Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Love and Art

The Pool Room in Love Heals signature red color for Love Heals, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education's annual gala event.
Tuesday evening, May 3rd, Love Heals, the Alison Gertz Foundation for AIDS Education held its annual gala event at the Four Seasons Restaurant in Manhattan. In addition to celebrating Love Heals and its honorees, the event served as a grand farewell to the famed restaurant before its closing later this year.
Carol Gurtz and Eric Rudin
Renowned event designer Bryan Rafanelli of Rafanelli Events honored the historic space's "Season Finale" with extraordinary décor and design, transforming the restaurant like never before. Rafanelli incorporated the Love Heals signature red color throughout the space, in the rich linens and floral accents. He took unique illustrations that illustrator Donald Robertson created for Love Heals and transformed the room with them, accenting the décor and including them on the printed chair covers. As a finishing touch, Rafanelli included a multitude of red floating hearts in the restaurant's well-known indoor pool, reminiscent of the Love Heals logo.
Victoria Leacock Hoffman, Stefani Greenfield, and Dini von Mueffling
Actor Mark Ruffalo presented an award to Rachelle Hruska MacPherson and Sean MacPherson, thanking them for their continued support of Love Heals. Ruffalo recalled how when he was starving actor and a waiter and at one of MacPherson's LA restaurants at the height of the AIDS epidemic, MacPherson would drive to Mexico to buy AIDS medications for their afflicted friends. Designer Tabitha Simmons presented honoree Peter Davis with his award, and Love Heals co-founders, Dini von Mueffling, Victoria Leacock Hoffman and Stefani Greenfield along with Ali Gertz' mother, Carol Gertz, presented Eric Rudin with his award with a heartfelt speech that highlighted his dedication to Love Heals and its mission since its inception. InStyle Editor-at-Large Hal Rubenstein hosted the night's program, which included a performance by singer Sasha Lazard. Other guests included Frederick Anderson, Paul Arnhold, Liliana Cavendish, Cristina Greeven Cuomo, Wes Gordon, Christian Leone, Michael Lorber, Julie Macklowe, Jennifer Miller, Nicole Miller, Sonja Morgan, Minnie Mortimer Gaghan, Amy Sacco, Jared Seligman, Mary Alice Stephenson, and Ali Wise, among others.
Tabitha Simmons
During the program, co-founder Dini von Mueffling took the stage alongside Benjamin Bashein Executive Director of ACRIA, a New York-based international AIDS research and education organization, to announce that ACRIA will expand its work by acquiring Love Heals, and continuing the foundation's mission to improve HIV/AIDS education for New York City youth. "While this may be the end of an era, it's the beginning of a new one, one with strength in numbers and with renewed great might," said von Mueffling during her speech.
Sean MacPherson, Rachelle Hruska MacPherson, and Mark Ruffalo
Victoria Leacock Hoffman, Stefani Greenfield, and Dini von Mueffling
David Nickle, Julie Maclowe, and Hal Rubenstein
Nick Wooster
Dini von Mueffling and Mary Alice Stephenson
Liliana Cavendish, Kim Taipale, and Nicole Miller
Frederick Anderson and Minnie Mortimer
Eric and Fiona Rudin
Maurizio Bussolari, Natalie Kates, Steven MacKinney, Paul Arnhold, and Fabrizio Ferri
Wes Gordon and Paul Arnhold
Peter Davis and Bryan Rafanelli
Laura Henson and Ted Sann
Jennifer Miller and Dini von Mueffling
Frederick Anderson, Liliana Cavendish, and Dimitry Astashenok
Michelle Alexander and Debbier Silverman
Last week, the New York City Ballet (NYCB) hosted its 2016 Spring Gala which featured the World Premiere of new works by Christopher Wheeldon (director and choreographer of the Tony Award-winning musical An American in Paris) and Nicolas Blanc.

The gala performance, which honored Jay Fishman—Chairman of the NYCB Board of Directors and Chairman Emeritus of Travelers Companies, Inc.—began with a tribute to the honoree which included a short film and performance except from Jerome Robbins’ The Concert.
Dinner on the Promenade of the David H. Koch Theater
The event was chaired by NYCB Board members Ursula M. Burns, Chairman and CEO of Xerox Corporation, and Lesley Stahl of CBS News and 60 Minutes.

