Wednesday, July 6, 2016

What you might have missed

Pratt Trustee Emeritus Marc Rosen with Student Scholarship Recipients at Pratt Institute's Art of Packaging Award Gala at the University Club.
Last month, The Community Foundation of Oyster Bay held its annual Garden Party at the Oyster Bay Cove home of founding trustees George and Abby O’Neill. In celebration of the Foundation’s 50th anniversary, this year’s event was in honor of Mr. and Mrs. O’Neill.

Board President Cathy Hogg thanked the record-breaking crowd of almost 300 people for its generous support. In recognition of the O’Neills’ vision and leadership, and to thank them for all they have done to benefit the community, Mrs. Hogg announced that two benches, donated by Leslie and Jim Armstrong, will be placed in Oyster Bay’s newly renovated Townsend Park.
Luke, Sheila, George III, Wendy, George O'Neill Jr., Gail O'Neill Caulkins, and Peter O'Neill
In further recognition of the O’Neills, long-time trustee Christie McNicol announced the creation of the Abby and George O’Neill Endowment Fund. With contributions already exceeding $100,000, this fund will augment the Foundation’s existing endowment and ensure the continuation of its mission.

Mrs. O’Neill is the daughter of Abigail Aldrich and John D. Rockefeller’s only daughter (and eldest child) also named Abigail. As the world knows, the Rockefeller family is imbued with the concept of philanthropy and for five generations now, they have participated in, funded and invested vast sums (now family-wise many billions over the generations) in improving the environment, the health, the education and the arts. Among Mrs. O’Neill’s philanthropic projects are matters of education and welfare of children. Education is the secret, is her philosophy, and who can argue that?
Community Foundation of Oyster Bay Trustees Gail O'Neill Caulkins, Cathy Hogg, and Christie McNicol
Founded in 1965, the Community Foundation provides financial support for the Youth and Family Counseling Agency, the Parent-Child Home Program, the YFCA Summer Experience, the Bulluck Horizons Program, the Life Enrichment Center, the Hispanic Cultural Center, The Main Street Association and the Waterfront Center.

For more information, and to make contributions, visit the Foundation’s website at
Tom and Eileen Pulling
Stuart and Judy Hershon
Sally Morgan and Joan Shepard
Phyllis and Brad Weekes
Peter and Katie O'Neill
Monique and George Schwab
Milena and David Holmes
Lel Gimbel and Rita Cleary
Jamie Townsend with his daughter Zoe
Dave Rayner and Elizabeth O'Neill
Community Foundation of Oyster Bay Trustee, Susan Sheeline and her husband Bill
Community Foundation of Oyster Bay Trustee, Sealy Hopkinson, Monique Schwab and past Trustee, Meredith Olt
Community Foundation of Oyster Bay past Trustee, John Sands with his wife Susan Community Foundation of Oyster Bay Trustee, Betsy Cochrane and her husband James
Community Foundation of Oyster Bay Trustee, Rebecca Lawton Flatters and Paula Weir
Community Foundation of Oyster Bay Trustee, Elizabeth Feldman and Bill Sheeline
Community Foundation of Oyster Bay past Trustee, Olga Duke with her husband Tony and Missy Rennie Taylor
Alex Hogg, Community Foundation of Oyster Bay Trustee Cathy Hogg, her husband Chris, and Hailey Feldman
Ashley and Gabe Jostrom with Community Foundation of Oyster Bay Trustee, Julia Deming Vaughn
Community Foundation of Oyster Bay past Trustee, John Sands and Newton Burcket
Community Foundation of Oyster Bay past Trustee Meredith and Frank Olt
Brad Weekes and Tom Gimbel
Two weeks ago, on Tuesday, June 21st, Pratt Institute, the New York City-based college that educates creative thinkers from around the world held its Art of Packaging Award Gala at the University Club. The annual event celebrates excellence in packaging design.  The gala benefits the Marc Rosen Scholarship for Packaging by Design at Pratt Institute, and attracts leading companies and executives from the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry.

