Tuesday, June 6, 2017

City of Hope and Heart

The City of Hope East End Chapter/Jeanne Kaye League held its annual Spirit of Life luncheon and fashion show at The Plaza.
On May 30th, Friends of the Domaine de Chantilly (FODC) hosted a memorable evening at the French Consulate in New York featuring a lecture by Pierre Rosenberg, member of the French Academy, Honorary President-Director of the Louvre, and leading specialist on Nicolas Poussin.

Consul General Anne-Claire Legendre welcomed guests and spoke highly about Chantilly, one of the finest historic sites in France. Then, FODC Chairman Prince Amyn Aga Khan described the organization's efforts to restore Chantilly's castle, gardens, and artworks through the support of patrons from around the world, before introducing Pierre Rosenberg.
Lecturer Pierre Rosenberg
During his talk, Mr. Rosenberg highlighted Chantilly's magnificent collection, which includes one of the best ensembles of works by Poussin. Among these is the Massacre of the Innocents, which will be the foundation for a major exhibition this fall: Le Massacre des Innocents de Nicolas Poussin. Poussin Picasso Bacon. After enjoying a fascinating discovery of Poussin's masterpiece, guests were treated to a reception offered by Champagne Laurent-Perrier.

Joining Prince Amyn Aga Khan in celebrating Chantilly were FODC directors and advisors Nathalie Brunel, Betty Eveillard, Ann Nitze, and Ishtar Méjanès as well as prominent collectors, experts and Francophiles from both sides of the Atlantic including Hervé and Marina Aaron, Frances Beatty, David Beer, Philippe and Edith de Montebello, Robert Couturier, Loïc de Kertanguy, Robert de Rothschild and Annemarie Iverson, Emily Frick, Susan Kendall, Peter and Jane Marino, Mary McFadden, Katharine Rayner, Judy Taubman, Ian Wardropper, and Lynn Wyatt.
Mireille Goldschmidt, Judy Taubman, and Hubert Goldschmidt
Arnaud Brunel and Janet Mavec
Frances Beatty Adler and Cole Harrell
Diane Nixon, Betty Jean Eveillard, Jean-Marie Eveillard, and Laura Bennett
Ishtar Méjanès and Nathalie Brunel
Annemarie Iverson, Robert de Rothschild, Anka Muhlstein, and Louis Begley
Katharine Rayner, Bill Bernhard, and Ann Nitze
Marlene and Paul Herring
Peter and Elbrun Kimmelman
Peter Marino, Lynn Wyatt, and Jane Marino
Charlotte Serena di Lapigio, Octavio Serena di Lapigio, and George Frelinghuysen
Ian Wardropper, Prince Amyn Aga Khan, and Ann Nitze
Prince Amyn Aga Khan, Thomas F. Knapp, and Renata Adler
Orin McCluskey and Diana Quasha
Mary McFadden with Edith and Philippe de Montebello
Pierre Rosenberg and Dr. Susan Kendall
Betty Jean Eveillard and Suber Sterlesser
Baroness Veronique Bich and Victoria Wyman
On May 8, 2017, at The Plaza Hotel in New York City, the City of Hope East End Chapter/ Jeanne Kaye League held its annual Spirit of Life luncheon and fashion show. The event attracted more than 425 guests and raised vital funds for City of Hope’s cancer research, treatment and education programs. This year, two of the main sponsors for the event were Aston Martin and Lancôme.  An elaborate Flower Wall was donated by The Flower Wall Company and served as a stunning backdrop to many of the Luncheon’s photos. 
The Just Drew fashion show
Guests included: Michael McKean, Annette O’Toole, Maurice DuBois along with past Award Winners and Board Members.   Brought together by Andrew Warren, designer of Just Drew, 20 models donated their time to this year’s event boasted several with some very well-known last names including:   Abby Hornacek (daughter of Jeff Hornacek, coach of the Knicks); Hayley Hasselhoff (daughter of David Hasselhoff); Olivia Washington (daughter of Denzel Washington); Emma Ferrer (granddaughter of Audrey Hepburn); Corinne Foxx (daughter of Jamie Foxx); Alessandra Garcia (daughter of Andy Garcia); Emma Holzer (daughter of Baby Jane Holzer); Sophie Simmons (daughter of Gene Simmons); Hunter McGrady (daughter of Michael McGrady); Reya Benitez (daughter of Jellybean Benitez) and Sadie Friedman (daughter of Joan Allen).  In addition to their famous lineage, each of the young women in the show have careers in fashion, acting, education, entrepreneurialship and social media.
Abby Hornacek
Hayley Hasselhoff followed by fellow model Olivia Washington
Sophie Friedman
Danielle Campbell and Andrew Warren
Emma Holzer
This year, honors went to Tony Award-winning star Kelli O’Hara whose award was presented to her by actor Michael McKean. O’Hara sang three songs and dedicated one to the 95-year-old father of fellow Award-honoree Iris Dankner.  Dankner is the remarkable force behind cancer survivor’s awareness and the Founder of Holiday House Design Show, whose acceptance speech left no dry eyes. Lisa Kaye Fuld, Founder of Lisa Kaye Interior Design and Co-President of the City of Hope East End Chapter/Jeanne Kaye League, was the third recipient. 
Kelli O'Hara
Kelli O'Hara and one of her biggest fans, Iris Dankner's 95-year-old father
Michael McKeane and Kelli O'Hara
For the fashion portion of the event, Andrew Warren, designer of Just Drew, along with social media sensation Danielle Bernstein of We Wore What, received the Champion of Hope Award. Warren’s line, Just Drew Clothing, is sold online and at Kyle By Alene Too.

