Thursday, June 4, 2015

Milestone Celebrations

The scene of the Mount Sinai Health System's 30th Crystal Party
More than 1,300 guests including hospital leadership, staff, and supporters gathered in May to celebrate Mount Sinai Health System's 30th Crystal Party.

The event took place under a beautifully decorated tent at the Central Park Conservatory Garden and was hosted by Mount Sinai trustee Joel Picket and his wife, Joan. The event raised more than $3 million.

"Thirty years is a milestone. Yet, our vision remains the same -- to be a leader in the delivery of patient care and an innovator in the discovery of treatments for some of the most pressing diseases of our time," said Kenneth L. Davis, MD, President and CEO of the Mount Sinai Health System. "Toward that end, we will enhance our focus on wellness and prevention, and use some of our most sophisticated analytics to identify at risk patients. We will enhance our ambulatory centers to improve access to our care. And we will grow our scientific enterprise."
Anthony Naples, Elaine Naples, Christopher Wilson, Deborah Wilson, Richard LoPachin, PhD, and Vicki LoPachin, MD
"In the last year, since we have doubled our size and are now in the best position of any health care system in the northeast to address the changes and challenges in medicine today," said Peter W. May, Chairman of the combined Boards of Trustees of Mount Sinai Health System.

Doctor's Chairs included: Rebecca Sandler and Jeremy Boal, MD; Karen and Evan Flatow, MD; Cindie and Donald Kastenbaum, MD; Vicki LoPachin, MD and Richard LoPachin, PhD; and Eric Neibart, MD. Alana and Alexander Krug served as Friends Chairs.
Alana Krug and Alexander Krug
Andrew Right and Zibby Right
Barbara Moss and Richard Moss, MD
Richard Friedman and Susan Friedman
Dennis Charney, MD and Andrea Charney
Elissa Gretz-Friedman, MD, Robert Friedman, Leni May, Kenneth Davis, MD, and Bonnie Davis, MD
Fin Fogg and Diane Fogg
Enid Fisher and Alex Fisher
Joan Picket and Joel Picket
Keith Marran and David Reich, MD
Kenneth Davis, MD, Bonnie Davis, MD, Joel Picket, Joan Picket, Leni May, and Peter May
Robin and Arthur Aufses
Kenneth Davis, MD and Senator Charles Schumer
Laurie Margolies, MD and Elisa Port, MD
Marc Feinberg and Mindy Feinberg
Peter May and Leni May
Philip Landrigan, MD and Mary Landrigan
Stephen Mott III and Jordanna Davis Mott
Tracey Tsai and Jim Tsai, MD
Silvana Riggio, MD and Andy Jagoda, MD
Wendy Nacht and John Motolsky
Catelyn Letizia, Cathleen Gorman, and Sean Richardson
Cheryl and Michael Minikes
Daniel Davis and Emily Paul Davis
Jeremy Boal, MD and Rebecca Sandler
Evan Flatow, MD and Karen Flatow
David Janke, Zibby Janke, Eva Heyman, and Doug Heyman
Audrey Kubie, David Kubie, and Susan Alter
Daniel Neff and Richard Friedman
David and Karen Freedberg
Howard Ganz and Nancy Ganz
Jeffrey Silverstein, MD and Stacie Deiner, MD
Jennifer Price and Barry Price
John Eydenberg and Darin White Eydenberg
Sharon Gianelli, Jessica Gianelli, and Arthur Gianelli
Raja Flores, MD, Kathryn Flores, Myron Schwartz, MD, and Diana Pan
Last Wednesday evening, Craig and Deborah Cogut and the Polyphony Foundation hosted an intimate salon event at their Park Avenue residence.

