Monday, March 20, 2017

Fun at the Frick

The Garden Court at The Frick Collection.

Last Thursday night at the Frick Collection they held the 18th annual Young Fellows Ball, hosted in partnership with Carolina Herrera. This year’s theme, Turner By Moonlight, draws from the special exhibition right now: Turner’s Modern and Ancient Ports: Pasages through Time. You can view the show until May 14th.

The Young Fellows is a great ball. Aside from the costume, and the champagne and canapés, it’s very relaxed and informal. The mode and codes of behavior of their grandparents’ day is no longer required, so it’s fun to parody. The party has all the panache and style that you can find at the Frick and almost no place else in New York these days. First of all, you’re stepping into another man’s special world. You can see in Billy Farrell and Christine Butler's photos, that this was a successful party. There was a vibe in the room. The young ladies — the girls — are resplendent in long dresses and the young men (the boys) are spiffed up in black tie. And they were obviously having a good time.

Chairman Armory McAndrew, Chairman Rickie De Sole, Carolina Herrera, and Chairman Joann Pailey

There were more than 600 attending. There was dancing in the Music Room with DJ Allison Kinney spinning the racks.  Guests of the ball enjoyed wine and Perrier Jouet, and the evening’s specialty cocktails, ‘Harbor at Dusk’ and ‘Moonlight Punch,’ created with Absolut Elyx vodka.

Caterer Olivier Cheng complemented the elegant mood of the evening with inspired savory food and desserts.

Libations donated by Perrier-Jouët

Chairs for the evening were: Rickie De Sole, Micaela Erlanger, Amory McAndrew, Joann Pailey, Emmy Rossum, and Nicky and James Rothschild.
Honorary Chaires were: Fernanda Abdalla, Nasiba Adilova, Alessandra Balazs, Patricia Lansing, Alexi Ashe Meyers and Seth Meyers, Olivia Palermo, Bettina Prentice, Lauren Santo Domingo, and Ana Villafañe.

Laura Nagy, Stephanie Nass, Hunter Hagenbuch, Alexandra Porter, and friend Chairman Micaela Erlanger
Kylie van Hoek and Angela Redai
Jason Olsen and Benjamin Steinberg Sarah Bray and Britta Briscoe
Sarah Gallagher, Solvieg Hansen, Chloe Green-Vamos, Hakim Dubois, Charlotte Greenaugh, and Laura Webb
Casey Sills, Brent Winston, Chairman Armory McAndrew, and Adam Sills Honorary Committee Member Ana Villafañe
Tai-Heng Cheng, Russel Grant, Lindsay Eisenkraft, and Cole Harrell
Pauline Eveillard and Steering Committee Member Jennifer Wright
Steering Committee Member Elizabeth Kurpis Larry and Toby Milstein
Amanda Huh and Justin Kush
Noor Pahlavi, Mara Kaouzova, and Gabrielle Amoils Teddy and Stephanie Nass
Daniel Fitzpatrick, Lara Sawczuk, and Markian Sawczuk
Chairmen Nicky and James Rothschild Alexandra Moncure and Lauren Junge
Carolina Herrera
Monique Sarquis, Elizabeth Mauer, Henrietta Wirta, and Jennifer Lee
Rachel Diandrea, Anthony Tedesco, and Dagim Tilahun
Summer Delaney and Megan Green Sarah Maslin Nir, Michael Espiritu and Jasmine Loeb
Milan Manor
Mary Butler, Jenny Marshall, Diana Miller, Steering Committee Member Kate Reibel, and friend
Wes Gordon and Steering Committee Member Paul Arnhold Princess Beatrice and Honorary Committee Member Alessandra Balazs
Chairman Nicky Rothschild
Garden Court reflections
Michael Espiritu and Hakim Dubois
Sarah Bray and Britta Briscoe
Lindsay Eisenkraft, Tinu Naija, and Russel Grant
Kristina Briglio Frick Senior Manager of Media Relations and Marketing Alexis Light
Eugenia Richman
Caroline Zhu and Tony Wang  
Benjamin Rosenbaum, Caroline Rodman, Frick Associate Director of Individual Giving Karaugh Brown, Larry Milstein, and Sarah Moss
DJ Allison Kinney
Photographs by Christine A. Butler and Carl Timpone/