Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Madoo in Manhattan, PMP in Palm Beach

The scene at Terry Allen Kramer'sPalm Beach home for a party for she hosted for Nicky Haslam's new book, " Nicky Haslam, A Designer's Life."
Last Monday evening the Madoo Conservancy of Sagaponack, NY held their second annual Madoo in Manhattan Robert Dash Garden Lecture at a private club on the Upper East Side. The guest speaker was Belgian landscape architect Peter Wirtz, CEO of Wirtz International, a family owned firm that has created residential, public and corporate landscapes in the US, Japan, Israel and Europe. They have designed the gardens at the Jardins du Carousel, and for people such as Catherine Deneuve, Valentino, the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland, and in 2013 they designed the remarkable sets for Raf Simon's Dior haute couture spring-summer collection.

In a lecture titled "A Landscape Architecture Rooted in Horticulture," Wirtz walked the audience through fifteen landscapes each with its own set of challenges and innovative design solutions.
Madoo in Manhattan was hosted by Frances Schultz, Chesie Breen, Mario Buatta, Madison Cox, Kendell Cronstrom, Christopher Gow, Janet Mavec, Marian McEvoy, Charlotte Moss, Deborah Nevins and Anne Raver.

Guests included: Suzanne Borghese, Judy Auchincloss, Leslie Rose Close, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Memrie Lewis, John Danzer, Mick Hales, Steven Gambrel, James Anderson, Warrie Price, Marshall Watson, Lindsey Taylor, Newell Turner, Jack Lenor Larsen, Paul Rogers, Ron Wendt, Anne Raver, Mark Epstein, Ryan McAllister, Christina and Alan MacDonald, Robert Scully, Diana Elghanayan, Martha McLanahan, and Andrea Filipone.
Petr Wirtz walked the audience through fifteen landscapes
This annual lecture series honors the memory of Robert Dash a leading painter, poet and gardener of the East End who founded Madoo in 1967.

Sponsors for the evening included: Hunter Boot, Mecox, McKinnon and Harris, Phaidon, Ron Wendt Design, Seibert & Rice, The Topping Rose House and Whitmores.
Roger Seifter, Randy Correll, Victoria Baran, Grant Marani, and Graham Wyatt
The Madoo Conservancy is dedicated to the study, preservation and enhancement of Madoo, the ever-changing horticulturally diverse garden with historic structures established in 1967 by artist, gardener and writer Robert Dash, in the Village of Sagaponack, New York. At Madoo, the unique living tribute to the artistic imagination of its founder we seek to continually engage, educate and inspire our visitors in this entirely organic environment. For more information visit:
Mara Seibert and Lenore Rice
Geoffrey Nimmer, Jan Milne, Colin Brown, and Mariah Whitmore
Newell Turner and Douglas Clarke
Mark Ferguson and Natalie Jacobs
Emily Sharp, Ron Wendt, and Kate Holderness
Jeff Petrie, Memrie Lewis, John Danzer, and Molly Brennan
Kathryn Berry, Wendy Moonan, and Judith Prause
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Alejandro Saralegui (Madoo Director) and Kendell Cronstrom
Wendy Moonan and Duncan Darrow
Peter Wilson, Austin Fremont, and Scott Sanders
Michael Sarkozi and Ron Shuma
Robert Mallin, Debbie Gibb, Richard De Rose, and Emma Clurman
James Anderson, Hal Goldberg, and Steven Gambrel
Jack Lenor Larsen and Peter Wirtz
Judy Auchinchloss, Alejandro Saralegui, and Susanna Borghese
On Saturday, March 14, The Perlman Music Program (PMP) held its eighth annual concert and dinner at Kristy and Jim Clark's stunning Palm Beach home. Co-hosted by Emilia and Pepe Fanjul, and with over 250 music lovers and philanthropists in attendance, the event honored Toby and Itzhak Perlman's dedication to nurturing the next generation of classical music artists.

