Tuesday, December 6, 2016

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Doubles hosting the Hilton luncheon at one its seven annual Christmas Luncheons.
Last week, Doubles, the private club in the Sherry-Netherland hosted its annual Christmas Luncheons. Seven luncheons in all, the first two days drew hundreds to experience a warm and festive way to begin the holiday season, graced by Christmas Carolers and the club’s famously delicious menu. There was Glazed Salmon on Wednesday, Bass Dijonnaise on Thursday, all accompanied by Doubles’ tempting Croque en Bouche, Eggnog Baked Alaska and Raspberry Dacquoise. Almost no one could resist.
The descent to Doubles' decadence
Among those partaking were Kathy Hilton and her daughter Nicky Hilton Rothschild; Hilary Geary Ross, Christine Schwarzman, Jamee Gregory, Debbie Bancroft, Dennis Basso, Dana Hammond, Jenny and John Paulson, Muffie Potter Aston, Katharina Otto-Bernstein, Mark Gilbertson, Lady Camila Mackeson, Bonnie Pope, Barbara Tober, Anna Gary, Holly Hunt, Geoffrey Bradfield, Roric Tobin, Laine Siklos, Sharon Bush, Suzie Aijala, Stewart Lane, Bonnie Comley, Somers Farkas, Tiffany Dubin ... and many more being led into dietary temptation.
Annik Wolf, Kara Barnett, Anne Blinkhorn, Laine Siklos, Sheila Dharmarajan, and Rachel Lam
Regis Worsoe, Dixie De Luca, Jackie Yale, Suzy Aijala, and Lisa Guida
Jamee Gregory, Katharina Otto-Bernstein, Hilary Geary Ross, and Dana Hammond
Stewart Lane and Bonnie Comley
Leila Diba, Lady Camilla Mackeson, and Barbara Tober
Cythia Maltese, Justin Kush, Polly Onet, and Hunt Slonem
Robert Brown, Sarah Brown, Jennie Paulson, and John Paulson
Bethany Frankel, Nicki Hilton, and Bambi Silverbaum
Kathy Hilton and Sharon Bush
Judy Gaubman and Nancy Silverman
Christine Schwarzman, Mark Gilbertson, and Muffie Potter Astin
Somers Farkas and Dennis Basso
Tiffany Dubin and Debbie Bancroft
Christine Grey, Linda Elkman, Lisa Cashin, and Dorothy Sprague
Thomas Jirgens and Anna Gary
Bonnie Pope and Adeilene Frelinghuysin
Debbie Bancroft, Wendy Carduner, Geoffrey Bradfield, and Roric Tobin
Holly Hunt table
Pioneering all-women rallye Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles du Maroc — faithful to its founding values: courage, the desire to push one’s limits, loyalty, solidarity and social commitment — hosted a kickoff party at Rotisserie Georgette on November 3, 2016 to celebrate the 27th annual event, which takes place between March 17 and April 1, 2017 in the unspoiled beauty of the Moroccan desert.

The New York event hosted guest of honor Mrs. Christine Lagarde (Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund), Abderrafie Zouiten (Director General of the Moroccan National Office of Tourism), Mardochée Devico (Président Directeur General des Conserves de Meknés), Dominique Serra (Founder of the Rallye Aïcha Des Gazelles Du Maroc). Additional notable attendees included: Christine Cachot, Liza Bensimon, Camille Biedermann Roizen, Denise DeLuca, Nezha Larhrissi, Luiza Petre MD, Marie-Noelle Pierce, Sandra Ripert, Marie-Monique Steckel, Rita Zniber, Leyna Zniber, Abderrafie Zouiten, Kiera Chaplin, Alisa Roever, Margo Manhattan, Jean Shafiroff, Lauren Day Roberts, Paola and Arnie Rosenshein and Sara Johnson-Kaplan.
