Monday, November 7, 2016

Fall Fetes

Fountain House Fall Fête Chairs Florence Peyrelongue, Angela Clofine, Lil Phillips, Jeremy Goldstein, Katie Zorn, and Jennifer Oken.
Fountain House, the world’s leading model for mental health treatment for people living with serious mental illness, celebrated its ninth annual Associates Fall Fête on October 27, 2016 with cocktails at MaxMara followed by dinner and dancing at the Racquet and Tennis Club. The event introduces an audience of young professionals to Fountain House’s unique “working community” treatment model for mental illness and its mission to fight the stigma associated with the disease.

Centerpieces created by the Horticulture Unit at Fountain House
Event Chairs Byrdie Bell, Angela and Michael Clofine, Madeleine and Alexandre Desmarais, Jeremy L. Goldstein, Kathleen and Reha Kocatas, Katherine Lipton and Alex Lipman, Jennifer Oken, Florence Peyrelongue, Lil Phillips, Katie Tozer, Shaina and Kiliaen Van Rensselaer, and Katie Zorn were joined by guests, including: Maria Boyazny, Jennifer Cacioppo, Diane and Peter Chapman, Katherine Cohen, Sarah Crocker, Alice Kim and David Cynn, Jeronimo and Daniella del Villar, Barbara Fernandez de Valle, Kenzie Gelgach, Marcella Gonzalez de Cosio, Alice Kim and David Cynn, Norris and Charlie Daniels, James Finkel, Sarah Friend, Linda Garnett, Victor Geraci, Mark Gilbertson, Lorna and Larry Graev, Shannon Henderson, Jennifer Liang, Stephanie and Jim Loeffler, William Manger, Elizabeth Meigher, Noelle and Chris Momsen, Brooke and Robby Mountain, Elizabeth Pyne, Fabiana and Sam Ramirez, Nick Raynes, Emma and David Rhodes, Virginia Cary Ritter and Eitan Hoenig, Elisabeth Saint-Amand, Greg Schmitt, Annemarie and Max Shea, Oliver Singer, Bronwen Smith, Dani Stahl, Giusi Cennamo Tye and Alexander Tye, Kristin and Tony Ursano, Violetta and Coen Weddepohl, Mary Beth Winningham, Megan Hollis Zavala, and Franny and Richard Zorn.

The Associates presented the Fountain House Advocacy Award to Paul Dalio, Filmmaker, Writer and Director of Touched with Fire starring Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby and Executive Produced by Dalio’s mentor, Spike Lee. The film, based on Dalio’s struggles with bipolar disorder, premiered at the SXSW Film Festival in 2015 and was a New York Times Critics’ Pick, winner of the International Bipolar Foundation Vision Award as well as The Voice award.
Kenzie Geldbach, Chris Sieger, and Catherine Sieger
Michael and Angela Clofine Brian and Nora Barry
Tanya Rivero, anchor of Lunch Break with Tanya Rivero on Wall Street Journal Live, was the Master of Ceremonies for the evening. Rivero has a long history interviewing leaders in the world of business, politics, and culture and served as a correspondent and anchor for ABC News.

Fountain House members, Rasida Barry, Alexander Dow, Lenny Jimenez, Sean Price, whose college educations were temporarily interrupted because of their illness, received the Danny Zorn Scholarship Award. Each of the recipients completed the Fountain House College Re-Entry program, the only program of its kind to target young adults and bridge the gap between clinical mental health services and educational institutions.
Advocacy Award winner Paul Dalio
More than 70% of college students currently living with mental illness drop out before earning a degree. To date, over $1,000,000 has been raised through Fall Fête, a portion of which goes to support the educational pursuits of Fountain House members.

Fountain House successfully addresses the devastating impact of serious mental illness. Fountain House was founded in New York City in 1948 with the belief that people living with mental illness can be active participants in their own and each other’s recovery. Each year, over 1,300 members come to Fountain House to contribute their talents, learn new skills, access opportunities and forge new friendships.  

