Monday, June 5, 2017


The Central Park Conservancy hosted its Playground Partners Annual Family Party in Central Park’s Heckscher Playground at 62nd Street.
The Central Park Conservancy hosted its Playground Partners Annual Family Party in Central Park’s Heckscher Playground at 62nd Street on Wednesday, May 24th. A beautiful summer day provided the backdrop for an afternoon of food, games, music, and more. This is the only event of the year held inside a Central Park playground, offering a special opportunity for New York City families. The party raised over $325,000.

This year’s Honorary Chairman was Bridget Moynahan. Party Co-Chairmen Katherine Birch, Teri Freidman, Stephanie Hessler, Christy Messina, and Elizabeth Villar and Grandparents Committee Chairmen Cathy & Bill Ingram were joined by Playground Partners Co-Chairmen, Ranika Cohen and Shana Gary, Women’s Committee President Suzie Aijala, and Douglas Blonsky, President and CEO, Central Park Conservancy, and Central Park Administrator.
Shana Gary, Katherine Birch, Bridget Moynahan, Suzie Aijala, Teri Friedman, Christy Messina, Stephanie Hessler, Elizabeth Villar, and Ranika Cohen
The event, sponsored by Goldman Sachs Gives and Brooks Brothers, attracted over 1,200 parents and children. This year marked the Family Party’s 25th year, and the event included an array of family-friendly activities. Guests enjoyed cupcake decorating by Sprinkles Cupcakes, a soccer relay by Super Soccer Stars and Kick & Play, Bulldog Ball Club fast pitch, chess games and demonstrations by Chess at Three, slam dunk with Dribbl Basketball, photos with Activity Sponsor Classic Kids Photography, Mommy + MiniMe Yoga with Activity Sponsor Sweaty Betty, a Builders’ Lab by Activity Sponsor Basis Independent Manhattan, and much more. Special thanks to Media Sponsor Modern Luxury MANHATTAN.

Proceeds from the Annual Family Party support Playground Partners and its mission to keep Central Park’s 21 playgrounds safe, clean and well-maintained.
Bridget Moynahan, Douglas Blonsky, and Suzie Aijala
Ana Kennedy and Eleonora Kennedy
Christy Messina and Elizabeth Villar
Chris Ingram, Beth Ingram, Cathy Ingram, Bill Ingram, Hudson, and Eveleigh
Katherine Birch
Whitney Mogavero, Shirin Christoffersen, Marianna Olszewski, Stephanie Hessler, and Paige Boller
Kristy Korngold with Jack, Kate, and Maddie
Patrick Vieira
Shana Gary, Peggy Ahuja, and Ranika Cohen
Traci Karro and Taylor McKenzie-Jackson
Classic Kids Photography
Even a torrential downpour couldn’t keep away almost 300 supporters and friends from the Dutchess Land Conservancy’s Annual Spring Barn Dinner Dance. Held at Bonnie Stedt’s gorgeous Foxrace Farm in Amenia, co-chairs Terry and John Regan, Victoria and Yuri Salnikoff, and Nancy and Bill Stahl pulled off an amazing evening – despite the Nor’Easter that swept through the countryside. Celebrity Auctioneer Gordon Elliott charmed the crowd into placing maximum bids for a variety of live auction items and after a delicious dinner by Gourmet to Go caterers, the dance floor filled as Harlem Line played under twinkling lights.

