Friday, March 4, 2016

Bunny Hop, Purim Ball, and POSH

Amory McAndrew, Travis Acquavella, Eleanor Ylvisaker, Lavinia Branca Snyder, Florence Mars, Anne Roy, and Courtney Corleto at The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering's 25th Annual Bunny Hop.
This past Tuesday evening, Bonpoint and The Society of Memorial Sloan Kettering hosted the 25th Annual Bunny Hop at 583 Park Avenue. A Society tradition that is considered the most highly anticipated family event of the year, the Bunny Hop was an enchanting evening for families and children of all ages. The sold-out event was attended by a high-profile crowd of The Society's members and New York families in an effort to raise critical funds for Memorial Sloan Kettering's Pediatrics Department.

Event Chairmen were Travis Acquavella, Courtney Corleto, Amory McAndrew and Anne Roy.
The Petting Zoo
Guests sported their springtime best and enjoyed a variety of activities and acts, including a live animal show, petting zoo, two Bonpoint photo booths, a DJ, magicians and balloon artists. Through a long-standing partnership between The Society and The Big Apple Circus, children were entertained by the "Doctors of Humorology" from Clown CareSM, The Big Apple Circus' community outreach program, and three acts from the Big Apple Circus; Alexander Koblikov, the International Juggling Sensation, Chiara Anastasini, the Hula Hoop Master and Zuma Zuma, the African Acrobatic Troupe.
Zuma Zuma African Acrobatic Group
The Bunny Hop raised over $315,000 to benefit the Department of Pediatrics at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Notable guests included Naomi Watts, Rebecca Minkoff, Jill Kargman, Olivia Chantecaille, Arriana Boardman, Shoshanna Gruss, Eleanor Ylvisaker, Jeanann Williams, Jane Keltner de Valle, Ferebee Taube, Jenny Galluzzo, Rebekah McCabe, Melissa Meister, Joanna de Neufville, Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler, Gillian Hearst Simonds, and Eugenie Niven Goodman, among many others.
Jeanann Williams and Naomi Watts
Shoshanna Gruss
Rebecca Minkoff
Marcie Pantzer
Olivia Chantecaille
Alexander Mars and Florence Mars
Joanna de Neufville
Sara Zilkha and Ferebee Taube
Eliza Nordeman
Jill Kargman
Eugenie Niven Goodman
Melissa Meister and Hanni Feigen
Gillian Hearst Simonds and Christian Simonds
Travis Acquavella
Arriana Boardman
Alexandra Lind Rose
Palmer O'Sullivan
Courtney Corleto
Ashley Carlson
Amory McAndrew
Anne Roy
Allison Sullens
Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler
Wibby Sevener
Anna and Michael Safir
Lillie Howard
Jamie Perot
Jean Bohm
Sarah Shores and Jamie Trichon
Shoshanna Sugahara
Shannon Henderson
Cynthia Gil
Catherine Vaughn Deutsch
Teena Shetty
Jennifer Von Miller
Eva Waldron
Ashley and Ward Hunt
Caroline Los Arcos
Sarah Kurita
Rebekah McCabe
Nick and Emily Elliot
Renta Garcia
Ellen Morton
Kristen Patrick
Shelley Rapp
Austen Cruz, Katy Farmer, and Meme Charlotte
Geema Masson
Lexus Durham
Ashley Ristau
On Wednesday evening, February 24th, The Jewish Museum held its 30th annual Purim Ball was at Park Avenue Armory, honoring fashion icon Isaac Mizrahi as well as Joseph and Elizabeth Wilf. Also featured was a unique take on the Purim story by actress/comedienne/singer Sandra Bernhard. Purim Ball 2016 raised $2 million in support of the Museum. The event began with cocktails at 6:30 pm, followed by dinner for 700 guests in the Armory's vast drill hall. David Stark Design and Production transformed the Armory's soaring interior with a wild and surprising installation composed of 10,000 paper plates. The event also featured live music by Joe McGinty and The Losers Lounge and a DJ set by Louie XIV.
Sandra Bernhard, who wittily retold the story of Purim at the ball
Tireless leaders in the Jewish community, Joseph and Elizabeth Wilf received the prestigious Mayer Sulzberger Award for their lifelong commitment to the perpetuation of art, culture and education in the context of the Jewish experience. Elizabeth Wilf accepted the award on behalf of herself and her husband, Joseph Wilf. Morris W. Offit, the Jewish Museum's Chairman Emeritus, paid tribute to Joseph and Elizabeth Wilf. He was joined on stage by Elana Wilf Tanzman, Purim Ball After Party Co-Chair, Mark and Zygi Wilf, Purim Ball Co-Chairs, and Audrey and Jane Wilf, Trustees and Purim Ball Co-Chairs, to present an elegant, handcrafted Kiddush cup—designed by Piet Cohen—to Elizabeth Wilf.
The Park Avenue Armory's drill hall, transformed for Purim Ball 2016 with an installation composed of 10,000 paper plates created by David Stark Design and Production
Betty Halbreich, Purim Ball Honorary Co-Chair, introduced honoree Isaac Mizrahi, reminiscing about their early interactions at Bergdorf Goodman. Isaac Mizrahi spoke about his upcoming exhibition (opening in mid-March 2016) at the Jewish Museum.

