Thursday, October 20, 2016

An extra boost

Storm King Art Center's Annual Gala and Live Auction at the Rainbow Room.
The Frick Collection held its annual Autumn Dinner this past Monday night at the Frick mansion. It is the only dinner held in the museum’s elegant picture galleries among masterpieces dating from the Renaissance through the 19th century, and the photos of the interiors describe the atmosphere perfectly, besides the exquisite feeling of dining under these great works.

The guest of honor was Edmund de Waal, author of the brilliant and riveting “The Hare With Amber Eyes.” This black-tie evening, which is an annual fund-raiser, is always a sell-out. Mr. de Waal’s presence gave it an extra boost. His most recent book, “The White Road: Journey into an Obsession," was published last November.
Dinner in the museum’s picture galleries
Besides his writing career, Mr. de Waal is an eminent potter in his field. His interest began in childhood. He is best known for his large-scale installations of porcelain vessels which have been exhibited in museums around the world.

His fascination with porcelain (“white gold”) has led to encounters with people and places that have helped deepen his understanding of the nature of the material. Many of his recent projects explore ideas related to collecting and collections, and how objects are kept together, lost, stolen, and dispersed. His work creates a dialogue between minimalism, architecture, and sound is also informed by his passion for literature.
Ian Wardropper, Sarah McNear, Xavier Salomon, Edmund De Waal, Barbara Evans, Brad Evans, Elaine Textor, Donald Textor, Jennifer Wright, Melinda Sullivan, and Paul Sullivan
Barbara Evans, Brad Evans, Elaine Textor, and Donald Textor
Barbara Fleischman
Mariana Sabater, Margot Bogert, and Karaugh Brown
Pat Beard Braga, David Braga, and Lucinda Herrick
Amory McAndrew and Edmund De Waal
David Bull, Isabella Meisinger, and Teresa Longyear
Rochelle Gores Fredston
Rika Burnham, Ayesha Bulchandani, David Goldman, and Mark Schafer
Mark Francis and Amanda Stoffel
Pauline Brown and Marshall Brown
Charlotte Lowrey, Cody Kittle, and Alexandra Porter
Michael Malone and Anita Meltzer
Antonia Milonas and Margo Langenberg
Helen Doering, Jody Arnhold, and Arlene Shechet
Carolina Herrera
Janine Luke, Helen Clay Chace, and Aimee Ng
Woody Brock, Emily T. Frick, and Peter Blanchard
Wes Gordon and Paul Arhold
Marina Kellen French, Nonnie Frelinghuysen, and Alexis Kugel
Patricia Lansing and Allison Aston
Haley Meyer, Alison Peknay, Alexis Light, and Colleen Tierney
Margo Langenberg and Frederick Koch
Sherrell Aston Jr.
On October 13th, The New York Women’s Foundation recently honored three of the city’s most socially conscious citizens at its 2016 Fall Gala at The Plaza. The honorees, Saru Jayaraman, Co-Founder & Co-Director of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United; Dina Habib Powell, Head of Goldman Sachs’ Impact Investing Business and President of The Goldman Sachs Foundation; and Laurie M. Tisch, the President of the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund, are extraordinary women who have dedicated their lives to empowering others.

Ms. Jayaraman was recognized for advocacy work at Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, a national organization organizing on behalf of low-wage restaurant workers. Ted Bunch of A CALL TO MEN and 2014 Fall Gala award recipient presented her award and served as the Master of Ceremonies.
The NYWF Fall Gala at The Plaza
Ms. Habib Powell was recognized for leadership in supporting female entrepreneurs at Goldman Sachs’ 10,000 Women, a global program offering business education and access to capital to women entrepreneurs. Former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice presented the award to her, by video. 

Ms. Tisch was recognized for her innovative philanthropy and dedication to public service through the Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund. United States Senator Cory Booker presented her award.

Approximately 300 guests attended the celebration, which raised nearly $600,000 to support The Foundation’s mission to achieve sustained economic security and justice for New York City’s undeserved women and girls. The Foundation is the largest women’s grant making fund in the nation.
Ted Bunch, Gala award recipient Laurie Tisch, U.S. Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney, Gala award recipient Saru Jayaraman, and Gala Award recipient Dina Habib Powell
Among the evening’s highlights was a special performance by Molly Jobe from the Broadway show Waitress.   

The event was co-chaired by Anne E. Delaney and Jean and Martin Shafiroff, with Grainne McNamara and Yvonne Quinn serving as vice-chairs. Cathy and Walter IsaacsonSenator Cory Booker, Tory Burch and Beth Finkel were among the notable guests.
Anne Black, Kara Gustafson, Dina Habib Powell, and Noa Meyer
Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Women, Latham & Watkins LLP, Laurie M. Tisch Illumination Fund, and Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s were corporate sponsors of the event.