Speaking to friends, family and supporters of the organization, Craig Cogut and Polyphony Foundation Co-Founder / Artistic Director Nabeel Abboud-Ashkar shared stories of the vital work that they're undertaking in Israel by using the power of classical music to help bridge the divide between Arab and Jewish communities.
Craig Cogut
Following cocktails and small bites, the Polyphony Quartet, which comprises two Arab and two Jewish musicians from Israel — Feras Machour (viola, age 19); Revital Bendersky (violin, age 18); Mahdi Saadi (cello, age 20); and Shir Chyat (violin, age 19) began to play for the crowd. The evening's program included works for quartet by celebrated classical masters, including Dvořák's String Quartet no.12 in F major, op.96, "American" and Mozart's Quartet no.14 in G Major k.387, "Spring" alongside works by renowned Arab composer Taiseer Haddad.
Shir Chyat, Revital Bendersky, Feras Machour, and Mahdi Saadi
Shir Chyat, Mahdi Saadi, Lina German, and Feras Machour
The Polyphony Foundation was founded by Deborah and Craig Cogut in partnership with Nabeel Abboud-Ashkar in 2011 as a result of their common goal of creating a cultural experience that would stimulate intercultural dialogue and understanding in Israel. In less than five years, the organization has grown to reach over 6,000 students, train over 140 local teachers, and create partnerships on the ground that are slowly changing the long existing practices that lead to divisions within Israeli society. Polyphony runs year-round educational programs for kindergarten through professional level students, and hosts concerts that specifically target Arab and Jewish communities and audiences in Israel.
Fred Seegal, Joel Babbitt, Robin Seegal, Craig Cogut, and Deborah Cogut
Susan Rockefeller and Barbara Cohn
Allan Oyugi, John Herbert, Paul Amastas, Marcos Bitew, Fred Maxik, and Leon Botstien
Bill Schwartz, Victoria Gray, and Chris Becker
Deborah Cogut and Seth Novatt
Craig Cogut, Mahdi Saadi, Revital Bendersky, Shir Chyat, Feras Machour, and Deborah Cogut
Linda Gelfond and Joan Hornig
Alex Cogut
Meghan Redman and Bruce Reynolds
Lynn Quinn and George Hornig
Carlos Tome and Nabeel Abboud-Ashkar
Paul Huang, Seth Novatt, and Teresa Kim
Interior decor's royal couple, antiquere John Rosselli and designer Bunny Williams, threw open the doors of Rosselli's East Side gallery for a big, buzzy drinks party in honor of author Steven Stolman and his new book, "40 Years of Fabulous: The Kips Bay Decorator Show House." The weighty tome chronicles over four decades of exquisite rooms created by the industry's top design talent for what is widely considered the finest designer show house in America. The book benefits the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club, which serves over 11,000 kids in the South Bronx, and can be purchased at

On hand to celebrate was a who's who of the New York interior design community, including, of course, many Kips Bay Show House alums such as Dick Ridge and Rod Denault, Sandra Nunnerly, Brett Beldock, Scott Salvatore, Charles Pavarini III, Barbara Ostrom, Scott Sanders, Bryant Keller, Keith Carroll and Sherrill Canet. Also, Duane Hampton, Helena and Roman Martinez, Alexandra Lebenthal, Chris Spitzmiller, Pamela Fiori, Tom Shaffer, Jeff Pfiefle and David Granville, Melanie Seymour Holland and Kips Bay Board of Trustees president James Druckman and his wife Nancy.
Steven Stolman, Bunny Williams, and John Rosselli
Lee Ann Thornton, Cary Brown, and Shelly Selig
Alexandra Lebenthal
Nick Olsen and Mary Dohne
Priscilla Ulmann and Anne McQueen
Cece Cord and Dean Cronin
Carla Gould and Nicola Fiorelli
Sandra Nunnerly and Steven Stolman
Marybeth Welsh and Rich Wilkie
Steven Stolman and Helen Powers
Lori Mahfouz and Jonathan Kutzin
Jim Druckman and Nancy Druckman
Ellen Niven, Melanie Holland, and Chesie Breen
Bill Cunningham and Bunny Williams
The table clothes, napkins, flowers, and votive candles were red and glowing for a very festive Latin Night at Doubles, the exclusive Club in the Sherry-Netherland.