This special annual event is made possible through Kristy and Jim Clark's profound generosity and dedication to The Perlman Music Program. "I was inspired when I first met Itzhak and Toby and learned about PMP," said Jim Clark. "I went to Shelter Island, heard some of the concerts, and decided to encourage people in Palm Beach to get behind chamber music. An incredible amount of talent has come through their school–it's turned into a big success."
Perlman Music Program Group
The evening began with cocktails and champagne on the veranda, followed by a performance in the Clarks' elegant living room presented by several of PMP's outstanding students and alumni. The concert included quartets by Beethoven and Schumann and a quintet by Mendelssohn, presented by violinists Mariella Haubs, Abigel Kralik, Nathan Meltzer, Doori Na, and Areta Zhulla; violists William Bender, Molly Carr, Matthew Lipman, and Jameel Martin; cellists Daniel Mitnitsky, Sebastian Stoger, and Brook Speltz; and pianist David Kadouch. The talented and poised performers introduced each piece and brought the composers to life in their own words.
During the exceptional concert, Jim Clark moderated an informal Q&A with Toby Perlman. Their spirited conversation amongst these two friends ranged from the growth of the program over the past 21 years, the international reputation of the Program and its alumni, the beautiful Shelter Island campus where PMP calls home, to recent outreach in local Palm Beach schools. Toby concluded with thanks for Jim and Kristy, Emilia and Pepe Fanjul, and PMP Board members in attendance Jay Dweck and Vicki Kellogg, stressing that helping young musicians realize their gift is a responsibility shared by all. To bring the evening to a rousing close, the guests toasted the incredible music and beautiful weather at a festive dinner under the stars.
Vicki Kellogg, Katherine DeConti, Ellis J Parker, and Nancy Parker
John Domenico, Susan Domenico, Elijah Duckworth-Schachter, and Katherine DeConti
Tom and Diahn McGrath
Jan Willinger ad Robert Spiegel
Katherine Mondadori, Michael Kennedy, Kristy Clark, Anka Palitz, and Eleanora Kennedy
Helen and Murray Charash
Janet and Mark Levy
Ken Wyse, Katherine DeConti, Anka Palitz, and Joe Rudik
Christopher Twardy and Ava Roosevelt
John Thornton and Margaret Thornton
Jason Laskey, Susan Lloyd, Mark Helliar, and Michael James
Murray and Barbara Hazan
Helena Martinez, Thomas Peterffy, and Roman Martinez IV
Annette Friedland and Anka Palitz
Nancy and Bill Rollnick
Cathe Tepper and Michael Roth
Anthony Kane and Murray Charash
Lisa Brintz, Michael Finn, Trisha O'Brien, Hayley Jarvi, Rebecca and Arnaldo Jagel, and Jennifer Myerberg
Gilbert and Doreen Bassin
Pamela Sweeney and Peter Levenson
Jim Cioff, Nicole DiCocco, and Irma L Anapol
Nancy DiCocco, Lou DiCocco, Nicole DiCocco, and Itzhak Perlman
Grace Meigher, Chris Meigher, and Kristy Clark
Kristy Clark and Vicki Kellogg
Ken and Mary Walker
Jim Clark, Kristy Clark, Itzhak Perlman, and Toby Perlman
Patricia and Salvador Minuchin with Toby Perlman
Rose and Anthony Kane
Georgiana Yang, Loretta Katz, and Jean Weiner
Michael Connors, Jullie Connors, and Kelly Mueller
Sandra and Paul Goldner
Emilia Fanjul, Jim Clark, Helena and Roman Martinez IV, Kristy Clark, and Jose Pepe Fanjul Sr.
David Sloan, Barbara Tober, Thomas McGrath, Judy Sloan, Donald Tober, and Diahn McGrath
Stephen and Diana Lewinstein, Susan Domenico, and John Domenico
Stephen DeAngelis, Mai Harrison, Kristen Krusen, and Charles Krusen
Musicians and guests
Down in Palm Beach Terry Allen Kramer recently hosted a private reception at her oceanside estate for the great international interior designer Nicky Haslam and his new book "Nicky Haslam; a Designers Life."

