Monday, December 12, 2016

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Cocktails in the Great Hall of the Metropolitan Club for the New York Chapter of ICAA's 2016 Stanford White Awards.
On Wednesday, December 7th 2016, the New York Chapter of the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art (ICAA) celebrated the winners of the 2016 Stanford White Awards at the Metropolitan Club, with over 360 guests in attendance at the sold-out event. The Awards recognize achievement in individual projects in architecture, interiors, landscape, urbanism, and building craftsmanship & artisanship throughout New York, New Jersey, and Fairfield County, Connecticut.

David Calligeros, President of the New York Chapter of the ICAA, delivered an introduction to the awards ceremony. For the second year in a row, Justin Davidson – a critic for architecture and classical music at New York magazine and a 2002 Pulitzer Prize winner – served as emcee for the awards ceremony, and presented the 16 awards for classical and traditional architecture to each recipient.
Awards ceremony emcee Justin Davidson
Jury members Peter Block, Heather Wells, Gregory Lombardi, Melinda Florian Papp, and Pilar Viladas chose the winners, including Peter Pennoyer Architects, Ferguson & Shamamian Architects, Historical Concepts, S.R. Gambrel, John B. Murray Architect, G. P. Schafer Architect, Voith & Mactavish Architects, Doyle Herman Design Associates, Janice Parker Landscape Architects, Jayne Design Studio, Peregrine Bryant Architecture and Building Conservation, McALPINE, Hamady Architects, Hyde Park Mouldings, Sawyer | Berson Architecture & Landscape Architecture, and Di Biase Filkoff Architects.
Oscar Shamamian, David Calligeros, Ben Hatherell, and Stephen Chrisman
Gil Schafer, David Calligeros, and Daniela Voith
Kevin Clark, David Calligeros, and Steven Gambrel
Guests included ICAA Board members Andrew Cogar, Barbara Eberlein, John Flower, Steven R. Gambrel, Kirk Henckels, Michael Mesko, Mark Pledger, Barbara Sallick, and Suzanne Santry, ICAA supporters Janet C. Ross, Fernanda Kellogg, Ellen Gallagher, James Anderson, Pieter Estersohn, Rhett Butler, Kathryn Herman, Jonathan Hogg, Thomas Jayne, John B. Murray, Leonard Porter, Tom Robinson, Adrian Taylor, ICAA President Peter Lyden, and Chairman of the ICAA Board of Directors Mark Ferguson, along with 2016 Stanford White Awards Co-chairs Clay Hayles, Rodrigo Bollat Montenegro, and Alice Kriz.
Peter Pennoyer and Elizabeth Graziolo
Thomas Jayne, David Calligeros, and Egan Seward
Barbara Eberlein, John Rusk, John Flower, and Alyson Zamith
Janet C. Ross, Oscar Shamamian, and Suzanne Santry
Kirk Henckels and Pilar Viladas
Amanda and Andrew Cogar
Pier Giorgetti and Johnny S. Donadic
Nicholas Stern, Peter Lyden, Elizabeth Graziolo, and Valentin Goux
Award Winners and Judges
Helping Horses – Healing Heroes was the theme of the SquirrelWood Equine Sanctuary Founders’ Dinner hosted by Ed and Cathy Kangas and Francesca Biondo at Le Cirque.

Ed Kangas and his wife Cathy, Founder of PRAI Beauty, introduced their guests to SquirrelWood’s Equine-Assisted Psychotherapy Program for veterans suffering from the effects of PTSD.
Ed Kangas, Cathy Kangas, and Bob Kerrey
SquirrelWood is a healing sanctuary co-founded by Beth Hyman and Diane Butler. On this 92 acre farm, located in the heart of the Hudson Valley, abused and neglected horses reclaim their lives and pay it forward by supporting the certified Veteran Therapy Program.

Medal-of-Honor recipient, Bob Kerry, spoke about Americans being the most generous people in the world, which was evident by the $300,000 raised from the Founders’ Dinner. Hannah Ling owner of Gardenia Organic, flowers that heal, New York’s first sustainable florist donated the flowers.
Beth Hyman, Christine Bruckner, and Diane Butler
Christine Bruckner, the clinical social worker leading the program at SquirrelWood, said horses can provide powerful peace and healing for veterans. She reminded everyone that more veterans returning from Iraq succumb to suicide than die in combat. She also shared that the veterans whom she has worked with in the program say they, “feel peaceful for the first time just by being in the presence of the horses” and how it was a “life changing and a mind-opening experience.”