Fountain House has inspired the creation of more than 300 similar programs in 30 countries that serve more than 100,000 people annually. Visit
Kristin Ursano, Shannon Henderson, Fabiana Ramirez, Angela Clofine, and Noelle Momsen
Tara Wilson and Liz Anderson Aurora
Jason Bowman, Franny and Richard Zorn, and Kenn Dudek
Lil Phillips, Mark Gilbertson, and Elisabeth Saint-Amand Alissa Koller and Ariel Burman
Marcella Gonzales, Jeronimo del Villar, Daniella del Villar, and Barbara Fernandez de Valle
Mary Beth Winningham, Alexander Frost, and Virginia Cary Ritter
Matt Brown and Todd Goergen John and Amy Rudic
Ashley Enthoven, Ellie Berens, Sarah Crocker, and Teddy Baxter
Danny Zorn Scholarship winner Rasida Barry, Katie Zorn, and Danny Zorn Scholarship winner Lenny Jimenez
Claudia Kiss, Bronwen Smith, Katie Zorn, and Elyssa Bucceri
Advocacy Award winner Paul Dalio, with wife Kristina Nikolova Katherine Cohen and Chris Warren
Greg Schmitt, Meghan Dorsey, Orly Halpern, and Elisha Goldberg
Lorna Graev, Larry Graev, and Diane Chapman
Perry Betts and Meagan Hollis Zavala Brooke and Robby Mountain
David and Emma Rhodes
Catherine MacDonald, Gloria and Carey Fieldcamp, and Katie Tozer
Suzanne Salan and Jennifer Oken
Kathleen Kocatas, Oliver Singer, and Elizabeth Pyne
Florence Peyrelongue and Master of Ceremonies Tanya Rivero
Chris Warren, Tracy Florack, and Octavio Serena
Will Dietrich, Elizabeth Meigher, and Whitney Stroh
Annemarie Shea, Victor Geraci, Jennifer Cacioppo, and Mark Gilbertson
Last Wednesday evening, November 2nd, The Rockefeller University's Parents & Science Initiative held a Science Benefit and Lecture and dinner on campus at 1230 York Avenue. The program featured Rockefeller physician-scientist Robert B. Darnell discussing how DNA sequencing is transforming biomedical research and healthcare.

The evening was hosted by newly instated Rockefeller president, Richard P. Lifton. The Parents & Science Initiative, a university program that has raised over $2.4 million in the past six months for the benefit, supports Rockefeller programs that advance medical research in childhood and adolescent development.  
Dr. Robert Darnell
Dr. Richard P Lifton, Judy Carson, and Russ Carson
In this year's program, Rockefeller physician-scientist Robert B. Darnell discussd how DNA sequencing is transforming biomedical research and healthcare. 

