Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Philanthropic endeavors

Komen Greater NYC's Young Professionals Committee held its seventh annual Paint the Park Pink at The Bryant Park Grill.
On Friday, February 20, 2015, China Institute hosted its Tenth Annual Chinese New Year Celebration. China Institute is the oldest bi-cultural organization exclusively focusing on U.S. - China relations and, as such, our New Year's celebration has become a tradition in New York City.

Held at Cipriani 42nd Street, the event was attended by over 340 guests. Chaired by Trustee Sophia Sheng, attendees included Ambassador Zhang Qiyue, Anla Cheng and Mark Kingdon, Jill Sackler, Fred and Irene Shen, and Theodore T. Wang.
The evening began with a reception at 6:30 p.m., followed by a banquet-style dinner at 7:30 p.m. Highlights included a colorful lion dance to start off the New Year of the Sheep, a music performance by talented students from the Bard College Conservatory, and dancing to the music of DJ Charles Yaung. A master calligrapher was on hand to paint a special Chinese character for guests. Children collected red envelopes during the evening in support of China Institute's educational programs.
Jay Goffman and Susan Goffman
Adam He, Michelle Pan, and Steven Zhao
Santi Wong and Chloe McCabe
Loyi Chen and Milly Chen
Irene Shen and Fred Shen
Leslie McDonald and Pearl Chin
Ginger Cheng, Robert Chang, and Yvonne Wong
Didi Pei, Diane Fisher Noel Patton, and Edward Pei
Michelle Koo
Jason Carter, Luguang Yang, Blaise Punturo, and Elaine Lai
Edmund Nagel and Dora Wong
Santi Wong, Di Wu, and Mai Shi
Pearl Wong, Norman Wong, and Chloe McCabe
Heidi Mitchell, Malachi Mitchell, and Aaron Mullenioux
Sophia Sheng, Grayson Ward, Jack, Christina Sheng, Clea Sheng, Jennifer Sheng, and Warren Sheng
Miguel Benavides, Jill Sackler, and Willow Hai
Shenzhan Liao, Toh Tsun Lim, and Pearl Chin
Larry Heimowitz, James Heimowitz, Laura Heimowitz, May Lifton, and Dan Lifton
Chiu-Ti Jansen and Henry Howard Sneyd
Eduardo Mestre, Jillian Mestre, and Alex Chu
Jing Xie, Santi Wang, Kelly Wang, Wynne Lam, and Dictson Fu
Dong Wu, Jason Carter, Luguang Yang, Margaret Yu, and Warren Weideman
Catherine Li and Christian Li
Margaret Liu, Dong Wu, and Sophia Sheng
Savio Tung, Anna Kingdon, Lilian Tung, Ambassador Zhang Qiyue, Mark Kingdon, and Guoqing Chen
Nelson Sum, Esther Rosenberg, and Michael Ostroff
Sandra Teng and Fred Teng
Karen Wang, Susan Little, and Kelly Wong
Jung Kim, Allison Kim, and Sun Kim
Ed Dugger and Thomas Powell
Patrice Ingrassia, Elizabeth Ingrassia, and Chris Broda
Sally Song and Andrew Chang
Kevin Lavin, Laura Lavin, Alyssa Lavin, and Cody Doverstein
Jan Berris, Freddy Xim, and Ansso Wang
Mark Kingdon, Amanda Haynes Dale, and Ted Wang
Anla Cheng and Ted Wang
Dong Yuan and Chiu-Ti Jansen
Thomas Powell and Rochelle Powell
Laijiang Chu, Liling Chu, and Eve Guernsey
Liane Pei, Toh Tsun Lim, and Jason Mo
Alex Chu and Lauren Chu
Lei Zhou, Susan Beningson, and Jeff Lin
Nina Lippman, Jamie Haight, Gaby Stern, Liv Melstrand, and Liz Stern
The Young Professionals Committee (YPC) of Susan G. Komen® Greater New York City hosted its seventh annual fundraiser, Paint the Park Pink, at The Bryant Park Grill. The restaurant was bathed in pink light for the event and live music and entertainment for the evening was provided by Oh La La!