Emceed by supermodel Carol Alt, this year’s event honored Inter Parfums, Inc., and Jean Madar, Chairman of the Board, CEO, for its outstanding commitment to package design. 
Packaging Design by Scholarship Recipient Paula Ip
Packaging Design by Scholarship Recipient Brielle Wilson
As a special element to this year’s gala, the event will celebrate the announcement that the fund willprovide full tuition on the basis of merit to first-year Graduate student, Damini Singh. The scholarship may be renewed for a second year, making it Pratt’s only scholarship with the potential to cover the entire cost of tuition.

Paris-born Jean Madar, along with his lifelong friend and business partner, Philippe Benacin, co-founded Inter Parfums, Inc. not long after they graduated from ESSEC. With Philippe working in Paris, Jean came to New York with a business plan and a few thousand dollars. Together they built their fragrance company around products that had the unique Made in France panache and distinction. The business did well.
Today, Inter Parfums is a global prestige fragrance company. Its products are sold in over 100 countries, generating sales of nearly $500 million in 2015.
Packaging Design by Scholarship Recipient Xinlu Liu
Packaging Design by Scholarship Recipient Talia Douaidy
The Art of Packaging Award is presented annually to a beauty industry company or individual that has excelled in the art form of package design.

The gala benefits the Marc Rosen Scholarship Fund for Packaging by Design at Pratt Institute and attracts leading companies and executives from the multi-billion dollar cosmetics industry. Now in its 27th year, the fund is the world’s only scholarship for masters degree-level students looking to pursue careers in cosmetics and packaging design.

In 2015, the fund established two full tuition scholarships which is very rare among design institutions. To date, it has raised more than $3.5 million for scholarships and provided scholarships to more than 100 Pratt students, many of whom have become industry leaders.
Packaging Design by Scholarship Recipient Fang Yi Chu
 Marc Rosen is Trustee Emeritus and an alumnus of Pratt. He teaches there the world’s only course on cosmetics and fragrance packaging design. The course has attracted hundreds of students from around the world.A winner of seven FiFi Awards he established Marc Rosen Associates in 1989, which provides award-winning design and branding insights to leading cosmetic and luxury retail companies.

Marc’s designs are in the permanent collections of MoMA and Musée de la Mode et du Textile (The Fashion and Textile Museum) in Paris. His 2011 book, Glamour Icons: Perfume Bottle Design, celebrates perfume bottle design as an art form. Book proceeds benefit the scholarship fund at Pratt Institute in his name.
Pratt President Thomas F. Schutte, Pratt Board Chair Bruce Gitlin, and Pratt Vice Board Chair Mike Pratt
Pratt President Thomas F. Schutte, Marc Rosen Scholarship for Packaging Design Recipient Damini Singh, and Tess L. Schutte
Felix Mayr-Harting and Christine Schott Damini Singh and Pratt Graduate Communications Design Chair Santiago Piedrifita
Jessica Zhang, Stephen Schaum, Arlene Dahl, Marc Rosen, and Carole DeLouvrier
Carol Alt and Theo Spilka
Celine Schira and Boris Zivkovic
Pratt Trustee Juliana Terian and Pratt Trustee Emeritus Marc Rosen
Terence Mack and Jessica Zhang Felipe Sena and Brielle Wilson
Annette Green and David Teets
On June 16th, Jane Pontarelli chaired her  Annual "Play For Pink" Breast Cancer Tournament at Hampton Hills Golf & Country Club, which benefits The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, founded by Evelyn Lauder in 1993. Jane has chaired this event for the past 17 years and is on the Advisory board of BCRF and the executive board of Play For Pink. Play For Pink is the largest Ladies Golf event in the Tri State area and the Hamptons.
Andrian Hennick, Sandi Nussbaum, Jane Blum, and Ellyn Bank
Marion Garfield, Carolyn Gang, Sandy Block, and Sandy Eisen
Jane Pontarelli, Podi Palin, Mary Adamczyk, and Judy Victoria
Nina Santonocito, Cathy Pratz, Lorie Minicozzi, and Elaine Sumcizk
Rona Schneiderman, Barbara Zand, Karen Silverman, and Barbra Stoller
Roni Rosenstock, Bernice Berman, Judi Beil, and Judi Brown
Missy Lubliner and Ameilea Nicole DiCocco, Joe Pontarelli, and Liz Nadil
Elizabeth Novack, Andrear Star, Ellen Postrell, and Rona Cutler
Jack McGown, Nina Santonocito, and Craig Tumbarello
Susan Tisch Allen, Jane Pontarelli, and Joanne Russo Talia Carner and Jane Pontarelli
Arlene Reed, Dale Kotick, Nancy Katz, Michelle Wolkoff, and Maryann Zacharia
Lee Fryd,Andrea Warshaw, Suzann Kremer, Jane Pontarelli, Arlene Lazare, Amelia Missy Lubliner, and Christine Greenfield
Guy Clark and Harrison Morgan Kevin Nichols and Anne
Luiza Petre, Nicole Dicocco, and Jane Pontarelli
Ann Demarco and Joe Pontarelli
Marco Masone and Barbara Poliwoda
Urika Nilsson, Jane Pontarelli, Christi Leli, Brenda Lane, and Denise Leli
What you might have missed.  A little more than a week ago, there was a book signing party for Michael Gross and his new book “FOCUS; The Secret, Sexy, Sometimes Sordid World of Fashion” at The Schumacher, Penthouse A on 36 Bleecker Street. Michael, who has unmasked or deconstructed the Modeling industry as well as 740 Park Avenue and the life of Ralph Lauren, not to mention only some of his nitty-gritty city oeuvres, has turned his eagle eye on the the flip side of the Modeling industry, namely the photographers.