The program concluded with Jewish Museum Chairman Robert Pruzan, who thanked guests for their generosity. The Purim Ball continued with an After Party until midnight, attended by a multi-generational mix of 500 young revelers and dinner guests.
Sandra Bernhard and honoree Isaac Mizrahi
Purim Ball Co-Chairs Zygi Wilf and Audrey Wilf, Elizabeth Wilf, recipient of the Mayer Sulzberger Award; and Purim Ball Co-Chairs Jane and Mark Wilf
Purim Ball Co-Chair Audrey Wilf, Elizabeth Wilf, and Purim Ball Co-Chair Jane Wilf
Sohaila Adelipor and Purim Ball Vice Chair Nazee Moinian
Claudia Gould, honoree Isaac Mizrahi; and Purim Ball Vice Chair Robert Pruzan
Melissa Mark Viverito, Claudia Gould, and honoree Isaac Mizrahi
RoseLee Goldberg
Honorary Purim Ball Co-Chair Veronica Webb Del Gatto and honoree Isaac Mizrahi
Lynn Yaeger
Marisa Gardini, Isaac Mizrahi, and Sharon Hurowitz
Andrew and Marina Lewin
Deborah Kass
Miriam Hanina, Joseph Warren, and Marina Valles
Phyllis and William Mack
Glen Tobias and Lynn Tobias
Daniel Palmer, Jacqueline Sischy, Prem Krishnamurthy, and Emily Smith
Nancy and Morris Offit
Benjamin and Susan Winter
Daniela Dorfzaun, Judith Ron, Jeanette Lerman-Neubauer, and Ronnie Dorfzaun
Honorary Purim Ball Co-Chair Betty Halbreich, Arnold Germer, and Isaac Mizrahi
Bella Meyer
Honoree Isaac Mizrahi and Laurie Simmons
Sarah Supcoff, Joshua Russ Tupper, Denise Porcaro, and Margaret Streicker Porres, Trustee, the Jewish Museum
Rachel Weg, Oskar Weg, Marina Olevsky, and After Party Co-Chair Nadav Weg
After Party Co-Chairs Melanie Baevsky, Jared Effron, Hillary Reinsberg, and Nadav Weg
The velvety voice of Michael Feinstein was one of the many highlights of Lighthouse Guild's POSH Palm Beach Dinner Dance held at Club Colette on February 23, 2016.