Paint the Park Pink introduced the greater New York City Gen X and Y community to the life-saving work of Susan G. Komen, Komen Greater NYC and the YPC.  The evening consisted of live music, dancing, food, drink, silent auction, and breast cancer awareness-raising. It featured a short program with Komen Greater NYC CEO Linda McNeil Tantawi, Komen Greater NYC Board Chair and YPC founder Sandra L. Kozlowski, YPC Chair John Petzold, and Komen Ambassador Eric Brinker.
Young Professionals Committee chair John Petzold, Komen Ambassador Eric Brinker, Komen Greater NYC board chair and YPC founder Sandra Kozlowski
The YPC consists of rising young executives and professionals whose goal is to engage a new generation in the culture of philanthropy — inspiring them to help Komen Greater NYC achieve their vision of a world without breast cancer.  The YPC is dedicated to finding new ways to raise awareness and monies to fund innovative grassroots breast health programs that provide life-saving services to underserved residents in New York City, Long Island, Westchester and Rockland Counties.

"We've already raised over $100,000 for this event, and we expect to raise much more when everything is tallied up.  These funds will help underwrite Komen Greater NYC's breast health screening, treatment and support programs, which are so important to women who might otherwise not have access to breast health care," said Kozlowski.
Komen Greater NYC Young Professionals Committee Founding Advisory Committee members Pablo Ogarrio and Dawn Reinholtz, Komen Greater NYC board chair and YPC founder Sandra Kozlowski, and Young Professionals Executive Committee member Steve Simmons
Angeles Kozlowski and her daughter Sandra, Komen Greater NYC board chair and YPC founder
The event was made possible through the generous support of Patrick Crosetto (Pink Diamond Sponsor); Andersen Tax LLC, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Korn Ferry, and The Waldele Family Foundation (Pink Sapphire Sponsors); and Alternative Alternative Investment Management LLC and Kenneth Y. Handel and Mary Francina Golden (Pink Opal Sponsors).

For further information about Komen Greater NYC's Young Professionals Committee, please visit  
Komen Greater NYC's Young Professionals Executive Committee member Steve Simmons (left), YPC member Chris Foley (second from right) and friends
Komen Greater NYC's Young Professionals Executive Committee
J.McLaughlin hosted an exclusive preview of their charity Pop-Up Shop at The Society Boutique (formerly known as The Society of MSK Thrift Shop) to support The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center's leading-edge patient care, education, and research programs. The shop was filled to the brim with guests and iconic J.McLaughlin pieces for sport, work and play.

Party goers were treated to a delicious spread from Callum and Gavin McLaughlin (no relation!) of the Grey Lady. DJ One warmed up the crowd with old school beats throughout the night. Guests included Jennifer Creel, Hilary Dick, Karen Klopp, Elaine Griffin, Chappy Morris, Debbie Bancroft, Polly Onet, Melanie Holland, Mark F. Gilbertson, Martha and John Glass, Webb Egerton, Kate Pickett, Andrew Davis, Julie Fowler, Amy Raiter Dwek, Kimberly Flaster and Natalie Leeds Leventhal.
Martha Glass and Hilary Dick
The pop up shop was open, from Friday, February 20 to Sunday, February 22 at The Society Boutique on the Upper East Side at 1440 Third Avenue (between 81st and 82nd Streets). J.McLaughlin will contribute 30% of all sales at this event to The Society of MSK.
Chappy Morris, John Glass, Martha Glass, and Debbie Bancroft
Karen Klopp, Jack Lynch, and Virginia Apple
Katie Toser, Elaine Griffin, Gillian Boyer, and Julie Fowler
Hilary Dick, Catherine Carey, Karen Klopp, and Courtney Moss
Avery Egerton-Warburton and Webb Egerton
Jennifer Creel, Hilary Dick, and Mark Gilbertson
Kirsten Salander and Alex Barnet
Jack Lynch and Polly Onet
Karen Klopp and Martha Glass
Kate Pickett and Andrew David
Wibby Sevener, Katie Toser, and Jen Oken
Lighthouse Guild held its eighth annual gala at Club Colette in Palm Beach on February 18, 2015. The elegant dinner dance, a sell-out, was co-chaired by mother-daughter duo, Kit Pannill and Talbott Maxey, who were jointly honored at the event last year. Arlene Dahl, who is Lighthouse Guild's Ambassador-at-Large, served as Honorary Chairman; and India Paull and Ashley Miller Bell served as Junior Co-chairmen.

