Monday, March 28, 2016

Young Fellows and Fast Cars

The scene at The Frick Collection's annual Young Fellows Ball.
The Frick Collection held its annual Young Fellows Ball on Thursday, March 10, in partnership with CAROLINA HERRERA. Evoking an era in New York when the meeting of art, fashion, music, and celebrity in the 1980s meshed downtown chic and uptown sensibility, the evening’s theme was Palladium Nights.  

About 500 guests, many inspired by the evening theme, wore accents of gold, silver, and sequins, and filled the elegant Garden Court for cocktails and hors d’oeuvres.
Patricia Lansing, Amory McAndrew, Carolina Herrera, Joann Pailey, and Rickie De Sole Webster
Leadership of the event and many guests wore gowns from CAROLINA HERRERA including Noreen K. Ahmad, Valerie Boster, Carolina Herrera de Baez, Rickie De Sole, Nell Diamond, Blaire Eadie, Micaela Erlanger, Caitlyn Frank, Carolina Herrera, Nicky Hilton, Kick Kennedy, Kyra Kennedy, Eaddy Kiernan, Elizabeth Kurpis, Lucy Jane Lang, Patricia Lansing, Chelsea Leyland, Amory McAndrew, Mia Moretti, Heidi Mount, Joann Pailey, Alexandra Porter, Alexandra Richards, Emmy Rossum, Lisa Volling, Jennifer Wright, and Renata Zandonadi.

Van Wyck & Van Wyck created a scheme inspired by the energy and spirit of downtown nightlife of those days with the Frick’s spaces were done up in bright, bold colors, and glowed into the evening in reds, oranges, purples, and blues in a dramatic visual design created by L&M Lighting. There was dancing in the Music Room until midnight to tracks spun by DJ Pierre Sarkozy.
For more than forty years, the Fellows have helped to ensure that The Frick Collection remains a singular museum experience. Fellows’ gifts support a host of activities that enhance the permanent collection and the landmark Gilded Age mansion.

In recent years, through the Young Fellows, a new generation has shown a growing enthusiasm for contributing to the life of the Collection. Young Fellows’ events hosted by the Collection throughout the year offer social and educational opportunities. For further information about the Young Fellows program, call 212.547.0707.
Emmy Rossum and Mia Moretti
Amory McAndrew and Sloan Overstrom
Nell Diamond
Barron Hilton and Nicky Hilton Rothschild
Lindsay Hays and John Saraj
Amory McAndrew
Micaela Erlanger
Nina Delano
Georgia Fowler
Whitney Crawford, Britta Briscoe, Christina Cochran, Sarah Bray, Emily Selter, and Lisa Nguyen
Annika Connor and Jun Ge
Jacob Zucker, Athena Liu, David Aaron Carpenter, Emily Waisbren, Amanda Kahn, and Sean Carpenter
Chelsea Leyland
Olga Rusak
Courtney Urfer Thompson and Ben Thompson
Sarah Maslin Nir, Aimee Ng, and Lara Devgan
Lara Sawczuk, Shauna Gibbons, and Milan Manor
Yan Assoun and Polina Proshkina
Elizabeth Donaldson, Caitlyn Frank, and Blythe Roberts
Pietro Quaglia and Renata Zandonadi
Becky Malinski
Doug Marcincin and Charlotte Textor
Charlotte Greenough, Bettina Bennett, and
Elita Abkarian
Stephen Powers, Kathryn Kerns, and Sugar Vendil
James and Anne Watts
Charlotte Vignon, Pauline Eveillard, and Aimee Ng
Heidi Mount
Katie Mocco and Marjorie Mocco
Anna Schoettle and Lacary Sharpe
Jackky Bhagnani, Sooraj Keswani, Chris Coffee, and Andrea Chung
Peter Pritchard and Andrea Mihic
Francois Kress and Suekay Kim
Catharine Schoettle, Jennifer Cuminal, and Paige Corbin
Ben Thompson, Courtney Thompson, Courtney Koslosky, and Chris Grace
Allison Ecung and Tiffany Frasier
Peter Paras III and Tony Wang
Elena Molchanova and Massimiliano Orzi
Bettina Bennett
Michelle Zhu and Caroline Zhu
Larry Milstein, Toby Milstein, Layla Caroni, and Eli Rivkin
Morgan Salama, Elisabeth Myerson, Ashley Ranieri, and Carson Sieving
Pierce Cravens and Nathaniel Obler
Christina Cochran and Adrianna Beer
Madelaine D'Angelo and Katya Khazei
Katherine Dwyer, Paige Corbin, Blythe Roberts, and Elizabeth Donaldson
Last Thursday, March 24th, the East Side House Settlement hosted the 17th Annual Gala Preview of the 2016 New York International Auto Show at the Jacob K. Javits Center. More than 1,300 guests from the worlds of finance, fashion, society, and philanthropy enjoyed a private viewing of the entire auto show before it officially opened to the public on Friday.

