Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Blerancourt awards

Miles Morgan, Didi d'Anglejan, Madison Cox, Dorothea de La Houssaye, and Franck Laverdin at the American Friends of Blérancourt's annual Gala.
On November 9th, an elegant reception sponsored by Champagne Prestige des Sacres and Mario Rinaldi for the benefactors and patrons of American Friends of Blérancourt took place at the services Cultural Services of the French Embassy, followed by a Premiere screening of the newly created documentary film, "Anne Morgan's War."
Jerry Erickson, didi d'Anglejan, and Benigno Aguilar
Dorothea de La Houssaye, Caroline Lareuse, Patricia Lee, and Alexandra Beckmeyer
Dr. Sat Bhattacharya, Marilyn Neilson, Shelby Wilcox, and Janet Stevens
Nancy Newhouse and Miles Morgan
Naz with Mario Rinaldi
Alan Govenar and Mary Niles Maack
Nicolas Beutler, Benigno Aguilar, Dorothea de La Houssaye, Valentina Vassilev, Franck Laverdin, and Stephen Vassilev
Mary McFadden, Jerry Gehman, Nancy Gehman, Sonja Tremont Morgan, and Yung Hee Kim
Sonja Tremont Morgan and Elaine Uzan Leary
Herve Ferrage and Natalie Lacroix
Mathilde Schneider, Carol Gragez, and Nicole Milano
Eugenie Angles, Andrew Kotchoubey, didi d'Anglejan, Miles Morgan, Mary McFadden, Franck Laverdin, and Alan Govenar
Patricia Lee and Dr. Robert Young
Bernadette Watkins and Henry Watkins
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The next night, the American Friends of Blérancourt held their annual Gala dinner at a private club celebrating the reopening of the Museum Chateau de Blerancourt, created and given to France by Anne Morgan. The recipients of the Blerancourt awards were Madison Cox, Charlene Marsh, and Mark Rudkin for their constant and generous support of AFB over the last 35 years. Guests were treated to a unique French dinner by rising star chef Florian Hugo, champagne by Prestiges des Sacres and Mario Rinaldi, the wines from the private cellar of George Sape.
Dorothea de La Houssaye and Charlene Marsh
Among the dinner guests were Ann Bass, Madison Cox, Aida Hersham, Geoffrey Bradfield, HRH Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, AFB Chair Franck Laverdin, Cecile David Weill, Allen and Patricia Roberts, AFB President Dorothea de La Houssaye, Miles Morgan, Mary McFadden, Lucinda Herrick, Benigno Aguilar, Gerald Erickson, AFB founder Didi d'Anglejan, AFB president emeritus Eugenie Angles, Jay Paul, Martha Talton, Eric Widing, James and Emmanuela Gerard, Maryam Ansari, Sean and Laura Beckmeyer, Yung HeeKim , Andrew Chanos, Stewart Manger, Judith Guest, Marian McEvoy, Jerri and George Sape, Nancy and Jerry Gehman, Kathleen Springhorn, Tom Dillman, Elizabeth and Stanley Scott, Katarine and Jeffrey Allsopp, Edgar Vaudeville.
Franck Laverdin, Lucinda Herrick, Aida Hersham, and Geoffrey Bradfield
Eric Widing, William Gowen, and Nicolas Beutler
Bernadette Watkins, Shelby Wilcox, Jay Paul, Martha Talton, Henry Watkins, Carole Mahoney, and Brian Mahoney
Heidi Roberts, Allen Roberts, Mary McFadden, and Ariane Batterberry
Dorothea de La Houssaye, Stephen Vassilev, and Sandy Gotham-Meehan
Eugenie Angles, James Gerard, and Elaine Uzan Leary
Maryam Ansari, HR Prince Dimitri Of Yugoslavia, Cecile David Weill, Natalie Angles and Franck Laverdin
William Gowen, Elizabeth Scott, Stanley Scott, and Irene Goodkind
Barbara Robinson and Tom Leddy
Jeri and George Sape Joel Cooper and Shelby Wilcox
Andrew Chanos, Yung Hee Kim, and Thomas Moore
Antoinette Deluca, Victoria Vento-Brickley, Lee Cullum, Frederic Odasso, and C.C. Marsh
Rob Ashford, Deborah Needleman, Deborah Webster, Elizabeth Belfer, Stewart Manger, and Madison Cox
Sean and Alexandra Beckmeyer Valentina Vassilev, Benigno Aguilar, and Jerry Erickson
Jean Astrop and Caroline Lareuse
Kevin Kelleher, Cordy Allsopp, Jeffery Allsopp, and Katharine Redkin Allsopp
Eric Widing
Allen Roberts and Heidi Roberts
Franck Laverdin and Cecile David-Weill
Andrew Kotchoubey and Elaine Uzan Leary
Judith Guest and Stewart Manger
Julian Lethbridge, Marian McEvoy, Rob Ashford, Anne Bass, Madison Cox, and Deborah Needleman
Michel Longchampt and Odile De Schietere-Longchampt
Kathleen Springhorn and Tom Dillman Worldster Lee and Patricia Lee
Mathilde Schneider and Jean Astrop
Tom Leddy, Elizabeth Scott, Nancy Gehman, Tom Dillman, and Philip Auerbach
Kathleen Springhorn and Stanley Scott
Mary Jane Poole, Tom Marsh, Charlene Marsh, Lee Cullum, and Jarvis Wilcox
Chef Florian V. Hugo and George Sape
Sandy Gotham-Meehan, Dorothea de La Houssaye, and Simone Galton
Photographs by Annie Watt