The New York Women’s Foundation is a cross-cultural alliance of women catalyzing partnerships and leveraging human and financial capital to achieve sustained economic security and justice for women and girls. For more information, visit
Jennifer Giacobbe, Saru Jayaraman, and Yvonne Quinn
Simone Morse and Jillian Gray
Francine LeFrak and Andrea Greeven Douzet
Laurie Tisch, New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, and Ana L. Oliveira
Walter and Cathy Isaacson
Tory Burch, Jessica Johnson-Cope, and Dina Habib Powell
Stephanie Ackler and Jacqueline Schinnerer
Jean Shafiroff, Martin Shafiroff, and Stephanie Oster
Connie Chen, Sherry Leiwant, Gala award recipient Saru Jayaraman, Catherine Barnett, and Olando Charles
Taina Bien-Aime, Olivia Merchant, and Mtkalla Keaton
Pamela Linke, Madison Papp, and Julia Ledda
Connie Chen, Kathryn Weill, and Camille Emeagwali
Leah Bromberg, Bill Lista, Laura Palo, Bertina Lee, and Elijah Conte
Christie Poirier, Michele Bae, and Emelyn Arias
Last Thursday evening at the Metropolitan Club the Olana Partnership held its 2016 Frederic Church Award Gala.  This year is the 50th anniversary of the saving of America’s most intact and important artist’s home, studio and designed landscape.  The Frederic Church Award, named after Olana’s creator and the preeminent American artist of the mid-19th century, recognizes outstanding accomplishments in American art, culture, and landscape design and environmental conservation.

More than 200 attended the annual black tie evening. More than $500,000 was raised. This year’s awards honored Washburn and Susan Oberwager, forward-thinking philanthropists within the world of American art; and recognized the cultural legacy of Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller, particularly for his crucial role in saving Olana.
Cockails in the Great Hall of the Metropolitan Club
Barbara Haskell, curator at the Whitney presented the award to the Oberwagers. David Redden, Chairman of The Olana Partnership Board of Trustees, presented the honor for Governor Rockefeller to his grandsons: Joseph Pierson, Stuart Rockefeller and Steven Rockefeller, Jr.

The evening’s program included a videotaped message from Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, whose mother was instrumental in the campaign to save Olana in 1964-1966.
Sean Sawyer
Ambassador Kennedy said “On this 50th anniversary we honor the work and foresight of those who saved Olana for future generations. I’m proud to say that this effort included my mother Jacqueline Kennedy. She loved Olana and the Hudson River Valley, and advocated for the creation of Olana State Historic Site. The work of New York State Parks and The Olana Partnership allows us all to better appreciate a place where art and environmental awareness intersect.”
Steven Rockefeller Jr., Joseph A. Pierson, and Stuart Rockefeller
Rickey Shaum, Christine Jones, and Ricky Lark
The Rockefeller Family
Mark Prezorski, Jane Smith, and Mark Strieter
Theodora Simons, Kay Toll, and Susan Winokur
Raven L. Pierson and Phoebe S. Pierson
Phoebe Gubelmann, Kate Gubelmann, and Tantivy Gubelmann
Richard Rissollo, Susan Oberwager, and Washburn Oberwager
Bill Bernhard, Mary Fay Hernandez, Arete Warren, Frederick Hill, and Eileen Hill
David Redden and Rick Sharp
Amy Green, Bill Green, Sherry Effron, and Brian Effron
Lucy Rockefeller Waletzky and Elizabeth Waldstein-Hart
Dana and Larry Creel
Richard McCarthy, Clara Del Villar, Jean Hamilton, Meera Mayer, and Rick Beinecke
Diane Lewis MD, Jim Hamilton, Jane Lilienthal, and John Hsu
Rebecca Chu and Betsy Cuningham
Jeff Harrow and Amy Green
Annette and Stanley Blaugrund
Sylvia Yuntz, Julie Alexandre, and Jim Alexandre
Storm King Art Center's Annual Gala and Live Auction took place this past Tuesday at the Rainbow Room.

Among the guests were a great group of high-profile artists—Alice Aycock, Ursula von Rydingsvard, Mark di Suvero, Sarah Sze—as well as art world luminaries, and collectors in attendance. David Redden, former Vice Chairman at Sotheby's, conducted a live auction during dinner which included works by George Rickey, Dennis Oppenheim, Ursula von Rydingsvard, Mark di Suvero, Richard Serra, Alice Aycock, and Zhang Huan.
Storm King Art Center Fall Gala Dinner and Live Auction
John Stern, President, Storm King Art Center, and David Collens, Director and Chief Curator of Storm King Art Center, hosted the evening. They honored artist Maya Lin, and Trustees Cynthia Hazen Polsky and Nicholas A. Polsky. The Storm King Award recognizes meaningful contributions in the fields of visual arts, landscape, and nature conservation.

James H. Ottaway, Jr was Gala Chair. Honorary Chairs were Agnes Gund and Louise and Leonard Riggio. Among the guests were Henry Arnhold, Herbert Wachtell, Andrew and Denise Saul, Lee Auchincloss, Russell and Judy Caerson, Robert and Trudy Gottesman, Archie and Helene van Beuren, Jonathan and Diana Rose, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Campbell, Richard and Ronay Menschel, Michael Brenson.
David Collens, Maya Lin, Cynthia Hazen Polsky, Nicholas Polsky, and John Stern
Helen Drutt English, James Ottaway, Jr., and Scott Rudd
Sarah Sze and Maya Lin
Helena Bienstock, Peter Gates, and Lee Auchincloss
Victoria Lichtendorf, Nora Lawrence, and Nicholas Weist
Dale Lanzone and Alice Aycock
Heidi Holst, Mark di Suvero, and Michael Manjarris
Katie Denny Horowitz and Tom Otterness
Ursula von Rydingsvard and Seton Smith
Sarina Tang, Thomas Campbell, and Phoebe Campbell
June Khalil, Mark Khalil, David Collens, and Martin Puryear
Cynthia Hazen Polsky, Nicholas Polsky, and Maya Lin
Nick Ohnell and Vickie Morris
Photographs by Patrick McMullan (NYWF); BFA (Frick & Storm King); Annie Watt (Olana).