Thursday, December 28, 2017

 A Grand Affair

Pajama Program's annual Children's Christmas Dinner at Ann Van Ness' home for 36 children from the Hour Children.
On Monday December 11th, Ann Van Ness in conjunction with the Pajama Program hosted an annual Children's Christmas Dinner at her home for 36 children from the Hour Children. The Hour Children is an organization in Long Island City that houses children of incarcerated and formally incarcerated mothers. Their mission is to help reunify families and build healthy, independent and secure lives. Hour Children is in reference to the hour of their mother's arrest, the hour of their visit, and the hour of her release. 

The evening began with a pizza and chicken fingers dinner, magic and balloons by Scheer Brilliance entertainer Christopher Scheer and culminated with a visit from Santa Claus who brought pajamas and books for all of the children. Pajamas and Books were sponsored by Patron of the Order Steven Green of Cleveland Ohio. The event was a successful effort to share holiday cheer with the Hour Children!
Nigel Belfast and Lisa Belfast
Candace Gonzales with Camillia Ann Van Ness and Fiorenzo Dogliani
Chrissie Martinez, Jaclyn Milian, and Jenna Stroup
Frank DeStefano Xiomora Gutierrez
Mercedes Castillo
The table set at Ann Van Ness' for the Pajama Program's annual Children's Christmas Dinner
The place settings
Bunny Grossinger
Lisa Belfast
Hour Children enjoying pizza and chicken fingers
Magic and balloons by Christopher Scheer
Santa Claus arrives with much fanfare ...
Santa brought pajamas and books for all of the children
On Monday, December 11th Judy and Leonard Lauder, Encarnita and Robert Quinlan, Ann and William Nitze, Marife and Joel Bell and William Berhnard gave a party to celebrate the publication of David W. Beer's A Grand Affair: An Architect's Lifelong Passion for Hotels, Simple and Splendid. 

Guests included Alexis Gregory, Mary McFadden, Susan Gutfreund, Charles Holmes, Dame Jillian Sackler, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, Emily Rafferty, Masie Houghton, Dr. Catherine Hart, James Figg, and Patricia Hearst.

Rich and provocative, A Grand Affair will beguile those who love staying in hotels.  It chronicles the exciting work and life of Beer during the golden age of travel, mixing with the likes of Brooke Astor, Tennessee Williams, Ingrid Bergman and Mamie Eisenhower. The book is available on Amazon.
Barbara Bachman, Maggie Simmons, David Beer, Laurie Winfred, and Moira Hodgson
Ann Nitze, Baroness Veronique Bich, and Emily Frick
Bill Bernhard, Ann Nitze, Leonard Lauder, Emily Frick, and Bill Nitze
Leonard Lauder, Marife Hernandez, and Charles Holmes
Ann Nitze, Dame Jillian Sackler, Mary McFadden, and Peg Breen
Margo Langenberg, Robert Quinlan, and Encarnita Quinlan
Jeanne Lawrence, Robert Caravaggi, and Blaine Caravaggi
Robert and Susan Summer Davie Beer and Dr. Catherine Hart
David Beer, Marife Hernandez, Theadora Simons, Albert Simons, and Marco Grassi
David Beer and Nuala Beer
David Beer, Patty Sullivan, and Maisie Houghton
Jacqueline Weld Drake, Ann Nitze, Stephanie Stokes, and Leightton Longhi
Leonard Lauder and Susan Gutfreund Blaine and Robert Caravaggi
Ted Brunleve, Peter Gorman, Grace Gorman, Mark Mokenhide, and Gregory Cranford
Jamie Figg and Patty Hearst Yanna Avis
Bill Nitze, Susan Coolidge, Ann Nitze, and Thomas Coolidge
Daisy Soros and David Beer
Theadora and Albert Simons Emily Rafferty
Daniel Ng, Andrew Sutton, Lauren Sutton, and Gregory Cranford
Julia Kittle-Kamp and Kristopher Monroe
Photographs by Annie Watt