Sibylle Eschapasse, Dominique Serra, and Christine Lagarde
At the event, Christine Lagarde shared how she saw herself as the godmother of the “Gazelles” and her longstanding involvement with the rallye. She highlighted the rallye’s core value of empowering women and how the rallye stands for respect (for both the environment, the people and the country) as well as generosity (because it gives back more than it receives). Lagarde ended her remarks by noting her deepest admiration of Serra and the efforts she has put in to making the rallye what it is for 27 years, and for being a pioneer who noted as early as 1990 how the central idea of the rallye must be sustainability.
Dominique Serra and Christine Lagarde
Brenda Exline and Kathleen Ryan
The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is a human adventure that is one of a kind. It is the only international off-road Rallye race for women only.  Since 1990, it has been bringing together women between the ages of 18 and 71, from more than 30 different countries, who embark on an adventure of a lifetime from the French city of Nice on March 18th, 2017 and onward to the start of the Rallye in the Moroccan desert. The Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is developing a new vision of automobile competition: no speed and no GPS, just old-fashioned navigation, completely off-road.  The Rallye respects its scenic host country and its people through the actions of the Rallye’s non-profit, Cœur de Gazelles, as well as the environment: the Rallye Aïcha des Gazelles is the only motor Rallye in the world with ISO 14001 certification.
Barbara Regna, Katherine Parr, and Laura Nicklas
Chase Backer and Kiera Chaplin
Christine Cachot and Marie-Noelle Pierce
Mara Khodara and Claire Khodara
Jean Shafiroff
Elisabeth Leontieff-Hirshon and Marie-Monique Steckel
Margo Manhattan
Nezha Larhrissi
Luiza Petre and Natalia Meimaris
Sandra Ripert and Dovile Drizyte
Rita Znibne
Gilda’s Club NYC (GCNYC) raised more than $1.2 million for its free cancer support program at its 21st Anniversary Benefit Gala held at the Pierre Hotel. More than 400 guests attended the annual event where WABC TV news anchor and ABC News 20/20 correspondent, Bill Ritter, hosted for the 5th consecutive year, and auctioneer Sebastian Clarke, Appraiser, “Antiques Roadshow”, charmed the guests with his lively auction rapport. Gilda’s Club founder Joanna Bull was also in attendance. Honorary Co-Chairs included Joanna Bull, Mandy Patinkin, Emma Stone, and Robin and Alan Zweibel. Gala Co-Chairs were Laura Bartlett and Mark J. Alles and the Dinner Committee included Rob Bochicchio, Ellen Lubman, Matthew R. Patterson, Andrea Rabney and Alex Scott.
Cocktails at the Pierre Hotel
Dinner at Pierre Hotel ballroom
Ivan Cheung, Chairman and CEO of Eisai Inc. was honored with the Corporate Vision Award and Jerome B. Zeldis, MD, PhD, CMO & President of Clinical Operations of Sorrento Therapeutics, Former CMO of Celgene Corporation & CEO of Celgene Global Health, was honored with the Advances in Cancer Research Award. The honorees and their companies are chosen because they significantly contribute to improving the quality of life of people touched by cancer. The Heart of Gold Award for Outstanding Service & Exemplary Leadership was given to Robert J. Easton, Immediate Past GCNYC Board Chair and Co-Chairman, BIONEST Partners for his commitment spanning more than 18 years to Gilda’s Club.
Honorees Dr. Jerry Zeldis, Ivan Cheung, and Robert Easton
Lilliana Aponte Yap and her 9-year-old daughter Catalina were the member speakers at the event. Lilliana came to Gilda’s Club seeking support after her husband, a GCNYC member, passed away from cancer. Her daughter, who attends the Noogieland program for children, fearlessly recited a beautiful poem she had written about her father.
Lilliana Aponte Yap and her 9-year-old daughter Catalina
Corporate guests and sponsors in attendance included Diamond Benefactor: Celgene; Silver Benefactor: Eisai; Red Door Patrons: Joan and Bob Easton, Rob Faulkner, Johnson & Johnson, Mike Lee, Slattery Family Foundation, Sorrento; and 26 Bronze Patrons.