Guests included James and Kathryn Murdoch, Lulu and Anthony Wang, Blair Pillsbury Enders, Stanley and Sydney Shuman, Michael and Alex Shuman, Alex and Jasmina Denner, Hartley Rogers and Amy Falls Rogers, Chris and Courtney Rae, Marlene Hess and James Zirin, John and Amanda Waldron, Joe and Diana DiMenna, Ceci Kurzman, Valerie and Wright Ohrstrom to name just a few of those attending.
Hartley Rogers and Amy Falls Rogers James and Kathryn Murdoch
Michael Chorske, Tom Bradley, and Blair Pillsbury Enders
Alex and Jasmina Denner Judy and Howard Berkowitz
Diana DiMenna, Greg Coules, Bruce McEwen, and Karen Bulloch
Lulu and Anthony Wang Pat Rosenwald and Marnie Pillsbury
Kathryn Murdoch, Amanda Waldron, and Dr. Jennifer Mascarenhas
Valerie and Wright Ohrstrom Robin Chemers Neustein and Dr. Barry Coller
Alex Shuman and Marlene Hess
Eden Williams and Anna Chapman
Ceci Kurzman and Eden Williams
Sydney Shuman, James Zirin
Wright Ohrstrom, Claudia Overstrom, and Randall Burkert
The 10th Annual Ackerman Institute for the Family “Moving Families Forward Gala” was held Monday, October 24th at The Waldorf Astoria Hotel. Hosted by PIX 11 News Anchor Tamsen Fadal, the event benefited the vital programs and ongoing services for children and families at the Ackerman Institute for the Family. The 2016 gala honored:  Gary Mendell – Founder & CEO,, Ackerman Partner Award recipient; Blair Brewster - Entrepreneur, Ackerman Distinguished Service Award recipient; Dana Vollmer – Olympic Medalist in Swimming, Ackerman Moving Families Forward Award recipient.
The reception in the Vanderbilt room of the Waldorf Astoria Hotel
The Moving Families Forward Gala benefiting Ackerman Institute for the Family
VIPs also attending included: Lois Braverman, President & CEO, Ackerman Institute for the Family; Moving Families Forward Gala Co-Chairs Alice K. Netter and Deborah Werner; Gala Planning Committee members Martha Fling – Ackerman Board Chair, Vicky Kahn, Gisella Lemos, and Leslie RobertsMike Woods; Mr.G, Marie Wilson, Doris Kempner, Ackerman Institute Board Member; Carl Kempner and Valerie Kempner; Michael Kempner; Nicole Poteat and Emilie Dubuois, Alan Wilkinson and Cici Wilkinson; Camilla Barungi and Javier Gomez.

Ackerman Board Members: Mary Bijur, Clyde Brownstone, Jeannie Ackerman Curhan, Linda Dishy, Harriet Habert, Alfred G. Feliu, Secretary, Martha Fling, Board Chair, Thomas G. Kahn, Doris C. Kempner, Arthur Maslow, Alice K. Netter, Paula Oppenheim, Leslie Roberts, Daniel Rocker, Gregory T. Rogers, Vice Chair, Robert C. Ruckh, Treasurer, Sheri Sandler, Stephen Sokoloff, Arnold Syrop, Nina Taselaar, Deborah Werner, Clement B. Wood.
Moving Families Forward Gala Host Tamsen Fadal
Ackerman Board Chair Martha Fling and honoree Gary Mendell
Moving Families Forward Gala Honorees Gary Mendell , Founder & CEO,, Dana Vollmer, U.S. Olympic Gold medalist and Blair Brewster, entrepreneur
Founded in 1960, the Ackerman Institute for the Family is one of the premier institutions for family therapy and one of the best-known and most highly regarded training facilities for family therapists in the United States. The Institute serves families from all walks of life at all stages of family life. For more information, go to:
Ackerman CEO Lois Braverman, Honorees Gary Mendell, Blair Brewster, Dana Vollmer, Host Tamsen Fadal, and Mr. G
Dana Vollmer and Javier Gomez
Dr. Errin Hatwood and Lisa Lavelle
Janet Mendell and Gary Mendell
Suzanne Murphy and Jean Shafiroff
Natalie Zfat and Mike Woods
Arnold Syrop, Sally Wood, Clem Wood, and Joanne Syrop
Emile Dubois, Carl Kempner, and Doris Kempner
Frederico Farina, honoree Blair Brewster, Martha Fling, and Dr. Arthur Fox
Gala Co-Chairs Alice K. Netter and Deborah Werner with Joseph C. Williams, and Jeanne Ackerman Curhan
Jennifer Allyn, Jean Malpas, and Jeanne Ackerman Curhan
Lois Braverman, President & CEO, Ackerman Institute for the Family
Marie Wilson
Mr. G, Tamsen Fadal, Mike Woods, Camilla Barungi, Javier Gomez and Natalie Zfat
Moving Families Forward Gala Co-Chairs Alice K. Netter and Deborah Werner
Judith Stern Peck and Nina Taselaar
Camilla Barungi
Remy Zimmerman
Honoree Dana Vollmer
Photographs by Da Ping Luo and Mireya Acierto (Ackerman)