The sold-out evening of nearly 200 guests honored dynamic mother-daughter and philanthropic leaders, Kim Campbell and Lavinia Baker, whose family relationship with Lighthouse dates back for over half a century. This year's Dinner Dance Chairmen were Kane and Mary Baker, and Mario Nievera and Travis Howe. Junior Chairmen were Bettina Anderson and Wyatt Koch. Additionally, Honorary Chairman Arlene Dahl was presented with Lighthouse Guild's first Beacon Award in recognition of her leadership in Palm Beach, and for her longstanding support and advocacy for the vision impaired. Feinstein, who is a close friend of Dahl's, sang a touching tribute that included some of her favorite ballads.

James M. Dubin, Chairman of Lighthouse Guild, and Mark G. Ackermann, Lighthouse Guild Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, both announced exciting new opportunities within the Palm Beach community to further serve the needs of the blind and visually impaired.

For many years, Lighthouse Guild (LG) has provided programs designed to update and educated people on the latest developments in the area of vision loss. LG also has provided support to many local providers, including Good Samaritan and St. Mary's Hospitals to help with their vision programs. LG is working to elevate its relationship with the Palm Beach community to a new level through collaboration with the Mandel Public Library and is in talks with The Society of the Four Arts Gioconda & Joseph King Library to offer a program to that provides access to nearly 400,000 books and periodicals for the blind or visually impaired. In partnership with Bookshare, another not-for-profit organization, LG will provide computer tablets and training for the visually impaired, who will then be granted access to an incredible on-line library which they will be able to read in large print, or have read to them by computer, or printed in Braille.

This effort, based on the Bookshare program in the New York City Public Libraries, will open the world of literature to those who are losing their vision through Macular Degeneration, Diabetic Retinopathy or the myriad of other diseases that cause vision loss.
Mark and June Ackermann
George and Carla Mann
Lighthouse Guild is also working with Molly Charland, the Director of Education at The Society of the Four Arts, to provide an ongoing series of lectures next season by some of the world's leading ophthalmologists and vision rehabilitation specialists help those who are losing their vision to better continue enjoying all activities of daily living.

In addition, Lighthouse Guild announced another new program to debut in Palm Beach, "See the Blackboard," a LG national effort to help ensure that school children receive professional vision screening and are taught proper vision loss prevention techniques. It is their intent to start the program in a number of schools in the Palm Beach community.
Marc Rosen, Arlene Dahl, and Michael Feinstein
Guests attending included Marc Rosen, Susan Lloyd, Carla and George Mann, Myrna and John Daniels, Kathy Bleznak, Isabelle Leeds, Pamela Fiori, Somers and Jonathan Farkas, Tom Quick, Talbott Maxey, Judith Giuliani, Grace Meigher, Elizabeth and Stephen Sans, Rand and Jessie Araskog, Gundel Dorrance, John and Patricia Rosenwald, Regina and Bill Diamond, Nancy Tsai, Frances Scaife, Lee Bell, Matilda Cuomo, Samantha Curry, Kirsten Smith, Eric Lembcke, Chris Leavitt, and Amanda Boalt Coleman.

Lighthouse Guild is the leading non-profit vision and healthcare organization addressing the needs of the blind, visually impaired and those with multiple disabilities by providing critical health care services to help people of all ages to enjoy safe, independent lives.
Mai Hallingby and Michel Witmer
Mario Nievera and Travis Howe
Lavinia Baker, James Dubin, and Kim Campbell
Frances Scaife and Tom McCarter
Allison and Don Gulbrandsen
Lee Bell, Pam Fiori and Fotios Pantazis
Mona de Sayve and Nicholas de Sayve
Wyatt Koch and Bettina Anderson
Kane and Mary Baker
Patricia and John Rosenwald
Susan Dubin, Jaynne Keyes, and Matilda Cuomo
Mark Ackermann and Susan Lloyd
Judith Guiliani and Somers Farkas
Fern Tailer, Bruce Merrifield, and Tracey Hritz
Tom Quick and Grace Meigher
John and Myrna Daniels
Nancy Tsai and Isabelle Leeds
Talbott Maxey and Michael James
Photographs by Angela Pham & Zach Hilty/ (Bunny Hop); Will Ragozzino/SocialShutterbug (Purim Ball); Capehart Photography (Posh)