Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Christmas Lights and Luncheons

Outside the Brick Presbyterian Church to celebrate the annual lighting of the Park Avenue Trees.
Wendy Carduner welcomed over 1000 Doubles Club members and friends as they arrived to begin celebrating the Joys of the Christmas Holidays at the Annual Doubles Christmas Luncheons which have been a tradition since the Club opened in 1976.

In addition to the AMAZING 15' Dessert table the Luncheon Menus were delicious and a few of the favorites included: Chicken Milanese with a salad of fennel, cranberries and baby arugula ... basil and dill Crust Costa Rican bass with celery root fondue ... glazed salmon with Asian style vegetables.

The afternoons were enjoyed by one and all including: Christine and Stephen Schwarzman, Tory Burch, Nina Griscom, Jamie Tisch, Anne Hearst, Sharon Bush, Grace Meigher, Janna Bullock, Ambassador Brenda Johnson, Dennis Basso, Ashley McDermott, Donna Rosen, Eleanora Kennedy, June Schorr, Serena Boardman, Heather Sargeant, Geoffrey Bradfield, Mark Gilbertson, Alexia Hamm Ryan, Suzie Aijala, Robyn Joseph, Heather Leeds, Cece Black, Kamie Lightburn, Jenny Paulson, Mary Van Pelt, Michael Kovner, Barbara Tober, Elizabeth Meyer, Yesim Philip, Charlotte Ford, Shana Gary, Holly Hunt and many, many, many more.
Doubles Club Holiday Luncheon
Jill Roosevelt, Caroline Dean, and Alexia Hamm Ryan
Joan Schnitzer and Jamee Gregory Nina Griscom and Bonnie Pfeifer Evans
Danielle Ganick, Mark Gilbertson, Alexia Hamm Ryan, and Libby Fitzgerald
Blakely Griggs, Maryellen Cundey, and Paige Rustum
Ashley Carlson and Jessica Post Heather Sargent and Wendy Carduner
Alexandra Lebenthal, Geoffrey Bradfield, and Wendy Carduner
Regis Warsoe, Suzie Aijala Dixie Deluca, Jackie Yale, and Kara Sorento
Joan Schnitzer, Elaine Langone, Nikki Harris, and Leba Sedaka
Ellie Silverman, Dennis Basso, Christine Rose, and Maria Fishell
Eleanora Kennedy and June Shor
Anna Gary and Mika Sterling
Jamee Gregory
Donna Rosen table
Alexia Hamm Ryan table
Jenny Paulsen table
Neda Navab table
Liz Peek table
Joan Schnitzer table
Tory Burch table
Ashley Carlson table
Lisa Simonsen table
Katherine Grossman table
Alison Mazzola table
Kamie Lightburn and friends
Last Sunday night, thousands gathered outside the Brick Presbyterian Church to celebrate the annual lighting of the Park Avenue Trees. Trees were first lit to honor the men and women who lost their lives in World War II. Today, the illuminated trees pay tribute to all who have died in our nations' wars. The Park Avenue Tree Lighting is managed by The Fund for Park Avenue and made possible each year by the contributions it receives from the community.
Keith Toth, Rev. Douglas T. King, and Knickerbocker Grey Cadets
Brick Church Children's Choir
Knickerbocker Grey Cadets
The crowd gathered in front of Brick Church
Before and after the ceremony, Carnegie Hill was buzzing with activity as families and friends gathered for celebrations in homes, shops and restaurants around the neighborhood. Carolers could be seen on rooftops and in apartment windows. J. McLaughlin hosted an Open House to benefit The Tree Lighting. The day began with an invitation to “Pop in For Popovers” (made by Island Restaurant) and ended with “Holiday Cheer” before everyone made their way over to the ceremony.

The Park Avenue Trees brighten the avenue each winter and the Park Avenue Tree Lighting is one of the city’s most beloved and meaningful traditions. For more information or to make a tax-deductible contribution, visit www.fundforparkavenue.org
John and Karen Klopp with friends
Georgina Schaeffer and friends
Eileen Judell and Alexandra Marshall
Kate Lynch and Fred Castleberry
Jack Lynch, Mary Davidson, Anne Randell, and Barbara McLaughlin
Mary Ellen Coyne, Molly Froelich, and Josh Bell
Blair Brock, Patricia Burnham Brock, and William Brock Mikel Wittle
Davis Colley, Karen Klopp, Ann Colley, and Gigi Bacon
Jacqueline Gregg, Katherine Williams, and Colette O. Bryce Miller
Teddy Taylor and Alyce Faye Cleese
Peter Bickford, Greg McCarthy, and Barbara McLaughlin
Rick Miller, Melinda Nelson, and Josh Bell
Jack Fowler, Jack Lynch, Jay Santoro, and Julie Fowler
Blair Beal and Blair Brock
Webb Egerton and Karen Klopp with Duchess Joanne Evans Burns
Polly Onet, Anne Randell, and Jack Lynch
Lit trees on Park Avenue
Photographs by Annie Watt