Friday, December 22, 2017

Christmas Cheer

The party in full swing.
The holiday season was in full swing last Thursday evening, December 18th at Doubles Club, where Anne Hearst McInerney, Jay McInerney and George Farias hosted their annual Christmas Cheer Holiday Party. Always a highlight of the holiday season, this year’s party gathered friends from the worlds of art, literature, and publishing to toast the holidays in the festive interior of Doubles, adorned beautifully with twinkling lights and glimmering Christmas baubles creating a holiday wonderland.

Guest-of-honor Santa Claus mingled with guests such as Chuck and Ellen Scarborough, Sharon and John Loeb, Anne Eisenhower, Beth Rudin DeWoody, Craig Starr, Ken Auletta and Binky Urban, Diana and Gary Fisketjon, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Jenny and John Paulson, Bettina Zilkha, Ann Barish, Darren Walker, Emily Rafferty, Cornelia Bregman, and Sharon Bush.
Among the literary luminaries were Candace Bushnell, Dirk Wittenborn, Amy Fine Collins, Annette Tapert, Stellene Volandes, editor-in-chief of Town & Country, Jay Fielden, Esquire editor-in-chief; Hearst Corp’s Frank and Mary Lake Bennack, as well as Richard Johnson, Michael Gross and Barbara Hodes, Bill Boggs, Alina Cho, Morgan Entrekin and Shelley Wanger for the festivities.

The fashionable crowd in attendance also included Nina Griscom, Dominique Browning, Katharina Otto-Bernstein, Nicole Miller and Kim Taipale, Jennifer Creel, Alex Hitz, Jamie Creel, Dennis Basso and Michael Comminotto, Mary Hilliard, Agnes Gund, Sydie Lansing, Tad Flynn, Tom and Diane Tuft and Susan Gutfreund. From the art and design worlds, Alex Papachristidis and Scott Nelson, Milly de Cabrol, Laura Hunt were in attendance alongside Mary Boone, Klaus Bisenbach, Rachel and Ara Hovnanian, Will Cotton and Rose Dergan.
It was an opportunity for many to gather and celebrate before the start of the new year. Paula and Tony Peck ventured from the West Coast to join Amanda Hearst, Muffie Potter Aston and Sherrell Aston, Gigi Mortimer, Kristen and Charlie Krusen, Christopher Mason, Monica Crowley and Bill Siegal, Texans Sara Dodd and Will Denton, Dana Hammond and Patrick Stubgen, Deborah Norville and Karl Wellner, Ros and Fran L'Esperance, Jamie Figg, Jeanine Pepler, S.F.’s Taylor Tobin, L.A.’s Natalie Bloomingdale, Kathryn Bryan, Jay and Tracy Snyder, Debbie Bancroft, Barbara Bancroft, Frances Schultz, Lisa Jackson, Lisa McCarthy, Ivana Lowell, Ann and Mathew Wolf, Peggy Siegal, Ann Dexter-Jones, Diandra Douglas and Paolo Oliveira and Ala and Ralph Isham.

Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani attended with his wife Judith, joining LuAnn de Lesseps, Judy Gordon Cox, Alison Mazzola with her niece Christina Flynn and mother Sylvia Mazzola, Melissa Biggs Bradley, the Conway Clan, Jeff Eldredge, Chip Conlan, Pat Kluge, Liliana Cavendish, Nina and Mark Magowan, Chappy and Melissa Morris, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, Peter Thomas Roth, R. Couri Hay, Peter and Martha Webster, Lisa Fine, Allison Rockefeller, Michael Rockefeller and Jill and Andrew Roosevelt.
The centerpiece of the room was a veritable cornucopia of holiday treats, abundant with delectable holiday cookies, presenting a temptation for Santa Claus as well as guests such as Barbara and Kevin McLaughlin, Jeanne Lawrence, Chele Chiavacci and Richard Farley, Gigi Mortimer, and Grace and Chris Meigher.

The champagne scintillated like the conversation among the guests, putting many in mind of the perennial joys of the holiday season — such as warmth, abundance, and good company. Others in attendance included Katie Ford and Tom Bishop, director Neil Berger and Diana Kellogg, Somers and Jonathan Farkas, Victoria Amory, author Ted Bell, Anthony Haden Guest, Janna Bullock, Jackie Weld Drake, Bill Buford and Jessica Green.
George Farias, Santa Claus, Anne Hearst McInerney and Jay McInerney
Dr. Joseph Conway, Elizabeth Beier, and Bill Wright
Santa Claus and Alina Cho
Judith and Rudy Giuiliani
Will Cotton, Rose Dergan, and Jay McInerney
Peter Soros and Milly de Cabrol Paula and Tony Peck
Judy Gordon Cox, Marco Scarani, and Bettina Zilkha
John Paulson, Jenny Paulson, Shelley Wanger, and David Mortimer
Jay Snyder and Robert Zimmerman
Jamee and Peter Gregory Nicole Miller
Janna Bullock, R. Couri Hay, and Muffie Potter Aston
James Coleman, Candace Bushnell, Richard Johnson, and Sessa von Richthofen
Helen Lee Schifter Amanda Hearst and Steve Read
Geoffrey Thomas and Sharon Sondes
Binky Urban and Ken Auletta
Gary Fisketjon and Steve Kroft Christina Flynn and Alison Mazzola
Beth Rudin DeWoody, Mark Gilbertson, Debbie Bancroft, Somers Farkas, and Jay Fielden
Barbara Bancroft, Jamie Figg, and Susan Guttfreund
Tracy Snyder
Agnes Gund, Darren Walker, Santa Claus, Sydie Lansing with Cupcake, and Craig Starr
Ann Wolf, Mathew Wolf, Richard Schloss, Mary Hilliard, and Nancy Weltcheck
Ellen and Chuck Scarborough Anne Hearst McInerney and Patricia Kluge
Alex Papachristidis, Santa Claus, and Fruzsina Keehn
Dana Hammond, Santa Claus, and Patrick Stubgen
Photographs by Patrick McMullan/ and Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan