Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Breakfasts, dinners, and fetes

Katherine Lipton, Jennifer Oken, Kate Allen, Angela Clofine, Kathleen Kocatas, Linda Garnett, Florence Peyrelongue, Sarah Simmons, Katie Tozer, Tracy Florack, Robin Stern, Marjaleena Berger, Katie Zorn, and Virginia Apple at the Fountain House Associates Committee's sixth annual Associates Spring Breakfast.
The Fountain House Associates Committee hosted its sixth annual Associates Spring Breakfast on Wednesday, March 9, 2016 at a private club in Manhattan. Titled "The Emotionally Intelligent Mom: Learning and Modeling the Skills to Teach Your Children," the event featured Robin Stern, PhD, Associate Director for the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. Dr. Stern is a co-developer of RULER, an acronym that stands for the skills of emotional intelligence: Recognizing, Understanding, Labeling, Expressing and Regulating emotions.

More than 150 guests were in attendance to hear Dr. Stern discuss ways in which parents can increase involvement in their children's emotional intelligence education. Among the topics discussed were self-awareness and Dr. Stern's Mood Meter App, which charts moods and builds the skills necessary to help children address their range of emotions within a spectrum they can understand.
Guests doing an interactive exercise
The dedicated Chairs who worked to ensure this event's success were Kate Allen, Virginia Apple, Marjaleena Berger, Angela Clofine, Tracy Florack, Linda Garnett, Kathleen Kocatas, Katherine Lipton, Neda Navab, Jennifer Oken, Florence Peyrelongue, Sarah Simmons, Katie Tozer, and Katie Zorn.

Founded in 1948 on the premise that people can be active partners in their own recovery, Fountain House is one of the world's leading mental health organizations, currently serving over 100,000 people with mental illness worldwide. In providing employment opportunities, supported education, safe and affordable housing and a community of mutual support for people living with serious mental illness, the goal of Fountain House is to ensure that members have the foundation to build healthy, productive and fulfilling lives. The effectiveness of the Fountain House model is widely recognized and has been replicated in more than 300 locations in 32 states, and more than 34 countries.
Robin Stern, MD
Kate Allen
Fountain House was recently awarded the world's largest and most prestigious humanitarian prize – the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize – which recognizes organizations whose aim is to alleviate human suffering. This is the first time a mental health organization has won this award, which further speaks to Fountain House as the true gold-standard in the treatment of mental illness.

To learn more about Fountain House, visit www.fountainhouse.org.
Neda Navab, Angela Clofine, and Virginia Apple
Tracy Florack, Jackie Flake, and Marjaleena Berger
Katherine Lipton and May Chao
Katie Zorn and Amelia Relles
Lata Sasson, Juliana Dancanet, Neda Navab, and Alison Strong
Gayle Heller, Lisa Metcalfe, and Sandra Mansfield
Trish Fitzpatrick and Michelle Griffith
Kathleen Kocatas
Florence and Sarah Peyrelongue
Vanessa Willett, Jennifer James Kimberly Goodwin, and Andrea Burns
Pilu Torrejon and Ismee Williams
Jennifer Liang, Anne Hale, and Nicole St. John
Heather Stopnik and Colleen Stenzlar
On March 9th, at Doubles, Lewis Burke Frumkes and President Jennifer Raab co-hosted a sixth anniversary fete for the Hunter College Writing Center. The guest of honor was Elizabeth Strout (Olive Kitteridge). Midway through the dinner, President Raab announced that the College was naming the Writing Center for its director author and radio-show-host Lewis Burke Frumkes.
The crowd at Doubles
The illustrious crowd in attendance included Dean Baquet, editor of the New York Times and his wife writer Dylan Landis, Almar Latour from The Wall Street Journal, Kitty Pilgrim and Maurice Templesman, Barbara Taylor Bradford and Bob Bradford, Malachy and Alphie McCourt, Lucinda Franks and Hon. Bob Morganthau, Warren and Sunny Adler, Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas, Frederick Tuten, Meg and Hilma Woltizer, Denise LeFrak and John Calicchio, Louis Begley and Anke Mulenstein, James Atlas, Steve and Jane Cuozzo, Ed and Mary Downe, Chris Cerf and Katherine Vaz, Dan and Judith Greenburg, Burt and Lynn Manning, Amber and Scott Daspin, and dozens of others.
Lewis Frumkes, Elizabeth Strout, and Jennifer Raab.
Steve and Jane Cuozzo. Howard Ressler and Susan Barash.
Jame Oppenheim, Dean Baguet, Dylan Landis, and Lewis Frumkes.
Jennifer Raab and Lila Prounis.
Iris Smyles and Frederick Tuten. Ed and Mary Downe.
John Simon, Helen Houghton, and Frank Houghton.
Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas, Lewis Frumkes, and Elizabeth Strout.
Scott and Amber Daspin. Amber Daspin and Lewis Frumkes.
Carol Higgins Clark, Grace Chang, and Stuart Venner.
Bob Bradford and Barbara Taylor Bradford.
Denise LeFrak. Burt Manning.
James Atlas and Sidney Offit.
Dan and Judith Greenburg.
Last Tuesday, March 8th, the Randall’s Island Park Alliance (RIPA) hosted its annual Fielding Dreams Gala Dinner at the American Museum of Natural History. They recognized John McEnroe for the extraordinary community leader that he is, and they  also celebrated the continued success of Randall’s Island Park, a world-class destination for sports, recreation and environmental exploration. The event raised more than $1.1 million for Randall’s Island Park Alliance.