Among the guests:  Former first lady of Canada Mila Mulroney; world renowned interior designer Lars Bolander; artists Nadine Kalachnikoff, Helmut Koller, Yelitza Karolyi, Melinda Trucks and Edwina Sandys; The Silver Fund gallery owner Michael James; jewelry designers Peggy Stephaich Guinness and Helga Wagner; former Palm Beach Mayor Lesley Smith; PR maven Catherine Saxton, Ambassador Earle Mack, Morgan Stanley financier Robert Riva, Allman Bros co-founder and drummer Butch Trucks, Sequin founder/owner Kim Dryer, Dale Coudert, Bill Finneran, Joel Pashcow, Gerry and Roni Goldsmith, Paola Bacchini Rosenshein, Pauline Stephaich, Sandra Sondes, Candace Jorritsma, Marzia Precoda, Jim Pappas, Paula and Bob Butler, and Pamela O'Connor.
Mila Mulroney and Nicky Haslam
Rodney Hepburn, Terry Allen Kramer, and Mila Mulroney
Candia Fisher, Terry Allen Kramer, and Margo McNabb Nederlander
Dr. Mark Olaf Schulte-Frohlinde and Yelitza Karolyi
Irina and Paul Fisher
Grace Meigher and Tony Hoyt
Terry Allen Kramer
Butch and Melinda Trucks
Bill Finneran and Paula Butler
Marzia Precoda, Bill Finneran, Barbara Chevallard, and Jeff Marcus
Amoryn Engel and Tracy Stern
Jason Laskey
Tracy Stern, Paola Bacchini Rosenshein, and Suzanne Stoll
Kate Daniels and Collette van den Thillart
Leslie Smith, Earle Mack, Grace Meigher, Tony Hoyt, Sharon Sondes, and Geoffrey Thomas
C. Gerald Goldsmith and Roni Goldsmith
Ken Karakul and Bettina Anderson
Cortland Miller, Helga Wagner, and Helmut Koller
Richard Kaplan and Edwina Sandys
Camilla Guiness, Pauline Stephaich, and Peggy Stephaich Guinness
Catherine Saxton and Dale Coudert
On March 20th Lynn C. Fritz, owner of Lynmar Estates, hosted an intimate dinner celebrating the winery's 30th anniversary at the James Beard House in Greenwich Village.

Fritz is one of the most well regarded logistics entrepreneurs in the world. For the past 15 years he has turned his attention to producing some of the best luxury Pinot Noir, Syrah, Rose and Chardonnay out of the Russian River Valley in Sonoma.
Herb Karlitz, Juloie Karlitz, Anisya Fritz, Lynn Fritz, Sandy Weill, and Joan Weill
Lynmar Executive Chef David Frakes served up a fantastic menu—including red amaranth-crusted New Zealand grouper, pork prime rib with maitake golden marjoram risotto, and toasted mandarin pound cake—which winemaker Shane Finley paired with choice selections from the Estate's vineyard, such as Pinot Noir Rosé, Divinity Late Harvest Chardonnay 2011, and Lynn's Blend Pinot Noir 2012.

Among the distinguished guests enjoying the festivities were Lynn Fritz, Anisya Fritz, Sandy Weill, Joan Weill, Herb Karlitz, Julie Karlitz, Peter Venetoklis, Regina Robbins, Steve Cohen and Dr. Sandra Cohen.
David Frakes
Shane Finley
Lynn Fritz, Anisya Fritz, Joan Weill, and Sandy Weill
Glen Grisham, Vanita Salsbury, and Michael Connelly
Peter Venetoklis, Regina Robbins, Dr. Sandra Cohen, Steve Cohen, and Kathi Livornese
Herb and Julie Karlitz
photographs by Richard Lewin (Madoo); Annie Watt (Perlman); Patrick McMullan (Haslam)