Friday, May 8, 2015

Over-the-top extravaganzas

Art-making activity in Thannhauser at the Guggenheim's benefit and reception for A Year with Children 2015.
On Monday, April 27, 2015, The Horticultural Society of New York (The Hort) hosted their 18th Annual New York Flower Show Dinner Dance. As a celebration of the influence of floral and garden design in society and the importance of flowers in the urban landscape, twenty-five of the tri-state area’s premier floral, fashion and interior designers transformed the Pierre Hotel’s ballroom into an over-the-top floral extravaganza.  With their towering tabletop displays, the designers reflected this year’s theme, A Garden Party. Each designer paid tribute to some of the most notable gardens in the world with their visionary tablescapes.

The Hort, along with some of New York City’s most influential socialites and designers, enjoyed a black tie dinner dance amidst the towering floral tabletop displays. During the gala, The Hort recognized Robert Couturier, legendary architect and decorator, and Barbara Israel, distinguished antique garden ornament dealer and author.
Mary Van Pelt, Robert Couturier, Barbara Israel, and Kamie Lightburn
Some of the designers who participated in the event include: Bowman Dahl Floral & Event Design, Design by Anthony Ortiz, Laura Clare Floral Design & Event Décor, Flowers by Daye, Fox Fodder Farm, Gramercy Park Flower Shop, H. Hartley du Pont Designs, Jodi Zimmerman Designs Inc., Jorge Cazzorla for Celebrate Flowers, Mixed Greens Event Design, OCCASION9, PFI, Rachel Cho Inc., Sterling Blooms, Susan Cushing for Espalier Events, The Arrangement Floral Design and Events, and many more. PFI won this year’s prestigious “Best in Show” award.

Guests in attendance included:  Kamie and Rich Lightburn, Frances and Tom Dittmer, Audrey Gruss, Susan Gutfreund, Arie and Coco Kopelman, Dennis and Huguette Hersch, Mary and Guy Van Pelt, Andrea Henderson Fahnestock and George Hambrecht, Guy Robinson and Elizabeth Stribling, Kathy and Othon Prounis, Nell and Robert Kleinschmidt, Betty Scholtz, Bruce W. Addison, Mario Nievera, Jared Goss, Michele and Scott Lindsay, Ursula and Paul Lowerre, Lily O’Boyle, Hunt Slonem, Nina Griscom, John Danzer, Meg and Doug Braff, Hartley and Paul du Pont, Sharon Casdin, Missey Condie, Stephanie Foster, Mark F. Gilbertson, Nancy and Michael Hodin, Jean and Martin Shaffiroff­, Alison Strong, Clelia and Tom Zacharias, John T. and R. Ellen Avellino, Debbie Bancroft, Susan Blond and Barry Bloom, Thomas Fuchs and Michou Mahtani, James de Givenchy, Frances L. Shelton and William Bruder, NYC Parks Commissioner Mitchell Silver, David Sprouls and Kate Wood, Danielle and Paul Taubman, and more.
Susan Gutfreund, Ursula Lowerre, and Paul Lowerre
Stephanie Foster, Mark Gilbertson, and Kristen Krusen
The proceeds raised from the event help The Hort sustain the vital connection between plants and the people, especially in underserved neighborhoods. This year’s goal was to raise $500,000, which support two of The Hort’s unique horticulture-based programs: GreenHouse, which provides remedial education, skill development, and vocational training in horticulture to hundreds of Rikers Island inmates each year, and GreenTeam, which provides transitional—yet marketable—employment to at-risk youth and ex-offenders and assist them to secure full-time jobs.
Amy Hoadley and Debbie Bancroft
Andrea Henderson Fahnestock and Nell Kleinschmidt
April Hardwick and Nancy Huh
Belem Hudson, Esmeralda Pedroni Spinola, Emilio Pedroni, Alison Strong, and Renee Domingo
Guy Robinson and Elizabeth Stribling
Jean Shafiroff and Audrey Gruss
Kamie and Richard Lightburn
Hunt Slonem and Charles Holmes
Jennifer Argenti, John Argenti, Kristen Krusen, and Charlie Krusen
Liliana Cavendish and Nina Griscom
Lily O'Boyle and Gigi Serrano
Karen Klopp and Cooper Ray
Jessica Cho, Bryan Cho, and Wendy Leon
Kathy and Othon Prounis
Mayme Hackett, Doug Braff, and Meg Braff
Lysa Rohan, Greg Rohan, and Elizabeth Stribling
Mario Nievera and Travis Howe
Michael Foster, Frances Schultz Dittmer, and Charles Holmes
Meg Chamberlin, Wendy Leon, Karyn Ravin, and Laine Siklos
Peter Harris, Nancy Harris, Melissa Epperly, and Kate Hemphill
Alejandra Cicognani and Bruce Addison
Sara Hobel and Susan Blond
Thomas Fuchs, Alison Strong, and Michou Mahtani
Peter Lapham, Emily Lapham, Huguette Hersch, and Anne Schlesinger
The Animal Medical Center’s Living Legends Luncheon Co-chair Alison Minton hosted a pre-party shopping event for the luncheon at the Elaine Turner store on Wednesday, April 29th. Guests enjoyed cocktails and cupcakes as they shopped to support The AMC, a non-profit veterinary center that has been a national leader in animal care since 1910. The AMC promotes the health and well-being of companion animals through advanced treatment, research and education, and is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to treat pets via appointment and on an emergency basis.
Living Legends Co-Chairs Alison Minton, Janet York, and Joanne Ronson
Guests who shopped for the cause included: Gordon Beck, Bettina Bennett, Sophia Bishop, Daniel Colon, Annika Connor, Nicole DiCocco, Montgomery Frazier, Kathleen Giordano, Dr. Penny Grant, Melanie Seymour Holland, Shane Inman, Carol Lane, Lauren Lawrence, Valerie Lettan, Judith Lidsky, Joy Marks, Ben Mindich, Adele Nino, Jane Pontarelli, Rosemary Ponzo, Kathy Prounis, Richard Rojas, Joanne Ronson, Matt Semino, Jean Shafiroff, Michel Witmer, Janet York, and Jordana Zizmor. The Elaine Turner store donated a generous 20% of sales to The AMC and donated a beautiful clutch bag for a raffle that was won by Sophia Bishop.

