Monday, November 2, 2015

Park Avenue, Lifeline, Symrise, and HSS

Park Avenue, known as Fourth Avenue until the late 19th century, was cut with railroad tracks, as seen in this 1905 photo looking south from 56th Street.
On Monday, October 26th Anna and Brian Haughton, founders of the International Show, along with First Republic Bank hosted a reception at the Park Avenue Armory to celebrate the 2015 Park Avenue Tree Lighting and its supporters.

Trees were first lit on Park Avenue in 1945 in honor of the men and women who lost their lives in World War II and annual contributions from the community ensure that they continue to be lit each year.  Today, the illuminated trees are a symbol of peace and the sacrifices made to attain it.
Christian Keese, Barbara McLaughlin, and Konrad Keese
This year’s party featured a book signing with Jeffrey Bilhuber. His latest book, American Master: Notes on Style & Substance, written by Sara Ruffin Costello, was published by Rizzoli earlier this month.  The book aims to share and exhibit the truisms of great style through the lens of Jeffrey Bilhuber’s long career and it does not disappoint.  Potterton Books generously donated a percentage of the proceeds to The Fund.

Barbara McLaughlin, President of The Fund for Park Avenue, welcomed the guests and reminded them how important their support was to the continuation of this much-loved  New York tradition.  She went on to thank Anna & Brian Haughton and First Republic Bank for hosting such a lively evening filled with art, antiques, design, old friends (and new ones!) and, of course, Swifty’s famous “Billionaires Bacon!” In his remarks, Bilhuber talked about our ever-changing city and the importance of traditions like the annual Park Avenue Tree Lighting.
Sharon Bush, Lucia Gordon Hwong, Robert Caravaggi, and Jeffrey Bilhuber
The lighting of the 2015 Park Avenue trees will take place on Sunday, December 6th following a ceremony that begins at 6:30 p.m. outside the Brick Presbyterian Church (Park Avenue @ 91st Street).

Among those attending were: Victoria Anstead, Patricia Attoe, Leslie Banker, Patricia Burnham Brock & Bill Brock, Sharon Bush, Kathleen & Ted Beit, John & Natalie Blaney, LeMerle Brinkley, Blaine & Robert Caravaggi, Aliki & Dean Christie, Zita Davisson, Martin Gibson-Dessoffy & Bill Dessoffy (First Republic Bank), Diane Dunne, Debbie & Andy Fechter, Maria & Ken Fischel, Margie Furniss & Ed Kfoury, Tony Freund, Lee White Galvis, Mark Gilbertson, Martha & John Glass, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Dodie Gumaer (First Republic Bank), Bill Haas & George Moeschlin, Sue & Warren Haber, Kathleen Hale, Ellen Hanson & Richard Perlman, Bob Hardwick, Kirk Henckels, Amy Hoadley, Carol Humstone, Ann Jackson, Chris Keesee, Konrad Keesee, Lionel Larner, Anna Legio (First Republic Bank), Mary Libby, Judy Licht & Jerry Della Femina, Jack Lynch, Mary Matthews, Clare McKeon, Martha McLanahan, Monique Merrill, Kevin McLaughlin, Charles Miers (Rizzoli), Melissa & Chappy Morris, Jan & Tad Ogden, Polly Onet, Victoria Ostrowski & Dennis Scully, Julie Ovadia, Anka Palitz, Elizabeth Peabody, Lauren Shortt Pinto (First Republic Bank), Susan Relyea, Robert Rufino, Julie & William Sargent, Georgina Schaeffer, Marcia Schaeffer, Michael Scully, Lisa & Bob Semple, Pam Sommers (Rizzolii), Judith Steckler, Thor Thors, Evelyn Tompkins, Karen & Clay Tompkins, Michel Witmer, Jane Wong
Linda Orlick, Leslie Hubbard, Julie Ovadia, and Nick Athanail
Lisa Berntstein, Jack Lynch, Amy Hoadley, and Helen Johnson
Karen Thompkins, Clay Thompkins, and Kirk Henckels
Michael Scully
Elena de Noue, Georgina Schaeffer, and Clare McKeon
Tony Freund and Pam Sommers
Charles Miers and Jeffrey Bilhuber
Jerry Della Femina, Bill Dessoffy, and Judy Licht
LeMerle Brinkley
Jeffrey Bilhuber and Sharon Bush
Betsy Turner, Jack Lynch, and Polly Onet
Randy Gilman, Nick Athanail, Linda Orlick, and Henry Ball
Jay Jolly and Martha Glass
Clare McKeon and Mark Gilbertson
Mary Libby, Lionel Larner, and Jane Wong
Amy Hoadley, Melissa Morris, Chappy Morris, Kevin McLaughlin, and Barbara McLaughlin
Bill Dessoffy, Lauren Shortt Pinto, Martha Glass, and Martin Gibson-Dessoffy
Ken Fishel, Maria Fishel, Lena Kuzinez, and Boris Kuzinez
Jeffrey Bilhuber and Anna Haughton
Jo-Ann Polise, Thor Thors, and Victoria Anstead
Magda Gregorian, Anna Haughton, and Barbara McLaughlin
Helen Johnson, Mark Schwarz, and Lisa Berntstein
Polly Sheehan, Tad Ogden, Bob Sheehan, and Jan Ogden
Warren and Sue Haber
Anka Palitz and Jeffrey Bilhuber
Bill Brock and Patricia Bernam Brock
Kevin McLaughlin, Barbara McLaughlin, and Bill Dessoffy
Ann Jackson and Martha McLanahan
William and Julie Sargent
A week ago Thursday, TRH Prince Alexander and Princess Katherine hosted the 5th Annual Benefit Luncheon for Lifeline New York at Le Cirque. The luncheon also served as a celebration of the Prince's 70th Birthday with his New York friends and colleagues including HRH Prince Dimitri, Ivana Trump, Mona Al Nasser, Former Governor of New York David Paterson, and Sharon Bush.

