Thursday, January 28, 2016

Great Expectations

The scene at Cafe Boulud in The Brazilian Court Hotel in Palm Beach for "A Night of Great Expectations," a benefit for The Everglades Preparatory and Glades Academy.
On a Saturday night two weeks ago in Palm Beach at Cafe Boulud in the Brazilian Court Hotel, they held "A Night of Great Expectations" Benefit for the Everglades Preparatory Academy and Glades Academy. This is Emilia Fanjul's dedicated project and it is a big draw in a town which is chock-a-block with galas now that the season is on. King Juan Carlos of Spain was among the guests, and so was Patrick McMullan, thankfully, so we can give you a glimpse of what the night looked like.
Pepe Fanjul, King Juan Carlos of Spain, Judith Giuliani, and Rudolph Giuliani
Katherine Bryan and David Davis
Pepe Fanjul, Emilia Fanjul, and King Juan Carlos of Spain
Jeff Greene, Mei Zse Greene, Janet Phillips, and Howard Cox
Steven Stolman and Gil Walsh
King Juan Carlos of Spain and Emilia Fanjul
Claudia Wagner, King Juan Carlos of Spain, and Maribel Alvarez
Kathy Fanjul and Andres Fanjul
Janet Phillips, Howard Cox, and Ambassador Mary Ourisman
Jamie Niven and Darlene Jordan
Candida Burnat and Bartlett Burnat
Darlene Jordan, Talbott Maxey, and Virginia Mortara
Dr. Annette Rickel and John Leone
Emilia Saint-Amand and Nonie Sullivan
Carol Mack, Ambassador Howard Leach, and Lourdes Fanjul
Cynthia Boardman
Maria Hackley, Maud Cabot, and Gita Costa
Jim Mitchell
Hilary Geary Ross and Grace Meigher
Emmy Wolbach and Rudy Scheerer
Amanda Fuhrman and Glenn Fuhrman
Bill Beadleston, Jacqueline Weld Drake, and Kenn Karakull
Helena Martinez
Katherine Bryan
Emilia Fanjul
Susan Lloyd and Jason Laskey
Countess Mona de Sayve
Dixon Boardman and Carol Mack
Michael James, Susan Lloyd, Jason Laskey, and Mark Hellier
King Juan Carlos of Spain, Judy Taubman, and Darlene Jordan
Hilary Geary Ross, Jamie Niven, and Judy Taubman
Mai Hallingby Harrison and Earl Mack
Jim Aman, Jane Holzer, and John Meeks
Sarah Gavlak and Paula Butler
Jerry Goldsmith and Father Patrick O'Neill
John Bernbach, Nicola Marcus, and Ambassador Edward Elson
Jackie Weld Drake and John Bernbach
Rudolph Giuliani, Emilia Fanjul, Howard Kessler, and Helena Martinez
Chris Meigher and Kate Gubelmann
Michelle Kessler, Dixon Boardman, and Carol Mack
The 2015 Winter Antiques Show — it's 62nd — opened with a private preview benefiting the East Side House Settlement, a week ago. There was a big crowd by 6:30 for the 75 exhibitors of furniture from antiques to contemporary, paintings, from Early American right up to Modern, as well as rare books, sculpture, ceramics, rugs, jewelry, silver, bronzes, etc.
The aisles were also equipped with islands of canapes, hors d'oeuvres and sandwiches which gave the several hundred guests a good excuse to keep looking (and putting off dinner). In the Robert Aronson Gallery they were showing the monumental 17th century Delft Pyramidal Tulipieres, the largest pair of their kind on the open market since 1991. They sold that night to a private client for almost a million.
Richard Brodie, Margaret Williams, and Jaime Frankfurt
Martha Stewart
Nate Berkus, Jill Kargman, Sadie Kargman, and Jeremiah Brent
Sandra Gerry and Alan Gerry
Thomas Jayne
Michael Lynch, Lucinda Gallard, and Arie Kopelman
Ai Wong Hsia and Ann Madonia
Jay Cantor, Marc Stern, and Arie Kopelman
Katie Ridder and Ralph Harvard
Gus Dangremond, Sam Dangremond, David Dangremond, Mary Dangremond, and Tom Loughman
Kendra Daniel and Allan Daniel
Elizabeth Frost and Arnold Neis
Mary Dinaburg
Wendy Sarasohn and Jill Kargman
Lisa Moore, Marcia Feinstein, and Letitia Roberts
Gay Zizes
Alistair Clarke
Barbara de Portago
Keith Langham and Cece Cord
Cait Munro
Scott Singer, Marueen Nash, Barbara Tober, and Donald Tober
Curtis Smith and Elliott Taynor
Benoist Drut and Sandra Nunnerley
Janet LaRose and Larry LaRose
Miguel Saco and Gerard Widdershoven
James Andrew and Jimmy Caston
Samantha Stathas and James Rolleston
Darren Payne, Tyree Thomas, Otto Keshishian, Scott Cabrera, and Eddie Keshishian
Michelle King Robson and Sharon Handler Loeb
James Reginato and Jeffrey Slonim
Guy Apter and Caleb Anderson
Lief Rosenblatt and Joanna Rosenblatt
Alice Frelinghuysen, Cathy Herbst, and Dick Herbst
Anya Firestone, Todd Merrill, and Julia Clemente
Susan Klein, Elle Shushan, and John Klein
Carolle Thibaut-Pomerantz
Photographs by Patrick McMullan