For more information about City of Hope, click here.
COH East End Chapter Presidents Ann Levine,
Lisa Fuld, and Honey Cook
Kathy Kaye and Lisa Fuld
Iris Dankner, Lisa Fuld, and Amy Rosenblum
Marcy Warren and Essie Weingarten
Iris Dankner and Maurice DuBois
The Warren Family: Marcy, Andrew, and Michael
Danielle Bernstein
Spirit of Life Honorees Dr. Ellen Marmur, Essie Weingarten, Dr. Georgia Witkin, Lisa Kaye Fuld, Susan Sokol, Kay Unger, and Iris Dankner
Lisa Fuld, Jim Fuld Jr., and Jamie Chesner
Just Drew models with Andrew Warren at the wheel of Aston Martin
The New England Society in the City of New York (NES) held its annual Founders' Day event at a private club on Wednesday evening, May 10th. Members and guests came together to toast its 212th anniversary, making NES one of the longest continually operating social and cultural organizations in the U.S. Established on May 6, 1805, with the purpose of promoting "friendship, charity, and mutual assistance" among and on behalf of New Englanders living in New York, the evening's focus was on friendship and good times, as well as highlighting its annual Book Awards and Scholarship programs.

The Founders' Day co-chairs were Anne Hall Elser, Stephen Foley, Jan and Tad Ogden, Matthew Rimi, and Ellen Scordato and Mark Rifkin.

As part of the festivities, the winners of the 2017 NES Book Awards were announced in the categories of Fiction, Non-Fiction, Art, Photography, and Specialty Title. The Awards, which recognize books of merit that honor New England and its culture, will be presented to the winning authors at a luncheon on June 8th. For more information visit www.nesnyc.org.
Emily Mohr, Matthew Rimi, and Ashley Dubin
Anna Bulkot, Danzey Burnham, and Jennifer Mitchell
Jay Sherwood, Jan Ogden, Anne Hall Elser, and Dermod Sullivan
Arnold and Hilda Neis
Alfred Ogden, Jan Ogden, and Jay Sherwood
Annette DeLorenzo, Tom Hills, Colleen Hills, Alex Donner, and Karen Springhorn
Ron Romaine and Leslie Middlebrook Moore
Mark and Daisy Pearson
Benedict Gedaminski, Marian Morrill-Fisher, Ellen Scordato, and Joe Scordato
Cort Bender, Annette Bender, Mark Pearson, Daisy Pearson, Barbara Bender, and David Bender
anniewatt_50968-Alixandra Baker, Judy Villard, Stuart Baker, and Yvonne Connors
Salvatore Scalogna, Judy Bliss, Douglas Winston, Leonora Ballinger, and Diane Scalogna
Jean and Martin Shafiroff hosted a cocktail party in support of the American Heart Association's 21st Annual Hamptons Heart Ball The upcoming gala will take place on this Saturday, June 10, 2017 at the Southampton Arts Center in Southampton, NY.

Among the guests were Geoffrey Bradfield, Barbara Poliwoda, Drs. Ralph and Lori Mosca (this year's honorees), Sharon Bush, Ava Roosevelt, Margo Langenberg, Tas and Amir Dossal, Maggie Norris, Chiu-Ti Jensen, Lucia Hwong Gordon, Victor de Souza, Catherine Sabino, Natalie Ross, Ray Bouderau.
Ralph Mosca, Lori Mosca, and Barbara Hollywater
Dr. Mosca spoke about how her career started with a grant given by the American Heart Association and how she and her team are currently working on a research grant given by the American Heart Association on women, heart disease and sleep. Dr. Ralph Mosca, also being honored, spoke about how his operations on babies are different from 20 years ago because of science supported by the American Heart Association. 

In addition to honoring Dr. Lori Mosca and DrRalph S. Mosca, the Hamptons Heart Ball will recognize The Village of Southampton for being a Heart Safe community.

Tickets are $600. The After-party will begin at 9:30pm and tickets are $200. For more information visit http://hamptonsheartball.heart.org
Jean and Martin Shafiroff
Geoffrey Bradfield and Frederic Wasserman
Cassandra Seidenfeld, Randi Schatz, Melissa Psitos, and Barbara Poliwoda
Sharon Bush and Tomaczek Bednarek
Ava Roosevelt and Ray Bouderau
Yvonna Russell, Dawn Marie Grannum, Kahari Nash, Flo Anthony, and Suzette Charles
Amir and Tess Dossal
Maggie Norris
Photographs by Patrick McMullan & Annie Watt (Heart Ball); Annie Watt (NES); Teri Bloom & Steve Prue (City of Hope)