Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A Weekend of Festivities in France for American Friends of Blérancourt

Guests at table for a dinner in Paris hosted by Joseph Achkar and Michel Charrière whose home was the former townhouse of the Duc de Gesvres.
A very special weekend was themed around the Duc de Gesvres whose castle, built by Salomon de Brosse, was purchased by Anne Morgan in 1917 and gifted to the French nation as a museum in 1934. After being closed for more than 10 years for renovation, following the discovery of archaeological remains, Château de Blérancourt finally reopened its doors on Sunday, June 25, 2017.
Anne Morgan and American women volunteers in front of the barracks of the Chateau de Blérancourt.
The weekend started on Friday evening with a dinner in Paris hosted by Joseph Achkar and Michel Charrière whose home was the former townhouse of the Duc.

Didi D’Anglejan was honored by an intimate group of donors and friends for her long standing commitment as the founder with Eugenie Angeles of AFB in 1985.

The following day 700 guests took part in the celebration of the official re-opening of the Franco-American museum of Blérancourt. The French government was represented by the Françoise Nyssen, Ministre de la Culture, who emphasized in her speech the importance of American women volunteers for their participation in the reconstruction of France after World War I and II under the influence of Anne Morgan.
Emmanuel Starky, Françoise Nyssen, Didi D'Anglejan, and Eugenie Angles.
Françoise Nyssen and Blérancourt children cutting the ribbon ...
The public now has an opportunity to discover three new areas of this French museum dedicated to Franco-American friendship, each one highlighting the historical and cultural exchanges of an era.
Franck Laverdin, Michel Charrière, Joseph Achkar, and Dorothea de La Houssaye.
Marielle Worth, George Sape, Tom Marsh, Didi d'Anglejan, and Charlene C. Marsh.
Didi d'Anglejan and Marc Meadows.
Jean Astrop and Caroline Lareuse.
Miles Morgan, Quincy Adams Morgan, and Wesley Price.
Quincy Adams Morgan and Sonja Tremont-Morgan.
Jean Astrop and Didi d'Anglejan.
A detail from Hotel du duc de Gesvres.
Dorothea de La Houssaye and Jay Paul.
Christopher Treble and General Olivier Tramond.
Scott Kramer, Quincy Adams Morgan, and Eric Jirgens.
George Sape and Jane Hill.
Freddie Driessen and Barbara Price.
Beatrice and Pierre Rosenberg.
Andrew Kotchoubey and Sonja Tremont-Morgan.
C'est la fin des haricots.
Elaine Uzan Leary and Vanessa Uzan.
Isabelle Chavarot and Mathilde Schneider.
Christian Prevost Marcilhacy, Beatrice Rosenberg, Nancy Newhouse, and Elizabeth Kehler.
Mary McFadden, Franck Laverdin, and Emmanuel Starcky.
Entrance to the Franco-American Museum of Blérancourt.
Inside the Franco-American Museum of Blérancourt.
Didi D'Anglejan and Giulio Cipollini.
Quincy Adams Morgan with a bust of Anne Morgan.
Didi D'Anglejan, Denis de Kergolay, and Dorothea de La Houssaye.
A miniature cast of Liberty Enlightening the World.
Marielle Worth, Miles Morgan, and Sonja Tremont-Morgan. Miles Morgan and Alan Govenar.
Lawrence R. Horne.
Under the tent for lunch.
Madison Cox wearing a coiffure à la Frégate.
Marc Meadows, Didi d'Anglejan, Miles Morgan, Franck Laverdin, and Dorothea de La Houssaye.
Patricia and Worldster Lee.
HRH Prince Jean d' Orleans and Didi D'Anglejan.
Quincy Adams Morgan with Giulio Cipollini and friends.
Mary McFadden, Franck Laverdin, and Sonja Tremont-Morgan.
Shazam Hollinger and Marielle Worth.
Patricia Lee, Eugenie Angles, Marc Meadows, and Worldster Lee.
HRH Princess Philomena d' Orleans and Jean Astrop in the gift shop.
Inside the Château de Compiègne.
Jay Paul, Sonja Tremont-Morgan, and guests at the Royal table.
American Friends of Blérancourt.
Photographs by Annie Watt