Monday, January 26, 2015


The Winter Antique Show team on opening night.
Last Thursday night at the Park Avenue Armory was the Opening Night Party of the Winter Antiques Show to benefit the East Side House Settlement. WAS, as some are now calling it, marks the beginning of the social season that will now extend until late May when people start preparing for summer (and many leaving the city whenever they can).

The evening’s co-chairs were Lucinda Ballard, Arie Kopelman and Michael Lynch. Arie Kopelman, now retired President of Chanel US, has been at the center of producing this Opening Night for many years, and has been a hands-on contributor to its successes. The Opening Night Party Chair was Kathleen Tierney, Executive Vice President and COO of Chubb Personal Insurance.
The East Side House Settlement was established 124 years ago in 1891 as a non-profit community service organization. The “settlement houses,” of which there are several in the greater New York area, were all founded to assist newcomers (immigrants) and the poor in the neighborhoods. They are the glue to a cohesive community that moves and grows in every direction by leaps and bounds in the city called New York.
John Sanchez, Marc Stern, Peter Pennoyer, Katie Ridder, Arie Kopelman, Kathleen Tierney, Lucinda Ballard, Ulysses Dietz, Michael Lynch, and Tom Remien
Patrick Bell
Ellie Cullman
Alex and Laurel Acevedo
Hilary and Wilbur Ross
Jerry Lauren, Susan Rappaport, and Sy Rappaport
Jill Kargman
Genevieve Brown, Andrew Brunk, Margot Chvatal, Tom Parker, Lauren Brunk
Karen Wadkins and Winnie Walker
Maurine Klinsky, Steve Klinsky, and Laura Lofaro Freeman
Donald and Barbara Tober
Anne Smithers and Kathy Erwin
Marcus Jordan and Charissa Craig
Nicole DiCocco and Dr. Penny Grant
Marc D. Stern, Leslie Day, and George Wilcox
Roland Augustine, Peter Brant, and Laurence Louring
Stephanie Krieger and Bryan Stewart
Nicole Dawson, Alex Seda, Julio Torruellas, Shanette Milligan, Ephraim Weir, and Petronia Harrison
Diana Taylor and Michael Bloomberg
Diane Finnerty, Alexandra Garrison, Chelsea Conrad, and Mary Elliot
Katie Ridder, Lucinda Ballard, Lucinda Ballard, and Peter Pennoyer
Mildred Onken and Ronde Bradley
Arie Kopelman and Leigh Keno
Robert Turner and Cece Cord
Keith Langham
Arie Kopelman, Kathleen Tierney, Lucinda Ballard, Michael Lynch, and Tom Remien
Bunny Williams and Jon Rosselli
Alex Papachristidis and Scott Nelson
Barbara Israel
Shirley Benfante and Steven Harmison
Jay Cantor and Jeff Daly
Peter and Jamee Gregory
Bobby Beard and Alicia Vergara
Makiko Ushima and Takeshi Ushima
Marian Hunting and Nicholas Stern
Kami Lightburn and Stephanie Loeffler
Frederick Koch and Margo Langenberg
Martha Stewart and Kevin Sharkey
Sandra Nunnerley
Carol Prisant
Alice Frelinghuysen
Kathy Ruland and William Martini
Mike Danziger, Jon Hays, Lucy Danziger, and Andrew Holter
Marion Martin, Ellen Martin, and Sarah Donnem
Richard Chilton and Emily Rafferty
Nikki Brown, Rand Silver, Lauren Brunk, and Andrew Brunk
Pamela Talese and Robert Simon
Elle Shushan and Coco Kopelman
Karen Glover, Dave Findlay, and Mimi Findlay
Alice Frelinghuysen, Christopher Forbes, and Astrid Forbes
Ashlee Harrison and John Douglas Eason
Sara Tucker, Amy McNeece, Laura Doyle, and Susan Clerkin
Joan Boening, Edward Munves, Charlotte Boening, Amanda Boening, and James Boening
Arie Kopelman and Thomas Jayne
Kathy Booth and Robert Booth
Lark Mason, Erica Mason, Helen Kippax, John Kippax, and Chris Tofalli
Dick Jenrette and Margize Howell
Christopher Mason
Lee Black and Cece Black
William Humphreys and Jane Humphreys
David Dangremond, Mary Dangremond, and Sam Dangremond
Guy and Harry Apter
This year is the 75th Anniversary of the founding of the American Ballet Theatre, and the season will be highlighted by the New York Premiere of Alexei Ratmansky’s all-new production of The Sleeping Beauty, a revival of Lar Lubovitch’s Othello and repertory programs featuring historic works in celebration of the Company’s 75th Anniversary Season.

