Monday, November 6, 2017

25th Anniversary Jay Soirée

A confetti cannon toast to the next 25 years!
25th Anniversary Jay Soirée Co-Chairs Kelly Bakshi, Angie Nadler, Kingsley Rooney and Kathryn Schnaars assisted by Betsy Buttrill White and Liz Garrett illuminated the historic Jay Estate in Rye on October 21, 2017. Over 400 celebrants mingled in the 1838 Mansion lit from its grand portico to its pediment. Over prosecco and hors d’oeuvres, many marveled at new art acquisitions before stepping into an enchanted garden under a crystal tent with an open view of the 10,000-year-old Jay Meadow. Guests danced to the music of The Clara Jordan Band while enjoying delicious bites from Scarborough Fair Caterers.
The 1838 Jay Mansion bedecked in lights!
A scrumptious anniversary cake from Sweet Lisa’s was a showstopper — it was quickly devoured from its iced seamed roof to its architecturally correct marzipan columns. The Jay Heritage Center (JHC) received proclamations from Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino, NY State Senator George Latimer and Assemblyman Steve OtisChuck Lesnick from Governor Cuomo's office toasted the success of JHC’s public-private partnership and vision of its original founders. Descendants of John Jay including  children and grandchildren of the late Mrs. Bennett Jack, Griff Samples, Sherri Redden, Zeb, Kalif and Scott Redden, made the occasion even more auspicious with their donation — a major gift of authentic Jay, Pierrepont and Constable Family touchstones, photos and antiques chronicling the family’s early New York and Brooklyn heritage.

The night was joyful right down to a glorious confetti cannon salute in recognition of what a quintessential New York treasure has been preserved!
Co-Chairs Kathryn Schnaars, Kelly Bakshi, Kingsley Rooney, and Angie Nadler
Vera Stromsted, Zeb, Sherri and Kalif Redden, and Griff Samples
Meghann Kelly Taryn Clary and Daphne Thompson
JHC Vice President Michael Kovner and Treasurer Betsy White
Barry Abrams, Steven Aresty, Kitty Aresty, and Mara Abrams
Ellen and Pierre Jay de Vegh Chuck Lesnick came to toast JHC and NY State's public private partnership
Frances and Nicole Jenkins with Jill and MacVickar
Elizabeth and Stephen Thurer 
Frank Sanchis and Harvey Susnick Vishal and Kelly Bakshi
Brad and Kristen Eilert, Jane Waluch, Corry Hyer, and Emily and Brian Wells
Emily and Bobby Tisdale Steve and Ali Campbell
John and Christine Fairhurst, Claudine and Brendan Hanley, and Jenn and Eddie Malloy
Susan and Henry Skelsey Julie and Ted Stem
Nancy Smith, Victor Kiarsis, and Karen Kiarsis
Shawn and Arnold Diaz Megan Monaghan and John Willey
John Jay and Sharon DuBois
Fleur and Nikolaas Henket Rich and Lauren Harding
Alex and Izzie Leslie, Chad Parker, Kate O'Neill, Kelly Parker, and Kane O'Neill
Chip and Dede Montgomery Russell and Kay Booth
Taryn and Suzanne Clary
Molly and Mark McCooey Derek and Molly Mahoney
Wes Haynes, Anne Van Ingen, Suzanne Clary, Henry Skelsey, and Rich Clary
Scott and Sarah Barringer Jay and Shelby Green
Jon Whitticom, Brad Eilert , Timothy Garbien, Brian Rigert, and John Kelly
Pam Kindler Caroline and Scott Wallach
Danielle Tagger-Epstein and Daniel Epstein
Will and Joan Steere NY State Assemblyman Steve Otis toasts the Co-Chairs and JHC Founders
Kinglsey Rooney, Angie Nadler, Kathryn Schnaars, and Kelly Bakshi 
David Parsons, Pierre de Vegh, Sherri Redden, Griff Samples, and JHC Founder Kitty Aresty receiving a huge round of applause
Liz Garrett and Betsy White
The Hank Lane/Clara Jordan band got everyone dancing
Everyone on the floor!
It was a landmark night to remember!
Photographs by Cutty McGiill