Monday, August 22, 2016

Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons' annual Bow Wow Meow Ball

The Animal Rescue Fund Team with ARF dogs at the Bow Wow Meow Ball awaiting their forever homes.
This past Saturday evening, August 20th, the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons (ARF) hosted its annual Bow Wow Meow Ball.

This year’s honoree was filmmaker Katharina Otto-Bernstein (Director, Absolute Wilson; Producer, HBO's Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures) for her unwavering commitment to the Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons and animal welfare.
Guests gather outside the ARF mobile unit
Katharina has long been a supporter of ARF as an adopter and supporter, but perhaps her greatest gift to ARF has been the gift of food to the ARF animals through an annual donation to underwrite the cost of food for the cats and dogs at the ARF Adoption Center while they await their forever homes. Theater director and visual artist Robert Wilson presented the ARF Champion of Animals Award to Katharina.

The evening’s celebration took place on ARF’s 22-acre campus in Wainscott. Guests enjoyed cocktails, followed by dinner catered by Glorious Food within an elegant setting created by David Monn and Alex Papachristidis. More than 400 high-profile guests from New York and the Hamptons attended this magical night. All proceeds will benefit ARF, a regional leader in New York for the rescue and adoption of cats and dogs.
The Animal Rescue Fund Team.
Among the guests attending this year were Jane and Peter Marino, Maren Otto, Lisa McCarthy, Kari Tiedemann, Ellen and Chuck Scarborough, Jean Shafiroff, Aidan Mooney, Jane Scheinfeld, Emilia Saint-Amand, Christopher Mason, Franci Blassberg, Barbara Slifka, Patty Raynes, and Nicole Miller

The Animal Rescue Fund of the Hamptons actively rescues cats and dogs, provides quality care and sanctuary until loving homes can be found. For more information visit Lisa Tamburini.
Katharina Otto-Bernstein and Peter Marino Ellen and Chuck Scarborough
Nathan Bernstein, Katharina Otto-Bernstein, Nick Otto-Bernstein, and Joni Otto-Bernstein
Allie Gray, Cordelia Meserow, Nicole Gillette, and Alex Carr Candace Bushnell
Brian McCarthy, Morgan McCaw, and Matt McCarthy
Christopher Mason and Leslie Stevens Liz Brown and Leslie Alexander
Majo Trazenez, David Sidwell, Scott Howe, Mark Webb, and Kevin McCarthy
Joan and Emily Jedell Patrick Mullaly and Christine Asaro
Barbara Mattson, Robert Kohr, and Laurie MacGarba
Amy Sullivan, Scott Howe, John Ambrose, and Tim Brasher
Christopher French, Scott Howe, and Terrie Sultan Missy Hargraves and Ivana Lowell
Michael and Cathy Shraga Patty Raynes and Debbie Loeffler
Joe Badgeley
Jon Litsey and Ned Dupont Robin and Robert Leacock
Cathrine Isom, Abby Donaldson, Caroline Hayes, Alona McCarthy, Georgina Hudsons, Ellie Hamilton, Claire Brahiny, and Jane Warnock
Jamie Berger, Patty Durkan, Gina Arnold, and Cathy Lawten Jeannie McGraw and Olivia Awad
Raoul Boisset
Peter Marino
Jean Shafiroff
John and Gigi Mahon Tom and Clelia Zacharias
Suzy Slesin, Barbara Toll, Michael Steinberg, and Renaud Proch
Lisa and Alona McCarthy Sara Davison, Alona McCarthy, and Emilia Saint-Amand
Jessica Lilnkwicz and Chase Finlay
Jackie Rogers, Peter Marino, Katharina Otto-Bernstein, and Lisa McCarthy
Nicole Miller and Christy Ferer Robert Wilson and Lee Fryd
Dillon Lawson-Johnston, McGill Bruce Davis, Edward Pierrepont, Matt McCarthy, and Peter Corbin
Francie Rice, Joe Rice, and Martha Murray Billy and Kathy Rayner
Under the tent.
Katharina Otto-Bernstein, Nick Otto-Bernstein, and Inga Maren Otto
Jim Stanton, Kelly Stanton, Deborah Srb, and Thomas Gershwin
Peter Duchin and Robin Kassimir
Barbara Zucker, Donald Zucker, and Pat Wilson
Sandra Powers, Susan Burke, Jim Blauvelt, and Zoe Kamitses
Photographs by Patrick McMullan