Board member David Hryck welcomed guests and introduced Prince Alexander to the podium. The Prince passionately commented on the current refugee crisis in Serbia and the rest of Europe, and described efforts by the royal Family and the Lifeline Foundation to ease the plight of the displaced people, "Thankfully Serbia is at a stage where my countrymen respect all people, and are able to help migrants from other lands.”
Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia, Cheri Kaufman, Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia, and Mona Al Nasser
Lifeline New York's Vice President Cheri Kaufman introduced The Dobbs 16, a choir from Masters School in Westchester, who performed a trio of tunes, including a rendition of Happy Birthday to a smiling Prince. Guests included Audrey Gruss, Janna Bullock, Jean Shafiroff, Countess LuAnn de Lesseps, Kamie Lightburn, Elisabeth Thieriot, Marina Pellecchi, Elizabeth Kabler, Marina Pellecchi, and Betty Roumeliotis.

Board member Susan Gutfreund announced the winner of the raffle for a Tiffany Satchel, before a clip of Princess Katherine speaking to CNN was played. Cheri Kaufman, also the luncheon chair, told guests that on her trip to Belgrade in August for the Prince’s Birthday Celebration at the Royal Palace, she met with U.S. Ambassador Michael Kirby, who "confirmed that Lifeline is highly regarded for effectiveness in improving the lives of children and the health of women in Serbia facing breast cancer.”
Crown Prince Alexander of Serbia, Ivana Trump, and Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia
Princess Katherine addressed the guests reporting on the plight of the hundreds of thousands of refugees transiting through her country. Stressing its relief efforts, she focused on the needs of children. She recounted a story of a recent visit by a group of orphans to the Palace in Belgrade.

“They asked where my crown is, and I’d reply, the Crown is in my heart." She explained, "It is not easy being a Princess. If you wonder what a Princess means, it is explained by the work you do, not what you are called."
The Dobbs 16 from Masters School
She then thanked her husband and everyone involved with the Lifeline Foundation, and finished by remarking, "Life is a mission and there are no borders in suffering, but by attending this lunch, you have helped children in a valuable and demonstrable way."

As dessert was served, Greek soprano Laura Mamakos performed “Il est doux Il est bon, Massenet's Herodiade” accompanied by pianist, Michael Wittenberg. Additional raffle items came courtesy of MoMA, Montero, Basler, Rene Caovilla, Holliday & Brown, Stefano Bremer and Sciamat.
Mary Sliwa and David Paterson
David Hryck and Susan Gutfreund
Elizabeth Kabler, Audrey Gruss, and Marina Pellecchi
Janna Bullock
Jean Shafiroff, Elizabeth Theriot, and Sharon Bush
Peter Hallock, Kathleen Fisher, and Joseph Fisher
Cheri Kaufman, Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia, and Bill Slith
Karen Klopp and Kamie Lightburn
Laura Mamakos and Betty Roumeliotis
David Mason, LuAnn de Lesseps, and Jamie Rose
Catching up: On Wednesday, October 7th, environmentalist Kick Kennedy, along with Ralph Lauren model Morgan OConnor, and HSN’s Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin hosted the opening of Symrise's New York Studio on Park Avenue. With all guests assembled, was announced that Ms. Kennedy will join Symrise on a perfumer's trek to Madagascar to identify unique new sustainable fragrance raw materials. It was also announced that a fragrance was created for Morgan O'Connor inspired by his philanthropic organization SailingHeals.

Achim Daub, Global President of Symrise’s Scent & Care Division welcomed guests including The Real Housewives of New York's Dorinda Medley; industry executives including Daniel Annese, Ann Gottlieb, Marc Rosen and Pamela Vaile; perfumers including Emilie Coppermann and David Apel; and Pamela O’Connor and Jean Shafiroff.
Emilie Coppermann, David Apel, Natalie Benareau, Christelle Laprade, and Carlos Vinals
Kick Kennedy’s Symrise trip to Madagascar is to witness the company's sustainable methods of vanilla harvesting. Globally, Symrise is the largest producer of natural sustainable vanilla, with the majority coming from Madagascar where they have been lauded for their efforts in cultivating a sustainable and eco-conscious method of farming for the past 10 years.