Gala guests included: Blythe Danner, Diane Sawyer, Vanessa Williams, Jack Antonoff, Selita Ebanks, Paris Hilton, Anne V, James Lipton, and many others. Over 750 guests attended the gala, which raised $2 million for the Company.
Paris Hilton
Judy Glickman Lauder and Leonard A. Lauder
Hamish Bowles
Michelle Smith and Unity Phelan
Jonah Freeman and Arden Wohl
Kimba M Wood and Frank Richardson
Diane Sawyer
Valentine Hernandez Jr. and Yaz Hernandez
Fe Fendi and Dennis Basso
Selita Ebanks and Nev Schulman
Nev Schulman and Megan LeCrone
Lesley Stahl, Peter Martins, Ursula M. Brown, and Kathy Brown
Adam Falkoff and Nicole DiCocco
David Beitzel and Darren Walker
Derrick Agnoletti, Nicolas Blanc, Christian Zimmerman, Richard Kielar, and Ross Rayburn
Nicole DiCocco, Joy Marks, Jean Shafiroff, Patricia Shiah, Fe Fendi, and Dr. Susan Krysiewicz
Alain Remise and Iris Wang
Adrienne Arscht, Nathan Johnson, and Laura Osnes
Mikhail Baryshnikov, Kedakai Turner, and James Lipton
Zoe Baird, David Helene, Blythe Danner, and Leanne Shapton
Joan Steinberg, Richard Haas, and Liz Peek
Carol Mack, Kathy Brown, and Lisa McCarthy
Julia Koch and Earle Mack
Gabrielle Bacon and George Votis
Martin Shafiroff and Barbara Tober
Hope Smith, Mark Gilbertson, and Caroline Dean
Sean Stone, Mary Snow, and Peter Rockefeller
Francesca Beale and Antonella Gallo
Katherine Beck and Cynthia Beck
Peggy Siegal and Robert Couturier
Tatiana Kilivniuk and Alexei Ratmansky
Leslie Sardinias, Frances Reynolds Marinho, Maria Garcia Lubel, and Valentine Hernandez Jr.
Megan Schaefer, Nathan Riggs, Lizzie Just, and Madisen Obiedo
Vanessa Williams
Allison Rockefeller
Tommy Tune
Last Tuesday evening, Lee Mindel, FAIA, of Shelton, Mindel & Associates, one of the most sought-after architectural firms in the world, opened his spectacular loft, laden with iconic mid-century furniture, for the New York kick-off reception of Masterpiece London. With 360-degree sweeping city views, Lee's loft is a masterful mix of the best of the best contemporary art and mid-century design and has been featured in Architectural Digest, the design industry's bible, which supports of Masterpiece London.
Ellie Cullman, Nazy Vassegh, Lee Mindel, and Philip Hewat Jaboor
SiAe Sung, Margaret O'Connor, Grace Sierra, Lee Mindel, Emily Meroney, and Aurora Farewell
Joining Lee to welcome the Masterpiece London'a power duo — Nazy Vassegh and Philip Hewat-Jaboor – were his International Patrons Committee co-chairs Ellie Cullman and Margaret Russell. Also in the crowd were Sandra Nunnerely, Brian McCarthy, Joanne DePalma, Bennett Weinstock, Liz O'Brien, John Yunis, DeBare Saunders and Ronald Mayne, Simon Philips, Alex Papachristidis, Elizabeth Byron Sverbeyeff, Penny Drue Baird, William Brockschmidt, Richard Dragisic, Carlos Rincon, Courtney Coleman, Fred Hill, Daisy Sanders, Joshua Burcham, Aurora Farewell, Charlotte Ford, Michael Wise, Susan Zises Green, John Eason and Damon Crain, Jeff Lincoln, Ilene Wetson, Andrew Kepler, Natalie Laverack, Alison Levasseur, Marcy Masterson, Cynthia Murphy,Vyna St. Phard, Emily Eerdmans, Margaret O'Connor, SiAe Sung, Emily Meroney, Joe Nahem, Richard Rabel, Gil Schafer, Jody Shields, Vicki Lowry, Jeffrey Fields,Timothy VanDam and Ron Wagner, Wendy Landau, Sam Cochran, Aimee Troyen, Grace Sierra, Bradley Stephens, William Pittel, Madeline O'Malley, Laurie Sprague, and Meg and Tony Marchese.
Lee Mindel, Margaret Russell, Nazy Vassegh, Philip Hewat Jaboor, and Ellie Cullman
With 153 of the top international dealers — 10 from the U.S., including A La Vieille Russie, Ariadne, Michele Beiny, Colisart, Geoffrey Diner, Les Enluminures, Long Sharp Gallery, Safani, Elle Shushan Portrait Miniatures, and The Silver Fund — Masterpiece London offers a massive array of fine and decorative arts under one roof for the über-sophisticated collector. This elegant fair opens with a preview on June 29 on the South Grounds of The Royal Hospital Chelsea. This year's principal sponsor is RBC Wealth Management.
Natalie Laverack and Joshua Bircham
Vicky Lowry
Bill Pittel, Philip Hewat- Jaboor, Laurie Sprague, Wendy Landau, and Nazy Vassegh
Bill Pittel, Laurie Sprague, and Wendy Landau
Ron Wagner and Timothy VanDam
Cynthia Murphy and Vyna Saint Phard
Aurora Farewell, Emily Meroney, SiAe Sung, and Margaret O'Connor
Alex Papachristidis, Alison Levasseur, and Sam Cochran
Brian McCarthy, Richard Dragisic, and Philip Hewat- Jaboor
Andrew Kepler, Marcy Masterson, Philip Hewat-Jaboor, and Carlos Picon
Richard Rabel, Marilyn White, and Ilene Wetson
Susan Zises Green and Bennett Weinstock
Charlotte Ford and Lee Mindel
William Brockschmidt, Richard Dragisic, Joshua Bircham, William Secord, and Brian McCarthy
Gil Schafer, John Yunis, Liz O'Brien, and Alex Papachristidis
John Douglas Eason, Joe Nahem, Damon Crain, and Jeffrey Fields
DeBare Saunders and Ronald Mayne
Aimee Troyen
Daisy Sanders and Fred Hill
Richard Rabel, Sandra Nunnerley, Alison Levasseur, and Alex Papachristidis
Grace Sierra and Jody Shields
Anthony Marchese, Meg Mindel Marchese, and Lee Mindel
Art Miami founder Nick Korniloff and partners Mike Tansey and Brian Tyler welcomed hundreds of collectors, curators, and connoisseurs including Brooke Shields, Michael Strahan, lifetime visual artist and Art NY participating artist Bernie Taupin, whose work was featured and acquired at Waterhouse & Dodd, and director Brett Ratner, to a private VIP Preview Party opening day Art New York/CONTEXT New York at Pier 94 on Tuesday, May 3rd. 

