Friday, June 9, 2017

Arts and Science

Jennifer Whelan, Luciana Paris, Sascha Radetsky, Julio Bragado Young, Sam Radetsky, Maddie Baker, Gennadi Vasiliev, Gillian Murphy, and Sean Stewart at a celebration for Marcelo Gomes' 20th Anniversary with ABT.
On Tuesday, May 30th, following his performance in Giselle at The Metropolitan Opera House, American Ballet Theater's (ABT) Principal Dancer Marcelo Gomes invited 80 family, friends and colleagues from across the dance world for a celebration to commemorate his 20th Anniversary with ABT. The party was held at the home of long-time friends of Gomes Bill Doyle and Riccardo Salmona. Stella Abrera, who danced the title role of Giselle just an hour earlier to Marcelo's Albrecht, presented Marcelo with a cake in the shape of the thigh-high purple suede boots worn by the evil Rothbart from Swan Lake, another ballet character many identify with Gomes. Born in Manaus, Brazil and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Marcelo joined ABT in 1997 as a member of the corps de ballet, was promoted to a soloist in 2000, and then to a Principal in 2002.
Marcelo arrives! That's Cory Stearns talking to Nancy and Michael Druckman on the left.
Nick Palmquist, Marcelo Gomes, Stella Abrera, Bill Doyle, and Riccardo Salmona
Gennadi Vasiliev, Sascha Radetsky, and Grayson Davis
Riccardo Salmona and Gillian Murphy Marcelo and Gary Chryst
Scott Schlexer and Marcelo
Daniil Simkin, Aaron Scott, jeffrey Cirio
Artistic Director of ABT Kevin McKenzie with Martine van Hammel, Riccardo Salmona, New York City Ballet, and Bill Doyle
Catherine Piper and Jolene Palmquist
Nancy Raffa and Brian Reeder NYCB Trustee Maria-Cristina Anzola and Anette Vass
Jessica Radetsky and Adrienne Schulte
Stella Abrerra, Marian Gibson, and Blaine Hoven
NYCB's Faith Petrides Roger Kluge, Denise Roberts Hurlin, Founding Director of Dancers Responding to AIDS, and NYCB Trustee Stephen Reidy
Connor Holloway , Ellen Levitt , and Hee Seo
Nancy and Michael Druckman
Julio Bragado Young, Marian Gibson, Peter Marshall, and Stuart Sussman
Ryan Sander and Ronnie Todorowski Daniel Cappello and Cassandra Trenary
John Froleich and Julie Daughterty
Danielle Hirsch and Ellen Levitt
Tanner Hanley, Jolene Palmquist, Nicholas Palmquist, Rick Palmquist, Catherine Piper, and Luke Palmquist
Scott Schlexer, Matt Bourne, and Arthur Pita
The party in full swing
Stella presenting Marcelo with a cake in the shape of the thigh-high purple suede boots worn by Rothbart from Swan Lake.
Nancy Druckman, Bill Doyle, Marcelo Gomes, Riccardo Salmona, and Nicholas Palmquist
Marcelo and Nicholas
More Marcelo. The very next night, ABT celebrated Marcelo with a St. Regis "Midnight Supper" Fête in the private Library of The St. Regis New York.

Guests included American Ballet Theatre's artistic director, Kevin McKenzie; executive director, Kara Medoff Barnett; and principal ballerinas Misty Copeland, Gillian Murphy, and Stella Abrera. Former Lazard Freres & Co. CEO Ali Wambold was one of the hosts of the evening, along with his wife, Monica Wambold, and Mary Jo and Ted Shen. Other guests included arts patrons Blair Husain, Charles Rockefeller, and Sarah Arison; Valentino's Carlos Souza; writer and producer Susan Fales-Hill; dancer and choreographer Nicholas Palmquist; author and producer Daniel Cappello; dancer Adrienne Schulte; photographer and fashion designer Douglas Friedman; and photographer and social fixture Claiborne Swanson Frank. Mr. Gomes's family flew in from Brazil for the occasion.
Marcelo and Misty Copeland Susan Fales-Hill and Marcelo
Ali Wambold, Adrienne Schulte, and Scott Schlexer
Daniel Cappello, Marcelo Gomes, and Claiborne Swanson Frank
Gillian Murphy, Marcelo Gomes, Misty Copeland, and Stella Abrera
Kevin McKenzie, Manuela Mourao, Mazé Mourao, and Haroldo Mourao
Monica Wambold and Sarah Arison Carlos Souza and Blair Husain
Marcelo Gomes, Charles Rockefeller, and Daniel Cappello
Nicholas Palmquist, Ted Shen, and Mary Jo Shen
Stella Abrera twirls in Valentino
Ron Wendt created an ethereal forest scene on the tabletop, calling to mind the stage sets from the production of "Giselle."
On Wednesday, May 24th, the Pershing Square Research Alliance held its Fourth Annual Prize Dinner at the Park Avenue Armory, awarding its 2017 Pershing Square Sohn Prize for Young Investigators in Cancer Research to six exceptional innovative scientists in New York City.  The evening began with a panel discussion entitled, “Journey to Discovery”, featuring Mikael Dolsten, MD, PhD, Head of Worldwide R&D at Pfizer; Thomas Maniatis, PhD, Isidore S. Edelman Professor and Chair of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biophysics at Columbia University Medical Center; Charles L. Sawyers, MD, Marie-Josée and Henry Kravis Chair in Human Oncology and Pathogenesis at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center; and Richard P. Lifton, MD, PhD, President of The Rockefeller University, who also moderated the discussion. The panel gave insight into and various perspectives on the long path from initial discovery in the lab to medical translation and application in the field, as well as advice for the young scientists in the audience.
Panel_Richard Lifton, Tom Maniatis, Charles Sawyers, and Mikael Dolsten
The 2017 Pershing Square Sohn Prize winners are: Yimon Aye, PhD and Juan Cubillos-Ruiz, PhD from Weill Cornell Medicine, Mikala Egeblad, PhD from Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, Daniel Heller, PhD and Richard White, MD, PhD from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and Eirini Papapetrou, MD, PhD from Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. Other guests included leaders from the academic, business, and philanthropic communities.
Evan Sohn, Juan Cubillos-Ruiz, Bill Ackman, and Olivia Tournay Flatto
The Pershing Square Sohn Cancer Research Alliance was formed in 2013 through a $25 million commitment by The Pershing Square Foundation, which partnered with The Sohn Conference Foundation. The Alliance is dedicated to playing a catalytic role in accelerating cures for cancer by supporting innovative cancer research and by facilitating collaborations between academia and industry.  Annually, the Alliance awards The Pershing Square Sohn Prize to young New York based scientists who are engaged in cutting-edge cancer research. For more information, visit
2017 Pershing Square Sohn Prize Winners
Richard Lifton, Olivia Tournay Flatto, and Evan Sohn
Charles Sawyers and Bill Ackman
Dan Littman and Craig Thompson
Emily Bernstein and Lloyd Trotman
Olivia Tournay Flatto and Bruce Stillman Karen Ackman and Whitney Tilson
Richard Foster, Jamie Nicholls, and Andrea Califano
Julliard performers (Mikaela Bennett and Katelan Terrell)
Photographs by JH & Pierre Crosby (Marcelo); Joe Schildhorn/BFA (Midnight Supper); Patrick McMullan (Pershing)