RIPA is the direct result of an idea --a dream – borne of an observation by Karen Cohen, who as a young mother back in the early 90s, 24 years ago, used to go out there to watch her son’s after school soccer practice. At that time, the island was rundown, neglected, deserted, damaged and covered with debris in many places. Its soccer fields were used mainly by private schools in the city.
Jack Hayflick, Lauren Starr, Karen Cohen, and Christopher Starr
Rodney and Caryn Cohen
Mrs. Cohen was left with the nagging thought that this was a treasure trove going to waste. She realized that if the private school kids could use it, that just across the river were thousands of kids from Harlem and the South Bronx that could use it as their outdoor playing fields and playgrounds. She consulted with friends, namely Betsy Barlow Rogers who created the Central Park Conservancy that rescued the park. She was told that if she really wanted to succeed, she should be prepared to spend at least ten years just to get it off the ground.

It sounded like an almost insurmountable challenge, at the time – that it wouild take so much time just to get it started. But, the thought that there were thousands of underserved and underprivileged children in nearby Harlem and South Bronx without outdoor facilities to accommodate their energy and needs, was enough motivation Karen Cohen. One of her very first supporters was Michael Bloomberg, who immediately saw the value and contributed the funds to move the project along.
John McEnroe and Howard Schwartz
Greg Amsinger
Mark Greene and Michael Boxer
Eighteen years later Randall’s Island Park is a dream come true. At the suggestion of a friend of Karen’s, Linda Silverman, Carl Icahn built a stadium. You’ve seen the top of it from the roads when you cross the Triboro Bridge that leads out to Long Island. Today it is a destination for runners, cyclists and families to enjoy the space and facilities. Children harvest vegetables from gardens there, herons forage the tidal marshes, and thousands of children have an afterschool space for games and sports. All from a mother watching her son’s game and looking around, paying attention, Karen Cohen took a dream and made it come true.
Patty Smyth and John McEnroe
Lucy Fato and Matthew Detmer
Amanda Detmer
Richard and Christine Mack
Jenny Slayton-Green and Justin H. Green
Justin Hamill and Rodney Cohen
Mitchel Silver, Nancy Neff, Aimee Boden, and Jerry Goldman
Aleksandra and Scott Cragg
Mitchell Silver, Nancy Neff, and Jerry Goldman
Robin Vand Marisa Van Bokhorst
Kate and Brad Peck
Melissa Boxer, Mark Greene, and Lisa Hasson
Aleksandra Cragg and Katherine Weinhoff
Michael and Hester Chang
Dean and Mara Landis
Lucia and Jason Boxer
Alex Joffe, Jordan Wolowitz, Jennifer Stiles, and Tom Russell
Erica Karsch, Tasha Genett, Pamela Ellison, and Christine Mack
Sunil Gulati and Aimee Boden
Nancy Neff and Shonni Silverberg
Richard Gross and Hannah McGovern Gross
Michael and Melissa Boxer
Gillian and Sylvester Miniter
Juliana and Jon May
Amie and John Hadden
Jennifer Rich, Stephen Rich, and Caroline Yaffa
Jenny Slayton-Green, Amie Hadden, and Amy Butte
Courtney Hall and Nancy Neff
Erin Silver, Betsy Cohen, and Lauren Starr
James Ben, Trish Regan, Gena Kotch, and Noah Kotch
Michael Chang, Genine Yale, and Brad Yale
Devorah Nazarian, Ebrahim Moussazadeh, and Sara Berman
Allison and David Blitzer
Dinner in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life