Other guests included: Skein’s Jeff An and Robert Christiansen, Robin Cofer, DJ Etienne DeYans, model/actress Anastasia Garvey, writer David Goodwillie, R. Couri Hay, Lucia Hwong Gordon, actor Caleb James, Christine and George Ledes, Whitney Kimball Long, Dr. Kenneth Mark, Louise Masano, Nicole Noonan, Leesa Rowland, actress Cassandra Seidenfeld, Tom Shaffer and Isabelle Vacheret.
Isabel Bacheret, Beatrice Mouleyre, and Emilie Coppermann
Globally, Symrise is one of the largest suppliers of fragrance and flavors, and their scents have been featured in more than 15,000 products across 135 countries. With creative perfumers and an environmentally friendly philosophy, Symrise is an influential player in the scent and care world that has created fragrances for brands including Marc Jacobs, Carolina Herrera, Donna Karan and Victoria's Secret.
Achim Daub, Consuelo Vanderbilt Costin, Morgan O'Connor, and Kick Kennedy
Tom Shaffer and Louise Masano
Ann Gottlieb
Marc Rosen and Rhona Stokols
Jean Shafiroff and R. Couri Hay
Judy and Peter Price
Anthony Taccetta, Anastasia Garvey, and Dr. Kenneth Mark
Jeff An
Pamela Vail and George Ledes
Byron Hero and Christine Schott
The Hospital for Special Surgery (HSS) hosted its Annual Autumn Benefit on Friday, October 23rd  at Guastavino’s. The dinner is in support of the award-winning medical education program at HSS. This year, the evening honored three orthopedic surgeons at HSS: Dr. Lawrence Gulotta, sports medicine surgeon; Dr. John Lyden, orthopedic trauma surgeon; and Dr. Scott Rodeo, sports medicine surgeon and co-chief emeritus of the Sports Medicine and Shoulder Service. All three were recipients of education awards at this year’s resident graduation.
Notable guests included: Dr. Todd J. Albert, surgeon-in-chief at HSS; Dr. David Altchek, sports medicine surgeon at HSS; Monica Keany and Dan Zwirn, former managing director at Morgan Stanley and CEO at Applied Data Finance, respectively; Barry Lafer, president of Lafer Management; Richard and Kathy Leventhal; Judith Little, former dean of UC Berkley’s Graduate School of Education; Dr. Hollis Potter, chairman of Radiology and Imaging at HSS; Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Sculco, surgeon-in-chief emeritus at HSS; Honorable Joyce Sparrow; Robert Yaffa, executive managing director at Cushman & Wakefield; Ellen and Joe Wright. Also:  DeDe Brooks; Lofi and Mark Fife; Kenneth V. Handal, former Assistant US Attorney of New York; Arthur and Marilyn Levitt, former chairman of SEC; Michael Smerconish, Sirus and CNN host.
Barbara Albert, chair, shares opening remarks
Gigi, electric violinist
Guests enjoyed entertainment by electric violinist, Gigi. The Autumn Benefit Committee of HSS was chaired by Barbara Albert. Co-chairs included: Anne Altchek, Carol M. Lyden and Ann Roberts.
The dinner co-chairs: Ann Roberts, Anne Altchek, Barbara Albert, and Carol Lyden
Rachel Shapiro with father Louis A. Shapiro, CEO and president of Hospital for Special Surgery
Dr. Todd Albert, surgeon-in-chief at Hospital for Special Surgery, with Dr. Philip Wilson, Jr., orthopedic surgeon
Craig Ivey, president of Con Edison, with Janise Cocker
Dr. David Altchek, sports medicine surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, with daughter, Chloe
Barbara Albert, chair, with mother, Susan Merinoff
Co-chair Carol Lyden with Dr. John Lyden, orthopedic trauma surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, one of the night's honorees
Connie Anne Phillips, editor of Glamour, with Monica Keany
One of the night's honorees, Dr. Lawrence Gulotta, sports medicine surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, with his wife Megan
From left to right: Cynthia Sculco; Laurie Warren; Judith Dines; Dr. David Dines, sports medicine surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery; Dr. Russell Warren, sports medicine surgeon; Dr. Thomas Sculco, orthopedic surgeon; Dr. Robert Brophy, former HSS resident and fellow
Dr. Lawrence Gulotta, sports medicine surgeon and recipient of this year's Richard S. Laskin, MD, Young Attending Award, with the Honorable Joyce L. Sparrow
Dr. Thomas Sculco, orthopedic surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery, with the Honorable Joyce L. Sparrow
Seymour Flug, Renee Flug, Carol Lyden, Sue Weinberg, and Dr. John Lyden, orthopedic trauma surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery
Photographs by Annie Watt (Park Avenue)