The Gala Preview included cocktails, a private dinner for Benefactors, and a curated display of the latest Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles.
The Gala Preview was chaired by Chris LaSusa, Philip L. Yang, and Joan P. Young, and the Benefit Committee was chaired by Mirella Afonso, Rafael Azzi, Helio Campos, Maria Cecilia B. Campos, Sam P.C. Dangremond, Anne Deane, Manuela Giannini, Aline Pimentel, and Mariana Zois.

The highlight of the evening was an exciting live auction of the hotly-anticipated 2017 Jaguar F-PACE First Edition, the special model created to celebrate the launch of the brand’s first performance SUV. Adding to the night’s festivities was music by DJ Gaspar Muniz.
Maria Yang, Phil Yang, Thomas Mahoney, Emily Chen, and Janice Becker
The event raised $500,000 to support East Side House Settlement, a leading social services agency that serves children and families in the South Bronx and surrounding communities. The event was made possible through the generosity of the Greater New York Automobile Dealers Association (GNYADA) and the New York International Auto Show, as part of a proud tradition of dedicated community service.
Chris LaSusa and Joan Young
John Sanchez and Yessenia Rengel
Dee Paul
John and Sue LaSorsa
Geoffrey Bradfield, Friederike Moltmann, and Greg Kan
Joshua Silver, Lisa Yom, and Michael Lefton
Chuck Scarborough
Joan Young and Courtney Booth Christensen
Evan Brokowski, Jill McCue, and Levon Escobar
Debra Del Vecchio, Cristian Del Vecchio, Will Robin, and Claudio Del Vecchio
Cristiane Bunton and Stella Chalabi
Mariana Zois, Mirella Afonso, and Maria Ascari
Maria and Phil Yang
Frederica Tompkins and Lacary Sharpe
Chris Marchand and Isaac Ashwal
Adriana Ching and Patricia Shiah
Maria Ascari and Helio Ascari
Alissa Mancuso, Stewart Orenstein, and Silvia Ciapinski
Rick ans Debra Kolman
Jean Shafiroff, Mariana Zois, and Deborah Meijer
Di Mondo
Charissa Jordan
Fumi Koda
Stella Shallibe and Barbara Regna
Kimberly Abbelt, Kari Pinkernell, Kimberly Connors, and Tori Legge
Karen and John Defini
Joan Young and C. Penn Redpath
Shakil Ahmed and Phil Yang
Farah Fogerty and Leah Perry
Leandros Vrionedes and Shad Yang
Ann O'Malley and Mark Scheinberg
Jack Yuen, Ray Withanage, and Mayra Withanage
Philip Talia Ferro and Catherine Talia Ferro
Jasmine Gonzalez, Deborah Meijer, and Maria Tsai
Gerard Rotea and Courtney Smith
Nikki Ambrifi, Ryan Ambrifi, Glenn Drake, and Anna Pfeffer
Brandon Baldassari, Carl Medford, and Prudence Medford
Gina Lodi, Jen Fittipaldi, and Jen LaSusa
Robin Biasotti and Kelly Gilligan
Maria Ascari, Mirella Afonso, and Cristiane Bunton
Joe Torpey, Bradley Barlow, Chris Marchand
Jen LaSusa and Melissa Valiante
Photographs by