Susan and James Dubin
Alan R. Morse, President and CEO of Lighthouse Guild, gave a warm welcome to the supporters and guests, and introduced gala honorees, Darlene Jordan and her mother, Cathy Luccio, continuing Lighthouse Guild's theme of recognizing mothers and daughters. Morse then introduced Board Chairman, James M. Dubin, who discussed the Guild's Mission and how it has become the nation's leading organization providing a full spectrum of integrated vision and healthcare programs and services for the blind and visually impaired.

Dahl recognized Pannill, Maxey, Paull and Bell and thanked them for their leadership, and acknowledged the POSH Palm Beach Committee for their dedication and support. She also introduced Thomas C. Quick, an Advisory Board Member, who served as auctioneer for the evening.

Lighthouse Guild's annual POSH Palm Beach gala kicked off the highly anticipated POSH Palm Beach designer clothing and accessories sale, held February 17-19 in Downtown West Palm Beach. Guests who attend the gala were invited a special sneak preview of the sale, which features clothing and accessories donated by socialites, celebrities, designers and fashion retailers.
Arlene Dahl and Marc Rosen
Margot McNabb Nederlander and Jimmy Nederlander
Sally Anne Howes and Douglas Rae
Somers Farkas and Mona de Sayve
Harry and Gigi Benson
Lee Bell and Allison Gulbrandsen
Darlene Jordan, Alan Morse and Cathy Luccio
Maurice Amiel and Paige Noland Rense
India Paull and James Hancock
Geoffrey Thomas and Sharon Sonde
Frannie Sciafe and Tom McCarter
Kit Pannill and Talbott Maxey
Tom Quick and Grace Meigher
Lavinia Baker, Kim Campbell and John McGreevy
Jackie Weld and Rick Rose
William and Candy Hamm
Over in the Windy City, 25 Chicago ladies celebrated Valentine's Day at an elegant luncheon held in the Red Room of the Tortoise Club. Organized by Myra Reilly and Zarada Gowenlock, it honored Bunky Cushing for his many years of philanthropic endeavors in the city.
Bunky Cushing and Jodi McNally
Cathy Bartholmay and Myra Reilly
Myra Reilly, Bunky Cushing, and Zarada Gowenlock
Melissa Babcock and Sherrill Bodine
Dusty Stemer and Toni Canada
Marcy Gookin, Leslie Zentner, and Megan McKinney
Cheryl Bollinger
Table centerpieces by Lord & Mar of Lake Forest
A luncheon rhapsody in red!
The NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center's Seminar on the Frontiers of Medicine attracted more than 450 attendees to the Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach.
The symposium, which touched on high-tech therapies and compassionate patient care, featured the following presenters: Dr. Arnold P. Advincula, Dr. Orli Etingin, Dr. Felice Schnoll-Sussman, and Dr. Joshua Sonnett.

The seminar was moderated by Steven J. Corwin, M.D., Chief Executive Officer of NewYork-Presbyterian, and Herbert Pardes, M.D., Executive Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees of NewYork-Presbyterian.
Dr. Herbert Pardes, Dr. Arnold Advincula, Dr. Orli Etigin, Dr. Felice Schnoll-Sussman, Dr. Joshua Sonett, and Dr. Steven J. Corwin
Roman Martinez, Peggy Wolff, and Dr. Herbert Pardes
Kenneth and Kaye Ford
Dr. Arnold Advincula, Dr. Orli Etigin, Dr. Felice Schnoll-Sussman, and Dr. Joshua Sonett
Dr. Steven J. Corwin, Iris Cantor, and Ellen Corwin
John and Myrna Daniels
Peter and Barbara Georgescu
Photographs by Patrick McMullan (China Institute); Annie Watt (MSK); Jacek Gancarz (NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital); Nicholas Lobberecht & John Reilly (Bunky)