Gilda's Club NYC (GCNYC) was founded in 1995 in memory of Gilda Radner, the talented comedian and original cast member of Saturday Night Live who passed away in 1989 from ovarian cancer. GCNYC's mission is to support, educate and empower cancer patients and their families. A cancer diagnosis can be an extremely isolating experience which triggers many emotions including fear, anger, depression and an overwhelming sense of helplessness. Men, women, teens, and children attend support groups, educational lectures and healthy styles workshops, free of charge, at their West Village Clubhouse and at their offsite program with hospital and community partners around NYC. www.gildasclubnyc.org
Evan Hughes and Tamara Hughes
Tripp Doherty and Janene Doherty
Lily Safani with the Radius Group
Shary Stamm, Dr. Jerry Zeldis, and Sydney Zeldis
Ari and Linday Schnitzer
Sean O'Rourke and Tracey Doolin
Migdala Torres, Deborah Wilson, and Lily Safani
Tish and Bill Slattery
David Pitts and Danielle Pitts
Nikki Maloney, Steve Maloney, Christina Drucker, Mitchell Drucker, Kathy Fantini, and David Fantini
Ashley and Josh Landay
Bill McCreery and Ingrid Lopp
Ivan Cheung, Robert Easton, Mark Alles, and Dr. Jerry Zeldis
Chuck Silverstein and Ellen Lubman
Steven Smolyn and Jennifer Wang
Bill Ritter and Deborah Wilson
Rachel Easton Fishbein, Robert Easton, Joan Easton and Michael Fishbein
Jana Dinn and Ricky Dinn
Catalina Aponte and Liliana Aponte
Constantine Boukalov and Regina Boukalov
Sebastian Clarke and Eileen Jackson
Kristin Gary and Sebastian Clarke
Valerie Palmieri and Eric Palmiere
Haya Caitel and Harlan Waksal
Faith Charles, Ellen Lubman, and friend
Gilda's Club staff
Catching up out west. This past October 29th out at the University of California, Davis, The Jan Shrem and Maria Manetti Shrem Museum of Art celebrated its Grand Opening with the Legacy Dinner, the first in a series of grand opening celebrations that extended through mid-November.

The Manetti Shrem Museum is located on the UC Davis campus — where a group of artists made history in the '60s and '70s.  Two from that generation — Wayne Thiebaud and William T. Wiley were guests of honor at the dinner and were represented in the new galleries.  The 160 dinner guests previewed the museum’s inaugural exhibition, Out Our Way, which featured 240 works by Thiebaud and Wiley, as well as other artists who put UC Davis on the map, including Robert Arneson, Roy De Forest, Manuel Neri and Roland Petersen. 
Jan Shrem, Beatrice Ruini, Maria Manetti Shrem, Adria Bini, and Dante Bini
The Shrems are San Francisco-based philanthropists who were first introduced to the university by their friend, the late Margrit Mondavi, were treated to a special musical performance by the young American soprano, Leah Crocetto, who sang opera selections, including “Signore, Ascolta” Puccini’s Turandot.
Also attending the evening, were the architects, Florian Idenburg of SO – IL (Brooklyn, New York) and Karl Backus of Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (San Francisco), who were able to see their creation glowing like a lantern in shades of purple, created by the magic of special lighting, its exterior serving as a screen for videos from the Kramlich Media Collection.
Courtney Rateman Elena Bonanno
Karl Backus and Florian Idenburg with Maria Manetti Shrem Peter Mullin, Merle Mullin, and Ralph Hexter
Dennis Calas, Lorna Meyer Calas, Carol Parker, and Gerry Parker
Suzanne Deal Booth and LeMel Humes Rachel Teagle and Wayne Thiebaud
Jonathan Zakin, Ken Monnens, and Janice Zakin
Rachel Teagle and Clint Reilly Lucy Buchanan, Scott Rosen, and Natalie Diamontes
Photographs by Patrick McMullan & BFA (Rallye); Annie Watt (Doubles); Rob Rich (Gilda's Club); Drew Altizer (Shrem)