The two highly anticipated shows hosted over 150 galleries from 50 different countries that represent 1,200 artists, including Roy Lichtenstein, Andy Warhol, Eric Fischl, Damien Hirst, and Robert Longo. 
Moving Art Light
Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary showcased his contemporary photography exhibition entitled "Irreconcilable Images" and donated proceeds from sales of his works to the Perry J. Cohen Foundation and also to aspiring Teenage Entrepreneurs.

Pro Bowl Selection and Super Bowl Champion Darrelle Revis (#24) of the N.Y. Jets was also on hand for the unveiling of his portrait, painted by Brazilian street artist Sipros, and that of fellow NFL star Janoris Jenkins (#20) of the New York Giants, painted by See TF.  Proceeds from the sale of both these paintings will also benefit the Perry J. Cohen Foundation.

Robert De Niro stopped in to see his friend, Oscar winner and artist Adrien Brody at his booth, which showcased a variety of colorful, fish-inspired art including a funky portrait of Rick James as a fish, Warhol-esque-inspired Pink Salmon cans, and multiple BrodyBucks logos (a take on the coffee brand).
Art Miami founder Nick Korniloff, Pamela Cohen, Miranda Korniloff, and Brooke Shields
Guests, including retired hockey star Rod Gilbert and his wife Judy, Liliana Cavendish, real estate investor Steve Vornea, America’s Next Top Model alumni Xiomi Frans-Cuber, Anthony Tacceta, Fox News’ Rick Leventhal and World Series Poker player Beth Shak, were seen perusing the isles, which included Pop masters, contemporary stars, as well as up-and-coming artists from Europe and South America. 

This year’s Art New York show saw the addition of the CONTEXT NY fair, which is dedicated to the development and reinforcement of emerging and mid-career artists. 
Amy Raehse and Martha Macks-Khan
Jessica Barros, Rudoph Budja, and Nicole Budja
Jennifer and Mike Tansey with their daughter
Shai Zemak, Yigal Ozeri, and Erez Zemack
Xiami Frans-Cuber
Michael Strahan and Adrien Brody
Austin Harrod and Alex Benrimon
Michel Witmer and Bruce Helander
Beth Shak and Darrelle Revis
Kevin O'Leary and Bernie Taupin
Rod and Judy Gilbert
Photos by BFA (Love Heals); Annie Watt (Masterpiece London & Art New York)