Wendy Carduner
welcomed co-chairs Yolanda Santos, Tony Bechera, Raul Suarez, Virgilio Garza, Sasha Leviant and Juan Naveira while Son De La Avenida ensemble played Cumbias, Merengue and Salsa. Other members and guests enjoying the sounds of Latin music included Iris Cantor, John Desiderio, Ed Cave, Nancy Corals, JV Quarrels, Ana Maria Abalo de Boulton, Dimitri and Horacio Millberg-Uriballerea, Ann Nitze, Consul General Sandra and Henri Fuentes, Patricia Avellan, Lillian Scarpetta, Joel Bell, Hilary and John Block, Jeanie, Reezer, Chris Breck, Georgina Schaeffer, Robert and Loretta Bard, Mr and Mrs Schulman, Christina Rose, Martha and Neil Fox, Carole Mehler, Pat Falkenberg and many, many more.
Rauel Suarez, Yolanda Santos, and Chuz Bure
Edward Cave, Nancy Corals, and JV Quarrels
Susie Schneider
Raul Suarez and Anna Maria de Boldon
Wendy Carduner and Edward Cave
Sasha Leviant and Jeanie Reezer
John Desiderio and Iris Cantor
Ginny Aaron, Ellen Sosnow, and Pat Falkenberg
Edward Cave, Hilary Block, and John Block
Jaime Jimenez, Ann Nitze, and LeeLee Scarpetta
Joel Bell, Lilly Scarpetta, Marife Hernandez, Dimity Milberg, Horacio Milberg, Anna Maria de Bolton, Raul Suarez, and Yolanda Santos
The Schulmans, Sasha Leviant, Jeanie Reezer, and friends
Marcello Bernstein, Jorge Pepa, Georgina Schaeffer, and Chris Breck
Christina Rose
Robert and Loretta Bard
Consul General Sandra and Henri Fuentes, and Pepita Serrano
Jorge Dominguez and Chris Breck
Adrian Ulrich and Georgina Schaeffer
Adrian Ulrich, Juan Naveira, Marcelo Berenstein, Marcelo Etchebarne, and Jorge Pepa
Ronnie Hayman, Carole Mehler, and Pat Falkenberg
The Costa table
Tony Bechera and Pepita Serrano
On Wednesday, May 13th, The New England Society in the City of New York (NES) hosted its annual Founders' Day celebration in honor of its 110th year, and celebrating the Society's long, distinguished history.

Over 100 guests enjoyed cocktail, hors d'oeuvres and music at the Loeb Boathouse in Central Park. Jay Sherwood, 98th President of NES, welcomed members and guests, followed by the announcement of the 2015 Book Award winners by Anna Bulkot, 1st Vice President and Chair of the Book Awards Committee.
Doran Mullen, Connie Greenspan, and Ron Romaine
Jay Sherwood and Ann Elser
Kate Kincheloe, Andrew Bauer, Jean Otway, Lorcan Otway, and Leslie Middlebrook
Judy Bliss and Leonora Ballinger
Walter Bottger and Andrea Rose Rousseaux Dorkey
Stuart Bevan and Larry Golding
Melissa Zack, Dian Ducey, and Terry Smart
Jonathan Smith and Cassidy Dumbauld
Sara Hunter-Hudson and Milan Suri
Coco and Richard Neel
Andrea Rose Rousseaux Dorkey, Karen Bevan, and Mary Latimer Chung
Trip Dorkey and Andrea Rose Rousseaux Dorkey
Jenna Shipman, Sarah Belz, and Laurie Consoli
Kendra Swee, Lindsey Washburn, and Jennifer Mitchell
Tad and Jan Ogden
Ron Gold, Sara Hunter-Hudson, Jay Sherwood, Carol Lynch, and Michael Lynch
James Skay and Robin Hickey
Anna Bulkot, Tom Hills, and Colleen Hills
Arnold Neis, Hilda Neis, Dermod Sullivan, Ann Elser, Tabitha Young, and Mary Latimer Chung
Trip Dorkey, Sam Milliken, Laurie Miliken, Jay Sherwood, Kittie Stanton, and Marc Nied
Stuart and Karen Bevan
Steve Stroren, John Cupshalk, and Matthew Rimi
Boo Grace and John Dewey
John T Farrell and Valerie Corvington
Emily and Jed Cabangon
Harry Chung, Robert Chan, Mary Latimer Chung, and Milan Suri
Photographs by Annie Watt (Polyphony, NES, Doubles); Patrick McMullan (Stolman); Ed Haas Photography (Mount Sinai).