The Living Legends Luncheon will take place at the Harmonie Club on Tuesday, May 12, 2015. Luncheon chairs are Susan Lazarus, Alison Minton, Kane Nussbaum, Joanne Ronson, Helene Stein, Eva Usdan and Janet York. For more information or to purchase tickets please contact Allison Hagemann at
Allison Hagemann and Naomi West
Kathleen Giordano, Nicole DiCocco and Penny Grant
Shane Inman and Richard Rojas
Matt Semino and Michel Witmer
Bettina Bennett and Michel Witmer
Jean Shafiroff and Sophia Bishop
Jane Pontarelli and Nicole DiCocco
Valerie Lettan and Gordon Beck
Montgomery Frazier, Richard Rojas, Shane Inman, and Ben Mindich
Melanie Seymour Holland and Alison Minton
Jordana Zizmor and Alison Minton
Penny Grant holding Oscar Grant and Jane Pontarelli holding Lulu Pontarelli
Naomi West and Judith Lidsky
Rosemary Ponzo, Ben Mindich, Montgomery Frazier, and Adele Nino
Daniel Colon and Lauren Lawrence
On Monday, April 27, the American Friends of Museums in Israel's Inaugural Gala honored Adam D. Tihany, Chaim Katzman, Nathan A. Bernstein, the Honorable Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem, along with Massimo Vitali as "Artist of the Year" at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

Adam D. Tihany was honored for his important contribution to the world of design, Chaim Katzman for his extensive philanthropic activities in Israel and the United States, Nathan A. Bernstein for his deep knowledge of art and prominent role within the New York art community, Nir Barkat, Mayor of Jerusalem, for his inspired leadership and his support of the cultural institutions of Jerusalem, and Massimo Vitali as "Artist of the Year," for his stunning body of work and innovative approach to portraying the world.
Alon Sapan, Moshe (Peter) Peterburg, and Chaim Katzman
The cocktail reception was kept lively with enthusiastic guests circling around the striking array of silent and live auction works by accomplished artists, architects, and designers, including: El Anatsui, Ron Arad, Arman, Miriam Cabessa, Hollis Jeffcoat, Oded Halahmy, Richard Meier, Philip Pearlstein, Yuval Pudick, James Rosenquist, Michal Rovner, Ben Shahn, Laurie Simmons, Adam Straus, Hermann Struck, Mickalene Thomas, Massimo Vitali, among others.