The Dutchess Land Conservancy (DLC), a private, nonprofit land conservation organization, is dedicated to preserving the scenic, agricultural, and environmental resources of Dutchess County, New York and the surrounding area.  Since 1985, the DLC has protected more than 40,000 acres of open land.
Nancy and Bill Stahl, Bonnie Stedt, John and Terry Regan, and Yuri and Victoria Salnikoff
Craig Callen, Eric and Jennifer Oken, and John Klopp
Helen Cook, David Theiringer, and Sarah Colley
Andrew and Leslie Heaney, Karen Klopp, and Jack Lynch
Bob Israel, Penny Gorman, and Gordon Elliott
John Klopp, Craig Callen, and Andrew Gundlach
Greg and Perrin Martin with Julie Vander Veen
Eliza Dyson and Joel Levangia
William Platt, Bonnie Stedt, Kirk Henckels, and Laura Pfaff
Michael Poulin, Terry Regan, and Bill Stahl
Bob Quinlan and Howard Bellin
Elissa Kramer and Jay Newman
John Regan and Nancy Stahl with Nelli and Jim Voorheis
Eric Rosenfeld, James Cummins, and Simon Roosevelt
John Royall and Wendy Carduner
Victoria Salnikoff and Philip Mactaggart
Zibby Tozer, Laureen Knutsen, and Karen Karlsrud
David Dase (yellow raincoat) and Carolina Kim
Tom Flexner and Parker Gentry
Breast Cancer Alliance (BCA) and JCC Greenwich partnered on a world class medical symposium “Taking Action Against Breast Cancer: Genetic Testing, Screening and Lifestyle Prevention” at Old Oaks Country Club in Purchase.  A panel of leading experts in the field discussed new advances, findings and technology that can play a significant role in improving risk assessment, prevention and early detection for breast cancer, helping inform women about how to be proactively diligent in their own health care.  A video of the panel discussion and Q&A will be available in June and can be accessed at Breast Cancer Alliance,, or JCC Greenwich,
Melanie Laub, Lori Laub, and Susan Blum
Ellen Davis and Yonni Wattenmaker
Staci Barber and Lisa Walsh
Lisa Cummins, Randye Kwait, Amy Katz, and Lisa Lichtenberg
Stacey Levine, Davena Levine, and Hope Wolfe
Katherine Geoghegan
Mary Jo Razook, Annie Amato, and Mary Quick
Beth Cutler, Suzanne Katz, and Jane Weitzman
Mary Jeffery and Laurie Cassoli
Alexandra Heerdt MD
Medical Expert Panel
Orli Etingin MD
On Tuesday, May 16th, The Child Mind Institute hosted its 2017 Spring Luncheon, featuring a panel discussion about the changing role technology is playing in families and specifically how it alters communication. The event was moderated by Ali Wentworth and featured Catherine Steiner-Adair, EdD, author of The Big Disconnect: Protecting Childhood and Family Relationships in the Digital Age and clinical psychologist and research associate at Harvard Medical School; and David Anderson, PhD, clinical psychologist and Senior Director, ADHD and Disruptive Behavior Disorders Center at the Child Mind Institute.
Child Mind Institute President Dr. Harold Koplewicz and CMI board member Zibby Schwarzman
Technology is transforming the way we communicate with friends, colleagues and even with our own families. Screens now affect everything from the way our toddlers learn and develop to the way our teenagers connect with their peers, parents and the world.

"I think we are psychologically dependent on our phones at this point…we have a condition that resembles an addictive relationship to technology," said Dr. Steiner-Adair. She noted that "we lose empathy" when we are texting, and that kids take risks and trust people who they should not trust on social media. "We are different when we are on these devices." Dr. Steiner-Adair advised parents that "it's important to learn to self-regulate" their own use of devices at home. "The way we behave sets the norms for them." And, perhaps most importantly, they should avoid allowing their kids play on devices at the dinner table. "Kids learn empathy at dinner," added Dr. Steiner-Adair.
Lise Evans, Louise Camuto, and Christine Mack
Isabel Gillies, Ali Wentworth, and Debra Messing
Panelists discussed how to reap the benefits of technology while reducing the risks it poses to children at each stage of development. Dr. Anderson suggested several parenting strategies and talked about the impact of technology on children with emotional and behavioral challenges.

It's critical for parents to have discussions with their kids about the influx of information they are consuming, according to Dr. Anderson. "Talk to kids about what they're seeing on Instagram, what they're seeing on YouTube, watch their shows with them, play their video games with them, and really talk about the themes that are coming up," said Dr. Anderson. "Ask questions that get to good discussions."

The luncheon was co-chaired by members of the Child Mind Institute Board of Directors, Christine Mack, Valerie Mnuchin, Debra Perelman and Zibby Schwarzman and the host committee included Roxanne Bok, Ellen Cohen, Desiree Gruber, Tania Higgins, Eve and Ross Jaffe, Tammy Levine, Julie Minskoff, Eileen Riano and Sara Weiner.
Dr. Harold Koplewicz, Ali Wentworth, and Institute board member Christine Mack
The event was a part of the Child Mind Institute's Speak Up for Kids campaign held each May to promote children's mental health. The campaign this year also expanded with the launch of the organization's first ever #MyYoungerSelf social media initiative which has brought together over three dozen actors, professional athletes, fashion designers, authors, politicians, advocates and other influencers to share personal videos about the advice they would give their younger selves on how to persevere over a mental health or learning disorder. These empowering messages help to eradicate stigma and show children struggling that there is a brighter future ahead.
Coralie Charriol Paul, Diana DiMenna, and Kimberly Ayers Shariff
Child Mind Institute Co-Founder and Co-Chair Brooke Garber Neidich, and Coralie Charriol
Photographs by BFA (CPC); Mary Hilliard (DLC); Ann Billingsley (Child Mind Institute); Chichi Ubina (BCA)