chandiramani with Kevin and Cali Gibbs
Kinglsey and Mark Rooney on the dance floor
Photographs by Patrick McMullan (Hort); Cutty McGill (Jay Heritage); Ann Billingsley Photography (ALS)