Organized by Enid Shapiro, Executive Director, American Friends of Museums in Israel, the Gala evening was held in celebration of the organization's newly formed partnerships with nine, unique, outstanding museums in Israel. Partner museums are: Design Museum Holon, Haifa City Museum, Haifa Museum of Art, Hermann Struck Museum, Mané-Katz Museum, National Maritime Museum, Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem – A Socio Political Contemporary Art Museum, and Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem.
Marnie and Adam D. Tihany
Guests in attendance included: Corice Arman and Charles Mirotznik, Nathan A. Bernstein and Katharina Otto-Bernstein, Dr. Stanley and Annette Blaugrund, Miriam Cabessa, Beth Rudin DeWoody and Firooz Zahedi, Francine Gerson, Rose Ginosar, Marta Gucovsky, Oded Halahmy, Leila and Henry Heller, Chaim Katzman, Suzanne LaFleur, Iris Lana, Clive Lessem, Dr. Bernard and Jo Ann Kruger, Merav Maor, Richard Meier, Dana Mosevics, Jonathan Nadler and Corinne Arazi, Leon and Dafna Recanati, Amy Roland, Miriam Ruzow, Martin and Susan Sanders, Judith Selkowitz, Rabbi Barton and Jane Shallat, Michael and Seren Shvo, Donald Sultan, Adam D. and Marnie Tihany.

During dinner and the live auction held in the Grand Ballroom, David Genser, Executive Committee, American Friends of Museums in Israel, warmly welcomed guests, followed by an uplifting speech by Guest Speaker Ido Aharoni, Consul General of Israel in New York. Addresses were also made by Eilat Lieber, General Director and Chief Curator, Tower of David Museum of the History of Jerusalem; Raphie Etgar, Artistic Director and Curator, Museum on the Seam, Jerusalem - A Socio Political Contemporary Art Museum; Ed Blank, Executive Committee, American Friends of Museums in Israel; Gailt Gaon, Chief Curator, Design Museum Holon, and Nissim Tal, Director General, Haifa Museums.
Nathan A. Bernstein and Katharina Otto-Bernstein
Presentation of the awards to Honorees Chaim Katzman and Adam D. Tihany were made by Alon Sapan, Director General, Design Museum Holon, and Moshe (Peter) Peterburg, Chairman of the Board, Design Museum Holon. Presentation of the award to Honoree Nathan A. Bernstein was made by Nissim Tal, Director General, Haifa Museums, and the "Artist of the Year" award to Massimo Vitali was made by Jane Shallat, Board of Trustees, American Friends of Museums in Israel.

The American Friends of Museums in Israel recognizes, promotes, and honors its outstanding partner museums in Israel by providing exhibition, program, project and financial support through the generosity of its donors. In addition, the organization offers heightened visibility for its partner museums at special events, including annual galas in New York and Chicago. For more visit
Rabbi Barton and Jane Shallat with Francine Gerson
Firooz Zahedi, Beth Rudin DeWoody, and Richard Meier
Oded Halahmy, Nissim Tal, and Suzanne LaFleur
Miriam Ruzow and Iris Lana
David Genser and Ed Blank
Miriam Cabessa
Dr. Stanley and Annette Blaugrund
Eilat Lieber, Clive Lessem, and Rose Ginosar
Charles Mirotznik, Corice Arman, and Marnie and Adam D. Tihany
Amy Roland, Enid Shapiro, and Marta Gucovsky
Merav Maor and Raphie Etgar
Leila Heller and Donald Sultan
Karen Strauss, Ido Aharoni, and Dana Mosevics
Susan and Martin Sanders with Corinne Arazi and Jonathan Nadler
On Thursday, April 30, 2015, the Guggenheim hosted a benefit and reception for A Year with Children 2015. This annual exhibition showcases artworks by students in grades two through six from ten public schools who participated in Learning Through Art (LTA), the pioneering arts education program of the Guggenheim Museum, during the 2014–15 school year. More than one hundred creative and imaginative works, including collages, drawings, found objects, kinetic sculptures, installations, prints, and paintings, will be on display during the six-week exhibition. Proceeds benefit the exhibition of student work and the LTA program.

