Friday, May 26, 2017

ETRO and Prince Dimitri partnered to benefit Casita Maria

Last Thursday evening, ETRO and Prince Dimitri partnered to benefit Casita Maria at ETRO's Madison Avenue flagship store at 720 Madison between 63rd and 64th Street. The collaborative event was hosted by Jacopo Etro, Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia, and Jacqueline Weld Drake

ETRO was presenting its Pre Fall 2017 men's and women's collections which were styled with Prince Dimitri's jewels. Dimitri also presented his Passion for Paisley collection in museum-ready cases throughout the store. 
Prince Dimitri of Yugoslavia with his Passion for Paisley collection.
The Madison Avenue shop was dripping with florals as Marjorie Gubelmann (DJ MAD MARJ) spun lively remixes of familiar tracks. Guests enjoyed conversing while viewing the collections on showcase. 

It was a big crowd attending. Among the guests: Ian Mellencamp, Jazmin Grimaldi, Stefano Tonchi, Edward Barsamian, William Kahn, Jennifer Creel, James Aguiar, Tatiana Gecman Waldeck, Barbara Tober, Margo Langenberg, Elizabeth Segerstrom, Felicia Taylor, Jay McInerney and Anne Hearst, Richard Johnson, Adrienne Vittadini, Jamee and Peter Gregory, Victoria Wyman, and many others. 
The party was spread throughout the five floors of the boutique while Etro models sauntered about.
The Etro family has a passion for art, culture, and tradition, and simultaneously embraces the constant need to innovate. This New Tradition concept is the hallmark of ETRO's brand. Paisley is its famed symbol. The collaboration between ETRO and Prince Dimitri was a seamless effort of like minds in celebrating the paisley.

10% of sales generated from the evening and through the weekend benefited the Casita Maria Center for Arts & Education. The Center's mission is to empower youth and their families by creating a culture of learning through high quality social, cultural, and education opportunities.
Edgar Batista and Jacopo Etro
Prince Dimitri, Elizabeth Segerstrom, and Jacqueline Weld Drake
Charles Atkins, Lisa Simonsen, and Prince Dimitri
James Aguiar and Marco Pievani
PJ Pascual, Fran Smith, and Esther Tadjiev
Edwina Sandys Janna Bullock and Lucia Hwong Gordon
Balthazar Berger and Victor Doyle
Elizabeth Segerstrom and Maurice Alvaro Sharon Sondes and Geoffrey Thomas
Margo Langenberg, Victoria Wyman, and Gigi Vittadini
Lauren Lawrence and Jane Pontarelli Jay McInerney and Richard Johnson
Emma Williams and Ivana Okara
Jacqueline Weld Drake and Prince Dimitri Elizabeth and Beverly Jacoby
Jeff Hirsch and Barbara Tober
Alicia Lubowski Jazmin Grimaldi and Ian Mellencamp
Prince Dimitri and Jay McInerney
Anne Hearst, Liliana Cavendish, and Jennifer Creel
Maria Immaculata Liechtenstein and friends Catherine Petree and R. Couri Hay
Lilianna Cavendish, Paola Marzotto, Felicia Taylor, and Melissa Brown
Mary Snow and Meredith Ostrom
David Vernon and Michalle Rivar Tracey Thatcher and Mary Keating
Jackie Weld Drake, George Farias, Grace Miegher, and Alex Hitz
Jamee and Peter Gregory
Ldiaye and Astou Brame Zoe and Janna Bullock
Marjorie Gubelmann
Photographs by Annie Watt