Last Wednesday night at Alice Tully Hall, they held a reception and screening of clips for supporters of Ric Burns’ new documentary on the history of The American Ballet Theatre. There was a big turnout and these photos will give you an idea of the support and devotion that ABT evokes in many New Yorkers.
Scenes from Ric Burns’ new documentary on the history of The American Ballet Theatre ...
Principal Dancers for the 2015 Metropolitan Opera House season include Roberto Bolle, Isabella Boylston, Herman Cornejo, Marcelo Gomes, David Hallberg, Paloma Herrera, Julie Kent, Gillian Murphy, Veronika Part, Xiomara Reyes, Polina Semionova, Hee Seo, Daniil Simkin, Cory Stearns, Diana Vishneva and James Whiteside.  Guest Artists for the season include Semyon Chudin, principal dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet, Maria Kochetkova, principal dancer with San Francisco Ballet, Denys Nedak, soloist with the National Ballet of Ukraine, Marianela Nuñez, principal dancer with The Royal Ballet, Evgenia Obraztsova, principal dancer with the Bolshoi Ballet, Natalia Osipova, principal dancer with The Royal Ballet and Olga Smirnova, leading soloist with the Bolshoi Ballet.

Breaking with tradition, ABT’s annual Spring Gala, this year in celebration of the Company’s Diamond Anniversary, will be held during the second week of the Met season, on Monday, May 18 at 6:30 P.M.  The evening will feature performances spanning ABT’s seven and a half decades.  With guest speakers and film excerpts, the evening will honor the historic of ballets and the dancers who have shaped the Company's identity.  For information on ABT’s 75th Anniversary Gala, call the Special Events Office at 212-477-3030, ext. 3310.
Nicole Graniero, Katie Williams, Susan Fales-Hill, and Pua Brown
April Giangeruso and Jeff Riley
Tim Landi and Nathalie Kaplan
Bettina Zilkha
Somers Farkas
Dayle Haddon and Nazee Moinian
James Whitehill and Ric Burns
Lauren Post, Alexandra Basmagy, Tania Higgins, and Christina de Marvel
Desmond Cadogan and Chih Liang
Eyal Arad, Andrea Karambelas, and Tim Landi
Christine Schwarzman, Kalliope Karella, and Sara Ayers
Elina Mieccimem, Rachel Moore, and Christine Shevchenko
Mildred Brinn and Jean Volpe
Leslie Stevens and Lisa McCarthy
Luciana Voltolini, Melanie Hamrick, Sterling Baca, and Nayara Lopes
Cindy Conway, Patrick Conway, and Gayle Potter
Cindy Conway, Patrick Conway, and Gayle Potter
Viqar Shariff and Kimberly Shariff
Sterling Baca and Nayara Lopes
Melanie Hamrick, Courtney Lavine, and Adrienne Schulte
Caroline Oliver and Elizabeth Belfer
David Blowers and Mary Jo Ziesel
Di Mondo
Monica Gerard-Sharp Wambold
April Giangeruso
Blair Husain, Sara Ayers, and Ilona Nemeth
Kalliope Karella and Christine Schwarzman
Tiffany Moller, Diana DiMenna, Tania Bonner, and Blair Husain
Daniel Cappello, Blair Husain, and Doug Wurth
Rebecca Greenhalgh, Morgan Lockwood, and Lauren Junge
Lauren Post, Gray Davis, Roman Zhurbin, Scout Forsythe, Nathan Vendt, Raphael Spyker, Rachel Richardson, and Isabella Boylston
Dana Auslander and Tim Landi
Lily Wisdom, Connor Holloway, and Gabrielle Johnson
Nathan Vendt, Rachel Richardson, Raphael Spyker, and Scout Forsythe
Christine Dunham
Jean Volpe, Rachel Moore, and David Blowers
Lauren Bonfiglio, Emily Hayes, and Catherine Hurlin
Desirée Gallas and Michelle Bondarchuk
Misty Copeland, Star Jones, and Jennifer Whalen
Lauren Post and Isabella Boylston
Misty Copeland, Derek Hough, Jennifer Whalen, and Luciana Voltolini
Susan Fales-Hill and Muffie Potter Aston
Barbara Hemmerle Gollust and Marcelo Gomes
Jamee Gregory, Peter Gregory, and Caryn Zucker
Rachel Moore, Ric Burns, Valentino Carlotti, and Madeline Eckett Oden
Nathalie Kaplan, Dana Auslander, and Julie Macklowe
Gigi Grimstad, Dana Auslander, and Debbie Bancroft
Layla Strauss, Star Jones, Susan Fales-Hill, Kathy Steinberg, and Caryn Zucker
Tiffany Moller, Tania Bonner, and Diana DiMenna
Adelina Wong Ettelson and Clarita Fodor
Sara Ayers, Alexia Hamm Ryan, Derek Hough, Mary Elizabeth Snow, and Blair Husain
Dayle Haddon, Nazee Moinian, Muffie Potter Aston, and Lisa McCarthy
Layla Strauss and Kathy Steinberg
Layla Strauss, Star Jones, Susan Fales-Hill, Kathy Steinberg, and Caryn Zucker
Photographs by Patrick McMullan (ABT); BFA (WAS).