Guests included Guggenheim Director Richard Armstrong; Honorary Chairs Patricia Dunnington, Gail May Engelberg, and Wendy L-J. McNeil; and Chairs Erin Drouin, Libby Goldring, and Anna Kovner, granddaughter of LTA founder Natalie Lieberman. Also in attendance were New York City Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña and NYC Council Chairman Jimmy Van Bramer; Michelle Kohanzo, Jane Krakowski, Tony Longoria, Todd Oldham, and Kim Vinnakota.
Erin Drouin, Greer Kudon, Richard Armstrong, Wendy L-J. McNeil, Libby Goldring, and Anna Kovner
Loe Orlando, Todd Oldham, Tony Longoria, Michelle Kohanzo, and friends
Ava Meisel and friend
Erin Drouin, Anna Kovner, and Lauren Gargiulo
Chancellor Carman Farina and Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer
Chancellor Carman Farina, Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer, LTA student Jeanine Cornet
Richard Armstrong with LTA Student Abraham Zuniga (PS86 4th grade)
Claire Maxwell and Kim Vinnakota
Greer Kudon, LTA Student Daniel Tang (PS42 4th grade), and Jane Krakowski
LTA Student Avery Epstein (PS8 4th grade)
Erin and Sebastien Drouin
LTA student Jeanine Cornet (PS88 3rd grade)
Libby Goldring, Anna Kovner, and Erin Drouin
LTA Student Johenny Lopez (PS 88 5th grade), Gail Engelberg, and Kim Kanatani
LTA student Lucia Hartray (PS42 4th grade)
Rosalia Frangos and Ellie Vrondissis
Playing at the Guggenheim
Hanging out at the Guggenheim
On April 30th, the International Center of Photography hosted its 31st Annual Infinity Awards at Pier 60 honoring outstanding achievement by distinguished photographers and future luminaries. Over 500 supporters took part in the evening's celebration, which was sponsored by Hearst Corporation, and enjoyed watching the presentations from tables exquisitely decorated by Raul Avila.
Alan Rickman and Pat Schoenfeld
Batsheva Hay
Carolina Herrera
In attendance were Co-Chairs Michael A. Clinton, Marjorie Rosen and Pat Schoenfeld. Benefit Committee included Glenda Bailey, Peggy and Keith Anderson, Deborah Goodman Davis, Mia Diehl, Caryl and Israel Englander, Jay Fielden, Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness, T.J. Gottesdiener of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill LLP, Deborah Jerome and Peter Guggenheimer, Joan and Doug Hansen, Alan Rickman and Rima Horton, Bob Jeffrey, Bicky and George Kellner, Ellen and Richard Kelson, Almudena and Pablo Legorreta, Marina and Andrew Lewin, Renee Harbers and Christopher Liddell, Robbie Myers, Jeffrey A. Rosen, Stephanie and Fred Shuman, Sue and Fred Sievert, Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor, Stefano Tonchi, and Diane and Thomas Tuft.
Caryl Englander and Pat Schoenfeld
Hamish Bowles
The 2015 awards recipients included Cornell Capa Lifetime Achievement: Graciela Iturbide; Art: Larry Fink; New Media: Question Bridge: Black Males (Chris Johnson, Hank Willis Thomas, Bayeté Ross Smith, Kamal Sinclair & Jesse Williams); Photojournalism: Tomas van Houtryve; Publication: LaToya Ruby Frazier, The Notion of Family; Trustee: The Lean In Collection, by Getty Images & LeanIn.Org; Young Photographer: Evgenia Arbugaeva.

A special presentation was made to renowned photographer Mario Testino by Naomi Campbell.
Almudena Legorreta and Pablo Legorreta
Bob Jeffrey and Roxanne Motamedi
Among the many celebrants were Alex Gonzalez, Nathalie Kaplan, Karlie Kloss, Gucci Westman, Sarah Hoover, Derek Blasberg, Jen Brill, Nick Brown, Bianca Manley, Rebekah and Colin McCabe, Hamish Bowles, Carolina Herrera, Grace Coddington, Leelee Sobieski, Kate Lanphear, Tomas Guarracino, and Clifford Ross.

The International Center of Photography (ICP) is the world's leading institution dedicated to the practice and understanding of photography and the reproduced image in all its forms. ICP is a center where photographers and artists, students and scholars can create and interpret the world of the image within comprehensive educational facilities and archive. Visit for more information.
Derek Blasberg and Sarah Hoover
Gucci Westman
Isolde Brielmaier
Pat Schoenfeld, Michael Clinton, and Marjorie Rosen
Fiona Rudin
Glenda Bailey and Michael Clinton
Grace Coddington
Mario Testino
Gretchen Huizinga and Renne Harbors
Karlie Kloss
Naomi Campbell
Peggy Anderson and Keith Anderson
Rebekah McCabe
Marjorie Rosen and Jeffrey Rosen
Selby Drummond and Nick Brown
LaToya Ruby Frazier and Mark Lubell
Stephanie Shuman
Carolina Herrera, Mario Testino, and Naomi Campbell
Photographs by Will Ragozzino/ (Guggenheim); Jayd Jackson (AMC)