Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A rarity these days

Toasting Mark!
Mark Gilbertson hosted his grand annual autumn cocktail party at a private club here in New York almost three weeks ago and we’re just getting to it because of the avalanche of events on this season’s social calendar. 

Mark’s party is strictly a cocktail reception in the old fashioned sense. A rarity these days. Not in honor of anyone, not a fundraiser for any charity. Just a great big drinks party where about 300 guests came by to see the host and visit with friends they haven’t seen or even friends they talk to every day. Mark has been hosting this kind of a party for years. He used to hold it in his Upper East Side apartment for thirty or forty friends. But over time the list has grown to the point where he needs more space.
Mark Gilbertson, Alix Toub, and Tom Quick
Barbara Tober and Muffie Potter Aston
Jamie Creel and Alison Spear
Muffie Miller with Alex Roepers and Whitney Douglass
Barbara Tober and James de Givenchy
Tracy Johnson and Weston Quasha
Courtney Arnot, Lisa McCarthy, Frances Schulz, and Mary Kathryn Navab
Jeff Pfeifle, Lise Arliss, and Bill Manger
David Granville and Jeff Pfeifle
Katherine Bryan and Annette Tapert
Kristen Krusen, Charlie Ayres, and Charlie Krusen
Mary Hilliard and Christian Leone
Whitney Douglass and Ted Weld
Locke Maddock and George Moore
Bronson van Wyck and Mary Kathryn Navab
Tatiana and Thorne Perkin
John Glass, Barbara Israel, Martha Glass, and Peter Pennoyer
Susie Bancroft and Nancy Sambuco
Jeff Sharp and Bruce Addison
Felicia Taylor, Muffie Potter Aston, and Katharina Otto-Bernstein
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Nathalie Gerschel Kaplan and Allison Rockefeller
Monty and Mayme Hackett
Lynn Manger, Charles Manger, and Dr. William Manger
Larry and Dana Creel
Prakash Melwani and Valerie Post
Ron Wendt, Philip MacGregor, James Mischka, and Mark Badgley
Mary Van Pelt, Bruce Addison, and Amy Hoadley
Lise Arliss and Victor Geraci
Claude Barilleaux, Fernanda Kellogg, and Kirk Henckels
Deborah Norville and Karl Wellner
Rachel Hovnanian and Peter Pennoyer
Patty Hearst, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, and Muffie Potter Aston
Jamie Tisch and Julian Gratry
Lee Robinson, Pam Owens, and Terry Fitzgerald
Somers and Jonathan Farkas with Mai Hallingby Harrison
Annette Tapert, Philippe Dauman, and Katherine Bryan
Frances Scaife, Margo Langenberg, and Barbara Cates
Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia and Bettina Zilkha
Earl E.T. Smith and Alexander Guest
Wendy Carduner with Dr. Patrick Stubgen and Dana Hammond Stubgen
Scott Nelson and Somers Farkas
Laurie Durning and Debbie Bancroft
Whitney Douglass, Jill and Andrew Roosevelt, and Allison and Peter Rockefeller
Hilary Dick with John and Karen Klopp
Burwell and Chip Schorr
Calvert and George Moore
Geoffrey Bradfield, Lise Arliss, and Eric Javits
Lorna Graev, Mai Hallingby Harrison, and Cece Cord
Chappy and Melissa Morris
Lorna Graev and Kari Tiedemann
Felicia Taylor, Valentine Hernandez, Jackie Weld, and Yaz Hernandez
Greg Dryer and Maria Hackley
Philippe Dauman and Whitney Danhauser
Jill Roosevelt with Richard and Chele Farley
Valentin and Yaz Hernandez with Kathy and Othon Prounis
Greg Dryer, Kim Dryer, Nancy Sambuco, and Maria and Sherlock Hackley
Alison Aston and Blair Husain
Chris Brown and Zani Gugelmann
Rachel Hovnanian, Chris Meigher, and Sallie Giordano
Emilia Saint-Amand and Guy Harley
Susan Magrino and Amy Fine Collins
Nancy Tilghman, Jill Roosevelt, and Averill and Gigi Mortimer
Chris and Grace Meigher
Laurie Durning and Mark Giordano
Zibby Tozer, Whitney Donhauser, and Gloria Fieldcamp
Celerie Kemble
Kate Allen
Anne Hearst and Sharon Bush
Mary Hilliard and Susan Magrino
Tom and Ingrid Edelman
Heather Leeds and Nancy Tilghman
Kamie Lightburn and Liz Belfer
Cece Cord and Mark Gilbertson
Brad Comisar and friend
Ingrid Edelman, Lauren Duff, and Shirin Fekkai
Carmen Torruella and George Patrides
Charles Rockefeller and Lauren Remington Platt
Scott Snyder, Felicia Taylor, and Jack Lynch
Heather Leeds and Maria Hackley
Andrew Davis and Kate Pickett
Kevin and Barbara McLaughlin
DJ Ray Jarrells
Photographs by Cutty McGill