Friday, April 15, 2016

By the book

The Morgan Library and Museum's annual Spring Luncheon in the Gilbert Court of the Morgan.
This past Monday, April 11th, The Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) held its annual LOOT Opening Benefit with shopping, cocktails and of course, dinner at Robert, the restaurant in the museum on Columbus Circle.

With more than 300 attending, they honored Joan Hornig and Kay Unger. Angela Cummings was the Honorary Chair. And it was about LOOT.  Dinner Chairs wer Michele Cohen and Marsy Mittlemann and Bryna Pomp, who is LOOT’s Curator.

It was an evening where guests wore “their most fabulous jewelry.” Beth Rudin DeWoody, acting as the voice of honoree Kay Unger who stood beside her stricken by bronchitis unable to speak, said: “I am thrilled to join Joan Hornig not only in supporting the MAD Museum, but also in celebrating the artists and the creative spirit inherent to LOOT.” Marsy Mittlemann then presented the award to Kay Unger.

MAD Chairman Emerita, Barbara Tober, presented Isabel and Ruben Toledo with a birthday cake at their seats. The Toledos’ designed the LOOT 2016 artwork for the invitation.
Eve Xanthopoulos, Chuck Close, George Hornig, and Joan Hornig
Cece Black and Deborah Royce
Daniella Lopez and Dana Brockman
Joyce Brown, Liz Peek, and Yaz Hernandez
Patrica Falkenberg and Noreen Buckfire
Franci Blassberg and Jeff Peek
Barbara Taylor Bradford and Robert Bradford
Pam Levine and Bette Saltzman
Marilyn Kirsher, Kay Unger, and Lisa Fayen Cohen
Joan and George Hornig
Barbara Regna, Fatima Sanandaji, Bryna Pomp, and Nicole Dicocco
Andreina Brengola
Cai-Xuan Wu
Emma Dunch
Loreen Arbus
Alan Yamahata and Michele Gerber Klein
Yaz Hernandez
Barbara Tober and Randi Schatz
Michelle Ateyeh, Linda Buckley, and Patrica Madeja
Chiu-Ti Jansen, Barbara Tober, and Donald Tober
Chus Bures, Corice Arman, and Michele Cohen
Nuria Carulla
Janet Horvoson
That same day, (4/11) the Morgan Library and Museum held its annual Spring Luncheon in the Gilbert Court of the Morgan. The program for the event featured “Warhol By the Book” which is on exhibit through May 15. It’s about Warhol’s early years as an artist and his relationship to books. He loved books and was involved or contributed to more than 80 projects for books.
Colin Bailey, Anne Goldrach, and Donald Heald
Catherine Heald and Harold Koda
Larry and Lucy Ricciardi
Emily Frick
Deeda Blair and Susan Sawyers
Sally Lepow and Herbert Kasper
Arete Warren and William Buice
Frances Beatty Adler and Noreen Buckfire
Lee Touchton, Tom Touchton, and Joanne Foster
Tav Holmes and Donna Rosen
Horace Wood Brock and Jane Marino
Katharine Rayner and Virginia Coleman
Laurie Tisch, Gillian Steel, and Lucy Lamphere
Sara Fleischman, Alice Elgart, Ginny Gold, and Rochelle Rosenberg
Peter Duchin and Virginia Coleman
John Morgan, Stephanie Clark, and Fred Clark
Karen Cohen, Elaine Rosenberg, and Ilda Francois
Scott Gilbert, Mark Powell, Michael Gallagher, and Judy Sued
Seymour Askin, John Marciari, and Allison Whiting
Tom Scheerer and Len Morgan
Noah Goldrach and Roger Wieck
Marianne Rosenberg and Elizabeth Clark
Carol Potter, Donna Acquavella, and Nancy Prentice
Way behind on this one; catching up. Tuesday April 5th, the Board or Directors of the Paris Review hosted their annual “Spring Revel” honoring author Lydia Davis at Cipriani 42nd Street.

This is a big party with lots of writers of every ilk and strain and age, getting together mainly to toast the Paris Review  and raise some money for the cause. Terry McDonell was emcee. The Review’s editor Loren Stein welcomed the guests. Rachel Kushner presented the Plimpton Prize for Fiction to David Szalay. John Guare presented the Terry Southern Prize for Humor to Chris Bachelder. And Errol  Morris  presented the Hadada Award to Ms. Davis.
Lydia Davis
This was the night plus the excellent Cipriani dinner and the tables of all kinds of conversation and verbal revelry. The presenters presented with not a few words. They are all writers after all and many writers tend to like to talk, a chance to hear that voice that readers read.  The matters at hand are all very serious – supporting the Paris Review  which Mr. Plimpton started in Paris in 1953 with Harold Humes and Peter Matthiessen, and which he edited for 50 years. As serious a literary voice as it is, Plimpton loved keeping the get-togethers in a tone of revelry. And so it was.
Army Bernstein, Naomi Bernstien, and Christine Bernstein
Mona Simpson and Sadie Stein
Adele Chatfield-Taylor, Brigitte Lacombe, and John Guare
David Carnoy and Kyra Barry
Gary Lippman, Emma Cline, and Larry Sloman
Maggie Towles and Amor Towles
Jay McInerney
Dan Allen, Lilla, and Ken Hirsch
Rachel Tashjian, Alyssa Reeder, and Stephanie LaCava
Lewis Epstein and Lucas Zwirner
Darragh McKeon and Ian Seiter
Katie Roiphe, Tim Nye, and Ruth Davis
Leanne Shapton and Thessaly La Force
Sadie Stein and Lorin Stein
Suzanne Vega, Gay Talese, and Sarah Plimpton
Hamilton Morris, Julia Sheehan, and Erroll Morris
Glenn Edelman, Suzanna Porter, Joan Bingham, and Jamie Clarke
Stuart Vevers and Bryan Phillips
Paul Mills and Erica Jong
Louis Begley and Robert Silvers
Ashley Goodale and Olivia Hoge
Nick Laird and Zadie Smith
Robert Caro
Rachel Kushner and Luc Sante
Denise Shannon, Roxana Robinson, and Lynn Tillman
Photographs by Patrick McMullan