Thursday, May 4, 2017

DPC’s camera: the 35th Annual Frederick Law Olmsted Awards

Passing through Vanderbilt Gate to enter the Conservatory Garden.
I turned this luncheon into an annual obligation to myself; getting some shots of a phenomenal New York social affair. For it is that which gives it its heft in drawing so many supporters. But what it turned out to be for me was: fun. I’ve been covering this affair for more than two decades, and  have no other explanation for this self-obligation other  than: it amuses me. It’s one of those things that has its own historical significance which expresses the grand deeds of the women of the Committee, as well as all of their volunteers and of course their donors who are now legion. But the girls getting up for it, putting a Best Foot Forward and often with great humor and wit, not to mention chic and svelte — when it is — and the HATS. I can sit here at my desk thinking about them, and I’m still laughing.  The humor and glad tidings and eternal youthfulness make me laugh. It’s the Human Comedy but dressed up for a party. And a good laugh for the moment we’re in.