Michael Gross
This is a most interesting subject long neglected by the purveyors of city folk life. After all, it all began with the camera. Back in the 1960s when Advertising was the hot industry for college grads to migrate toward (rather than Wall Street today), the men (and occasionally women) behind the camera were a society onto themselves. They dominated their world. Glamorous, celebrated, raking in the dough, the photographer class had it all at their feet.

Wine, women and song. Boys too, if required. Not to mention drugs. Cool dudes, flashy cars, psycho-tempers,  and sex everywhere to choose from. Work junkets all over the world and surrounded by beautiful people looking up at them rather than vice versa, The photographers were the real story. 

None of this was lost on Michael of course, and now it will not be lost on you. Peter Rogers, who was one of the movers and shakers as well as creative guru in that industry, read the book and said he couldn’t-put-it-down. He thought he knew everything about all the people he worked with and knew. Michael Gross educated him. Wow, was the word.

So, the booksigning on a perfect June night drew a big crowd of friends and followers including Debbie Bancroft, Nicole Miller, Frederique Van der Wal, Barry Kieselstein-Cord  and Bravo TV’s Fredrik Eklund, Antony Haden-Guest, Christopher Mason, Sara Vass and Richard Mauro, Felicia Taylor, Leslie Stevens, Roy Kean.
Patrick McDonald, Lauren Ezersky, and Barry Kieselstein-Cord Karen Mansour
Kristina Tsirekidze, Michael Gross, Coco Mitchell, and Tony Spinelli
Fredrik Eklund and John Gomes Barbara and Roger de Cabrol
Dan Strone, Tiffany Dubin, Bill Stadiem, and Carol Strone
Pauline Steenkamer, Beatrix Ost, and Frederique van der Wal Susan Blond and Joshua Plant
Barbara Camp, Christopher Mason, and Mariana Verkerk Julie Dannenberg and Michael Gross
Anthony Haden Guest, Leslie Monsky, and Mel Parker
Susan Blond, Nicole Miller, and Debbie Bancroft Patty Owen and Dustin Pittman
John Gomes
Photographs by Rob Rich (Play for Pink); Liam McMullan/PMC & snowflakenyc (Focus); Andrew Werner (Pratt)