For more information, visit
Robert Kurg, John O'Flaherty, Beth Hyman, Chris Finnegan, and Karl Enkler
Judy McLaren and Ann Van Ness
Jessica and James Gocke
Noa Walsky and Blaise Bace
Isabel Pearson and Rick Landgarten
Hilary Corman Kirsch and Mark Kirsch
Ashley Cannon and Sharon Patrick
Emery Westfall and Carole Bellidora Westfall
Sharon Bush and Oscar Plotkin
Roberta Glenn and Ken Rock
Wendell Minnick, Frank Zammataro, Jeannnie Zammataro, and Sue Song
Diane Gillman and Manuel Renha
Christine Biddle and Carole Bellidora Westfall
Bill and Paula Hunnicut
Jordan Lippner, Jennifer Jablow, and Frank Friedman
Courtney Budd and Alexander Hovnanian
Charlie Gill and Linda Goddard
On Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 Verdura President Nico Landrigan, author and philanthropist Cathleen Smith-Bresciani, and New York Times best selling author Laura Numeroff hosted a holiday event with Steiff to benefit the Canine Companions for Independence. 120 guests attended including Jennifer Creel, Alan Grubman, Stephen Knoll, Patrick McDonald, Catherine and Bryan Carey, Lauren Ezersky, Steiff President Jim Pitocco, Laurie LaSorda and Scott Minerd.

Laura Numeroff with her new book, Raising A Hero.
“Spunky," named after Dodgers manager Tommy LaSorda’s late son, Tommy LaSorda, Jr.
The Verdura showroom was transformed into a magical wonderland of Steiff showcasing the personal collection of Cathleen Smith-Bresciani by Richard De Jardin.

Friends and family purchased their limited edition unique Steiff creation by Cathleen, named “Spunky” after famed Dodgers manager Tommy LaSorda’s late son, Tommy LaSorda, Jr., a golden retriever puppy standing just over 4” tall.  Priced at $50, and now sold at, 100% of the proceeds from each sale goes to the Canine Companions for Independence.

The children in attendance were treated to a whimsical buffet in the "Haversham Forest" along with a reading of Laura Numeroff's latest book, Raising a Hero by Laura herself.

Told from a golden retriever’s perspective the book illustrates simple acts of kindness as puppy Max begins his journey of training to help children with disabilities.  The book is available for $17.95 and can be purchased at with a portion of proceeds being donated to the CCI.

Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) breeds, raises and trains highly skilled assistance dogs for children, adults and veterans with disabilities. Canine Companions assistance dogs and a lifetime of follow-up services are provided completely free of charge to recipients.

Over the past forty years, the CCI has become the largest and most highly regarded assistance dog organization in the country, pairing over 5,100 teams since 1975.  The organization has six training centers nationally in Northern California, Southern California, Texas, Ohio, New York and Florida.
Laura Numeroff
Cathleen Smith Bresciani, Dragon, and Laura Lasorda
DJ McCutcheon, Lucy McCutcheon, and Allison McCutcheon
Stephen Knoll, Lauren Ezersky, and Patrick McDonald
Laura Numeroff, Jim Pitocco, and Cathleen Smith Bresciani
Sean and Lizzie Hanrahan
Cathleen Smith Bresciani and Laura Ruminoff
Katherine Birch, William Birch, and Annabelle Birch
Whitney Moister and Vicki Kulukjian
Rory Landrigan, Nico Landrigan, and Laura Numeroff
Scott Minerd and Kelly Nasser
Paige Boller, Charles Boller Malik, and Jacqueline Boller Malik
Angeliki Kotsianti, Stephan Krucker, Norman Ambrose, Steven Evans, and Cathleen Smith Bresciani
Cameron Silver, Stephan Krucker, and Whitney Moister
Amy Jamieson, Neil Jamieson, Sienna Jamieson, and Isla Jamieson
Bryan Carey, Catherine Carey, and Paul Carey
Leon Shepherd
Jeanne Brescini and Rosemarie Cooper
Rick Rosabella, Laura Lasorda, and Deborah Gallagan
On November 29th, J.McLaughlin hosted its second annual Spectacular Shopping Spree to benefit the Animal Medical Center. The event, a kick-off party to celebrate AMC’s Top Dog Gala, was hosted by Alison Minton and Guy Emile Harley, Top Dog Gala Benefit Committee Members. Despite the wet, windy, wintry weather, guests arrived ready to shop for the cause. A percentage of all sales from, as well as all online sales through December 1st, will benefit the AMC.
Guy Harley, Alison Minton, Barbara McLaughlin, and Kevin McLaughlin
Guy Harley with Oscar
Dr. Penny Grant with Oscar
Barbara McLaughlin and Karen Klopp
Robert Liberman
Grace Meigher
David Laks and Alex Hamer
Sibylle Eschapasse and Roy Kean
Martha Glass
Photographs by Patrick McMullan (CCI; ICAA); Annie Watt (SquirrelWood; J.McLaughlin)