Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Watermill Center’s FADA: House of Madness Summer Benefit

Robert Wilson celebrating the end of the night with Natalia Obolensky, Orlan, Susan Shin, and friends.
More than 1,000 guests, setting an attendance record, gathered on Saturday night at The Watermill Center’s 23rd Annual Summer Benefit and Auction making it an extraordinarily successful evening during which more than $2 million was raised for the Center’s year-round Artist Residency and Education Programs. 

Conceived by avant-garde theater and visual artist Robert Wilson and entitled FADA: House of Madness, this year’s gala, honoring Madame Giancarla Berti in recognition of her support, featured installations and performances created by 130 artists hailing from 28 countries. The works were spread throughout the property’s eight-and-a-half acre grounds. Highlights included the Russian feminist punk rock group Pussy Riot's Make America Great Again, an installation piece inspired by Donald Trump’s campaign slogan and John Margarita’s One Ton Tank, a water-filled concrete container featuring a young man wearing a black speedo held down by weights. 
The Watermill Center
Guests included Tory Burch, Bob Colacello, Eric Firestone, Audrey and Martin Gruss, Amanda Hearst, Kathy and Richard Hilton, Anne Hearst and Jay McInerney, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia and Jill Stuart, among many others.  The live auction, hosted by veteran auctioneer Simon de Pury, included artworks donated by Robert Wilson, Peter Lindbergh, Francesco Clemente and Nan Goldin.  A trip to South Africa featuring an exclusive art experience and a luxury safari also numbered among the live auction items. The silent auction included over 125 lots donated by artists such as Annie Leibovitz, Michael Dweck, and Humberto & Fernando Campana. Dinner guests enjoyed a performance by Norwegian artist Tori Wrånes and an impromptu, surprise performance by Ja Rule.
2016 marks the10th anniversary of the Watermill Center's Artist Residency Program, as well as the 75th birthday of Founder and Creative Director Robert Wilson, pictured here with Inga Maren Otto (right) and Kate Eberstadt
Founded in 1992 by Robert Wilson on the site of a former Western Union facility near Southampton, The Watermill Center is an interdisciplinary art space which supports young and emerging artists through its year-round Artist Residency Program, International Summer Program (which has gathered more than 80 artists from 30 countries this year) and education seminars.  The Center also presents exhibitions, public programing, and offers tours of its 20,000-square-foot building, eight-and-a-half acres of grounds and sculpture gardens throughout the year.  This summer, the Center broke ground for a new 10,000 sq. ft. residency facility by architect Roger Ferris. — Delia von Neuschatz
Guests lining up to enter the Watermill Center's 23rd annual benefit, FADA: House of Madness
Guests walking through and around Watermill Center's torch-lit grounds
Several of the performance and installation works on display:
Angels of Apocalypse, a performance piece conceived by costume designer Jacques Reynaud, staged on the Watermill Center's grounds.
Pussy Riot, Make America Great Again
Caroline Vreeland
John Margaritis, One Ton Tank
Marianna Kavallieratos, Far West
Brian O’Mahoney, Cats Sleep Anywhere
BHQF Mannekin Pis
Scenes from As We Lay Dying, a variety of works and performances by the artist collective, Bruce High Quality Foundation (BHQF), scattered throughout the Watermill Center’s grounds:  
The auction tent
Several of the live and silent auction items:
Ilya and Emilia Kabokov, The Flying #1. Estimated value: $65,000
Clo’e Floirat, I will tell you what to like. Estimated value: $3,000
Robert Wilson, Quincy from the series Hermès by Nature. Estimated value: $45,000
Katja Loher, Where Today Turns Into Tomorrow. Estimated value: $25,000
The Watermill Center's Founder and Creative Director, avant-garde artist Robert Wilson
Benefit Chair Giancarla Berti
Magdalena von Behr
Simon de Pury
A photograph of Kate Moss by Peter Lindbergh being auctioned during the evening. Estimated value:  $100,000
A surprise performance by Ja Rule
Mia Moretti
Paulo Oliveira, Diandra Douglas, Eric Ripert, and Sandra Ripert
Eric Javits and Di Mondo
Fern Mallis and Tim Weiland
Tracy Stern, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Lauren Day Roberts, and Robin Cofer
Natalya Obolensky
Tatiana Platt
Peter Verzilov and Nadya Tolokonnikova
Emerald Gruin, Adrian Gurin, Nicola Night, and Tom Smith
Amy Cherry Abitol, Pierre Abitol, and Alec Abitol
Magdalena von Behr
Bianca and Nathan Folger
Jenie Egerton-Warburton and James Egerton-Warburton
Jack Watters, Ethan Shoshan, and Recardo Nelson
Daniel Hilpert and Erika Bloom
Eva Redhe
Beth McNeill-Muchs and Jeff Muchs
Sandra Pabst, Christian Nagel, Marie Nagel, and Constance Biderman
Dmitry Komis, Christian Wassmann, and Luis Gu
Laurie Lambert, Mary Ellen Carroll, and Hope Sandro
Elena Yoon and Claudia Avendano
Charles Renfrew, Daniel Gortler, Dmitry Komis, and Stacy Engman
Katherine Techworth Porter, Wallemmaier, Andria Culliford, and Peter Huffine
Lindsay and Ian Adelman
Nicole Nadeau, Victoria De Lesseps, and Noel De Lesseps
Julian Henry, Ronald Guttman, Amy Guttman, and Zoe Guttman
Marcel Murdoch, Leah Yerpe, and Marie Nyquist
Ian and Katia Lirenman
Brittany Burke, Dahlia Izatullaeva, Stephanie Rad, and Antonia Wesseloh
Michael Pruzan, Helaine Pruzan, Jennifer New, BJ Topel, and Jason New
Jo Herget, Anne Scully, Alexa Scully, Lisa Herget, Evi Herget, and Sarah Scully
Samira Suleiman and Fares Saleh
Blair Voltz Clark
James Jeffcoat and Jill Stuart
Meghan Boody, James Salomon, and Hala Salomon
Stephanie Nass and Margot Edelman
Sophia Chou, Foy Savas, and Tian Shui
Cora Mags and Norm Haywood
Carol Mack, Sarah Senbahar, and Tracey Amon
Sophie Oakley
Maximillian Eicke, Heather Rauscher, Lauren Bell, Martin Helderbrent, Michael Eicke, and Elfie Eicke
Bob Colacello
Darice and Jason Fadeyi
Carola Jain, Bill Campbell, and Christine Campbell
Alana Simone, Stephanie von Behr, and April Hunt
Amanda Hearst, Hassan Pierre, Kate Foley, and Max Osterweis
Courtney Pizzimenti, Chantal Monaghan, and Samantha Pizzimenti
Nir Hod
Antom Berdkivst and Elin Forsberg
David Agoston and Jada Joyce
Robert Wilson, Luciano Berti, Giancarla Berti, and Marina Berti
Zita Davisson and Gary Lawrance
Christophe de Menil
Rick Hilton and Katerina Otto Bernstein
Cynthia Wassong and Jeffery Tarrant
Allan Jensen and Sasha Benz
David Wassong and Erin Klatskin
Muna Rihani Al-Nassir, Siddharth Kasliwal, Shaikha Paula Al-Sabah, and Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia
Kristian Laliberte, Danielle Snyder, and Chloe Norgaard
Ja Rule
Photographs by BFA